通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日

2021年8月13日18:58:33大揭露通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日已关闭评论7853字数 72943阅读243分8秒阅读模式

通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日

2021813日美国东部时间12:01Judy ByingtonLCSW,治疗师,记者,作家,"22张面孔:珍妮·希尔和她的22个多重人格的非凡生活。"

"The Game Just Started.Justice is coming in a theater near you."…Trump+Q

 通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日 "游戏刚刚开始。正义就在你身边的剧院里降临。"......特朗普+

"Where We Go One,We Go All!"…Q

 通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日 "我们去哪儿,我们全力以赴!"...q

"Stay Calm,Patriots,We Got This."…The Alliance

 通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日 "保持冷静爱国者们我们能搞定"...联盟

God Bless America&Patriotic Music–The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square–Bing video


Judy Note:The GCR was said to finish it's kickoff with an International Event:

朱迪注:据说 GCR 以一个国际事/件结束了它的开幕式:

Had Lindell's Cyber Symposium that finished today proven that Trump won the 2020 Election in all 50 states?Were arrests being made on the over 50,000 sealed indictments after Wikileaks dumped all their files last Tues.10 Aug?Was the stage being set in Afghanistan for The Great WWIII?Was the EBS going to soon trigger the Sting Operation of the Century?Here we go!!!

今天完成的林德尔网络研讨会是否证明了特朗普赢得了2020年全部50个州的大选?810日星期二,维基解密公布了超过50000份密封起诉书的所有文件后,是否有人被逮捕?第三次世界大战在阿富汗的舞台已经搭好了吗?EBS 是否会很快触发本世纪最大的骗局行动?开始了!!

On Thurs.12 Aug.officials said,"With security rapidly deteriorating in Afghanistan,the United States is evacuating some personnel from the U.S.Embassy in Kabul,and U.S.troops will be assisting at the Kabul airport."https://t.co/ddcb2FzM7



On Thurs.12 Aug.Mike Lindell announced at the conclusion of his three day Cyber Symposium:"Our Beloved President Trump won:80,744,263 votes."


On Tues.10 Aug.Wikileaks dumped all of their files online:Hillary Clinton's emails,McCain's being guilty,Vegas shooting,Steve Jobs HIV letter,Pedo Podesta,Afghanistan,Syria,Iran,Bilderberg,CIA agents arrested for rape and the WHO"pandemic."


According to Fleming's Military Intel Contact Tier 4B(Us,the Internet Group)should keep phones charged and watch inboxes,especially Thurs.12 Aug onward this week.It would be a very eventful day on Fri.13 Aug.


The Starlink Global Internet(with quantum-capability)has now been audited,tested,successfully completed and was ready to launch for a worldwide activation this Fri.13 Aug.


Massive disclosures were coming out as a cover for our exchanges this week.


On Wed.11 Aug.the Emergency Broadcast System Alert test went out,but only to a small percentage.APPLE iPhone blocked the alerts,so compliance by the US TV News and media has not been demonstrated.How this would be addressed was unknown.

811日星期三,紧急广播系统警报测试结束,但只有很小的比例。苹果公司的 iPhone 屏蔽了这些警报,因此美国电视新闻和媒体没有表现出遵守规定。如何解决这个问题还不得而知。

Asian countries and banks in Hong Kong,Shanghai,Indonesia and Singapore have already started releasing RV/GCR liquidity.

亚洲国家和香港、上海、印尼和新加坡的银行已开始释放 RV/GCR 流动性。

Last Fri.6 Aug.Iraq announced implementation of reform including the new Dinar Rate to the GOI,CBI&IMF.New currency rates were locked down on the back of bank screens.


The Military has reported that now the Global Currency Reset could not be reversed,plus a High Up Source said that this was the first time both the Temple Control Center in Texas and the new US Treasury in Reno felt that the GCR was finally going to happen.

军方报告说现在全球货币重置无法逆转,另外一位高层消息人士说,这是德克萨斯州的圣殿控制中心和里诺新的美国财政部第一次感到 GCR 终于要实现了。

Emails with the Secured Website and 800#s to set appointments would be sent out according to time zones,going East to West across the globe.

电子邮件与安全网站和800#s 设置约会将发送根据时区,东至西跨越全球。

See below protocols for bond redemption and foreign currency exchange.


Restored Republic:The Event has Happened–Massive Intel Release


Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium Live:https://rumble.com/vi1or5-rsbn-live.html Conclusion The Truth:Our Beloved President Trump won.80,744,263 votes.As of Thurs.12 Aug.all 50 states had representatives at the Cyber Symposium–where it was announced that UV Lights had verified fraudulent ballots and Trump winning all 50 states.Intruders in the Symposium were trying to hack information from people attending as well as compromise the activities of the event.At the symposium,a mock election was hacked in 10 minutes by two people using cell phones.Last night a staff member of an elected official from Colorado had their house raided,around the same time Mike Lindell was attacked on his way to his hotel.

真相:我们敬爱的特朗普总统赢得了 https://rumble.com/vi1or5-rsbn-Live.html80744263票。截至812日星期四,所有50个州都有代表参加了网络研讨会——当时宣布,紫外线灯证实了虚假选票,特朗普赢得了所有50个州。入侵者在研讨会试图黑客信息从人民出席以及危害事/件的事/件。在研讨会上,两个人用手机在10分钟内窃听了一场模拟选举。昨晚,一位来自科罗拉多州的民选官员的工作人员的房子遭到了突击搜查,差不多就在同一时间,迈克·林德尔在去酒店的路上遭到了袭击。

The Event:On Tues.10 Aug.when Wikileaks dumped all of their files online–everything from Hillary Clinton's emails,McCain's being guilty,Vegas shooting,Steve Jobs HIV letter,PedoPodesta,Afghanistan,Syria,Iran,Bilderberg,CIA agents arrested for rape,WHO pandemic.The attack at the capitol was Antifa and BLM,mostly.This is not in any of the news or social media.Italy has also been found complicit in our election fraud.

/:810日星期二,维基解密在网上泄露了他们所有的文件——从希拉里·克林顿的电子邮件,麦凯恩的有罪,拉斯维加斯枪击案,史蒂夫·乔布斯的艾滋病信件,彼得斯塔,阿富汗,叙利亚,伊朗,比尔德伯格,因强奸被捕的中情局特工,世卫。袭击国会大厦的主要是 Antifa BLM。这不在任何新闻或社交媒体上。意大利也被发现参与了我们的选举舞弊。

Happy Digging!:https://file.wikileaks.org/file/


Clinton emails:https://file.wikileaks.org/file/clinton-emails/ https://file.wikileaks.org/file/clinton-emails/


Index file https://file.wikileaks.org/file/?fbclid=IwAR2U_Evqah_Qy2wxNY12FMqFC5dAFUcZL5Kl4FIfQuMFMp8ssbM46oHXWMI](https://file.wikileaks.org/file/?fbclid=IwAR2U_Evqah_Qy2wxNY12FMqFC5dAFUcZL5Kl4FIfQuMFMp8ssbM46oHXWMI)

索引档案 https://file.wikileaks.org/file/?fbclid=iwar2u_evqah_qy2wxny12fmqfc5dafuczl5kl4fifqumfmp8ssbm46ohxwmi](https://file.wikileaks.org/file/?fbclid=iwar2u_evqah_qy2wxny12fmqfc5dafuczl5kl4fifqumfmp8ssbm46ohxwmi)

On Tues.10 Aug.Trump declassified all the Washington scandals.Military takedowns and arrests begin this past weekend(thousands arrested)and will continue forward for the next 13 days/nights.


There would be a smooth transition of power to Trump and his new cabinet,staff and Vice President,General Flynn.The Internet and Telegram would not go down.The Starlink Quantum Satellite Communication System,critical for the QFS and Internet,would be connected to all countries by Wed.evening 11 Aug.Everyone will be getting emergency alerts on their phones,tv's,radios&internet.It will override all other broadcasts and could last for several hours at a time.Upto eight announcements would take place over the next three days.

特朗普及其新内阁、幕僚和副总统弗林将军的权力将会平稳过渡。互联网和电报公司不会倒闭。星际链路量子卫星通信系统,对于 QFS 和互联网至关重要,将于811日星期三晚上连接到所有国家。每个人都会收到手机、电视、收音机和互联网上的紧急警报。它将覆盖所有其他广播,一次可以持续几个小时。在接下来的三天里,将会发布多达八条消息。

The AZ Election Fraud Results would come out the latter half of this week.


Marines and National Guard troops were being moved as needed for the expected riots after national release of the Intel.The Intel will be dropped for everyone to see and hear in loops that would be several hours long.A few days ago the system was checked by the FCC and alerted all media that federal regulations assured they could not block the flow of Intel without legal consequences.


Do not to be afraid of what's coming as it is for the safety of our nation for this to unfold.DO NOT travel to any large cities(especially Philadelphia)for the rest of the month.Military operations will be taking place in many of the major corrupt cities.People will start rioting once this Intel breaks thinking Trump is a military dictator.He only has 13 days to put this dog down.


Other Events have or would soon begin:Assange Case reveal,2020 Arizona Audit Release,Declass on Mossad,Biden to announce a national lockdown,and as all satellites would be connected to the Starlink System for Emergency Broadcast System activation test and President Trump alerts.


Q,The Storm Rider on The Event:There is going to be a BIG biblical scenario where they make out it's WW3 to rid the world of the Israel/Khazarians/C*e Communist Party and corrupt Mass Media worldwide.


The Alliance will be activating Militaries worldwide,and then bombing Satanic Luceriferian landmarks such as the Vatican,Buckinghan Palace,Whitehouse x 2(USA,Germany),China's Three Gorges Dam,CIA Headquarters Cern on the Swiss/French Border,Big Pharma at Wuhan–34 Satanic Buildings and Dams will Fall.Rods of God/DEW,Bitcoin Servers/Data Center destroyed and a Stock Market crash.

联盟将在全球范围内激活军事力量,然后轰炸撒旦的卢塞费尔地标,如梵蒂冈、巴金汉宫、怀特豪斯 x 2(美国、德国)、中国长江三峡水利枢纽工程、位于瑞士/法国边境的中央情报局总部欧洲核子研究中心、位于武汉的大型制药公司——34座撒旦建筑和水坝将会倒塌。比特币服务器和数据中心被毁,股市崩盘。

Planes&Trains would be grounded,Lights/Power switched off as the world changes over to Tesla Free energy,Quantum Systems and Project Odin Switched on with ten countries running the Emergency Broadcast System under global Martial Law,Nesara/Gesara/RV implemented

飞机和火车将停飞,灯/电随着世界变成特斯拉自由能源,量子系统和欧丁神计划开启,10个国家在全球戒严法下运行紧急广播系统,Nesara/ Gesara /RV 实施

Mossad Media Satellites controlled out of the US will be knocked out to blackout the media worldwide and switch us over to the Quantum Systems.This was Project Odin where Military Tribunals and confessions would be shown for ten days in three eight hour sessions a day.


A.Thurs.12 Aug.2021 The Big Call,Bruce:Thebigcall.net 712-770-4016 pin123456#

2021812日星期四布鲁斯:The Big Call.net 712-770-4016 pin123456#

NESARA/GESARA started in some form on Aug.1.

NESARA/GESARA 81日以某种形式开始。

The USN gold-backed dollar would be announced sometime between Sat.14 Aug.to Sun.14 Aug.by Judy Shelton or Treasury Sec.Manunchin.


Fines and Penalties were paid Wed.11 Aug.


Adjudicated Settlements would go over the weekend.


Bond Sellers would be paid 1.2%to 1.5%Sat.morning before lunch 14 Aug.


We in Tier 4B would be notified anywhere from Fri.night 13 Aug.to Sun.15 Aug.

813日星期五晚上到815日星期日,我们在第4B 层的任何地方都会收到通知。

Tier 4B appointments would start on Mon.16 Aug.

4B 等级的任命将从816日星期一开始。

You would receive the Non Disclosure Agreement at your exchange/redemption appointment.


Interest rate would be around 8%.


B.The Real News for Thurs.12 Aug.2021:


Thurs.12 Aug.SECRET meeting at Mar-a-Lago.We are go.Can't wait for the GREEN LIGHT.Teams on standby.https://t.me/Q17DigitalWarriors


Yesterday EBS was just a test to see and tag which companies doesn't comply to the national security rules.Lots of broadcasters,media,internet service providers,Apple and Google didn't comply.They caught them all,again.

昨天 EBS 只是一个测试,看看哪些公司不遵守国家安全规则。许多广播公司、媒体、互联网服务提供商、苹果和谷歌都没有遵守这一规定。他们又一次抓住了他们。

JUST IN–New York Supreme Court sides with Project Veritas and they will now be permitted to depose The New York Times.


Whiplash347:GESARA has been signed off by all countries at The Hague(International Court of Justice)2019&2020 POTUS would be giving you numbers like border wall&other numbers telling you how many countries had signed off.#TransitionToGreatness=Transition to Gesara.Now they just have to play out a fake WW3 scenario to ring sirens in every National Military Command Center.This is to justify to the Whole Entire Planet many things that have been taking place already.The fact that Gesara Military Law has been in place.The Secret Military Tribunals,Confessions etc.The executions,the lot.When Outages occur around Hague,means movement of High Profile Personnel after or before Military Tribunals.And like all militaries normally do they will help build new things.Remember POTUS saying all hospital equipment will be obsolote by the end of the year?No more Chemo,Radiation etc.Med beds,UV Light Therapies etc.Hospitals&Schools will be ripped apart.No need for medical research when you have 6000 cures handed to you that Tesla had.

Whiplash347:GESARA 已经被所有国家在海牙(国际法院)2019年和2020年签署。总统会给你一些数字,比如边境墙和其他数字,告诉你有多少国家已经签署。过渡到伟大=过渡到 Gesara。现在他们只需要在每个国家军事指挥中心播放一个假的第三次世界大战场景来拉响警报。这是为了向整个地球证明许多已经发生的事情。Gesar军事法已经到位的事实。秘密军事法庭,招供等。那些死刑,还有很多。当海牙附近发生中断时,指军事法庭之后或之前高级人员的移动。正如所有军队通常做的那样,他们将帮助建立新的东西。还记得美国总统说所有的医院设备将在今年年底独立吗?不再做化疗、放疗等。医疗床、紫外线疗法等。医院和学校将被拆除。当你有6000种特斯拉给你的治疗方法时,就不需要医学研究了。

Part II:Did Trump Ever Truly Leave Office?https://youtu.be/DjsmnmEuyJA Trump,the master strategist,shocked us all when he stepped aside on January 20,and handed the country over to communists and their puppet president.


Last week photocopies of an installation manual for Dominion Voting Machines were released byRon Watkins,a Q Anon enthusiast and former 8chan site admin.The copied pages gave basic instructions for configuring BIOS passwords(necessary to change some system settings)and iDRAC,a standard network remote control tool(which the manual explicitly requires the administrator to disable).https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2021/08/8chans-ron-watkins-scores-a-major-own-goal-with-leaked-bios-passwords/

上周,Dominion投票机装置手册的复印件被发布了,他是 Q Anon 的狂热爱好者,曾经是8chan 网站的管理员。复制的页面提供了配置 BIOS 密码(修改某些系统设置所必需的) iDRAC 的基本说明,iDRAC 是一种标准的网络远程控制工具(手册明确要求管理员禁用该工具)

Judy Note:Dominion Voting Machines were used in most states–including the seven key states–to tabulate 2020 Election results–a tabulation that was believed compromised by servers out of a CIA office in Germany using a Vatican satellite in cooperation with Communist Parties of various nations lead by the Chinese and certain Democrat leaders.


Whiplash347:"I have just had approval by the Treasury Department of the United States Of America.The USTD are creating a Dollar called UNITED CONTINENTAL DOLLAR.(UCN)There is a website in process they are creating you will need to go through to own(UCD)which is a National Currency.They will be promoting it here.https://continentalpublicbank.com/"


Mon.9 Aug.Romana Didulo(a prominent member of the Alliance)by Mark A.Baughman:The CCP is already kaput.Done.Finished.We've executed,2.7 million Pissositos(traitors and evil men&women)worldwide including Australia.Source:General Milley has been arrested,but still free,same as the Evil Dr.Fauci.They are being used as a mouth piece only.He is stating about racist views protocols and organizing a U.N.task force in Virginia,ALL NOT TRUE,CONFIRMED FROM ANOTHER SOURCE OTHER THAN GENE DECODE.Words are Cheap to wake-up the still asleep people.This is like Fake Biden saying that all the military will be mandated to get the vaccine.He has no-say or no-access to the military,rank and file,and the pentagon structure.This is because the military declared President Trump was the Commander-in-Chief on March 11,2021,voter fraud.WORDS THAT THE PRESS AND THESE IDIOTS SAY MEAN NOTHING.See DoD release of the New Head of the Joint-Chiefs:General David Berger:(Note:Only 30%of the military has been vaccinated)"...He said don't fall for the fear porn of the fake Biden team over vaccination mandates;the military WILL shut them down—listen to what Marine General David Berger said yesterday Mon 9 Aug(Gen Berger is the new DoD Chair of the Joint Chiefs behind-the-scenes)—MARINE Gen David Berger REBUKES DEFENSE SECRETARY,SAYING,"NO MANDATORY COVID-19 VACCINATIONS FOR MY MARINES!"https://realrawnews.com/2021/08/marines-rebuke-def-sec-no-mandatory-vaccinations-for-my-marines/


89日星期一。马克·a·鲍曼(Mark a.Baughman):c*p已经垮台了。完成。完成了。我们已经处决了,包括澳大利亚在内的全世界270万皮索西托(叛徒和邪恶的男人和女人)。来源:米利将军已经被逮捕,但仍然自由,就像邪恶的福西博士一样。它们只是作为口器使用。他正在陈述关于种族主义观点的协议,并在弗吉尼亚州组织了一个联合国特遣部队,这些都不是真的,这个消息来自于基因解码以外的其他渠道。用言语唤醒仍在沉睡的人们是很便宜的。这就像假拜登说所有的军队都将被授权接种疫苗一样。他对军队、士兵和五角大楼的结构没有发言权或者说没有发言权。这是因为军方在2021311日宣布特朗普总统是总司令,选举舞弊。媒体和这些白痴说的话毫无意义。参见国防部发布的参谋长联席会议新主席:戴维·伯杰将军通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日注意:只有30%的军队接种了疫苗)..他说,不要因为虚假的 Biden 团队对疫苗接种要求的恐惧而上当;军方将会关闭他们ーー听听海军陆战队上将 David Berger 昨天89日的讲话(Gen Berger 是新任国防部参谋长联席会议幕后主席)ーー海军陆战队 David Berger 将军谴责国防部秘书说,"不要强制我的海军陆战队接种2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗!"

The Middle and Lower Pissositos'nonsense(traitors and evil men&women)will intensify in the coming days because of the following:


1)No Deals for their Bosses who have been taken to the Spa.


2)They cannot print fake(fiat)money anymore.


3)They're out of time…No one is taking their poison injections.


4)All of their financiers have been taken to the Spa(jail).


5)Top Pissositos from every Country have been taken to the Spa.


New Dark Outpost:Military Releases Shocking Podesta Video!|Prophecy|Before It's News(beforeitsnews.com)


A Catastrophic Collapse Of The SWIFT Banking System:XRP Is The Solution(QFS/GOLD/GCR)https://youtu.be/nLgodH9Ya_A

环球银行金融电信协会银行系统的灾难性崩溃:XRP 是解决方案(QFS/GOLD/GCR)https://youtu.be/nlgodh9ya_a

Dominican Republic&Haiti paid the price for weakening of Tropical Depression Fred.The forecast:gets back to a tropical storm in the eastern Gulf of Mexico this weekend.


Australia:The ACT Government has today announced a 7-day lockdown beginning at 5.00 PM AEST,following the detection of a positive case of COVID-19 in the Territory.As a result,the Royal Australian Mint will be closed to the public from 5.00 PM AEST 12 August,2021,for the duration of the lockdown.JUST IN–Australian capital#Canberra enters"hard"lockdown.Melbourne extends lockdown as Sydney introduces"no jab,no job"policy.


Japan Typhoon:A Panama-registered ship ran aground in a northern Japanese harbor and was leaking oil.https://www.thenationalnews.com/arts-culture/art/2021/08/12/typhoon-in-japan-washes-yayoi-kusama-artwork-out-to-sea/


Russia:Russia arrests top hypersonic missile scientist on treason charge.Mail Online https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9887293/Russia-arrests-hypersonic-missile-scientist-treason-charge.html Russia arrests top hypersonic missile scientist on treason charge'for passing secrets to a NATO country'it emerges after British embassy security guard is seized in Germany for'spying for Kremlin.Alexander Kuranov,73,a top scientist working on Russia's hypersonic missiles,was arrested by the FSB in Moscow.Brace for"BIBLICAL FLOODING"in the coming hours!Alert for Russia's Crimea(TASS).Five MONTHS worth of precipitation is estimated to fall on Crimea's Taman peninsula in one day,according to Phobos Center.The downpour is expected from 21:00 local time today(in about an hour),accompanied by thunderstorms and hail.

俄罗斯:俄罗斯以叛国罪逮捕顶级超音速导弹科学家。俄罗斯以叛国罪逮捕一名顶级超音速导弹科学家,罪名是向北约国家泄露机密,此前英国大使馆保安因为为克里姆林宫从事间谍事/件在德国被捕。73岁的亚历山大·库拉诺夫是俄罗斯高超音速导弹领域的顶尖科学家,他在莫斯科被俄罗斯联邦安全局逮捕。准备好迎接接下来的"圣经洪水"吧!警惕俄罗斯的克里米亚(TASS)。据火卫一中心估计,一天之内,克里米亚的 Taman peninsula 将迎来五个月的降水量。预计今天当地时间21:00(大约一小时后)开始下大雨,同时还有雷暴和冰雹。

Dominican Republic:About 300,000 lost power in the Dominican Republic after the storm swept in.Heavy rainfall and some gusty winds.Plenty of flooding has been reported in spots.https://t.me/police_frequency/51476


Turkey:Dozens of cars swept away and people left stranded on a gas station roof amid severe flooding in northern Turkey.Turkish officials said at least one person was killed and others were missing in the floods but did not provide an exact number.In Turkey they create forest fires with a laser


Zambia:Zambia Election Day:Social media BLACKOUT–Twitter,Facebook and other major platforms are all reportedly down.(Netblocks)

赞比亚:赞比亚选举日:社交媒体封锁——据报道,TwitterFacebook 和其他主要平台都关闭了。(Netblocks)

Afghanistan:US Embassy strongly recommends that Americans leave Afghanistan immediately–2nd warning this week.Report's the US embassy in Kabul,Afghanistan is being planned to be shifted to the Kabul,Airport if Kabul falls all US officials will be flown out of Afghanistan immediately.


Pakistan:Massive EXPLOSION in key Pakistan military firearms factory leaves three DEAD.


China:Suizhou in central China's Hubei Province has been hit by torrential rains since yesterday.Rescue work is ongoing.Hubei&Henan is in same Province as the already compromised by mud slides Three Gorges Dam that houses several Nuclear Reactors,Bitcoin Headquarters and is the center for International Child Sex and Organ Harvesting Trafficking.


USA:BREAKING–The USAF Global Strike Command launched an unarmed Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with a test re-entry vehicle from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

美国:突破-美国美国空军全球打击司令部从加利福尼亚州的 Vandenberg Space Force Base 发射了一架装备有试飞返回车辆的无武装民兵3型洲际弹道导弹。

Michigan:More than 700,000 were still without power this morning after heavy storms hit Michigan.


New York:Another night,another lightning show around New York City.Bolts were dropping all around the Statue of Liberty and Staten Island Ferry.A citizen in NY gives passionate speech against forced vaccines:https://t.me/realx22report/3465 So,yesterday Cumo resigned as mayor of New York over sexual harassment charges by several women,while Biden praises his work as mayor–which unfortunately included crowding thousands of seniors into nursing homes–from which the nursing homes won millions from the CDC for their COVID deaths.

纽约:又一个夜晚,又一场闪电在纽约城周围展现。自由女神像和史泰登岛渡轮周围的螺栓都在掉落。昨天,库莫辞去了纽约市市长的职务,原因是几位女性向他提出了1000 https://t.me/realx22report/3465的性骚扰。

California:BREAKING!Several streets in the area of East 4th Street and Orange Avenue in Long Beach are blocked off for a police investigation.No details have been confirmed.http://cbsloc.al/2J4dpDW


Florida:NewsBreak FALSELY stated that Boca Regional Hospital had overflowing morgues and many refrigerated trucks to take away the onslaught of dead Covid patients.Pictures show a completely quiet area around this major medical center and guess what the"refrigeration truck"was?A mobile MRI Semi!We spoke to two Sr Sargent&patrol officers from the city of Boca Raton,Florida standing outside the emergency entrance who said the entire thing was bogus.The place has been completely calm,no morgue support trucks or overflow of anything here!One-time Tropical Storm Fred could dump heavy rain on Florida within days,forecasters say.

佛罗里达州:NewsBreak 谎称博卡地区医院有满溢的停尸房和许多冷藏车来运走死去的科维德病人。图片显示了这个主要医疗中心周围完全安静的区域,猜猜"冷藏卡车"是什么?移动核磁共振成像半!我们采访了来自佛罗里达州 Boca Raton 市的两名高级萨金特和巡逻警官,他们站在紧急入口处,说整件事都是假的。这个地方已经完全平静,没有停尸房支持卡车或溢出任何东西在这里!气象预报员说,曾经的热带风暴弗雷德可能在几天内给佛罗里达州带来大雨。

Alaska:https://apple.news/AWC-2Dn4iQ0qbLDb-4ewqLg Three Volcanoes Are Erupting Simultaneously in Alaska.

阿拉斯加:阿拉斯加 https://apple.news/awc-2dn4iq0qbldb-4ewqlg 三座火山同时喷发。

通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日The second largest container port in the world,Ningbo Zhoushan in China,is closed due to one case of covid disease of a fully vaccinated worker.Blocking is fraught with serious disruptions in global trade and supply chains.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日Governor Newsom announces that California will become the first state to require all school staff to be vaccinated against Covid or tested weekly.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日The CDC quietly adjusted the Covid-19 mortality rates in Florida after the state Health department criticized them for combining data for several days into one–but some say that the numbers still don't match.

在佛罗里达州卫生部批评他们把几天的数据合并为一天后,CDC 悄悄地调整了佛罗里达州的2019冠状病毒疾病死亡率,但有些人说这些数字仍然不匹配。

通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日A Trump-appointed judge has ruled that Dominion Voting Systems'$1.3 billion lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani,Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell can continue.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日Schwarzenegger addressed the Americans who oppose the tyrannical restrictions of Covid:"To hell with freedom!"


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日Trump in a new statement about the killer of Ashley Babbitt in the US Capitol:"Justice must be restored!"


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日At a cyber symposium in Sioux Falls,South Dakota,Wisconsin,Representative Timothy Ramtun told the audience that Wisconsin officials are clearing data in voting machines in the state.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日A Democratic official from Minneapolis said that the burning of a police station by BLM mobs was"pure righteousness".

一位来自明尼阿波利斯的民主党官员表示,被 BLM 暴徒烧毁的警察局是"纯粹的正义"

通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日The CDC encourages all pregnant or lactating women to get vaccinated."Vaccination against COVID-19 is recommended for all people aged 12 years and older,including those who are pregnant,breastfeeding,trying to get pregnant now or are planning to get pregnant in the future,"the CDC said in a statement.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日A journalist asked Psaki if Biden caused some indecision about the vaccine when he attacked Trump's attempts to get a vaccine against Covid produced using Operation Warp Speed?Psaki said that Trump told people to take poison:"I would like to note that at that time,the former president also suggested that people inject versions of the poison into their veins to cure Covid."

一名记者问 Psaki,当拜登攻击特朗普试图获得一种使用"曲速行动"生产的抗科维疫苗时,他是否对疫苗问题犹豫不决?普萨基说,特朗普告诉人们服毒:"我想指出,当时,这位前总统还建议人们在静脉注射不同剂量的毒药,以治愈考维德。"

通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日The far-left governor of Wisconsin is calling on counties to ignore subpoenas for audits.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日The Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives has signed 52 arrest warrants for fugitive Democrats who left Washington to stop the passage of certain bills.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日The Dominion voting systems sued Newsmax and One America News for broadcasting the Mike Lindell cyber Symposium.

多明尼昂投票系统起诉 Newsmax One America News 播放了麦克·林德尔网络研讨会。

通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日"Powerful predator"–Biden's accuser of sexual assault,Tara Reid,calls for a"real investigation"after New York Governor Cuomo resigned.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日The Taliban captured 10 provincial capitals out of 34 in Afghanistan.It is also reported that the Taliban can capture Kabul in 90 days,according to a new US intelligence assessment.Some officials say the Taliban could seize power in the Afghan capital in as little as 30 days.The central prison of Kandahar has already been captured by the Taliban.According to the militants,the prison staff surrendered,and thousands of prisoners were released.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日Russia will allocate more than a million dollars to Tajikistan for the construction of a border post on the border with Afghanistan.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日"hard"isolation is being introduced in the Australian capital Canberra.Melbourne is extending the lockdown,and Sydney is introducing a"no injection,no work"policy.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日In Kazakhstan,from the middle of next month,they are going to fine employers in whose organizations the unvaccinated work.Meanwhile,the country's Prosecutor General said that such fines are illegal and cannot be implemented.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日The Ransomware hacker group has hit the Accenture consulting company registered on the New York Stock Exchange,threatening to publish the stolen data.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日The World Health Organization has called on world leaders and rich countries to end the"shameful inequality"in access to coronavirus vaccines.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日Military personnel of the Air Force Global Strike Command launched an unarmed Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with a test return vehicle from the Vandenberg Space Force Base,California.

美国空军全球打击司令部的军事人员从 Vandenberg Space Force Base 发射了一辆装备有测试返程车的无武装民兵3型洲际弹道导弹。

通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日Brazilian President Bolsonaro was defeated in Congress after his plan to replace the current electronic voting system with a publicly verifiable system using paper traces failed.Brazil's former leftist leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva wants to defeat Bolsonara in the upcoming 2022 elections.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日More than 700,000 people remain without electricity after severe storms in Michigan.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日The Italian island of Sicily recorded the highest temperature in Europe in 40 years–49 degrees Celsius.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日Stanford will require weekly testing for COVID-19,regardless of the vaccination status.This is the first university in the United States to introduce mandatory testing for vaccinated people.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日8,600 people in Germany need new vaccinations after nurses injected them with saline instead of the vaccine.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日Thailand will begin human trials of the COVID vaccine in the form of a nasal spray.

泰国将以喷鼻剂的形式开始对 COVID 疫苗进行人体试验。

通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日It is expected that within the next 36 hours,the FDA will issue a permit for booster vaccinations of the Covid vaccine for people with weakened immunity.

预计在接下来的36个小时内,FDA 将发放一份针对免疫力较弱的人群的 Covid 疫苗加强接种许可证。

通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日A strong earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred in the Philippine city of Davao.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日Preliminary hearings on the US appeal against London's refusal to extradite Julian Assange to Washington have begun in the Royal Court of London.A rally of supporters of journalists calling for his release took place outside the courthouse in the British capital.Assange himself appeared in court for the first time in more than 6 months.

美国对伦敦拒绝向华盛顿引渡朱利安阿桑奇(Julian Assange)提起的上诉的初步听证会已在伦敦皇家法院(Royal Court of London)开始。在英国首都法院外,一群要求释放他的记者支持者举行了集会。阿桑奇本人6个多月来首次出庭。

通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日A new study shows that vaccination from Pfizer in the US in July was only 42%effective(Axios)


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日The leadership of Israel,one of the most vaccinated countries,decided to tighten restrictions against the spread of COVID-19.


通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年8月13日The Pentagon has released guidance on how military personnel can request a"religious exception"in order to be exempt from vaccination.A Pentagon spokesman said that military personnel who want to receive an exemption from vaccination should consult with a medical professional and a commander about the risks associated with the lack of a vaccine.


C.Gene Decode Video Netherlands Decode and Evergreen Ship Update 8/6/2021 Also See:Trafficked Children,Bodies,Weapons Found on Evergreen Ship Blocking Suez Canal|Politics|Before It's News

C. Gene Decode视频荷兰解码与长赐船只更新202186日参见:在长赐船只拦截苏伊士运河上发现被贩卖的儿童、尸体和武器|政治|新闻前

The Evergreen ship is the one that was ran aground in the Suez Canal by the Alliance Space Force by hacking into the Operation System of the guidance of the ship.The reason the cargo was children about 1250 alive and a little fewer dead ones,in the shipping containers.Also,were shipments of Adrenochrome,Weapons of Mass Destruction,baby fetus cell and tissue.The big one was a bio-weapon that would kill all life on earth except maybe small lizards.This was a major hoard of what the Illuminati ship and control in the now"old Earth World".Special forces and the Suez officials confiscated and examined all in the ship's containers.That did stop a major part of the Deep State's plan to continue to control the World.This was a Major Victory for the Mighty Alliance,and the good people of the planet.Most container ships were stopped and examined after that.


8/6/2021 or the past few weeks before the Ship was at the Netherland docks to unload,they were on a trip that went by the"D Day"landing of the coast of France,and American Navy warships were there,the ships captain or pilot preformed what is can a"Crazy Ivan"which the ship does a complete 180 degrees or changes coarse,left and right to avoid tracking or to track submarines behind them or underneath.These ships are now being monitored like a hawk for nefarious actions.The leaky hull of the ship could have been caused by Navy Special Forces,to"Dry Dock"the Ship.

202168日或者在"疯狂伊凡"号到达 Netherland 码头卸货前的几周,他们正在进行一次"d "登陆法国海岸的旅行,美国海军的战舰也在那里,船长或驾驶员预先制作了一个"疯狂伊凡",这艘船可以完成180度的全方位变化,左右移动以避免追踪或者跟踪他们后面或者下面的潜艇。这些船只现在像老鹰一样被监视着,以防不法行为。船体漏水可能是由海军特种部队造成的,"干船坞"的船舶。

Overall,the Netherlands is the center of the human trafficking,Pedophile,and Royalty corruption in Europe.Gene has decoded sections of the Netherlands,and came to the conclusion under the whole country is"One Big D.U.M.B.The Dutch government and Royalty are the evilest and corrupt in the world.I understand the Monarch has been arrested and very possible already executed.I am sure it is that way for many members of the extremely criminal and evil government.This goes back hundreds of years,if not thousands."

总的来说,荷兰是欧洲人口贩卖、恋童癖和皇室腐败的中心。吉恩已经破译了荷兰的部分地区,并得出结论,在整个国家下面是"一个大的 d.u.m.b"。荷兰政府和皇室是世界上最邪恶、最腐败的政府。我知道君主已经被逮捕,很有可能已经被处决了。我相信,对于极端罪恶的政府的许多成员来说,情况就是如此。这可以追溯到几百年前,甚至几千年前。"



About the author:Mr.Bradley is a US licensed attorney and a European Licensed Attorney(aka Barrister).He has practiced for 24+years in Banking,Securities,Real Estate,Wealth Management,Trust&Estate Planning and other international corporate transactional&high finance matters.Before becoming a licensed attorney,he was a FINRA licensed securities trader for 10 years,and a Commercial Banker for 10 years.He holds a double major BBA from UT in Finance and Economics.


It is important to note that attorneys do not create laws.Parliaments and Legislators create laws.What attorneys do is utilize all available resources reviewing existing laws,rules,revenue rulings,treaties,existing case laws rendered by courts and opinion testimony of experts.Although an expert in his own right in his field of practice field and through his various Professional licenses,let the record reflect that all information provided herein below is derived from aforesaid various noted legal resources which is readily available for further review by anyone on line.The invitation to review on-line the information provided below and to expand ones knowledge is even more important to those who offer nothing but negative,personal,opinions without personally possessing any actual knowledge,experience or training in what they speak about;where their opinions are only offered as a form of hate and/or are prejudiced by their geopolitical agenda.Please refrain from the"opening mouth,inserting foot"Syndrome.




The Foreign Currency Exchange(aka FOREX or FX)is the free enterprise system/free open market system for the conversion of one currency into another currency at a specific rate known as the foreign exchange rate.The conversion rates for almost all currencies are constantly floating as they are driven by the market forces of SUPPLY and DEMAND.


The most traded currencies in the world are the United States dollar,Euro,Japanese yen,British pound,and Australian dollar.The US dollar remains the key currency of global exchange which accounts for more than 87%of total GLOBAL daily value traded.




The exchange of currency is where a willing buyer/purchaser of currency is willing to buy/exchange a stated currency at a stated current market rate,or at a stated contract rate,and a willing owner/seller is willing to sell said currency at said stated rate.This is how free trade and capitalism has transacted business for over a thousand years.




Many factors can potentially influence the market forces behind foreign exchange rates.The factors include various economic,political,and even psychological conditions.The economic factors include a government's economic policies,trade balances,inflation,and economic growth outlook.


Political conditions also exert a significant impact on the FOREX rate,as events such as political instability and political conflicts may negatively affect the strength of a currency.The psychology of FOREX market participants(aka panic buying&panic selling)can also influence exchange rates.




As noted above,the Currency Market transaction generally comprises two sides:the BUY-SIDE which consists of buyers of foreign currencies and forward FX contracts and the SELL-SIDE which consists of primary dealers in currencies and originators of forwarding foreign exchange contracts such as large corporations.


Currency Markets deals with different currencies and these currencies are hugely impacted by the fundamental factors such as the balance of payments formula,expected economic growth rate,fiscal policy by the government of the country,the autonomy of the central bank in implementation of monetary policy and interest rate environment in general which makes one currency depreciate or appreciate against other currencies.




The foreign exchange market is a decentralized and over-the-counter market where all currency exchange trades occur.It is the largest(in terms of trading volume)and the most liquid market in the entire world.On average,the daily volume of transactions on the forex market totals$5.1 TRILLION,according to the Bank of International Settlements'Triennial Central Bank Survey.


The FOREX market major trading centers are located in major financial hubs around the world,including New York,London,Frankfurt,Tokyo,Hong Kong,and Sydney.Due to this reason,foreign exchange transactions are executed 24 hours,five days a week(except weekends).Despite the decentralized nature of FOREX markets,the exchange rates offered in the market are the same among its participants,as arbitrage opportunities can arise otherwise.

The foreign exchange market is probably one of the most accessible financial markets.Market participants range from tourists and amateur traders to large financial institutions(including central banks)and multinational corporations.


Also,the FOREX market does not only involve a simple conversion of one currency into another.Many large transactions in the market involve the application of a wide variety of financial instruments,including forwards,swaps,options,derivatives,etc.

The FOREX is an extremely important market and plays an indispensable role in the exchange of currency from one country to another,and in maintaining global liquidity.The successful integration of the world and free flow of trade is only possible due to the flourishing currency market which enables buyers of goods and services and sellers of such goods and services to convert their foreign exchange receipts/payments into local currency.The Currency Markets involves licensed Traders(aka brokers),Speculators,Arbitrageurs,Investors,Banks/Financial institutions,corporations,etc.and together they make the currency markets highly efficient and liquid.




A foreign exchange contract is a legal arrangement in which the parties agree to transfer between them a certain amount of foreign exchange at a predetermined rate of exchange,and usually at a predetermined date.




Presently,the world is engulfed in surviving a global pandemic,the Covid 19 Virus.The entire world is reeling from stagnant economies;with the US being one of the few whose economy is still growing.However,all the world's Sovereign governments are printing fiat currency to keep their respective country's economies going.

目前,全世界都在一场全球性的大流行中幸存下来,这就是 Covid 19病毒。整个世界都在经济停滞中步履蹒跚,美国是为数不多的经济仍在增长的国家之一。然而,世界上所有的主权国家政府都在印刷法定货币,以保持各自国家的经济运行。

This global habit of just printing money is creating a global bubble and de-valuating the currencies of the world.


After the 2007/2008 Global Banking Collapse,the US Government lead a GLOBAL coalition,called the Basel III Accords;where all the World's country's agreed to go back to an asset backed currency.As a result of the BASEL III Accords(signed by all 207 Sovereign Countries/Sovereign States),the Chinese entered into a FOREX EXCHANGE CONTRACT(the"Contract")agreeing to redeem and exchange various sovereign currencies of nations who currency was deemed worthless by all other sovereign nations.Among others,this included the Vietnamese Dong,the Iraqi Dinar,and the Zimbabwe dollar.This was all part of a GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET/REVAUATION("GCR/RV")Agreement.

2007/2008年全球银行业崩溃之后,美国政府领导了一个全球联盟,称为巴塞尔 III 协议;在那里,全世界的国家同意回到资产支持的货币。由于《巴塞尔协议三》(由所有207个主权国家/主权国家签署),中国签订了外汇兑换合同("合同"),同意赎回和兑换被所有其他主权国家认为毫无价值的各国主权货币。其中包括越南盾、伊拉克第纳尔和津巴布韦元。这都是全球货币复位/回购("GCR/RV")协议的一部分。

Under this Contract,President Bush,then President Obama,then President Trump,executed said Contract[along with all the other 207 World's Sovereign Nations/States]whereby the Chinese agreed to advance funds to the US Treasury,to"redeem"and exchange these currencies,and also perform a GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET(the"GCR/RV").Specific terms,specific conditions,and specific dates were agreed upon.There were no other"conditions"negotiated or agreed upon outside these exchange/revaluation terms.


However,when President Bush left Office,President Obama(after redeeming his Iraqi Dinar)arbitrarily modified the terms of the Contract;adding terms and conditions upon the US citizens.President Trump ratified the same Contract and ordered its immediate execution.But the Democrat run Congress held up its actual execution and implementation.


This additional term and condition required;as noted above,was that Americans,and ONLY Americans(ie.the balance of the world do not have this added condition),can only receive up to 20%of their currency for personal use.The net 80%will be held back by the US Treasury(UST)and could only be used in the interim for"humanitarian projects";with the Government having full beneficial use of said 80%net being withheld by the US Treasury.Then after"up to 100 years later",the currency owners could then receive the net 80%balance.The consolation prize is the US Gov't would pay annual interest on said withheld 80%.


The hidden legal problem is,and the elephant in the room,based on the US Constitution,the Government may not encroach upon or restrict the Free Enterprise/Free Open Market System.Adding terms and conditions to the Contract;which was not part of the original Contract;IS NOT valid and is a restriction of the Free Enterprise system and our democratic system.


The government may not add terms and conditions to any contract,especially a Sovereign Contract signed by 207 Countries,without the express written acceptance by all signatory parties,including the Chinese who is the actual purchaser/redeeming party and whose money is being used for said GCR/RV event.That is CONTRACT LAW.PERIOD.The Fat Lady Has Sung.

政府不得在任何合同中增加条款和条件,尤其是由207个国家签署的主权合同,除非所有签署方都明确书面接受,包括实际购买方/赎回方以及其资金用于上述 GCR/RV /件的中国人。这就是合同法。周期。胖女人唱歌。

The other problem is the Government has ZERO right to take people's money;dictate how they spend their money,invest their money,or gift their money.The money belongs to the owner.The money does not belong to the Government.The only obligation is to pay the taxes due when due.Otherwise this is legally called:"a taking without just representation".


As to the issue of taxation,per the Contract terms,it was agreed by all 207 Sovereign Nations,including the US Government,that this GCR/RV event will not be a taxable event.However,it is prudent to note that the States and Cities,who collect State imposed income taxes,may be subject to income taxes on the GCR/RV.

至于税收问题,根据合同条款,包括美国政府在内的所有207个主权国家都同意,这次 GCR/RV /件不应纳税。然而,谨慎的做法是指出,征收国家征收的所得税的州和城市可能需要对 GCR/RV 征收所得税。

E.International Child Sex Trafficking:


Tortured Baby Corpses Come to Surface During European Floods|Politics|Before It's News(beforeitsnews.com)

在欧洲洪水中受折磨的婴儿尸体浮出水面|政治|新闻前 beforeitsnews.com


Queen Elizabeth,Canada,Native Chiefs,Vatican,CIA Cover Up of Child Death Camps,Mass Grave Sites|Politics|Before It's News(beforeitsnews.com)

伊丽莎白女王,加拿大,土著酋长,梵蒂冈,中央情报局掩盖儿童死亡集中营,万人坑遗址|政治|之前的新闻 beforeitsnews.com

Vatican,Canadian Gov,Pfizer,Bayer,Eli Lilly Genocide of 60,000 Native Children|Politics|Before It's News(beforeitsnews.com)




How to rule the world'.By Bill Gates For FWC by Michael Baxter 12 August 2021 Since his arrest by US Marines on 27 July,the tribunal has planned to try Bill Gates at Gitmo on 23 August.Unbeknownst to Gates,the military has all the evidence it needs.While Gates was in a cell,the military simultaneously raided a dozen of Gates'properties across the country,seizing computers,laptops,papers–just about everything imaginable–including 3,000 pages of notes on a project called'How to Rule the World'.It sounds like something out of a Pinky&The Brain cartoon,but JAG believes it is legitimate.It briefly describes how the vaccine industry is being taken over and how vccinations are being contaminated with substances that either kill the recipient or turn him into a mindless slave,"the source said.When JAG confronted him with SD card videos seized by the military during a May 17 raid on Gates'Wyoming ranch,Gates began bragging about his wealth and told military investigators that he would make them extremely rich in exchange for his release.He was told that JAG and the Bureau of Military Commissions had"appropriated"his property and frozen his assets both at home and abroad."At that point Gates again went silent,after demanding a lawyer."At least six witnesses,including Gates'ex-wife Melinda,are expected to testify against Gates on August 23.(https://realrawnews.com/2021/08/jag-schedules-bill-gates-military-tribunal/

如何统治世界。自727日被美国海军陆战队逮捕以来,特别法庭计划于823日在 Gitmo 审判比尔盖茨。盖茨不知道的是,军方已经掌握了所需的一切证据。在盖茨被关押期间,军方同时突袭了盖茨在全国各地的十几处房产,缴获了电脑、笔记本电脑、文件——几乎所有你能想到的东西——包括一个名为"如何统治世界"的项目的3000页笔记。这听起来像是来自《Pinky&The Brain》漫画中的情节,但军事司法部认为这是合法的。它简要描述了疫苗工业是如何被接管的,疫苗工业是如何被污染的物质,这些物质要么杀死接种者,要么把他变成一个愚蠢的奴隶。517日,军方突袭了盖茨在怀俄明州的牧场,军方没收了他的 SD 卡视频,当 JAG 拿出这些视频与他对质时,盖茨开始炫耀自己的财富,并告诉军方调查人员,如果他获释,他将让他们变得极其富有。他被告知,军事司法部和军事委员会局"侵吞"了他的财产,并冻结了他在国内外的资产。"在那个时候,盖茨在要求律师之后又沉默了。"预计至少有6名证人,包括盖茨的前妻梅琳达,将于823日作证指控盖茨。

Patriot Patrick King represented himself in court after being fined$1200 dollars for protesting against the Covid-Hoax.He slew the beast and emerged VICTORIOUS.He issued a subpoena to the Provincial Health Minister for proof that the so-called Covid-19 Virus exists,and they were forced to admit that they had no evidence whatsoever.The virus has never been isolated,and thus the government had no legal grounds to impose any of the punishing restrictions they have inflicted on society.Since this shocking confession came to light,the Province has since rescinded all Covid-Restrictions and now officially treats Covid-19 as nothing more than a mild flu!WE WON:https://www.bitchute.com/video/euMT6jUwXhym/

爱国者帕特里克·金因抗议Covid恶作剧被罚款1200美元,并出庭代表自己出庭。他杀死了野兽并获得了胜利。他向省卫生部长发出传票,要求证明所谓的2019冠状病毒疾病病毒的存在,他们被迫承认他们没有任何证据。这种病毒从未被孤立过,因此政府没有法律依据对社会施加任何惩罚性的限制。自从这个令人震惊的供认曝光后,该省已经取消了所有的 Covid-Restrictions,现在正式地将2019冠状病毒疾病视为一种温和的流感!我们赢了:

Top Florida Health Official Responds to CDC's COVID Tally for State:Floridians'deserve'accurate numbers.https://resistthemainstream.org/top-florida-health-official-responds-to-cdcs-covid-tally-for-state/?utm_source=rtmt&utm_medium=rtmt&utm_campaign=rtmt


Alex Jones:Millions of Healthy Americans to Be Forced into Covid Camps Under CDC Plan|Prophecy|Before It's News(beforeitsnews.com)

根据疾病预防控制中心的计划,数百万健康的美国人将被迫进入冷冻营|预言|新闻前 beforeitsnews.com

"Herd immunity is NOT POSSIBLE with vaccine because the vaccinated can still get the virus"–AstraZeneca vax developer:https://resistthemainstream.org/astrazeneca-vaccine-developer-speaks-out-issues-warning-about-variant/?utm_source=rtmt&utm_medium=rtmt&utm_campaign=rtmt


EU drugs regulator investigating possible new adverse effects from Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines—RT World News:https://www.rt.com/news/531776-eu-investigating-side-effects-covid-vaccine/

欧盟药物监管机构正在调查辉瑞公司和现代人卵巢炎疫苗可能产生的新的不良反应ーーRT 世界新闻:https://www.RT.com/News/531776-EU-investigating-side-effects-Covid-vaccine/

AstraZeneca Vaccine Developer Speaks Out,Issues Warning About Variant:https://resistthemainstream.org/astrazeneca-vaccine-developer-speaks-out-issues-warning-about-variant/?utm_source=rtmt&utm_medium=rtmt&utm_campaign=rtmt


Doctors Testify Vaccines Unsafe,Not Effective,Even Lethal|Politics|Before It's News(beforeitsnews.com)


Milton William Cooper wrote a book in 1991 how"Big Brother"was coming for you.We will all be tagged with a v@cclne.

米尔顿·威廉·库珀在1991年写了一本书,讲述了"老大哥"是如何找上你的。我们都会被 v@cclne 标记。

G.GCR History/Intelligence Sources for Restored Republic via a GCR Report:

重建共和国的历史/情报来源来自 GCR 报告:

The Chinese Elders were composed of different multigenerational Chinese families living in the Philippines who over centuries,owned and held responsibility for around 90%of the world's gold,lending it out to countries for establishment of their financial systems.There were five top Chinese Elders who were responsible for the Global Currency Reset and RV release of funds.

中国的长老们是由生活在菲律宾的几代中国家庭组成的,他们拥有并掌管着世界上90%的黄金,借给其他国家建立自己的金融体系。有五位华人老人负责全球货币复位和 RV 基金的发放。

In 1914 the Illuminati Bloodline Families signed a 99 year lease on the Chinese Elder's gold and then proceeded to illegally launder all of the US taxpayer monies through their privately owned Federal Reserve,IRS,Central Banks and corporations–Washington DC,City of London and the Holy See in Vatican City.That was the system that was now changed with the Global Currency Reset.


The Illuminati,Cabal,Deep State or Black Hats gained their power over peoples of the globe by worshipping Satan through pedophilia and child sacrifice.The Cabalwas composed of 13 Illuminati Bloodline Families including the Habsburg family.Below them were the Black Jesuit Pope Adolfo Nicolasand his six generals,Pope Francis and 350 personnel in the Vatican including former Jesuit Secretary General Peter Hans Kolvenbach.In turn the Jesuits were part of most governments and leaders,especially the Freemasons,which has infiltrated every intelligence agency in the world with Masonic leaders,making them puppets that carried out Jesuit orders.Other Cabal leaders were Mafia heads including Khazarian mob leaders,Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Fascists,royal families of Europe including Queen Elizabeth,the Netherlands and Spanish Royals.The Cabal extended to Benjamin Netanyahu and the Zionists,Globalist and Political Elites,Council on Foreign Relations,Bilderberger Group,Council of 300,UN,Council of Trent,Knights Templar,Knights of Columbus,Knights of Malta,CIA,FBI,NSA,ASIO,M15,M16,NCIS,FSB,DGSF and the Mossad.

光照派、阴谋集团、深层国家或黑帽派通过恋童癖和儿童献祭来崇拜撒旦,从而获得了他们对全世界人民的权力。卡巴尔是由13个光照派血统家庭包括哈布斯堡家庭。在他们下面是黑人耶稣会教皇 Adolfo nicolas 和他的六位将军,教皇 Francis 350名梵蒂冈人员,包括前耶稣会秘书长 Peter Hans Kolvenbach。反过来,耶稣会士是大多数政府和领导人的一部分,尤其是共济会,它渗透到世界上每一个情报机构的共济会领导人,使他们成为执行耶稣会命令的傀儡。其他阴谋集团头目包括黑手党头目卡扎利亚黑帮头目,世界经济法西斯主义者克劳斯施瓦布,欧洲皇室包括伊丽莎白女王,荷兰和西班牙皇室。阴谋集团扩展到本雅明·内塔尼亚胡组织和犹太复国主义者,全球主义者和政治精英,对外关系委员会,比尔德伯格集团,300人委员会,联合国,特伦托会议,圣殿骑士,哥伦布骑士会,马耳他骑士,中央情报局,联邦调查局,国家安全局,ASIOM15M16NCISFSBDGSF 和摩萨德。

The Alliance or White Hats was composed of President Trump,Russian President Vladimir Putin,Chinese President Xi Jinping,Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi,India Prime Minister Narendra Modi,White Hats in the Department of Defense headed by Secty of Defense Chris Miller,Undersecty of Defense Intel Ezra Cohen Watnick and Gen.Michael T Flynn,Q force(composed of around 800 special ops who advise President Trump including Pentagon Generals Vice Chief John Hyten,Gen.James McConville,Adm.Michael Gilday,Gen.C.Q.Brown,Gen.Paul Nakasone and Gen.Jay Raymond),QAnons(volunteer Patriots headed by Ezra Cohen-Watnick,General Flynn and JF Kennedy Jr,who is Q.Q+was Trump while JFK Sr.was believed to be the original Q+),the National Security Agency headed by our present Acting US President Richard Grenell who,with the US under Martial Law,was running military operations in Washington DC and various militaries across the globe,including the international force authorized to make arrests in any country,Interpol.

联盟或白帽子由特朗普总统、俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京、中国国家主席习近平、伊拉克总理穆斯塔法·卡迪米、印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪、国防部秘书长克里斯·米勒、国防部秘书长以斯拉·科恩·沃特尼克和将军领导的国防部白帽子组成。迈克尔·t·弗林(Michael t Flynn)q 部队(由大约800名特种部队成员组成,他们为特朗普总统提供建议,其中包括五角大楼将军、副总统约翰·海顿(John Hyten)、詹姆斯·麦克康维尔上将(gen.James McConville)、海军上将迈克尔·吉尔迪(adm.Michael Gilday)c.q.布朗(gen.c.q.Brown)、保罗·纳卡松上将(gen.Paul Nakasone)和杰伊·雷蒙德上将(gen.Raymond))qanos(志愿者由以斯拉·科恩-沃特尼克(Ezra Cohen-Watnick)、弗林上将和 JF·肯尼迪二世(JF Kennedy Jr)领导,后者被认为是最初的 q+),以及国家安全局(National Security

BRICS was an alliance of the nations of Brazil,Russia,India,China and South Africa formed in 2008 after the so-called US"Mortgage Crisis."In reality the crisis happened when the Cabal continued to print fiat US Dollars while being in bankruptcy and unable to even pay interest on gold borrowed from the Chinese Elders which backed that US Dollar,the basis for international trade.In the ensuing years since BRICS formed,they evaluated gold and resources of 209 nations in preparation for a Global Currency Reset.After the GCR all countries currencies would be at a 1:1 with each other instead of relying on the fiat US Dollar for international trade.

金砖国家是巴西、俄罗斯、印度、中国和南非在2008年所谓的美国"抵押贷款危机"之后组成的联盟事实上,危机发生在阴谋集团在破产的情况下继续印刷纸币,甚至无力支付从中国长老们那里借来的黄金的利息,而中国长老们支持的美元是国际贸易的基础。在金砖国家成立后的几年里,他们评估了209个国家的黄金和资源,为全球货币重置做准备。在 GCR 之后,所有国家的货币之间的比例将达到1:1,而不是依赖美元进行国际贸易。

Charlie Ward has worked and been friends with the Chinese Elders for over 15 years.He was highly trusted in the financial world and moved money around the globe for private clients ranging from the super-rich to different global governments.His team moved 650 planeloads of gold out of the Vatican tunnels and placed it back to it's rightful owners at the US Treasury and other countries'treasuries around the globe.He was presently moving monies,gold and valuables for countries and individuals in the Global Currency Reset.A lot of Ward's info came from what he called the Four Walls of Power,which included the Chinese Elders,Alliance,Trump White House and Trump Redemption Team.He has been under a Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA)for the last several months and told what he could and could not reveal.


Nic Fleming received Intel from a Military Intel Contact who was part of the Trump Redemption Team.That team received Intel and orders for the GCR/RV from President Trump,the Alliance and five top Chinese Elders.

尼克·弗莱明从一个军事情报联系人那里得到了情报,他是特朗普救赎团队的一员。这个团队从特朗普总统、联盟和五位中国元老那里收到了情报和 GCR/RV 的订单。

H.Interesting Facts:


Abraham Lincoln was Abraham Kahlooni of the Druze Bloodline,from the line of the Davidic Kings and descendants of Jethro,the Priest of Median in the Bible and the Torah(Exodus 2:18).They descend from an ethnic minority called the"Druze",and they inhabit the Golan Heights area of Israel from the town of Qunaitara&Majdal Shams,and before that the town of"Kahloonia"in Mount Lebanon[45 Km south east of Beirut].

亚伯拉罕·林肯是德鲁兹血统中的亚伯拉罕·卡罗尼,来自大卫王家族,也是《圣经》和《旧约》中中位数的祭司叶忒罗的后裔(出埃及记2:18)。他们来自一个被称为"Druze"的少数民族,他们居住在以色列的戈兰高地地区,从 Qunaitara Majdal Shams 镇开始,再往前是黎巴嫩山的"Kahloonia"[贝鲁特东南45公里]

Abraham Lincoln had 4 children with wife Mary Todd Lincoln–Robert Todd Lincoln,William Wallace Lincoln,Edward Baker Lincoln,and Tad Lincoln two of which were sent to Libya to live–they didn't die as recorded.These were William Wallace Lincoln and his brother Tad.William Wallace was brought to Benghazi–Libya in 1863,they changed his identity,and was raised by The Sanussi Royal family of Libya and living in that Country for the rest of his life.William became known as"Omar Mukhtar",the great freedom fighter who fought against The Italian Military invasion of Libya from 1911,until his arrest near Caves Valley(180 Km east of Benghazi),on Friday[11th September 1931]when he was defending those Holy Valleys of Marcus the Evangelist,Valley of The Bible and Mary's Lake in the region of Cyrene 280 Km east of Benghazi.He was transferred to face trial on Tuesday 15th September 1931 held by The Italian Military Tribunal in Benghazi,the trial ended in just one day.He was sentenced to death and was hung on Wednesday 16th September 1931,(age 81)in The Town of Solluk 50 Km south of Benghazi"U.S.Peridous"-Libya.William had 3 daughters and one son.Saidea,Gaillea&Mary.His only son was taken and shot by the Italian military police in downtown Benghazi in 1942.Mary,William's daughter met and married a Prince–Said Issa H Kahlooni–from Golan Heights born in the Orchards in Mt.Lebanon.The family Tree of Issa Kahlooni is well known in Lebanon Syria and Israel–Issa means Jesus.They arrived at the Port of Derna in Libya in March 1911.They had 2 boys who were both kidnapped from Benghazi,and handed over to mafia boss family Joseph Kennedy and was raised by him and his wife Rose Kennedy.They would later be known as John F.Kennedy and Joe Kennedy.John F.Kennedy was raised to become the 35th President of the USA.He is not a Kennedy;he is a Lincoln/Kahlooni.John married Jackie Kennedy and had four children:Arabella Kennedy,John F.Kennedy Jr.,Patrick Kennedy,and Caroline Kennedy.Patrick and Arabella didn't die as recorded.Patrick Kennedy was flown to Libya.Joe Kennedy was Flynn's Father.John F Kennedy Jr.is Ezra's Grandfather.Tad Lincoln is Donald Trump and Elvis'grandfather.Elvis,Trump,Assange,Lincoln Kahlooni,JFK,Joseph,John F.Kennedy Jr.,and Patrick are all Lincoln/Kahlooni and are cousins.Elvis Presley is the TIP OF THE SPEAR.Elvis was in the SPEARHEAD Division&also kept a SPEAR TIP on his book shelf.Elvis told us all on August 15,1977 via the WOW Signal that he wasn't going to be dying.Ask Howard Hughes.The HH,John G.Trump&Nikola Tesla connection is very important.Download the TESLA FILES on FBI VAULT from 2019 https://www.elvisowned.com/art-collection-owned-by-elvis-and-priscilla-presley.html

亚伯拉罕林肯与妻子玛丽·托德有4个孩子-罗伯特·托德·林肯,威廉·林肯,爱德华·林肯和泰德林肯其中2个被送到利比亚生活-他们没有死亡的记录。这是威廉·林肯和他的兄弟泰德。1863年,威廉·华莱士被带到利比亚的班加西,他们改变了他的身份,由利比亚的萨努西王室抚养长大,并在那个国家度过了他的余生。1931911日星期五,他在班加西以东280公里的昔兰尼地区保卫福音派马库斯的圣谷、圣经谷和玛丽湖。1931915日星期二,他被转移到班加西的意大利军事法庭接受审判,审判在一天内结束。他于1931916(星期三)被判处死刑,并在利比亚班加西以南50公里处的索卢克镇(81)被吊死。威廉有三个女儿和一个儿子。萨蒂亚、盖勒和玛丽。1942年,他唯一的儿子在班加西市中心被意大利军警枪杀。玛丽,威廉的女儿遇到并嫁给了一个王子-赛义德伊萨 h 卡罗尼-从戈兰高地出生在 Mt.Lebanon 的果园。Issa Kahlooni 的家谱在黎巴嫩很有名,叙利亚和以色列-Issa 的意思是耶稣。他们于19113月抵达 Port of Derna。他们有两个男孩,都是从班加西被绑架,并移交给黑手党老大约瑟夫肯尼迪家庭,由他和他的妻子罗斯肯尼迪养大。他们后来被称为约翰·肯尼迪和乔·肯尼迪。约翰·f·肯尼迪成为美国第35任总统。他不是肯尼迪家的人,他是林肯/卡罗尼家的人。和 Jackie Kennedy 结婚生了4个孩子:Arabella Kennedy,小约翰·肯尼迪,Patrick Kennedy 和卡罗琳·肯尼迪。根据记录,帕特里克和阿拉贝拉并没有死。帕特里克·肯尼迪乘飞机前往利比亚。乔·肯尼迪是弗林的父亲。小约翰·f·肯尼迪是以斯拉的祖父。泰德·林肯是唐纳德·特朗普和埃尔维斯的祖父。他们都是林肯/小约翰·肯尼迪的表兄弟。猫王是矛的尖端。艾尔维斯在先锋部门工作,他的书架上也有一个矛尖。1977815日,埃尔维斯通过 WOW 信号告诉我们他不会死。问问霍华德·休斯吧。HH,约翰·g·特朗普和尼古拉·特斯拉的联系非常重要。下载2019 FBI 拱顶 https://www.elvisowned.com/art-collection-owned-by-elvis-and-priscilla-presley.html TESLA 文件

In 1855 ISIS was formed by Kings of Morocco&Libya.[HASSAN Family]They signed in the Mohameddi Law which was to kill the Bloodlines of Jesus Christ[DRUZE].6 years later they merged with Skull n Bones.Rothschild's,Schiff,Rockefellers,Scherff aka Bush,Kissingers,etc.The UK Royals artificially inseminated by the Rothschild's had taken control of the Satanic Sanussi[HASSAN]Family of Libya.See the Sanussi Family[BLACK FLAG].ISIS was already created,it was just merged over.Skull n Bones ISIS Assassinated JFK.See JFK meeting Crown Prince HASSAN of Libya&King HASSAN 2 of MOROCCO.See Obama's first year of Presidency 2009.Green Day released a song called Know Your Enemy.They told you ISIS will rise&don't be blinded by"Lies in your eyes.Zbigniew Brzezinski created Tim Osman/OBL in late 70's.

1855年,摩洛哥国王和利比亚国王组建了伊斯兰国。他们签署了穆罕默德迪法律,该法律旨在杀死耶稣基督的血脉。6年后,他们与骷髅头合并了。罗斯柴尔德,希夫,洛克菲勒,谢尔夫又名布什,基辛格等。通过罗斯柴尔德家族人工授精的英国皇室已经控制了利比亚的撒旦圣徒[哈桑]家族。参见萨努西家族[黑旗]。伊斯兰国已经成立,只是刚刚合并过来。头骨与伊希斯刺杀肯尼迪。参见肯尼迪会见利比亚王储哈桑和摩洛哥国王哈桑2。参见2009年奥巴马总统任期的第一年。绿日乐队发行了一首名为《了解你的敌人》的歌曲。他们告诉你伊斯兰国会崛起,不要被"你眼中的谎言"所蒙蔽。兹比格涅夫·布热津斯基在70年代末创建了 Tim Osman/OBL

I.Protocols for Tier 4B Exchanges/Redemption:

4B 层交换/赎回协议:

Chase,Bank of America and Wells Fargo would be sending email notifications with the Safe Link website,plus the Safe Link Website would be published on various Dinar websites.


You could give this link out to others to use for their redemption/exchange,but the 800 number could only be used once.


Have for your redemption/exchange two picture IDs,two bills showing your address,your exchange money organized lower to higher amounts and a 1-5 page summary(include your bio and a paragraph on each of your humanitarian projects)of your Humanitarian Project if you have one.If you don't have one you could bring a list of humanitarian projects you would like to support and/or review the list of global humanitarian projects you would like to support.


Go into the Safe Link Website and answer questions that would prove to the Department of Defense that you were you.


Once satisfied that you weren't an imposter,you would be let into your personal banking account with the new Quantum Financial System.


Your account would show what currencies and bonds they have record of you buying,the default rate on those currencies and bonds and your account balance.


If there were any missing currencies in your account,or if you gifted or received gifted currencies,you would need an appointment at a Redemption Center to straighten it out.


If you agreed with your account balance and wanted to do your exchange at home without an appointment at a Redemption Center,you could do your exchange with all of the phone support you could possibly require.


If you wanted to do your exchange at home you could request that your debit card that was connected to your QFS money account be sent to you via FedEx in 24 hours.

如果你想在家里进行交易,你可以要求在24小时内通过联邦快递将连接到你 QFS 货币账户的借记卡发送给你。

Doing your exchange at home would likely mean you would accept the Default or International Rate(but this has not been verified).The new rates have been locked in and were said to be extremely high.


If you didn't agree with your account balance and/or if you had Zim,there would be a number given to you to call for an appointment at a Redemption Center.You could only use this number one time.

如果你不同意你的帐户余额和/或如果你有 Zim,会有一个电话号码给你打电话预约在赎回中心。你只能用这个数字一次。

If you chose to have an appointment,you would obtain your card at your appointment.When you received your Card you would have access to all monies in your personal Quantum Bank Account.


You would receive a Non Disclosure Agreement to sign at the same time you received your Card.


Those who had Zim and a Humanitarian Project would need to have an appointment at a Redemption Center,where you would hook up with a Wealth Manager.That Manager would coordinate your Humanitarian Project with a Humanitarian committee handling projects across the globe.

那些拥有 Zim 和人道主义项目的人需要在救赎中心预约,在那里你可以和一个财富管理员联系。该经理将协调您的人道主义项目与人道主义委员会处理全球各地的项目。

At your appointment you would fill out a form.They will take your currency,count it,give you rates,a receipt,a trust account,a bank account and your Card.


Most Zim would be paid out in a long term payout.If you had a large amount of currency it would be paid out in a long term payout.If you wanted a guaranteed income for you and your family for the rest of your life you would want to take that long term payout.That long term payout included interest paid you on the money left at the bank during the long term payout.You would chose the length of long term payout.

大多数 Zim 会得到一笔长期支付。如果你有一个大量的货币,它将支付在一个长期的支出。如果你想为你和你的家庭获得一份保障性的收入,那么你应该选择长期的收入。长期支付包括在长期支付期间你在银行存款的利息。你可以选择长期支付的长度。

The better prepared you are with projects and the longer the long term payout period,the better interest rate you could get on your Zim.


Your Zim rate would be determined by your Humanitarian Project and how you were able to carry it out.Those without a Humanitarian Project would be offered a Default Rate.

你的 Zim 率将取决于你的人道主义项目和你如何能够执行它。那些没有人道主义项目的人将被提供一个违约率。

80%of your Zim redemption goes into International Projects and 20%would be for personal use including your Humanitarian Project.

80% Zim 赎回将用于国际项目,20%将用于个人用途,包括你的人道主义项目。

All first Redemption/Exchange Center meetings encompass the first project discussion,if you choose,but everything will take about 20 minutes for this first meeting.You will have project discussion at a second meeting.The higher Contract Rate on the Zim could be,but did not have to be,negotiated at a second appointment with an assigned Wealth Manager.

如果您愿意,所有的第一次赎回/交换中心会议都包含第一次项目讨论,但是第一次会议的所有内容都需要20分钟。你们将在第二次会议上进行项目讨论。更高的合同利率的 Zim 可以,但没有必要谈判,在第二次任命与指定的财富管理。

Once Tier 4 B completes in about 10 days,you'll have full access to all of your money.

一旦4b 阶段在大约10天内完成,你就可以完全使用你所有的钱。

Tier 4 B and Tier 5 the General Public were going in together.The only difference between the two groups was that you're going to a Redemption Center,while Tier 5 was going to a bank teller window.If someone shows up in a bank with millions of dollars of VND,etc.,they're would be sent to a Redemption Center.

4 b 级和第5级是一般公众同时进入的。这两组的唯一区别是,你去的是救赎中心,而第五层去的是银行出纳窗口。如果有人带着数百万越南盾等等出现在银行,他们会被送到救赎中心。

There's going to be a bank fee,but this can be negotiated away.As far as the rates go,the bank fee is not determined on what your currency rate is,it's over all currencies you exchange.We had heard that it was 0.25%but you can negotiate it away.


If you were in a partnership and bought currencies together you have two options:Go together,share the meeting,sign NDA's for each other.Or,split your currency as you agreed and go separately for the appointment.Then,make sure you have a copy of the receipt for future needs,should it be required.


This was not a taxable event.


You can take family members into the Redemption Center.You can sit with them,and you can interpret.If you accompany your friends or family,you'll have to sign an NDA for them.You can share everything before you go in.Then you go in and sign your NDA AND BE QUIET.


Everything goes into the Quantum System,whether D1,2 or 3.D1 is GOVERNMENT and some parts of MILITARY.Debts were owed to China.US made promises,borrowed money from D1 to allow US to access this money.Result was China required US to pay down this debt.This is now being paid down.The Chinese mainly have control over D1 and D2,but the debt is being paid down now and because of this Tier 4 can go in and exchange.

所有的东西都进入量子系统,不管是 d 1,2还是3。首被告是政府和部分军方人员。欠中国的债务。美国作出承诺,向首被告借款,让美国动用这笔资金。结果,中国要求美国偿还这笔债务。这笔钱现在已经付清了。中国人主要控制了 D1 D2,但是债务现在已经还清了,因为这个第4层可以进行交换。

Gifting Currency was still possible.No Gift Letter was required and no tax would be collected.The Gift Letter would be required if the bills were found to have been reported.It was always best to have a Gift Letter.


If you did not have a Humanitarian Project,you could choose to support projects that were provided by the United Nations.Doing so would also give you a higher rate.


There has to be an announcement of USN somehow.But,even if USN isn't announced and NESARA is,this will still take place.The DEBT PAYOFF is evidence that NESARA is beginning.

不管怎样,USN 一定会有一个声明。但是,即使 USN 没有宣布,NESARA 是,这仍然会发生。债务的回报是证明 NESARA 正在开始。

They can partner you up with other people on your humanitarian project so that you share the cost.It's not going to be you alone.


There would be a 3 day rescission period where you could ask for different rates and terms.


In the first 90 days you will receive 20%of your 20%Zim redemption.

在最初的90天里,你将收到你20% Zim 赎回的20%

1%will be on Card at your redemption appointment,99%would be put under a Trust Company.


We have 90 days to change to another Trust Company.


UBI cards would be issued to citizens of all GESARA countries with amounts dependent on people's needs.

将根据人民的需要向全国基督教团结协会所有国家的公民发放 UBI 卡。

J."Twenty Two Faces:inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities,"by Judy Byington,Foreword by Dr.Colin A.Ross,M.D.RAW:Dr.Colin Ross–Robert David Steele

22 Faces:inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two multiple personalityby Judy ByingtonForeword by dr.Colin a.Rossm.d.RAW:dr.Colin Ross-罗伯特·大卫·斯蒂尔

Jenny Hill on a Satanic Child Sacrifice Rite:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F626Lsrdwg4


WARNING:Jenny gave a graphic description about how she at the tender age of five,was raped,tortured,forced to view a Child Sacrifice and save for Divine intervention,was almost killed herself–not unlike the sordid experiences of thousands of other child victims of Satanic Worshippers.Perpetrators worshipping Satan appeared to be organized from the US Inc's CIA,Queen Elizabeth's,Illuminati Banking families'and Vatican's Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult on down to the Clintons,Hollywood,Pizzagate and local teenage covens.They were funded by this same Cabal that ran our global monetary system–the very organization that was in the process of being brought down by activation of the Global Currency Reset.It's no wonder that President Trump has stated,"These people are sick."

警告:珍妮生动地描述了她在5岁时,如何被强奸,折磨,被迫观看儿童祭祀,并为了拯救 Divine Intervention(电影),几乎自杀——这和其他成千上万撒旦崇拜者的儿童受害者的肮脏经历没什么两样。崇拜撒旦的犯罪者似乎来自美国公司的中央情报局,伊丽莎白女王的,光照派银行家庭和梵蒂冈的第九圈儿童祭祀邪教组织,下至克林顿,好莱坞,Pizzagate 和当地的青少年聚会。他们是由管理我们全球货币体系的同一个阴谋集团资助的——正是这个组织正处于被全球货币复位激活而垮台的过程中。难怪特朗普总统会说,"这些人都病了。"

K.Satanic Holidays:Sat.7 Sept.2021 was the next major Satanic Holiday called Marriage to the Satanic Beast Satan.It was celebrated by local,global elite and international Satanic Covens with blood,sexual human sacrifice and dismemberment of an female age infant to 21–followed by eating their flesh and drinking their Adrenochromed blood–all according to the Occult Calendar of Demonic Holidays put together by therapists from childhood accounts of their Satanic Ritually Abused clients.


Be aware of Satanic activities in your neighborhood and help save mind controlled children and teens being forced to participate in the rape,torture and murder of themselves and other children.


Months in advance Satan worshippers planned for their holidays by kidnapping children and teens,while commonly perpetrators impregnated preteens and teens to produce their own victims.The babies,children and teens were starved,tortured and used in sex orgies in preparation for human sacrifice rites.


Please report suspected Satanic activities to your local law enforcement.Since Satanists were known to infiltrate police departments,cover your tracks by also contacting U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE):https://www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form and the Federal Human Trafficking Website:https://www.state.gov/humantrafficking/

请向当地执法部门报告可疑的撒旦事/件。因为众所周知撒旦教徒会渗透到警察局,所以你可以通过联系美国移民与海关执法局来掩盖你的行踪:美国移民与海关执法 https://www.ICE.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form 和联邦人口贩卖网站:https://www.state.gov/humantrafficking/

Called To Rescue


A non-profit which rescues children who have been abused or trafficked


855-646-5484 http://www.calledtorescue.org/

You Can Anonymously Report Trafficked and Abused Children


If you wished to join the effort in saving children from international sex trafficking,contact Tim Ballard at Operation Underground Railroad and/or the non-profit organization,Saving Innocence.https://ourrescue.org/ https://savinginnocence.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT4tmI8YxCU&feature=emb_rel_end

如果你想加入拯救国际性交易中的儿童的行列,请联系地下铁路行动组织和/或非营利组织保护协会的 Tim Ballard,拯救无辜。

L.The Global Currency Reset and NESARA/GESARA was all about the Children

全球货币重置和 NESARA/GESARA 都是关于孩子们的这不是钱的问题。

It's not about the money.It's about the children–the thousands of malnourished and traumatized children who in honor of Satan,were being raped and murdered so their Elite Perpetrators could supposedly gain power and rule the world.The first official act President Trump made the morning before he was sworn into office was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters and declare a war on an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring run by these global elites.Let us fast and pray for these millions of little ones who were right now being rescued from Cabal underground tunnels across the globe,and tortured and killed by Satanic Covens right next door.Let us also pray for those Military Troops worldwide who were risking their own lives to save them.The ancient doctrine of Fasting and Prayer was explained here at the 10:30:32 mark:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mb9gU6DmKs

这是关于孩子们——成千上万的营养不良和精神受到创伤的孩子们,为了纪念撒旦,他们被强奸和谋杀,这样他们的精英罪犯就可以获得权力和统治世界。特朗普总统宣誓就职前一天上午做出的第一个官方行动就是访问中情局总部,向这些全球精英运营的国际儿童性交易团伙宣战。让我们斋戒祈祷,为这数百万的小孩子祈祷,他们现在正从全球各地的秘密地下通道中被营救出来,并且正在被隔壁的邪恶巫师所折磨和杀害。让我们也为世界各地冒着生命危险拯救他们的军队祷告。古老的禁食和祈祷的教义在10:30:32这里解释:我现在没有,也从来没有收到过写我的更新和文章的 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mb9gu6dmks

Judy Note:I do not now,nor have I ever,received monies for writing my Updates and articles.The compensation has been in having outlets to help Save the Children by exposing truths about the very secretive Satanic Ritual Abuse,Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice that was rampant in our international society.


The above was a summary of information from the Internet.It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.


I will send the Safe Link Website out when I find out what it is,plus it will be posted on several Dinar Websites.It is my understanding that by linking into the Safe Link Website it will generate a Non Disclosure Agreement to sign in order to obtain redemption/exchange appointments.


After signing that Non Disclosure I will be unable to email,post or talk to anyone about the exchange process for 90 days,so I will be going silent and taking those 90 days to get my humanitarian project organized and going.


This is not a goodbye.I expect to be working with many of you in the near future.I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know you.You will remain in my heart forever.


A huge Thank You to those dedicated and brave Intel providers who wished to remain unknown;to humble Wildfire Lady who is adept at exposing the truth;to Martha who has unceasingly worked around the clock to discern what is real in the fake news;to Brad who does great research;to Bonni B who exposes the underlying causes of what is really happening and to Ken who uncovers almost unlimited Intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

一个巨大的感谢你给那些献身和勇敢的情报提供者谁希望保持不为人知;谦虚的野火女士谁善于揭露真相;玛莎谁已经不断工作24小时辨别什么是真实的假新闻;布拉德谁做了伟大的研究;邦尼 b 谁暴露了什么是真正发生的根本原因和肯谁揭示几乎无限的情报恋童癖帮助我们拯救儿童。

Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be.I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together,we will make life better for all.

让我们感谢 q,重置终于来了。我祝愿你们在人道主义努力中一切顺利,并期待着在另一方看到你们,我们将共同努力,使所有人的生活更加美好。

Patience is a Virtue.Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being.Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.And,we will!!!...Judy




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