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I'd like to explore some topics relevant to the Covid-19 pandemic that's happening today,in a question-and-answer format,for quick release.



Q:How could a disease that had been almost completely eradicated in the United States several years ago–measles–suddenly appear?


Matthew:The measles virus cannot live in your air year after year,so how could a disease that had been almost completely eradicated in the United States several years ago suddenly appear?There are two possible answers.


The virus strength in a batch of measles vaccine can be increased enough to cause this highly contagious disease a considerable time after children with weak immune systems are inoculated;thus there is no direct connection with the vaccination.


Or,if the virus is added to other toxins in chemtrail spray in a localized area,children in that area who have compromised immune systems can be infected and pass on the disease.


A bit of history will be helpful here,and it goes back to the puppets of the dark forces.When they manipulated the DNA of young civilizations to weaken them physically,spiritually and consciously,they also created disease-causing microbes;and when some of the weakened peoples inhabited Earth,the puppets introduced those microbes on the planet.

在这里讲一点历史会有所帮助,它可以追溯到黑暗势力的傀儡。当他们操纵年轻文明的 DNA 以削弱他们的身体、精神和意识时,他们也创造了致病微生物;当一些被削弱的人类居住在地球上时,傀儡们在地球上引入了这些微生物。

Some microscopic life forms are essential to bodies'wellbeing,but the ones you call pathogens were designed to cause a variety of diseases.Millennia later,medical scientists were inspired to develop vaccines that would prevent communicable diseases from spreading throughout the population.


Whatever is originated for benevolent purpose can be subverted into malevolent use,and that is what the dark ones did with vaccines—they have used them to create disease instead of prevent it.That is why we have long advised against inoculations.Healthcare personnel who are promoting mandatory vaccinations for school attendance as a"public health measure"don't know the truth or they are collaborating with companies that make the many types of vaccines.


Some have ingredients that cause autism-like symptoms in children;and while some physicians who do know this truth state that there is no evidence to substantiate it,parents who refuse to have their children receive recommended vaccinations are acting in their best interests.


There are three important and positive factors here.First,eventually the truth about vaccinations will become publicly known and this practice will cease.After dark minds developed and infected individuals with the AIDS virus about four decades ago—part of their plan to vastly reduce the world's population—ET scientists among you were given divine authority to reduce the potency of all laboratory-designed viruses.


That is why only a few individuals with severely weakened immune systems contracted each new disease that the dark ones also intended to become—and mainstream media widely reported as"feared to become"—a pandemic,and everyone was urged to get vaccinated.Is it not suspicious that with the first case or two of each new communicable disease—SARS,avian flu,swine flu,N1H1—enough vaccine to inoculate many millions already was available?


The second factor is,as the public becomes aware of chemtrails'damage to their health and the environment's,their demands to stop the spraying will end this scourge.And third,light changes carbon-based cells,which are vulnerable to disease,into the crystalline cells that are resistant;people who absorb light in sufficiency will strengthen their immune systems and,depending upon the stage of an illness,bodies'self-healing mechanisms can halt or reverse degenerative effects.(1)


Q:Should we be afraid?


SaLuSa:Do not be fearful regardless of what your news brings you,as currently the dark energies are directed at people through the threat of mandatory vaccinations.There is always something on the agenda of the dark Ones,who still stare defeat in the face but have no humility to admit it.(2)


Matthew:FEAR is the intent of this,not mass death.Once the fear level has reached saturation,vaccines will be made available so that a plague will not befall those who are thus protected,or so it will be announced.Without antitoxins for everyone,there could be frenzy to get what small supply there is and so fear can be sustained within the majority of the people because they will not qualify for inoculations.But it is the lucky ones who will not make it to the front of the vaccination line.(3)


Matthew:Just as in the previous flu situations,the technology of our universal family has neutralized the swine flu virus-laden vaccines and will continue to do so as long as the makers persist in their scheme.And please have no worries about programmed microchips being implanted via inoculations—if that is attempted,the programming will be erased by that same technology.(4)


Q:The makers of the viruses have failed in the past.What are they up to now?


Matthew:That utter futility along with their growing desperation motivated them to put swine flu back on center stage with the addition of mandatory inoculations,a factor not present in their doubly-failed previous attempts.


It is heartening to see widespread rebellion against inoculating the populace for a mild form of flu,but at this point we cannot determine if that will derail the vaccination program because the energy of resistance is about equal to the energy of greed and diabolical intentions of pharmaceutical companies'top management.(5)


Matthew:But,just as in the previous flu situations,the technology of our universal family has neutralized the swine flu virus-laden vaccines and will continue to do so as long as the makers persist in their scheme.And please have no worries about programmed microchips being implanted via inoculations–if that is attempted,the programming will be erased by that same technology.(6)


Let us[address]mandatory vaccinations for children.Extraterrestrial special forces scientists are neutralizing to the extent possible the toxins in vaccines;nevertheless,continued opposition to vaccinating children as a prerequisite for their attending school is necessary to end this practice that has caused an autism-like condition in many children.


Bodies'chemistry and immune systems are stressed by mercury,and youngsters who are especially vulnerable sustain neurological damage that results in symptoms very similar to autism,which is a very rare condition.Opposition can be reinforced by declining inoculations advised by healthcare professionals who are rewarded by vaccine manufacturers or believe the false claim that"preventive"flu shots and a raft of others are necessary public health measures.


We add that vaccines,like the first pharmaceuticals,were developed for beneficial purposes.Any innovation that is designed to be of benefit can be adapted for malevolent purposes,and that is what the Illuminati have done at every stage of the civilization's progress.(7)


Q:What does the future hold for vaccines?


Matthew:Healthcare—a maze of global collusion involving pharmaceutical and insurance companies,vaccine and medical equipment manufacturers,and World Health Organization as well as FDA,CDC,NIH,AMA,AHA and related alphabet groups in the United States—will wend its way out of those Illuminati-owned or infiltrated organizations.Toxic therapies will be replaced by long-suppressed safe,natural remedies and proper healthcare will become available to everyone.

马修:医疗保健——一个由制药和保险公司、疫苗和医疗设备制造商、世界卫生组织以及美国 FDACDCNIHAMAAHA 和相关字母团体组成的全球共谋迷宫——将走出光照派拥有或渗透的组织。毒性疗法将被长期抑制的安全、自然疗法和适当的医疗保健所取代。

As significantly as the Illuminati's stronghold on those critical areas has adversely affected life on Earth,the most effective means whereby they have subjugated generation after generation after generation has been by exploiting every kind of difference among the peoples to create hostility and divisiveness and by starting wars.


People worldwide are hungering for peace.The energy of their collective desires has gained unstoppable momentum over the energy of conquest,and battlefield action will wind down incrementally.Industries that make the machinery of war will produce what a cooperative,progressive civilization needs;construction companies with honorable management will rebuild destroyed cities;money formerly spent on warring will go into projects and programs that uplift and enhance life.


Some of those activities are underway,others are beginning,still others are in planning stages,and rising vibrations will be undergirding all the endeavors.You will be seeing evidence of this,but please do not expect the continued unfolding of world transformation to be free from patches of resistance.You are well prepared to deal with those as they arise and help others do the same—beloved sisters and brothers,you have earned PhDs in ingenuity,perseverance and triumphing over obstacles!(8)




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