X22报道|第2827集: 央行对失败的经济议程感到恐慌,深层国家垮台即将发生

2022年7月19日11:55:18最新动态X22报道|第2827集: 央行对失败的经济议程感到恐慌,深层国家垮台即将发生已关闭评论2561阅读模式

[DS] 在所有的事情上都失败了,他们处于一个没有胜利的局面,这意味着他们将用他们所拥有的一切来反击,但是这不会起作用。假新闻意识到人们不再信任他们,人们在别的地方寻找新闻。

X22报道|第2827集: 央行对失败的经济议程感到恐慌,深层国家垮台即将发生

Ep. 2827a – [CB] Panics Over Failing Economic Agenda, The People Know The True Economic Issue

Ep.2827a-[ CB ]对失败的经济议程的恐慌,人们知道真正的经济问题

Ep. 2827b – Fake News Realizes That People Don’t Trust Them, The [DS] Take Down Is About To Happen

Ep. 2827b –假新闻意识到人们不信任他们,打倒[ DS ]就要发生了

X22 报告发表于2022年7月18日


The entire agenda of the [DS]/[CB] is falling apart, nobody is believing their green agenda, they have lied to us from the beginning and taxed the people on the lies. The seas have not risen, there is plenty of oil and the people know the economic truth.

整个 [DS]/[CB] 的议程正在瓦解,没有人相信他们的绿色议程,他们从一开始就对我们撒谎,并对人民的谎言征税。海平面没有上升,有大量的石油和人民知道经济的真相。


The [DS] has failed at everything, they are in a no win situation, which means they are going to fight back with everything they have, but this will not work. The fake news realizes that the people no longer trust them, the people are looking else where for the news. Scavino sends message, the take down is about to happen. The midterms are approaching and everything is set for October, this is going to be a disaster for the [DS].

[DS] 在所有的事情上都失败了,他们处于一个没有胜利的局面,这意味着他们将用他们所拥有的一切来反击,但是这不会起作用。假新闻意识到人们不再信任他们,人们在别的地方寻找新闻。斯加维诺传达了信息,就要开始行动了。中期选举即将来临,所有的事情都安排在10月份,这对 DS 来说将是一场灾难。


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