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In concordance with what Cobra posted about 'invisibles' in his latest post I can add that Starseeds currently stream all sorts of detailed information about all such beings to the ships of the Lightforces in Earth orbit. Basically this happens as a preparation for the removal of such hard to detect cabal members. It should be clear that these beings were known throughout many ages and scriptures as the biggest demons of Earth. The biggest villains of the cabal surely know how to hide and Starseeds even have to help some of the most advanced species who came for liberation to see and detect these cabal-overlords successfully. Basically it is some of the highest chimera members who can be seen as part of the invisibles on Earth - though just from their attributes, they are of course far from the blobs Cobra described, they get to be invisibles by choice. As throughout human history only few perceived higher demons, archons and i.e. the devil and were seen as holy, ascension has to be progressed far for Lightworkers and Starseeds to perceive these invisibles and help the Lightforces with insights. While reaching a high ascension is of course a positive thing, it is also a blessing not getting to witness any of these highly disturbing parasitic beings and top cabal as sole perception of them is already an overload with negativity.

根据 Cobra 在他最新的帖子中所发布的‘隐形物’,我可以补充说,星际种子目前正在向地球轨道上的光之力飞船传送关于所有这些生物的各种详细信息。基本上,这是为去除这些难以察觉的阴谋集团成员所做的准备。应该清楚的是,这些众生作为地球上最大的恶魔,在很多时代和经文中都是众所周知的。阴谋集团最大的反派肯定知道如何隐藏,星际种子甚至不得不帮助一些最先进的物种,他们为了解放而来,成功地看到和侦查这些阴谋集团统治者。基本上,它们是地球上最高级别的奇美拉成员,可以被视为“看不见”的一部分——尽管仅从它们的属性来看,它们当然远离柯博拉所描述的斑点,它们可以选择成为“看不见”的一部分。纵观人类历史,只有极少数能感知到的更高级的恶魔、执政官和被视为神圣的恶魔,提升必须进行得更远,以便光之工作者和星际种子感知到这些无形的东西,并用洞察力帮助光之力量。虽然达到高度提升当然是一件积极的事情,但是不能见证这些高度令人不安的寄生生物和高层阴谋集团也是一件幸事,因为对他们的唯一感知已经充满了负面性。

Several defects connected to the biggest cabal members are also prepared for being cleared up as for example the first fallen female (similar as described in the Bible with Eve), which sort of became the goddess of the betrayers and the cabal on the Earth. The corruption of female energy in general and also all sorts of envy and fights among several archetypes of females is part of being cleared up once and for all. Basically as one of the prototypes of all human females, the first fall had an easy time betraying several later high female archetypes by playing them out against each other subliminally. You could see the first fallen female as generally having had higher skills in general than later females, which were 'constructed' with more defects for better control - though most of the later ‘models’ did not fall as deep into parasitism as the first. So the first fall can and does abuse almost all skills the first humans ever had. The result was fights among women throughout all times which were absolutely only motivated by the insidious nature of the first fallen woman with which the parasitic cabal still prides itself with. For them it was the biggest win they achieved throughout all human history and the relevancy of that specific story in the Bible is an indicator for that. So many high females and women waged war against each other that some repair will be hard to do for some of them but waking up to the truth that it all just happened because of the first fallen woman will be equally hard. These later women partly have collected enormous grief and hatred for each other and long for revenge since many thousand years while all their reasons for such problems were created by most high manipulation. It just shows that liberation of Earth might evolve into a hard time waking up throughout all heights of lifeforms which reside on the Earth. Many have to cope having lived in an illusion, becoming aware of having been manipulated for as long as they remember being here.

与最大的阴谋集团成员有关的一些缺陷也准备被清除,例如第一个堕落的女性(类似于《圣经》中对夏娃的描述) ,她有点像是地球上背叛者和阴谋集团的女神。一般来说,女性能量的腐化,以及几种典型女性之间各种各样的嫉妒和争斗,都是一劳永逸清除的一部分。基本上作为所有人类女性的原型之一,第一个秋天很容易背叛几个后来的高级女性原型,通过下意识地让她们互相对抗。你可以看到,第一个倒下的雌性通常比后来的雌性拥有更高的技能,后来的雌性有更多的缺陷以便更好地控制——尽管后来的大多数“模型”没有像第一个那样深陷寄生状态。因此,第一次摔倒可以而且确实滥用了几乎所有人类曾经拥有的技能。其结果是始终存在于妇女之间的斗争,这绝对只是由于第一个堕落的女人的阴险本性所引起的,而寄生阴谋集团仍然以此为傲。对他们来说,这是他们在整个人类历史上取得的最大胜利,圣经中那个具体故事的相关性就是一个指示器。如此之多的高级女性和女性彼此发动战争,以至于有些人很难修复,但是当他们醒悟过来,发现这一切都是因为第一个堕落的女人而发生的时候,也同样困难。这些后来的妇女在一定程度上收集了对彼此的巨大悲痛和仇恨,并渴望复仇,因为许多千年来,她们所有的这些问题的原因都是由大多数高层操纵造成的。它只是表明,地球的解放可能会进化成一个艰难的时间觉醒在所有高度的生命形式居住在地球上。许多人不得不应对生活在幻觉中的状况,只要他们记得自己在这里,他们就会意识到自己被操纵了。

Connected to that rising awareness and removal of the primary anomaly, the higher grids and etheric realms have by now reached a clarity which allows them for the first time to realize the betrayal they fell victim to - partly for many thousands of years with the very same, consistent lies. That means that a lot of people in these unseen realms got very angry and began to exert revenge towards the betrayers. Problem in this case is that the clarity is not yet high enough and some of the most evil cabal members of those realms are fueling such organised revenge - which then also hits the wrong people besides some real betrayers. Therefore Lightforces need to stabilise and correct in such outbreaks of aggression as well, so no big souls get hurt and designated as betrayers they never really were. The size of these revengeful actions is quite impressive and hard to manage in some realms closer to the Earth surface, if it was happening on the surface, it would be equivalent to nearly all humans completely revolting against the big power structures. So apart from being necessary for the people of these realms who found out about being heavily betrayed to show a reaction, it is hard to protect those souls who were accused of being betrayers by those hidden cabal which are secretly supporting the revenge. It will probably take several months longer till such betrayals of the cabal mixing themselves among the innocent and steering against the wrong targets will be getting into awareness of the betrayed people as well.

随着意识的提升和原始异常的移除,更高的网格和以太界现在已经达到了一个清晰的境界,这使得他们第一次意识到他们成为了背叛的受害者——部分是几千年来同样的,一致的谎言。这意味着在这些看不见的国度里的许多人非常生气,开始向背叛者施加报复。在这种情况下,问题在于清晰度还不够高,这些领域中一些最邪恶的阴谋集团成员正在推动这种有组织的复仇——除了一些真正的背叛者之外,这种复仇还会伤害到错误的人。因此,光之力量也需要稳定和纠正这种攻击的爆发,这样大的灵魂就不会受到伤害,也不会被指定为背叛者。这些报复行为的规模相当惊人,在靠近地球表面的某些领域很难控制---- 如果它发生在地球表面,几乎相当于所有人类完全反抗大的权力结构。因此,除了这些王国的人们发现自己被重度背叛以示反应之外,很难保护那些被秘密支持复仇的阴谋集团指控为背叛者的灵魂。可能还需要几个月的时间,这些阴谋集团的背叛者才会混杂在无辜的人群中,并且把矛头指向错误的目标,这样他们才会意识到被背叛的人们。

This situation in the spiritual could have some effects in the human sphere and on the surface of the Earth as humans basically will go through similar awakenings throughout the next few years - needless to say that many will get quite angry finding out that they were betrayed and corrupted in nearly everything they have been told and know. Also there will have to come a change in power, mainly because the money system is still in control of the cabal for nearly 100%. Life simply does not work on Earth for higher souls as you can clearly see in the fact that no true Lightworker is owning a lot of money. Because if a true Lightworker had a lot of money, you would see advertisements for the Event and Cobra's blog and generally the liberation everywhere, which simply does not happen. This also shows that key persons obviously will not be able to manifest a lot of money as many modern spiritual teachers (especially from the new age background) try to tell. That in turn just shows that the cabal controls such manifestation skills to the same degree as the money system. If such manifestation actually can change something critical against the cabal, they get active and prevent it with the whole control matrix being directed against it. That is pretty much why no Lightworker or Starseed could yet exert enough influence to warn the main population of the cabal or inform them about the Event coming - may it be through bought advertisements or other media influence.

精神层面的这种情况可能会对人类领域和地球表面产生一些影响,因为人类基本上将在未来几年经历类似的觉醒——不用说,许多人发现他们几乎在所有被告知和知道的事情中都被背叛和腐化,会非常生气。此外,权力也会发生变化,主要是因为金钱系统仍然在近100% 地控制着阴谋集团。对于更高的灵魂来说,地球上的生命根本不起作用,因为你们可以清楚地看到,没有一个真正的光之工作者拥有很多钱。因为如果一个真正的光之工作者有很多钱,你会看到事件和柯博拉的博客的广告,通常到处都是解放,这根本不会发生。这也表明,关键人物显然不能显示大量的金钱作为许多现代精神老师(特别是从新时代的背景)试图告诉。这反过来表明,阴谋集团控制这些显化技能的程度与金钱系统相同。如果这样的显化实际上可以改变一些对抗阴谋集团的关键事物,他们就会变得活跃并阻止它,整个控制矩阵就会直接对抗它。这就是为什么没有光之工作者或者星际种子能够施加足够的影响力去警告阴谋集团的主要人群或者通知他们即将到来的事件——也许是通过购买的广告或者其他媒体的影响。

Although some people do not want to hear the following: the Event not having happened yet is actually a good sign overall and from higher perspective. Though it is not exactly better for the higher Lightworkers and Starseeds as they would profit fast and drastically, it is much better for all other lifeforms especially many smaller ones who were stuck in the cabal system for thousands of years. The longer time the Lightforces can prepare the Event (up to a certain limit of course), the more stable this shift gets for the majority of all lifeforms on Earth. The timing of the Event is in the hands of the highest of high Lightforces out there and it not having happened yet is a certain sign that the Lightforces are still winning more Souls to be saved in liberation. The timing of the Event is a sole efficiency calculation for saving the highest amount of Soul possible - overseen by the highest of high with absolute knowledge and certainty. As long as the amount of Soul the Lightforces rescues rises at a certain rate, the Event will be delayed - at least until a certain threshold of Souls is in safety. For those wondering how the ascension window till 2025 is connected: the planetary as well as the individual ascension will be nearly done at that time because several events will have happened that will end a fast ascension for Earth inhabitants. Many ascendents will be pretty much finalised at that time at least for an ascension with the current, accelerated speed. Some ascendants will have left the Earth by that time and will continue ascension elsewhere. But generally many processes of the liberation will be finished by 2025 which makes further ascension of this accelerated kind hard if people decide to stay on the Earth. Prognoses look good that the core cabal and biggest villains will have been gone in 2024 already, preparing the final stage of ascension for the rest of the time because their departure will of course make further fast-forward ascension even easier.

虽然有些人不想听到这样的话: 事情还没有发生实际上是一个好兆头,从更高的角度来看。虽然这对于更高级的光之工作者和星际种子来说并不完全是更好的,因为他们可以快速而彻底地获利,但是对于所有其他的生命形式,尤其是那些被卡在阴谋集团系统中数千年的小生命形式来说,这是更好的。光之力量准备这个事件的时间越长(当然是在一定限度之内) ,这个转变对地球上大多数生命形式来说就越稳定。事件的时机掌握在那里最高级别的光之力量手中,它还没有发生是一个确定的信号,表明光之力量仍然在赢得更多的灵魂在解放中被拯救。事件的时机是一个唯一的效率计算,以节省最大数量的灵魂可能-监督的最高的绝对知识和确定性。只要光之力量拯救的灵魂数量以一定的速度增长,这个事件就会被延迟——至少要等到一定的灵魂门槛处于安全状态。对于那些想知道直到2025年的提升窗口是如何连接起来的人来说: 行星和个体提升将在那个时候接近完成,因为几个事件将会发生,地球居民的快速提升将会结束。在那个时候,许多支配地位将基本上被完成,至少对于以当前加速的速度提升来说是如此。到那个时候,一些上升点将离开地球,并将继续在其他地方提升。但是一般来说,许多解放的过程将在2025年前完成,这使得如果人们决定留在地球上,进一步加速提升变得困难。预测看起来不错,核心阴谋集团和最大的恶棍将在2024年消失,为剩下的时间准备提升的最后阶段,因为他们的离开当然会使进一步快速提升变得更加容易。

On a positive end note, more and more advanced alien species are on their way towards the Earth. Among them is one species who is known throughout the developed universe as ‘the holiest of holy’, some other species call them by the name "Ventrilotropes" but actually of course every alien species have different names for them. This species coming to help is one example of how high the hostage drama on the Earth has reached in alertness out there. Starseeds and key Lightworkers have prepared the Earth for the arrival of those holiest of holy for decades besides working hard for the Event and many other things. Some of those species on their way are counted as the luckiest incidents for the inhabitants if these aliens decide to visit a system or planet. So this will truly be the first true golden age on Earth once the cabal is completely gone for several such very special reasons.



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