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Hang on its Friday the 13th,full moon the masks are coming down and the shift is hitting the fan.Politics now is not about serving the people it is about power and wealth.There are some who have maintained their integrity and truly have taken positions in politics to serve yet the vast majority have become self-serving.To them it is service to self,using their positions to implement power over others rather than serve and empower the people.They have also amassed great wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth.It has become so decadent and obvious only those suffering from,Terminal Cognitive Dissonance.TCD and TDS Trump derangement syndrome cannot see past the lies,social programming,the division and destruction of America.It is only fitting the fake news people add Andrew McCabe to their roster of paid liars.Wonder how he will be a news advisor from prison after lying four times to the FBI and Congress?There is a war going on,it is interdimensional,and it is between those who truly desire heaven on Earth and those who desire to feed off the pain,suffering,continue with the manufactured lack,illness,death and destruction.You are dying far before your time and it is as if some negative hierarchical force is at war with all creation.Why is there so much inhumanity against creation?Because there are non-human forces that care nothing about creation,they cannot generate their own light they can only feed off of others.They mask themselves behind noble causes like socialism and environmental and humanitarian projects yet when the facts are laid out their true desires and goals are opposite.What they seek when you bottom line it is power,wealth,and notoriety.They are ego driven self-serving narcissist.


When has socialism worked?Name all the genocidal tyrants of the past and you will find each were socialists.When you take the power and wealth,centralize it in the hands of a few it always ends up in dictatorship.If you want to control the masses you divide them with race and gender issues,demonize those who truly want to free and empower the people,make promises you can never keep,talk them into giving you the power and wealth and by all means take away their guns by any means necessary,"False Flags".In the past it was knives,swords,and bows that were taken.Even a butter knife would be punishable by death.How far will they go this time around?


In each case many were duped into peacefully marching into socialism with promises of a better world where everything is free yet as history has proven they had to fight their way out to regain their freedom.Many thriving countries turned to socialism only to end up in abject poverty.Latest was Venezuela,other what once were socialist countries are now moving back to capitalism.The Constitution and the Bill of Rights insure the rights and freedom of the people yet in many cases they have been compromised.You can watch the continuous erosion of the rights and freedom of the people by the very people who have sworn an oath to protect those rights.These people live under an elitist two-tiered system,they are draconian,self-serving with a lust and insatiable desire for power and wealth at the expense of humanity and nature.Everything they accuse others of they themselves are doing tenfold.Most could not handle the truth of where this insatiable lust has taken them.


At the top there are Satanic/Luciferian cults,child sacrificing,pedophiles that desire total domination including death in ritual sacrifices.Their dark lord demands it if they are going to continue to climb that ladder of success,power and wealth.These spirit,truth and integrity challenged people come in every color,gender,and be lie f.Their goal is the same.


It is centralize the power and wealth,disarm the people,create a massive dependency and maintain total control of the people.Are they empowering the people,supporting personal responsibility,maintaining your God given rights,the right to self-determination or are they going to tell you how to think and live with their social engineering programs.Do they want you to think you are a victim,powerless and only they can heal and restore you?They live in gated mansions with armed guards yet don't believe in boarders and your right to protect yourself.There are two reasons for open boarders,one many are benefiting from the child and drug trafficing with millions donated to their campaigns.Two it increases their base of power to flood the country with immigrants then give them all the rights of citizens,the right to vote.Speaking of voting look at the history of the democratic party.They voted against freeing the slaves,women's rights,were the party of the KKK and now there is a new plantation of ignorant societal programmed people afraid to do the research as to their past injustices and goals which have never changed.


They double speak,do as I say not as I do.They want to ban airplanes yet fly across the globe on a regular basis.They want to ban burgers and plastic straws yet you will see them eating a burger walking down the street with a plastic straw in their mouths.They have been lying to the people for decades,nothing has changed in their method and madness other than people are starting to wake up.They are waking up and walking away.The power must remain with the people.Beware of those trying to centralize the power and wealth with the guise of we know better promising free everything.A country is not a country without borders.Let's get this country together first then help others.Let's end the child and drug trafficing,hold accountable those benefiting from it with an equal justice for all system.


Many of your icons and heroes will fall when the masks come down.It will be an extreme disappointment for many yet it is a step in the awakening and healing process.Stop giving your power away to icons and heroes that if you did a little research with brutal honesty you will find they do not deserve it.Be your own hero,create heaven on Earth.Walk the talk and hold others accountable who are saying one thing doing another most but for one reason,power and wealth.I might add it is usually at your expense.


The millionaire politicians hypocritically demanding an end to the uneven dispersal of wealth and poverty need to disperse their own wealth as examples.The million and billionaires claiming to be environmentalists need to use their own assets to restore the Earth rather than demand it from the people.Many of them created the mess.Some actually own the humanitarian organizations designed to clean up the messes they made gaining personally under false nobility.If you want to help put the food and the money straight into the hands that need it.Below is a classic example of a warrior for the people verses the arrogant elite betraying their oaths for all to see.It is not about the law,there was no Russian collusion with Trump but a mountain of Russian collusion with the DNC and the deep state puppets.The deep state lie repeatedly to the investigative agencies and Congress yet when anyone connected to Trump forgets something they throw the book at them.They have to take down Trump,Barr,any generals or white hats that know who they are and what they have done.This is playing out for all to see.Truth stands on its own merit,the mountain of lies is eroding away,the masks are coming down and the next two months will be a whirlwind of change for the good.It is like Creator is hosing it all away with a blast of universal law,higher consciousness and energy.There is no lack to end hunger,homelessness,to provide energy for personal or transportation needs.There is only a lack of honesty,integrity and service to others.This is driven by social engineering,fake news.It is temporary.How many lies can you tell before the masses wise up and stop listening?Look at the ratings,how low can they go before they are no longer an asset?Enjoy the show.



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