X22报告|第2748集: 大重置议程内爆,世纪犯罪即将揭晓

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假新闻和腐败政客所说的大谎言即将被揭穿,就像 HB 笔记本电脑被揭穿是真的一样。本世纪的犯罪现在正在产生,[ DS ]准备倾其所有来阻止它。

X22报告|第2748集: 大重置议程内爆,世纪犯罪即将揭晓

Ep. 2748a – [CB]/Biden Admin Panic, Great Reset Agenda Imploding

Ep. 2748a-[ CB ]/Biden 管理恐慌,大重置议程内爆

Ep. 2748b – The Big Lie Is The [DS] Big Lie, The Crime Of The Century Is About To Be Revealed


X22 报告发表于2022年4月11日


The [CB]/[DS] are blaming everything on Putin, fuel, inflation, food shortages, this all has nothing to do with Putin, the [CB]/Biden admin did this on their own, they are responsible. The BRICS are now going against the [CB], panic. 



The big lie that the fake news and corrupt politicians have been telling is about to be revealed the same way the HB laptop was revealed to be true. The crime of the century is now being produced and the [DS] is going to throw everything they have to stop it. They are now trying to bring back covid, they are pushing the bird flu to push food shortages. They are trying everything they can, this is all going to fail. The people see the plan. Next round is about to hit the [DS], buckle up.

假新闻和腐败政客所说的大谎言即将被揭穿,就像 HB 笔记本电脑被揭穿是真的一样。本世纪的犯罪现在正在产生,[ DS ]准备倾其所有来阻止它。他们现在正试图挽回因covid而引起的食物短缺。他们正在尽一切努力,这一切都将失败。人们看到了这个计划。下一轮即将击中[ DS ] ,系好安全带。


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