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Kejraj|神性自我的显现Greetings to you,one of star essence!From heart to heart in this moment we speak,I am Kejraj(KayRy).


The information expressed here is that of my perspective,my point of view.For all truth awaits you in your heart center.Silence your mind,focus on your breath,and listen to the voice of the spirit within.We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.


There are many great shifts unfolding in this Universe and we are at the center of the show.I do not say this to boost your ego,I say this to perhaps inspire you.Also assist you in holding your light,and having hope and patience.And the will to strive ahead one more time.For indeed not only are you at a point where this world has never been before,but you are on the threshold of global transformation.It is essential to understand that you and this mission have been destined to succeed.There is no other alternative.


In this now,I want to speak on the change that is occurring within you.The true divine you that is coming online.How is this happening?


You see,your higher self,this higher light is not outside of you,never was.It has been encoded to let us say,patiently remain on the background until the perfect timing is at hand.That timing has arrived.


The star of your Solar System,Sol,is receiving new light from the Galactic Center.Sol is also being upgraded,expanding,and releasing these energies to Earth and humanity.This is causing your bodies to change do to the energy points in your bodies clearing,releasing the old and expanding with the new frequencies.


There is a larger percentage of your DNA(Divine Nature Activation)activating at this moment.Much is being reconnected,and beginning to function the way it was intended to.But as these codons are activated,it isn't just about physical changes,or a healthier you,stronger immune system and such.

此刻有更大比例的 DNA(神性激活)被激活。许多东西正在重新连接起来,并开始按照预期的方式运作。但是当这些密码子被激活时,不仅仅是身体上的变化,或者是你更健康,免疫系统更强等等。

This is your Divine Self emerging.Shells are breaking and the light within your DNA is spilling into your entire being.And the way a tsunami washes over the land,your soul is assuming position into your NOW consciousness.What does this mean?

这是你的神性自我显现。贝壳正在破裂,你们 DNA 中的光正在进入你们的整个存在。就像海啸席卷大地一样,你的灵魂在你现在的意识中占据了一席之地。这意味着什么?

The time has arrived for you to claim your freedom,your power,to claim your mastery.For you to live as THE SOUL that you are.No longer will you allow yourself to be burdened by the 3D illusions.For as SOUL,you are limitless.Those times of deviation have passed,it is time to focus.Focus on creating the new.


For every day that passes the energies of the light are increasing on Earth.With this the positions of the planets,the stars and energetical portals have a greater impact in their alignments and their energetical transmissions.


The energy behind your intentions and visualizations is highly amplified during this time.It is of utmost importance that you use this opportunity to focus and see the Universe within,first,and than send your light to the outer world.Remain of the higher vibrations no matter the circumstances.For as always and now even more,what you think,say and do is amplified and returns to you threefold.


Some of the common symptoms of the change going on within you are;


Intense dreams,increased synchronicities,not judging as you have done before,seeing the positive even in unfortunate events.Seeing sacred geometric shapes,feeling the presence of higher beings around you,having more AHA moments in your day.Spontaneous rushes of joy through your body,up your spine in particular,or smiling for no reason.Feeling more connected to yourself when you're outside than when inside a house or a building.

强烈的梦想,增加的同步性,不像以前那样判断,即使在不幸的事件中也能看到积极的一面。看到神圣的 Unicode几何图形列表,感受更高存在的存在围绕着你,在你的一天中有更多的顿悟时刻。自发的快乐穿过你的身体,特别是你的脊椎,或者无缘无故的微笑。当你在室外的时候比在房子或建筑物里的时候感觉更加与自己相连。

Flu like symptoms,dizziness,cold,unbalanced,fever,fatigue,ringing in the ears.You may become more sensitive,joy in one moment,despair the next,migraines do to the changes in your brain.Involuntary movements,emotional clearing,vibrations throughout your body,at times sleeping for long periods of time,and not being able to sleep at other times,changes in appetite and weight.And more that may be unique to each individual.


You are the change that is unfolding throughout this world.This upliftment of humanity and Earth is happening through you.Without you this would have not been possible.Do you understand your role now,your significance in this process?


You are a wave of continuous thunder,electrifying the entire planet with each breath you take.You have done this many many times before,you have assisted in the ascension of many planets,and now you are here doing it again.And you will do it again elsewhere.This has almost become child's play for you because you are so good at it.


You stand tall,you do not let your light dim in the midst of chaos.Though things may seem difficult at times,it is only temporary and you know this,that is why you do not give up.


You have a Universe that marvels at your accomplishments,your power,your will and commitment to succeed in bringing about the New Golden Age.But know that you all ready have accomplished the mission what once was deemed impossible by most of the Galactic community.You are true masters,gratitude to you without end from your Universal family.The celebrations are ready to commence.We are now at the door step of the new reality,a higher vibration,a world of light,love,abundance,peace,and joy.


That is all for today.Take what you will and leave the rest for later.Continue shining your light.From heart to heart,I am Kejraj!

今天就到这里吧。拿走你想要的,剩下的以后再拿。继续闪耀你的光芒。从心底里,我就是 Kejraj

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