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好消息—— CNN 首席执行官杰夫 · 朱克已经辞职,即刻生效。

Excellent news - CNN CEO Jeff Zucker has resigned, effective immediately. BOOM.
好消息—— CNN 首席执行官杰夫 · 朱克已经辞职,即刻生效。
More excellent news - only 1% of Americans believe that the economy is 'Excellent'.
 '更多的好消息——只有1% 的美国人认为经济状况“非常好”。
Q:You can't tell the people; you have to show them.' 
Guess what? It was MSM ABC News that reported the poll. BOOM.
你猜怎么着? 是 MSM ABC 新闻报道了这次民意调查。
Social media is tanking. Fakebook lost ONE MILLION USA/Canada subscribers in just one quarter. BOOM.
社交媒体正在衰退,Fakebook 在仅仅一个季度就失去了一百万美国/加拿大的订阅用户。


The news just keeps getting better, Light Warriors. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.


Today, Sweden and Switzerland announced they are joining Norway, Finland, Ireland, Denmark, and the UK in ending all Covid restrictions.
It seems the Canadian Freedom Truckers may have won ground already. Here is their lawyer Chad Williamson with an update...
看起来加拿大自由卡车司机们已经赢得了胜利。下面是他们的律师查德 · 威廉姆森的最新消息..。
Rural Alberta may soon be free because of the truck convoy. Go all truckers everywhere. We Are With You...!
阿尔伯塔省的乡村地区可能很快就会因为卡车车队而自由。去所有的卡车司机。我们与你同在... !
Signs are that the majority of Canadians want the restrictions to end. Aussie and NZ next.
有迹象表明,大多数加拿大人希望结束这种限制,澳洲和 NZ 紧随其后。
Elon Musk is a mystery to many of us Light Warriors. White Hat? Black Hat? Double agent? He seems to be fully supportive of the Canadian truck convoy.
伊隆 · 马斯克对于我们这些光武士来说是一个谜。白帽子?黑帽子?双面间谍?他似乎完全支持加拿大的卡车车队。
Our NZ PM needs to read this John Hopkins University study about the total ineffectiveness and extremely harmful effects of lockdowns. 'They are ill-founded and should be rejected.' Lock her up...!!
我们的新西兰总理需要阅读约翰霍普金斯大学关于停摆完全无效和极端有害影响的研究。“他们没有根据,应该被拒绝。把她关起来... ! !


A reminder that you are watching a movie, complete with crisis actors. Pass it on.



This four second video says more about the success of the Alliance operation than a thousand words. This doddering frail old man is supposed to be the President of the USA, folks. Imagine if Melania had to do that with President Trump. Alliance in FULL control. Enjoy. I watched it several times
Rockwell has done another great summary of the current situation - here is an excerpt.
 Jeff Zucker, enormous probable pedophile, traitor and president of CNN "resigned".  To me, this is HUGE.   Remember, we were told they tested the EBS this summer, and 86% of media did NOT comply, and were then given their orders.   In the past two days, the president of CNN resigns, Madcow, takes a two month "break", and AOC leaves social media.   This is prep for the EBS.  It gets better.   Don Jr just said "If only Trump were on Twitter right now".   That is a HUGE tell.   Remember, one of the most famous Q posts tells us to look to Twitter for the signal the storm is upon us.   And Hillarnazi just posted a strange post, but at the end of tit. she posted an orange emoji!   Just sitting there with no connection to her post.  This means either she has been killed or is a message about orange man.   Either way, white hats in control.  Dan Scavino posted a tweet showing some animal thing, but the people in the video kept saying "It's happening!" over and over again.  iL Donaldo posted this, another Q reference saying Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.  These are the most direct comms they can give us without just saying it outright, but even that isn't what matters.   What matters is the fact that we have a bunch of comms from inside people today, and they are ALL telling us the same thing.   It's happening, it's imminent, and it's coming.  (Rockwell)
杰夫 · 朱克,极有可能的恋童癖者,叛徒,CNN 主席“辞职”。对我来说,这是一件大事。记住,我们被告知他们在今年夏天测试了 EBS,86% 的媒体没有遵守,然后接到了他们的命令。在过去的两天里,美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)的总裁 Madcow 辞职了,休息了两个月,AOC 也离开了社交媒体。这是 EBS 的准备工作。还有更好的。小唐说: “要是特朗普现在就在推特上就好了。”。这是一个巨大的漏洞。记住,最著名的 q 帖子之一告诉我们要从 Twitter 上寻找风暴即将来临的信号。希拉纳粹刚刚发布了一个奇怪的帖子,但在最后。她发了个橙色的表情!只是坐在那里与她的邮件没有任何联系。这意味着要么她已经被杀害,要么是一个关于橙色男子的信息。不管怎样,白帽子控制了局面。Dan Scavino 在推特上发布了一些关于动物的东西,但是视频中的人们一直在说“它正在发生!”一遍又一遍。多纳尔多发布了这个,另一个 q 参考说没有什么可以阻止即将到来的事情。这些是他们能给我们的最直接的通讯,而不是直接说出来,但即使这样也不重要。重要的是,我们现在有很多内部人员的通讯,他们都在告诉我们同样的事情。它正在发生,它即将来临,它正在来临。(洛克威尔)
Finally, Canadian blog reader Brennan left an inspiring comment. I want to share excerpts because I resonated so much with what he wrote...
最后,加拿大博客读者布伦南留下了一条鼓舞人心的评论。我想和大家分享一些摘录,因为我和他的作品产生了很多共鸣... ..。
We finally just started the Trucker Convoy and the tears I've expressed are something else. I didn't realize how much tension I was carrying, because when I realized that the convoy was going to be something special, I felt myself relax.

It was like, for the first time, I feel like I can let off the gas a little bit. I'm still raising my vibration every day and attending protests and going mask-less(this has taken a ton of courage), but I finally feel like the bulk of my immediate mission is over. If I were to exit today, I think the world is in a place where it would succeed without me. Not that I want to, but this knowing helps

.这是我第一次觉得我可以放松一点。我仍然每天提高自己的振动,参加抗议活动,不戴面具(这需要很大的勇气) ,但我终于感觉到我当前任务的大部分已经结束了。如果我今天退出,我认为这个世界是在一个没有我也能成功的地方。并不是我想这么做,但这种了解会有所帮助。

A deep, inner sense of completion is sorting of setting in.


I'm FINALLY seeing the compassion I've been developing show up in others. I'm FINALLY seeing the courage I had to find many months ago, show up in others. I'm FINALLY seeing people get annoyed with the BS I've been trying to explain to them for the majority of my short life. I've always known something was wrong with this world since I was a kid.


I've always felt like I'm playing some big game, and it has led to many conflicts. The game is finally coming to and end and I couldn't be more excited.


With all this being said, I want to mention how utterly grateful I am, and I think we should all be, for the Alliance and all the higher powers that have helped us.


It's not difficult to imagine what the world would've been like if Hillary had won in 2016. We sure got close enough.


But more than that, I can't believe how strong I am. The results of letting go of all attachments and pain so that I can raise my frequency is unbelievable. Nudged by the "higher ups" every day. (Blog reader Brennan)

便我能够提高自己的频率,其结果是令人难以置信的。每天都有 "上级 "的催促。(博客读者 Brennan)

Thanks Brennan. We Are With You.
Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.
Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light 
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