X22报告|第2616集: 整个经济议程正在失败,这个国家将迎来自由的新生

2021年11月2日16:56:45揭露宇宙X22报告|第2616集: 整个经济议程正在失败,这个国家将迎来自由的新生已关闭评论328字数 1385阅读4分37秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2616集: 整个经济议程正在失败,这个国家将迎来自由的新生

Ep. 2616a – The Entire [CB] Economic Agenda Is Failing, People See Right Through It

Ep. 2616a-整个[ CB ]经济议程正在失败,人们看穿了它

Ep. 2616b – This Nation Shall Have A New Birth Of Freedom, By The People, For The People, Rig For Red




Gas prices have now hit a 7 year high, as soon as [JB] was put in as resident the fuel prices started to rise and now he is blaming climate change, nobody believes this. Manchin will not approve the infrastructure plan. The [CB] agenda is falling apart and the people can see through it



The [DS] is panicking, Trump and the patriots are ready to surface, rig for red, everything is about to change. More and more people are seeing the election fraud and people are now seeing that they were not transparent and secure. Soon this nation shall have a new birth of freedom, by the people for the people. The [DS] has lost the narrative, the people are no longer believing, they are questioning. It has begun, the demand for change. 

(DS)惊慌失措,特朗普和爱国者们已经准备好浮出水面,为红色做好准备,一切都将改变。越来越多的人看到选举舞弊,人们现在看到他们是不透明和安全的。不久,这个国家将迎来自由的新生,由人民为人民服务。[ DS ]已经失去了叙述,人们不再相信,他们开始质疑。改变的要求已经开始了。


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