昴宿星|20190219 星际种子的扬升症状

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昴宿星|20190219 星际种子的扬升症状

great beings of light,


since the historical sustained 40-hertz, 5d, gamma blast from the central sun, 2 days ago, star-seeds all across the planet are reporting powerful shifts in their physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies!


here is counsel on how to ease these moderate-to-strong ascension symptoms:


* get plenty of rest.


* drink lots of pure water to stay hydrated.


* ingest only natural plant-based energy foods.


* walk and exercise daily.


* take a 30 minute salt bath daily.


* be in nature to ground your vessel.


* meditate.


* use crystals to balance the energies.


here are some additional ascension tips from pleiadian guides:


* do all you can to vibrate high! this can include: listening to high-vibe music, looking at beautiful art, dancing, practicing yoga a, deep-breathing and reiki, making love with that special-loving-hi-vibe one, beautifying your body, doing your spiritual service work online or in person, being creative, letting your spirit be free and wild, and playing like a child again!


* do your inner work and clear out old emotional traumas!


* cut cords with all low-vibrational beings who pull on your energy!


* practice self love and give to yourself!


* pull out of the harmful 3d matrix as much as possible!


* create a personal sacred energetic space in your home or in nature!


* spend some time alone and get to know yourself!


* seek higher knowledge!


*only be around high vibrational beings!


* re-create your life today and start dong only what you want to do! remember that everyone has a plan for you that is not in alignment with your desires so stop listening to them and stop caring about what everyone else thinks! who cares! it's none of their business at all and you have the universal right to do what every you desire!


current planetary exotic energy mix :


1. an incoming moderate geo-magnetic solar storm!


2. super-intense moon energies


3. a massive hyder-flare-cme that is currently rotating towards earth. expected to affect earth by this weekend!


3. a steady stream of powerful 40-hertz, 5d, central-sun plasma beams.


all of these energies are part of the grand ascension event which is building to it's grand climax!


if you are practicing the things we suggested above then you will ride the crest of these powerful energy waves and you will experience and magical state of bliss as you are lifted into the higher realms of light!


on the other hand if you are not doing your spiritual disciplines and are too immersed in the 3d matrix, these 5d waves will come crashing down on your being with great force and it is almost too much to bear!


we counsel you to make your ascension the most important thing in your life and put nothing before it! it's gonna happen with or with out you that is just what we know for sure!


we are just here to assist you with what is!


we have reliable intel that shows another sustained 40 hertz gamma wave is headed for earth as we speak so we counsel you to get ahead of it and ride the crest of this next wave with all of your being!


dear one, your dna is being completely re-coded now and the advanced diamond light codes coming into your auric field are re-aligning you with the highest, most divine version of yourself!


you are being transported energetically through the central sun portal as we speak and you will emerge from it all as the wonderful and most blissful, original version of yourself!


it's critical now that you take the best care of yourself while all of this happens!


use this forum below to update the star-seed community on any ascension symptoms you may be currently experiencing!


god-speed great ones,


传导:Michael Love

翻译:Nick Chan


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