2022年7月6日: 不只是又一个驼峰日ーー乔治亚指南消失了|星际飞船地球

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 July 6, 2022 2022年7月6日

2022年7月6日: 不只是又一个驼峰日ーー乔治亚指南消失了|星际飞船地球

Guard your mind… because we’re about to march in and talk sense and facts to the doubters and the faithless.


I’m inserting this up-to-the-minute news flash about the Georgia Guidestones. They are now ALL DOWN. Video footage.  Link to Telegram.


It’s great that it happened this way so we can all watch their destruction.


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…


Well, well, well… things are happening this hump day, there’s no denying it. Many of us got our wish at least in part this morning when a portion of the Georgia Guidestones crumbled from a suggested “earthquake”. Uh-huh. That was the first suspected cause from locals. Pretty targeted hit for an earthquake.

好吧,好吧,好吧... 事情正在发生,这是不可否认的。今天早上,我们中的许多人至少在一定程度上实现了自己的愿望,因为一场所谓的“地震”导致一部分佐治亚引导石坍塌。嗯。这是当地人怀疑的第一个原因。地震袭击的目标很明确。

Will people be sad the monument is damaged?


We don’t know at this point if it was the English language column that fell but if the White Hats are that confident that they would attack this well-known monument of the evil controllers then we’re in pretty good shape at this point. If it wasn’t the White Hats, then someone brave enough to get caught and prosecuted stuck their neck out.


Or was it a Rod from God? Good video analysis might reveal that.

或者是上帝的魔杖? 好的视频分析可能会揭示这一点。

If it was a special ops kind of person, they might have the “invisible” technology so they don’t show up on video.


Others pointed to a Q drop that said they’re scared. What if they destroyed their own monument to cover their tracks? The first “commandment” is not vague.


Maintain the human population at 500,000,000.  Note “human”, because they are not. It has nothing to do with nature but their own personal control—which they have lost.


1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

1. 保持人类与自然的永久平衡,人口不超过500,000,000。

This was the only coverage, below, that I found early this morning when I looked. Video at the link. Of course the police are all over it when it’s a cabal monument but it’s okay to deface and tear down statues of past US presidents and historical figures, etc.


Patriots have been wanting to see this evil trash destroyed for a long time. Sometimes wishes do come true. Symbolism will be their downfall, true, but their symbols will also fall down.


2022年7月6日: 不只是又一个驼峰日ーー乔治亚指南消失了|星际飞船地球

GBI investigating after parts of mysterious Georgia monument destroyed by explosive device


They call it a “mysterious” monument because no one saw anyone erect them, and no one lays claim to them—yet they are vociferously guarded and protected—or were. Now that I see the graffiti it seems they are not. What changed?


A newer Telegram has a drone shot.


Georgia Guidestones, the controversial monument with the inscription “maintain humanity under 500,000,000”, has been partially destroyed.


Here’s the Twitter version of the event.

以下是这次活动的 Twitter 版本。

If Kandiss Taylor was involved, more power to her. If not, someone took care of it and it was mandated by the People for a long time. Must watch video from Kandiss Taylor. Perhaps it will wake up a few people.

如果坎迪斯 · 泰勒参与其中,她就更有权力了。如果没有,有人照顾它,它是由人民授权了很长一段时间。必须看坎迪斯 · 泰勒的视频。也许它会唤醒一些人。

Maybe the cabal wants to implicate Kandiss Taylor while they themselves blew up the monument.

也许阴谋集团想把坎迪斯 · 泰勒牵扯进来而他们自己炸掉了纪念碑。

Their agenda to eliminate 90 per cent of the world’s Human population was literally carved in stone for years and few took any notice. “Just” a conspiracy theory. The monuments are “just” a curiosity. Some people can “just”-ify anything.

他们消灭世界上90% 人口的计划已经被刻在石头上很多年了,很少有人注意到。“只是”一个阴谋论。这些纪念碑“只是”一个好奇心。有些人可以“随便”化任何东西。

This post is putting itself together as I go and I want to speak to the ones who have no idea who is running the world and why the insane things that are happening are allowed to go on. If you’re in the dark, dazed and confused, you simply must watch the 13 minute video below. It explains everything and you’ll finally understand.

这篇文章是在我去的时候自己拼凑起来的,我想和那些不知道谁在统治这个世界,不知道为什么正在发生的疯狂的事情被允许继续下去的人谈谈。如果你在黑暗中,意乱情迷(1993年电影) ,你只需要看看下面13分钟的视频。它解释了一切,你终于明白了。

This isn’t a TV show or a movie. The threat is real. It has been for decades and no one wanted to pay attention or do anything about it except for a handful and many wound up dead, like Pres. John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy.

这不是电视节目或电影。威胁是真的。几十年来,除了少数人和许多像约翰 · F · 肯尼迪总统和鲍比 · 肯尼迪总统这样的人死去之外,没有人愿意关注或做任何事情。

The Plan to Save the World


Another interesting aspect might be that yesterday Ezra Cohen’s post on Telegram said, “major events to come”. I consider the above a big event, no question. It seems Ezra’s posts are maybe the most accurate of anyone’s, particularly with respect to “false flag events”. Link to Telegram.

另一个有趣的方面可能是,昨天以斯拉•科恩(EzraCohen)在《每日电讯报》(Telegram)上发帖称,“未来将发生重大事件”。毫无疑问,我认为以上是一个大事件。看起来 Ezra 的帖子可能是所有人中最准确的,尤其是关于“假旗事件”的。链接到电报。

How about this; is this MAJOR? Link to Telegram. Lots more where that came from. I can’t keep up.

这个怎么样,是少校吗? 链接到电报,还有很多,我跟不上。

2022年7月6日: 不只是又一个驼峰日ーー乔治亚指南消失了|星际飞船地球

And now… Link to Telegram.

现在... 链接到电报。

BREAKING – Initial Reports now coming that British PM Boris Johnson is scheduled to meet or speak via call with the Queen this evening.

最新消息,英国首相鲍里斯 · 约翰逊将于今晚与女王通话。

We also hear that Pussycat Johnson is going to meet with the Queen tonight. Yes, the one that isn’t real. What a public relations conundrum this is. Some of us know the truth, many don’t and we have two or more versions of the news. BoJo refuses to resign, we hear, and has been firing cabinet members. Who writes this stuff? Is it getting real enough for the doubters?


And just before press time I get this update. Telegram is chiming away like a symphony warming up. Link to Telegram.


 2022年7月6日: 不只是又一个驼峰日ーー乔治亚指南消失了|星际飞船地球 JUST IN2022年7月6日: 不只是又一个驼峰日ーー乔治亚指南消失了|星际飞船地球- Simon Hart
Secretary of State for Wales has resigned.

威尔士国务卿西蒙 · 哈特已经辞职。

2022年7月6日: 不只是又一个驼峰日ーー乔治亚指南消失了|星际飞船地球

There is a lot of talk about CERN, as we mentioned yesterday. Will it be part of the workaround the Earth Alliance uses to free us from bondage? That would also be very important if they calibrated it successfully to create the energetic event necessary to activate our “antennae” and get us to “stand” and exit this prison planet. I ignore the fear porn and the intended “con-cern” they want us to have over this originally satanic [666] technology. It is no longer under the control of the psychopaths.

正如我们昨天提到的,有很多关于 CERN 的讨论。这会是地球联盟解放我们的工作的一部分吗?如果他们能够成功地校准它,创造出激活我们的“天线”所必需的能量事件,并让我们“站起来”离开这个监狱星球,那么这也将是非常重要的。我忽略了恐惧色情,以及他们希望我们对这种最初邪恶的技术有意识的“关注”。它不再受到精神病患者的控制。

Jetson White puts together very interesting material about CERN and what is currently underway in the background concerning our escape from this artificial construct/prison. It reflects the way he connects dots, but he also has his own unique sources and mission he has spoken about before. Regardless of the bad press Juan O Savin gets, I find his information thought-provoking and Jetson ties it up neatly with a bow in his many videos. It’s a gift. It appears that things are getting more and more “biblical”.

杰森 · 怀特整理了一些关于欧洲核子研究中心的非常有趣的材料,以及目前正在进行的关于我们从这个人造建筑/监狱中逃脱的背景。它反映了他连接点的方式,但他也有自己独特的来源和使命,他以前谈到过。不管 Juan O Savin 的负面新闻,我发现他的信息发人深省,而且 Jetson 在他的许多视频中用一个蝴蝶结把它整齐地绑起来。这是天赋。事情似乎越来越“圣经”化了。



Laura Walker has been cranking out her updates this past week and the older ones are already replaced. She is now speaking about CERN and the significance of that energetic tool. You can listen to her audio updates here to learn how the current events figure into the astrology of what is unfolding as she explains how we needn’t worry about what is happening now according to the information she gets from her guides and her astute observations about our situation. This first recording is 10 min. The newer one there is 6 min.

劳拉 · 沃克在过去的一周里一直在做更新,旧的已经被替换了。她现在正在谈论 CERN 和那个能量工具的意义。你可以在这里收听她的音频更新,了解当前事件如何构成正在展开的占星术,她解释了我们不必担心现在正在发生的事情,根据她从她的向导那里得到的信息和她对我们的情况敏锐的观察。第一次录音是10分钟。最新的是6分钟。

The Merry-Go-Round in Geneva


The crew tells us that Bo Polny has more for us on his dot connecting and prophecies about what is about to happen, and when. Some of his timing has been exact or very nearly exact to the day. I would leave the calendar open to avoid disappointment. David Nino Rodriguez hosts.

工作人员告诉我们波波尼有更多关于他的点连接和预言将要发生什么,什么时候。他的一些时间已经准确或非常接近准确的一天。为了避免失望,我会把日历打开。David Nino Rodriguez 主持。

2022年7月6日: 不只是又一个驼峰日ーー乔治亚指南消失了|星际飞船地球

Canada’s deep state government is under the microscope these days now that things are going forward so quickly south of the 49th. This article exposes a method used to track Canadians in addition to the COVID testing app they used to spy on them. When they tell you something is for your own good or for your safety, you can bet it’s the opposite and this is the kind of language that has us conspiracy analysts howling with laughter.


“That is why the Government of Canada has developed an app that will keep Canadians safe,” the government said at the time.

加拿大政府当时表示: “这就是为什么加拿大政府开发了一款应用程序,可以保证加拿大人的安全。”。

Canadian Government Monitored Its People Through a Weather App


2022年7月6日: 不只是又一个驼峰日ーー乔治亚指南消失了|星际飞船地球

photo credit: express.co.uk

图片来源: Express. co.uk

The Dutch and German people have unified to blockade the border between their nations in protest of the government edicts in the Netherlands that have farmers out in massive numbers on the roads, as well as the fishermen who recently joined in to blockade ports. It doesn’t look like anyone is backing down. Quite the opposite. You go, guys! Link to Telegram.


Climate change is bullshit and the farmers know it.


Dutch Government Launches Canadian-Style Crackdown On Farmer Protests


2022年7月6日: 不只是又一个驼峰日ーー乔治亚指南消失了|星际飞船地球

China in 2020 lockdown videos made to scare the rest of the world into submission


Remember the dramatic footage out of China in 2020 when the scamdemic was introduced?


Is this what they’re saying or is it about something else; a military operation? No idea. I just can’t believe people would fall for this again after more than two years of lies and unnecessary deaths due to the poisonous and misrepresented “vaxxx” that isn’t a vaccine and doesn’t prevent disease but kills your immune system, and worse.

他们是这么说的还是别的什么军事行动?不知道。我只是不敢相信人们在两年多的谎言和不必要的死亡之后还会再次相信这个,因为有毒的和歪曲的“ vaxxx”不是一种疫苗,不能预防疾病,但是会杀死你的免疫系统,甚至更糟。

Chinese City of 13 Million Shuts Down Again to Avoid COVID ‘Explosion’


It’s heart-breaking to see what the intentional injecting of innocent people has done. Our elderly friends got the jab and booster and I got an update a few minutes ago. One of them has cancer and is getting chemo treatments that are really hitting her hard. She is in bed virtually all day, no appetite and losing weight. When she stands she’s dizzy and fatigued. They BOTH got the Wu Flu regardless of having the “vaccine” and boosters.


2022年7月6日: 不只是又一个驼峰日ーー乔治亚指南消失了|星际飞船地球

The insanity has to stop. They’re murdering people with their doctors in white coats. Death by stethoscope. They’re also murdering our pets the same way. Drug pushers are killing us and we’re willing participants. Who is going to pay for this genocide—and when? Now is too late.

不能再这么疯狂下去了。他们和穿白大褂的医生一起杀人。死于听诊器。他们也以同样的方式杀害我们的宠物。毒贩正在杀害我们,而我们是心甘情愿的参与者。谁将为这场种族灭绝付出代价? 何时付出代价?现在太迟了。

On a lighter note, the world is changing very quickly because People are changing quickly. Their thoughts, emotions, and therefore actions are changing. It’s time for good to win over evil. Enough is enough, and those in charge assure us the best is yet to come.


As one of our intel folks said recently, just watch what happens now.


Signing off for another day. Thanks to the crew for the heads up and current status on many things.  ~ BP

今天的节目到此结束。感谢机组人员的提醒以及许多事情的现状。~ BP

2022年7月6日: 不只是又一个驼峰日ーー乔治亚指南消失了|星际飞船地球


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