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I am going to be very upfront in this post - I usually am, of course, but this is a contentious subject.


Firstly, I don't resonate at all with the word 'zombie'. I never have done. I have never watched a 'zombie' movie. I have no connection to the word whatsoever. And for that reason, I will use quote marks every time I use it in this post.


Okay...so going back to the Event channeling - which I re-read every few days and still completely resonate with - it seems clear that when the Event happens, 3D people (mostly jabbed) will be shocked to the core. This exact phrase 'shocked to the core' was used in the Event channeling, and One Who Serves used it recently in a James McConnell channeling. I think Matthew Ward has even used it too.

好吧... ... 回到事件通灵——我每隔几天重读一次,仍然完全与之产生共鸣——似乎很明显,当事件发生时,3D 人(大部分是被注射的)将被震撼到核心。这个确切的短语震惊到核心被用在事件通灵中,一个服务者最近在詹姆斯 · 麦康奈尔通灵中使用了它。我认为马修 · 沃德甚至也用过它。

So I think we can agree that a global event is very close now that will shock humanity to the core. 3D people who are oblivious to all the information that is common knowledge to Light Warriors will be totally freaked out. TOTALLY.


What will that level of shock look like on a mass scale...? Dolores Cannon made it clear in her excellent books that people will run screaming into the streets. The Event channeling said the same thing.

在大规模上,这种程度的冲击看起来会是什么样子... ?多洛雷斯 · 坎农在她的优秀著作中明确表示,人们会尖叫着跑上街头。事件通灵也说了同样的话。

What will the sight of people running around screaming in the streets look like...? Well, I haven't seen a 'zombie' movie, but I imagine that it could possibly be something like that.

看到人们在街上尖叫着跑来跑去会是什么样子... ... ?好吧,我还没有看过僵尸电影,但是我想它可能是类似的东西。

We cannot underestimate the severe shock of this Event on humanity. We have been prepared for decades by the Ascended Masters and our Galactic friends for this situation that is now rapidly unfolding. I have been following Dolores Cannon's work for over twenty years. Allison Coe has also done excellent work in this field.

我们不能低估这一事件对人类的严重冲击。我们已经被扬升大师和我们的银河朋友们准备了几十年,来应对这个现在正在迅速展开的局面。我已经关注多洛雷斯 · 坎农的工作超过20年了。艾莉森 · 科在这个领域也做了出色的工作。

So whatever name is given to what is about to take place, please be ready.


My friend Faith brought up a good point - the [D]eep [S]tate will attempt a last ditch false flag event (FF) as their final hoorah. Most sources agree that they do not have the financial resources and manpower any longer to pull off a global event. It is more likely to be a smaller localized event in USA. Even so, stay situationally-aware at all times.


On my walk this morning, I looked around at all my fast-asleep triple jabbed neighbors - lovely people - and imagined how it will be for them. At present, this neighborhood looks like a scene from The Truman Show. The pristine gardens seem to represent a refusal to face the reality of what is happening out there.


Finally, speaking of The Truman Show, the jury is out on Jim Carrey for some people, including myself. The Truman Show is the classic 'awakening' movie, along with the Matrix. We know that Keanu Reeves is 'awake', but there is evidence that Jim Carrey may have been involved in

atanic activities. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

最后,说到《楚门的世界》 ,包括我自己在内的一些人对金 · 凯瑞的看法还没有定论。《楚门的世界》和《黑客帝国》是经典的觉醒电影。我们知道基努 · 里维斯是“清醒的”,但有证据表明金 · 凯瑞可能参与了恐怖活动。请在评论中告诉我你的想法。

Thank you for reading this stream-of-consciousness post. I wrote it in less than ten minutes. I type fast!


Always remember - we Light Warriors are on the same side. We are a global team, radiating Light for all humanity. Our Light will be desperately needed in a very public way soon.




Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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