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Worldwide Meditation and Celebration Event on


February 21, 2023 at 11:07 GMT


For One Hour


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How it all started


My name is Samoiya Shelley Yates. In 2002 I drowned with my son in a lake and had a near death experience where I met Light Beings who told me how to miraculously save the life of my son. Later, in 2007, the Light Beings came to me with a project called Fire the Grid. They said, “What you did for a dying boy with a small group of people, you can do for a dying planet with a big group of people.” They indicated that each one of us is an energy being, first and foremost, and that we, as energy beings, are attached to a hexagonal grid that surrounds and works through the planet. Each one of us has one hexagon in that grid. Nobody can get another hexagon. You have one hexagon and you’re either feeding that hexagon with light or you’re drawing light from it. The Light Beings told me that when we are experiencing our joy, we are Firing the Grid. When we do it together, we have an incredible and powerful healing and transformative effect. So, in 2007, 2009 and 2011, we organized the world’s largest mass meditation events ever with millions of people participating.

我叫 Samoiya Shelley Yates。2002年,我和儿子一起在湖里溺水身亡,在那里我遇到了光之存有,他们告诉我如何奇迹般地拯救我儿子的生命。后来,在2007年,光之存有们带着一个叫做“燃烧电网”的项目来找我。他们说,“你为一个将死的男孩和一小群人所做的,你可以为一个将死的星球和一大群人所做的。”他们指出,我们每个人首先都是一个能量存在,而我们作为能量存在,依附于一个六边形的网格,这个网格环绕着地球并在其中运转。我们每个人在那个格子里都有一个六边形。没有人能得到另一个六边形。你有一个六边形,你要么给那个六边形注入光线,要么从那里吸收光线。光之存有告诉我,当我们体验我们的喜悦时,我们正在点燃电网。当我们一起做的时候,我们有一个难以置信的和强大的愈合和变革的影响。因此,在2007年、2009年和2011年,我们组织了世界上有史以来规模最大的大规模冥想活动,有数百万人参加。

Fast forward to 2021, when the Light Beings asked us to Fire the Grid again, to assist humanity through the challenges we are going through now. On July 19th, 2021, with only 3 weeks of promotion, we gathered thousands of people together to lessen a highly destructive chain of events that had started with a volcano that was going off in Iceland. We Fired the Grid, and the Light Beings told us that we successfully changed our course.




I’m here again to say that these Beings have a new event for us. They have invited us to come together again to Fire the Grid on this date:


  • THE VOTE: February 21st, 2023 at 11:07 GMT (This is the Last Call for Wake Up!)
  • 投票: 2023年2月21日格林尼治标准时间11:07(这是最后一次唤醒!)

This opportunity will help us to raise our own individual and collective energy field in order to launch into the Fifth Field, the new earth, at the highest, most optimal level. When we Fire the Grid together, we ease our way, making the transition smoother.




As well as participating in this big event, we invite you to fire the grid individually by applying these principles in your daily lives:


    • Do no harm
    • 不要伤害别人
    • Do everything with honesty and integrity
    • 做任何事都要诚实正直
    • Find your joy
    • 找到你的快乐
    • Do random acts of kindness
    • 做一些随意的善举
    • Listen to uplifting music
    • 听些振奋人心的音乐

Living in accordance with the principles of high frequency living will pulse the energy grid of our bodies, therefore positively affecting the energy grid of our planet.




As well, we will also connect together on a continual basis at 11:11 GMT each day, to Fire the Grid for 5 minutes. We are working on getting an app developed (does anyone know how to build apps? Please contact us!) to help remind us to do this each day and to connect with each other. I know that for some of you, this time is in the middle of the night, but you can write a sticky note and set your intentions to pulse your energy grid with love, harmony and joy every day at 11:11 GMT before going to bed, so your spirit will do the work when you are asleep. And/or, you can Fire the Grid for 5 minutes every day at any time that works for you. By doing this, we will create a huge planetary heartbeat of light. Imagine the amazing positive effect worldwide this is going to have on you, our planet and on humanity.

同时,我们也将在每天 点亮光网格 11:11格林尼治标准时间(中/港/台/马:19:11)连续连接在一起,点亮光网格5分钟。我们正在开发一个应用程序(有人知道如何构建应用程序吗?)?请与我们联系!)帮助提醒我们每天都这样做,并与彼此建立联系。我知道对于你们中的一些人来说,这个时间是在半夜,但是你可以写一张便条,设置你的意图,在每天11:11格林威治标准时间上床睡觉之前,用爱、和谐和喜悦来脉动你的能量网,这样你的精神就会在你睡着的时候完成这项工作。或者,你可以每天在任何适合你的时间点亮光网格5分钟。通过这样做,我们将创造一个巨大的行星光心跳。想象一下这将对你,我们的星球和人类产生的惊人的积极影响。



The Light Beings told me that “Humans love ribbons.” They told us that we can find each other and show our participation in this energy project by wearing a yellow ribbon with a bow on your arm. Would you like to wear a yellow ribbon in a different way? On your wrist, as a necklace, in your hair, pinned on your chest, like a flower, like a charity ribbon, or around the tree in front of your house… the possibilities are endless! When someone asks you about your yellow ribbon, you can tell them about Fire the Grid and how you are becoming high frequency with thousands of other people in an exponentially powerful way!

光之存有告诉我,"人类喜欢丝带"。他们告诉我们,我们可以通过在你的手臂上佩戴带蝴蝶结的黄丝带来找到对方,并表明我们对这个能量项目的参与。你想以不同的方式佩戴黄丝带吗?戴在手腕上,作为项链,戴在头发上,别在胸前,像一朵花,像一条慈善丝带,或者绕在你家门前的树上......可能性是无穷无尽的! 当有人问起你的黄丝带时,你可以告诉他们 "点亮光网格",以及你是如何以一种指数级的强大方式与成千上万的人成为高频率的。



Between now and February 22, 2023 Fire the Grid events, we have an opertunity to cultivate joy and change the future. The Beings suggested that we set aside one day a month for Joy Fests around the world. So the third Sunday of each month, you can have a party or celebrate in whatever way brings you joy at 11:11 AM in your local area or whatever time works for you. It’s time to come together, spread love and have fun! Every time we raise our frequency we are pulsing the grid. What brings you Joy that you can share with others? Is it a party, a gathering to meditate, a dance, a music jam, a cooking and sharing feast, a Dungeons and Dragons session, a craft get-together, a blanket or knitting social, a healing circle, or walking the streets to help those in need? A “Joy Fest” can be anything you can think of! The people of earth need to come together and be with each other now. Love each other, support each other, be there for each other. Laughter, tears, singing, dancing, stories, food, music, love! We have so much to celebrate and when we do we create a virtuous circle where we further create a future even better than what we can imagine!

从现在到2023年2月22日的点亮光网格事件,我们有机会培养快乐,改变未来。众生建议我们每月留出一天,在世界各地举办欢乐节。因此,每个月的第三个星期天,你可以在当地的上午11:11或任何适合你的时间举行聚会或以任何方式庆祝,给你带来快乐。这是聚集在一起,传播爱和享受乐趣的时候了 每当我们提高我们的频率时,我们就在为光网格提供脉冲。什么能给你带来快乐,你能与他人分享?它是一个聚会,一个冥想的聚会,一个舞蹈,一个音乐会,一个烹饪和分享的盛宴,一个龙与地下城的会议,一个手工聚会,一个毯子或编织的社会,一个治疗的圈子,或走在街上帮助那些需要的人?一个 "欢乐节 "可以是你能想到的任何事情。地球上的人们现在需要走到一起,互相陪伴。彼此相爱,彼此支持,彼此相守。欢笑、泪水、歌唱、舞蹈、故事、食物、音乐、爱!我们有如此多的东西需要庆祝,而当我们有了这些东西时,我们就会发现我们的生活是多么的美好。我们有这么多值得庆祝的事情,当我们这样做时,我们创造了一个良性循环,我们进一步创造一个比我们所能想象的更美好的未来!



Form small groups of 3 or 6, and Fire the Grid weekly or as much as you like! Like the Joy Fests, but more often and with a small dedicated group of frequency shifters.



我们就快成功了... 等等!

We have an opportunity to unite in a difficult time. The Light Beings have said that we are so close to making it through our challenges, and that big, wonderful changes are right around the corner. They offered the ideas for this project, so that we may ease our way, pulsing the energy grid and preparing it for the next events. Now, I’m not sure what the next events are, but I know we’re part of it and we’re either working towards the New Earth or we’re working away from the New Earth.




You don’t have to go out on a limb in any way… simply say “Yes” to the possibility that you are a Light Being in a human suit. You don’t have to believe with 100% conviction. When you participate in Fire the Grid, all you are doing is being in your joy for one hour. This project doesn’t cost anything and there are no commitments. There’s just sitting with your joy, thinking about it deeply in your body, so that you feel it. You feel the joy of eating an ice cream cone or hugging your child or walking in the sun. You feel it in your vessel, your body, your human suit, and then you really connect with that joy, sitting for one hour. You can go ahead and eat that ice cream or hug your child in real life too. Whatever brings you joy, real or envisioned. Then the next step, after you have done your hour, is simply say “Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!” and that elevates your field even further. Firing the Grid for one hour together is what the Light Beings suggest in order to elevate the Earth grid now. If nothing were to come of all this, well, you will have experienced your joy. What have you got to lose?




I’m not saying that everything’s just going to be better overnight each time we Fire the Grid. It doesn’t mean the shift to the Fifth Field or any other big changes are all going to happen immediately. I have no idea when the Shift will happen. What it does mean is that we will have set off a chain reaction of events. We, the people, the energy body that we are, have committed and connected to this field. When we commit and connect to this field with a “Yes, yes, yes,” we’re ready to be more than we are. ”Yes,” we’re ready to remember what and who we really are. “Yes,” we desire to create an abundant, wonderful, sharing and kind world for all of us in the midst of everything we are in. These Beings gave me this information before. Those projects all worked. They were incredible. Millions and millions of people participated and we didn’t have social media at the time. We didn’t have YouTube. We didn’t have Facebook. How did we do it? We simply shared an email, and people passed it on. (That said, if your heart resonates with this project, share it with someone you love!)

我不是说每次我们点亮光网格一切都会在一夜之间变得更好。这并不意味着转移到第五维度或任何其他大的变化都会立即发生。我不知道大转变什么时候会发生。这意味着我们将引发一系列连锁反应。我们,人类,我们这个能量体,已经承诺并连接到这个能量场。当我们以“是的,是的,是的”来提交和连接到这个领域时,我们已经准备好比我们自己做得更好是的,我们已经准备好记住我们的真实身份。“是的,”我们渴望在我们所处的一切中为我们所有人创造一个丰富、美好、分享和友好的世界。这些存有之前给过我这个信息。那些项目都成功了。太不可思议了。成千上万的人参与其中,而我们当时还没有社交媒体。我们没有 YouTube。我们没有 Facebook。我们是怎么做到的?我们只是分享了一封电子邮件,然后人们就把它转发了。(也就是说,如果你的心和这个项目产生了共鸣,那就和你爱的人分享吧!)



We, the people, get to program the next field. This is the first time in humanity’s history that we actually get to choose our next direction. The last time we had a quantum leap, we evolved from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens. It was a huge quantum leap. We became physiologically different. We became mentally, energetically, physically different beings. That quantum leap is coming for us again and we can participate in that consciously with Fire the Grid. We can join together and set that bar as high as humanly possible. To enter the Fifth Field, we elevate our fields to 857 hertz, and we believe that it could be possible that a Shift is happening. It’s that simple. Live in Love, Compassion, Joy, and Gratitude. It is what will unite us as we move forward. The Light Beings said it very clearly: “Unite in your similarities or you will surely disintegrate in your differences.” Our similarities are the key to this major positive change in our lives and in our world, for the future of humanity. WE CAN DO THIS AND WE ARE DOING IT NOW!!!

我们,人民,开始规划下一个领域。这是人类历史上第一次我们真正能够选择自己的下一个方向。上一次我们实现了量子飞跃,我们从直立人进化成了智人。这是一个巨大的飞跃。我们在生理上变得不一样了。我们在精神上、能量上、身体上都变成了不同的人。那个量子跃迁正再次来到我们身边,我们可以有意识地参与到“点亮光网格”中。我们可以联合起来,把标准定得越高越好。为了进入第五能量场,我们将能量场提升到857赫兹,我们相信有可能发生位移。就这么简单。活在爱、怜悯、喜悦和感恩中。这将使我们在前进的道路上团结在一起。光之存有们说得非常清楚: “团结在你们的相似之处,否则你们一定会在你们的差异中瓦解。”为了人类的未来,我们的相似之处是我们生活和世界发生这一重大积极变化的关键。我们能做到的,我们现在就在做! ! !

Samoiya Shelley Yates


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