控制,日蚀,以色列和巴勒斯坦|James Gilliland

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控制,日蚀,以色列和巴勒斯坦|James Gilliland

By James Gilliland

作者: James Gilliland

It’s been a while since the last newsletter. We have been very busy clearing energies on a massive scale and other projects. With all the events unfolding we can no longer ignore the obvious. Things just are not right, they have not been right for a very long time. Nothing is as it seems, and nothing is what we were told. What is not right or in alignment with Universal Law is all coming to the surface. The chaos we are experiencing, is the healing. The overlords, those who be lie ve, they control this planet are being seen for the vile, sociopaths they are. They have two agendas, profit and control and they will do anything to maintain that control. If humanity wakes up to what they have done its game over so all of humanity is a threat. Imagine if 8 billion people figure out who they are and what they have done. That is exactly why they want 7 billion of the population gone and have been very vocal about it. We cannot depend on lawmakers at the highest levels to enforce universal law or any law for that matter. The highest levels are corrupt. We cannot depend on the lame stream corporate sponsored media, social media as well to tell us the truth or politicians. Politicians in most cases are not going to vote against other politicians because they all have dirt on each other. There are two reasons why politicians will not be honest with the people with what is unfolding globally. Most have dual citizenship with Israel backed by AIPAC the political arm and lobbyist of Israel. If you want to know who they are, they are the ones screaming the loudest to destroy Hamas putting on quite a show for their handlers. The other is Jeffrey Epstein who was Mossad and had blackmail tapes on many of them. Is there any doubt why we have never seen the list of Jefferies clients? There are photos of prominent politicians from Biden down, Adam Schiff allegedly visited over 70 times, that long list also includes both parties. We are in no way supporting or downgrading the atrocity of what was carried out by Hamas. It was brutal and heart wrenching!

距离上一期时事通讯已经有一段时间了。我们一直忙于大规模清理能量和其他项目。随着事态的发展,我们不能再忽视显而易见的事实。事情就是不对劲,它们已经不对劲很长时间了。一切都不是看上去那样,也不是别人告诉我们的那样。什么是不正确的或符合宇宙法则都是浮出水面。我们正在经历的混乱,是治愈。那些霸主,那些活生生的,他们控制着这个星球的人被认为是卑鄙的,反社会的人。他们有两个目的,利润和控制权他们会不惜一切代价维持这种控制权。如果人类意识到他们已经完成了他们的游戏,那么所有的人类都是一个威胁。想象一下,如果80亿人知道他们是谁,他们做了什么。这就是为什么他们希望70亿人口离开,并且一直在大声疾呼。我们不能依靠最高级别的立法者来执行普遍法或任何关于这个问题的法律。最高层都是腐败分子。我们不能依靠企业赞助的蹩脚媒体、社交媒体来告诉我们真相或政治家。在大多数情况下,政客们不会投票反对其他政客,因为他们彼此都有污点。有两个原因可以解释为什么政治家们不会对人们坦诚相待,告诉他们全球正在发生的事情。他们中的大多数人都与以色列有多重国籍,并得到了以色列政治组织 AIPAC 的支持,同时也是以色列的游说者。如果你想知道他们是谁,他们是那些最大声地叫喊着要摧毁哈马斯的人,为他们的接头人制造了一场好戏。另一个是杰弗里 · 爱泼斯坦,他是摩萨德成员,其中很多人都有勒索磁带。为什么我们从没见过 Jefferies 的客户名单?有拜登以下著名政治家的照片,亚当希夫据称访问了超过70次,这个长名单也包括两党。我们决不支持或降低哈马斯实施的暴行。太残忍了,让人心碎!

No one is asking why, what drove them to this extreme hatred. Palestine was their land and now they have been reduced to a 5 by 25 mile postage stamp over the years. The Rothchild’s, Khazarian Jews created Israel which over the years displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians taking over almost the entire country. To this day they are treated as second class citizens. Know your history. Here is a map showing the history of Palestine.


控制,日蚀,以色列和巴勒斯坦|James Gilliland

There is a difference between Khazarian Jews and the Jewish people. Know the difference. Do your research. Did you know that Ukraine used to be called Khazaria? Any bells go off? Anyone connecting the dots, figuring out who is really in control? Could it be Khazarian Jews, the International banksters who financed every war since Napoleon? A Satanic/Luciferian death cult that has infiltrated governments globally? Most cannot handle the truth. You will never hear this on mainstream news because they own it. Most of social media as well.

可萨犹太人和犹太人是有区别的。知道区别。做你的调查。你知道乌克兰以前叫 Khazaria 吗?想起什么了吗?有人把这些事联系起来,弄清楚到底是谁在控制局面吗?会不会是可萨犹太人,自拿破仑以来资助每场战争的国际银行家?一个渗透全球政府的撒旦/路西法死亡邪教?大多数人无法接受事实。你永远不会在主流新闻上听到这些,因为他们拥有这些。大部分社交媒体也是如此。

Whenever the masses give their power away to outside forces and officials in time it is used against them. In a Republic the power remains with the individual protected by the constitution. We live in a constitutional republic not a democracy based on common law. Unfortunately it has been corrupted by those who seek power and control over others and will do anything to maintain that control. The war and disease profiteers undoubtedly are in control. For now.


They control the banks, the media, most of your politicians, almost every institution and have corrupted the original constitutional republic. This is going to be reset but it is a monumental task due to the extreme level of corruption. Our only option in the past has become like going to the foxes to complain about losing our chickens with expectations of them doing something about it. By their nature they will eat your chickens now that you told them where they are.


After the endless manmade plagues created in biolabs, millions of deaths, 250,000 children now and counting have died suddenly after the vaccine according to the CDC. The CDC and the WHO continue to boast the vaccines are safe and effective. They never were safe or effective, their own hidden research proved this from the very beginning.


History has proven the endless wars we have engaged in were based on lies, misinformation with hidden agendas. The big question is who gains from the wars and disease. The war and disease profiteers. Who are the war and disease profiteers? It’s a no brainer, those who profit, the billionaires who are in control behind the curtain. Who is doing their bidding? The ignorant, the critically thinking and morally impaired supported by those living in denial of the obvious. Those turning a blind eye to what is happening all around them adversely affecting them, their families and the planet watching their freedoms being whittled away to nothing. The socially engineered who be lie ve the power elite are going to save them and the planet.


The global elite also known as the NWO, or WEF as their public forum stated clearly their goals are the opposite. The green new deal, the wars, the plagues, are nothing more than transfers of wealth to the war and disease profiteers. Your alphabet agencies work for them, some of which were complicit in starting these wars, the distribution of bioweapons included. Yes, Cov19 is a bioweapon. They have mansions, multiple cars, yachts, personal jets yet tell you that you have to do without, reduce your carbon footprint. You will own nothing, eat bugs and be happy is their slogan.

全球精英也被称为 NWO,或作为他们的公共论坛的世界经济论坛明确表示,他们的目标是相反的。绿色新政,战争,瘟疫,不过是将财富转移给战争和疾病的奸商。你们的字母机构为他们工作,其中一些是发动这些战争的同谋,包括生化武器的分发。是的 Cov19是一种生化武器。他们有豪宅、多辆汽车、游艇、私人飞机,但他们告诉你,你必须减少碳足印。你将一无所有,吃虫子,快乐是他们的口号。

We cannot overlook the Mossad when it comes to all these false flags within the IDF. One question that needs to be asked again and again, how did Hamas have an open door with a welcome mat when the IDF knows when a grain of rice is moved in Gaza? Warnings were ignored. Why? Is the end goal wiping Gaza off the map, a war that includes all their other adversaries in the Middle East? Did they need this event to get the world behind them?


Israel is having severe political problems. The people are tired of war, they want peace. Most want to do what is right to heal the past. Mothers from both sides are marching in the streets with their children demanding an end to the senseless killing.


The power elite needed this war as a distraction. They need to take the attention off all their puppets especially in America which are being exposed daily for their corruption. They are the same folks that demanded everyone be vaccinated, children as well which experienced Cov 19 as a mild cold easily fought off by their own immune system. They demanded 100% vaccinations of the Israeli people, so how is it they have their safety first and foremost? This is base common sense. It is all coming together for those with eyes to see. Did these same folks destroy an American naval destroyer to bring us into war against Iraq, Iran and others who oppose them? Does the Gulf of Tonkin event ring a bell? Why did the Israeli Air Force fire on an American ship hoping there would be no witnesses to blame it on other countries, their adversaries? Did the same group take down the twin towers and building 7 to get us to go to war against Iraq? Why were Israelis caught cheering, dancing on a van when the towers went down? The one they charged for orchestrating the event Osama Bin Ladin was from Afghanistan? He and George Bush Jr. used to play in the same play pen and their parents were in business together. Were there ever weapons of mass destruction? Bush Jr. joked about it ignoring how many American soldiers lost their lives or were crippled in a war that made no sense. How much more obvious does it have to get.

权力精英需要这场战争来分散注意力。他们需要转移所有傀儡的注意力,尤其是在美国,他们的腐败每天都被曝光。他们同样要求每个人都接种疫苗,孩子们也经历了轻度感冒,很容易被自己的免疫系统击退。他们要求以色列人民接种100% 的疫苗,那么他们怎么能把安全放在首位呢?这是基本常识。所有的一切都汇聚在一起,让那些有眼睛的人看到。是不是这些人摧毁了一艘美国海军驱逐舰,让我们卷入对伊拉克、伊朗和其他反对他们的国家的战争?Gulf of Tonkin 事件让你想起什么了吗?为什么以色列空军向一艘美国军舰开火,希望没有目击者指责其他国家,他们的敌人?是不是同一个组织摧毁了双子塔和第七大楼,好让我们对伊拉克发动战争?为什么双子塔倒塌时,以色列人在货车上跳舞欢呼被抓?他们指控他策划了奥萨马 · 本 · 拉登来自阿富汗的事件?他和小乔治 · 布什过去常常在同一个游戏笔里玩耍,他们的父母一起做生意。曾经有过大规模杀伤性武器吗?小布什开玩笑说,他忽略了有多少美国士兵在一场毫无意义的战争中丧生或残废。还有什么更明显的。

Until the people take back their power from the war and disease profiteers we will always have war and disease. Pain suffering death and destruction is all they have to offer and they are all getting rich from it. Guess who is paying for these wars? You are. It is your tax dollars? Guess who is carrying out their wishes in ignorance, denial or due to being integrity and morally challenged? Guess why the lame stream media goes along with all this?


These same power elites are behind the demoralization of America. This includes drug, child and sex trafficking, a multi-billion dollar industry. They are behind open borders and the illegal immigrants flooding into not just America, other countries as well. This is a downward spiral into social, economic and environmental collapse if not checked. They created the problem and they have the solution. Global dominance with the vast majority living in abject poverty under complete surveillance with no freedoms or rights is their solution. If we do not rise to the occasion and demand an end to the wars, the weaponized viruses, the bio weapons, the poisoning of our food, water and air, the engineered food shortages we are a doomed civilization. Something a non-human scaley or gray civilization would love to see.


The reason there is so much inhumane activity on earth now and in the past is because of nonhuman interference by those who care nothing for humanity or the Earth. They are at war with the Creator in all Creation. Call them what you wish, every religion has their names for these ungodly demonic figures and the people they possess. Those of humanity that serve them have also fallen to an ungodly level of existence void of any love, joy, bliss in service to self. Wealth and power over others are all they seek, losing all empathy and connection to their soul. Their lust for power and wealth is insatiable. They are narcissists with massive egos committing treason against their own people and that will be their downfall.


What they did not factor in is a higher power, a greater plan, an event no man/woman can stop. It is the planetary liberation, the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. It is an event backed by God/Creator/Great Spirit itself along with the beautiful many Ascended Masters, Saints and sages, Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Off Worlders. It is cosmic in nature, measurable, and has to do with grand cycles. There are also those of noble character in positions of power and influence who see the writing on the wall. The world the war and disease profiteers desire is unsustainable, it is on a downward spiral leading to social, economic and environmental collapse.


We now have a choice individually and collectively if we are going to take this downward spiral. The upward spiral is living a spiritual life in harmony with each other and nature. The two realities are dividing. Everything is being amplified and revealed. What took years, sometimes lifetimes to come around, the karmic boomerang is taking hours and days. The Apocalypse is also known as the great reveal where nothing is hidden. All the iniquities will be shouted from the rooftops. Time to get right with Creator. It is also time to live according to Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. This is Universal Law. It is also known as Unity Consciousness, the Law of One. There is no division in God, God is omnipresent, act accordingly. It is not hard to do. The hard part is being brutally honest with yourself and others finding the courage and impeccable integrity within. Have fun with that. This is going to be a very intense ride challenging people to their bones.


Time to pray for help on high, act and be the solution. We cannot expect the leadership of today to solve these problems. It is like Einstein said, “Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is a form of insanity.” We are in what has been referred to as end time madness. Hopefully this will interject a little sanity into what is unfolding. Do not be duped into participating in these wars. Choose Peace.


Be well,


James Gilliland


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