X22报告|第2982集: 萨尔瓦多对抗美联储,公众将要求德克拉斯文件

2023年1月27日17:58:33最新动态X22报告|第2982集: 萨尔瓦多对抗美联储,公众将要求德克拉斯文件已关闭评论252字数 1365阅读4分33秒阅读模式
X22报告|第2982集: 萨尔瓦多对抗美联储,公众将要求德克拉斯文件

Ep. 2982a – El Salvador Counters The [CB], This Is What They Don’t Want The People To See

萨尔瓦多反对[ CB ] ,这是他们不想让人民看到的

Ep. 2982b – The Public Will Demand The Declas Docs, [Scare] Event Agenda Pushed, Peace Maker In Place




The economy is falling apart, housing sales are declining, fuel prices are rising again and the people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. The Biden admin are trying to convince the people that this is normal. The [CB] was just countered, they tried to build the narrative that El Salvador was going to default on their loan because they went to Bitcoin.

经济正在崩溃,房屋销售正在下降,燃料价格再次上涨,人们发现很难维持生计。拜登政府正试图说服人民,这是正常的。[ CB ]刚刚被反驳,他们试图建立一个故事,萨尔瓦多将拖欠他们的贷款,因为他们去比特币。


The [DS] is now pushing the [Scare] event. They are feeling pain every step of the way and now they are throwing everything they have to try to stop the flow of information. On one side we are going to have the war mongers, and the other side we are going to have a the peace maker. Trump will eventually step in and negotiate peace and the people will see this. Peace through strength.



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