但是有光… 这是世界正在等待的正确时刻,因为这是实施新的 QFS 黄金支持的货币系统的时刻,由我们的外星兄弟姐妹提供。放心,黄金时代就在我们面前!

A self-created Problem in search for a Solution
Middle Class wiped-out
Debt money could have been issued ‘Debt-free
Help Wanted

A self-created Problem in search for a Solution


The world economy is not brought to its knees, by incompetence, but by the imposed taxes and economic policies of austerity that involve countries facing catastrophe to be bailed-out by contributions from the 全球崩溃迫在眉睫|最后的警钟printing press. If the problems were only ‘incompetence’ the task would be very straightforward, just focus on replacing the ‘incompetent’ with competent ones. It is not like that. They are very ‘competent’ at following the agenda of calculated incompetence with the aim of creating an enormous problem in search for a solution. It is conspiracy to turn the World into a Totalitarian Dictatorship run from Israel by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.


Political leaders are all big-time insiders following the script authored by the Deep State Mafia. Engineered economic implosions have created massive problems in search of a solution and what is imposed is to delete what is left of national sovereignty in order to ‘fix’ what they have created. Better known as Problem-Reaction-Solution leading to another giant step on the way to Totalitarian State of Europe and the rest of the world.


The euro was never meant to be an end in itself. The plan is for an electronic single world currency. The euro was the stalking horse to delete all the individual currencies that existed before. The plan is to trash the euro – and the US Dollar – eventually, and move to a global currency with all consequences for more global control.


The obstacle of huge debts makes it impossible for the world to recover. Nor is it meant to, as the puppet governments are instructed accordingly.


全球崩溃迫在眉睫|最后的警钟Worse than unmanageable debt, is the compounding of this debt. The EU and US debt, are measured in the thousands of trillions, and compounding initially at low interest rates for years. Now, rates are rising, so the existing debt compounds at higher rates, which raises the total debt by hundreds of billions of euros and dollars, annually.


Without any doubt this means: Default, Bankruptcy, Ultimate Collapse and The Greatest Bear Market In History.

毫无疑问,这意味着: 违约、破产、最终崩溃和历史上最大的熊市。

The prevailing trend in the world will be debt reduction and deflation, which will eventually lead to default and bankruptcy. Either way, the current trend of increasing debt is unsustainable. And once it is unsustainable, it will lead to a total collapse, in a bear market never before seen in history.


Sooner than most people think, people are losing confidence in the monetary system as a simple result of investors around the world losing confidence in currencies that are no longer a “safe haven” they once were.


When that faith is broken, which could be soon, the power of the Deep State Criminals is gone.


In a one big debt world, paper currencies are losing confidence, one after the other following, sending everything else into the abyss; stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, etc.

在一个巨大的债务世界里,纸币正在一个接一个地失去信心,把其他所有东西都推入深渊: 股票、债券、商品、房地产等等。

When currencies collapse en mass, the entire world economy is destroyed. Most nations will suffer severe pain. The middle class is wiped out. The way people live, work, travel, retire, and invest, everything will change. Some of these in ways most people even cannot imagine.


Middle Class wiped-out


全球崩溃迫在眉睫|最后的警钟The real concern is what happens to everyday citizens – especially the middle class. If governments go broke, all citizens’ wealth and savings are put in jeopardy. Massive changes in retirement system and Social Security are inevitable. Pension funds will be confiscated, augmented with huge tax increases.


Then, a “wealth tax”, a fee on all your savings and assets will be applied. Anything is possible. It only gets worse. When currency crisis hit; the number one priority for governments will be to control the existing supply of capital. All kinds of new laws and rules will be implemented about what you are allowed to do with your own money. Wherever and how your money is stored and moved.

然后,将征收 "财富税",对您的所有储蓄和资产征收费用。一切皆有可能。情况只会变得更糟。当货币危机来临时,政府的首要任务就是控制现有的资本供应。各种新的法律和规则都将实施,规定你可以用自己的钱做什么。无论你的钱存放在哪里,如何移动。

Massive inflation will occur when all those trillions and trillions of newly printed currencies make their way into the economy. It’s going to be especially difficult for seniors and anyone who relies on their government for income.


With a total collapse of the stock market, ten times worse than Black Monday in 2008. Even the 1929 stock market crash happened in one day. The middle class will be wiped out. The real killer is the effect of all this on our society and our freedoms.

股市全面崩溃,比 2008 年的 "黑色星期一 "还要糟糕十倍。即使是 1929 年的股市崩盘也是在一天之内发生的。中产阶级将被消灭殆尽。真正的杀手是这一切对我们社会和自由的影响。

Being more specific; the coming crisis won’t be just a banking and mortgage disaster, it will be a full-blown “currency” and “real estate” crisis two of a kind the world has never experienced before.

更具体地说,即将到来的危机将不仅仅是银行和抵押贷款的灾难,它将是一场全面的 "货币 "和 "房地产 "双重危机,是世界上从未经历过的。

The savings of millions of people will be wiped out, overnight. The stock market could crash by 50% or more. The way of life enjoyed for the last half a century will come to an end. And this is not a question of if  but when it happens.

数百万人的积蓄将在一夜之间消失殆尽。股市可能崩盘50% 或更多。过去半个世纪的生活方式将走向终结。这不是是否发生的问题,而是何时发生的问题。

When money is destroyed, businesses are also destroyed. Friendship and family breakdown are next, because for many, faith in money is crucial to a free society. Without faith, you can forget about businesses and trade and any sense of normality.


Unfortunately people won’t have a clue what to do when there are long lines just to access the ATM – or when banks start shutting down. They won’t have any idea what to do when stores stop accepting credit cards, electronic currency, dollars, euros or whatever as payment.


Be assured, this will turn into chaos because of social unrest, especially in cities. People are going to be very, very unhappy when they turn on the TV one morning and hear that their life savings suddenly are worth a fraction of its former value. While the price of everything like milk and bread skyrockets.


Debt money could have been issued ‘Debt-free


The world over, governments have embarked on an out-of-control experiment with debt money that they could have issued as ‘debt-free-money’ themselves, without interest.


In today’s world credit money is printed in absurd amounts out of thin air – and so much money of it is borrowed, it never ever can be paid back to creditors.


It took for the USA “216 years to rack up $8.5 trillion in debt… and then just 8 more years to double that amount.”

美国花了“216年时间积累了8.5万亿美元的债务... ... 然后只用了8年时间就将这个数字翻了一番。”

Governments won’t be able to do a single thing about this crisis, as they themselves have created it!


全球崩溃迫在眉睫|最后的警钟Real monetary reform will only come after a major currency crisis hits. And for most people that’ll be much too late. That’ll be only after a catastrophic real estate and stock market crash, after the bankruptcies of dozens of financial institutions, and after many people’s savings are completely wiped out.


But there is Light … this is the correct moment the world is waiting for, because this is the moment for implementation of the new QFS gold backed money system, provided by our exterrestrial brothers and sisters. Be assured a golden era lies in front of us!

但是有光... 这是世界正在等待的正确时刻,因为这是实施新的 QFS 黄金支持的货币系统的时刻,由我们的外星兄弟姐妹提供。放心,黄金时代就在我们面前!

Help Wanted


If everyone awake convinces just one sleeper that planet Earth belongs to us, is that enough majority to destroy the cabal and end our oppression!


It is now or never, to make planet Earth a free world for all of us.


Thank you!


Q-Anon reveals Vatican Rothschild Reptilian Connection behind the Deep State

Q-Anon 揭示了梵蒂冈罗斯柴尔德爬行动物在深层国家背后的联系

Their Symbolism leads to their downfall!


This video is of inestimable value. A clear, concise explanations, with accompanying visual emphasis makes this a very powerful tool.



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