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正如 RFK 最近在一次采访中所说(见下文),现在是所有人反对医疗暴政,对有毒疫苗、疫苗护照和医疗强制说不的时候了。


(Natural News)As RFK,Jr.recently stated in an interview(see below),the time has come for all people to take a stand against medical tyranny and say NO to the toxic vaccines,vaccine passports and medical mandates.

(自然新闻)正如 RFK 最近在一次采访中所说(见下文),现在是所有人反对医疗暴政,对有毒疫苗、疫苗护照和医疗强制说不的时候了。

All around the world,informed,passionate citizens are rising up against medical tyranny,from the truckers in Australia to peaceful protesters in France,the UK and Canada.In the United States,the Tea Party Patriots have announced protests in 60 cities,with details at StopMedicalMandates.com.

从澳大利亚的卡车司机到法国、英国和加拿大的和平抗议者,全世界知情的、热情的公民正在起来反对医疗专制。在美国,茶党爱国者已经宣布在60个城市举行抗议活动,具体细节将在 stopmedicalmandates.com 公布。

The people of the world are increasingly realizing the plandemic was a malicious scam to mass murder innocent people while enslaving the people under tyrannical government rule.Covid internment camps are real and have been announced in Australia,New Zealand and the United States.The covid vaccine is so toxic that when a truck carrying Moderna vaccines overturned,the Dept.of Defense seized control over the area and brought in HAZMAT teams while closing the air space in order to contain the hazardous materials in the vaccines.


Yet we're all told they're safe enough to inject,of course.(But too dangerous to allow a spill on a public roadway.)


Fauci and the CDC are liars.The FDA is run by Big Pharma crooks.The vaccine manufacturers are mostly admitted felons who have long histories of carrying out crimes against innocent people.The vaccines are deliberately loaded with spike protein bioweapons as well as other mysterious ingredients that appear to be magnetic.


Those who take the vaccines are dying in record numbers,with now 623,000 adverse events reported to VAERS from the vaccines,and over 13,000 deaths.(The Swine Flu vaccine was pulled after just 25 deaths.)

那些接种疫苗的人正在以创纪录的数量死亡,现在有623,000起不良事件报告给 VAERS,超过13,000人死亡。(猪流感疫苗在25人死亡后被撤下。)

The real death numbers in America are almost certainly above 500,000 right now,and globally,covid vaccines have no doubt already killed millions of people.


Hospitals have become murder factories that refuse to administer ivermectin.Instead,they murder people with ventilators and then claim they died"from covid."Nearly every mainstream medical hospital in North America is now staffed by mass murderers who are carrying out crimes against humanity on an unprecedented scale.


People are waking up like never before,and they've seen people they know and love killed by the covid vaccine(or the traumatic lockdowns).We are now seeing the beginning of the peaceful uprising against medical tyranny,and a true sleeping giant has been awakened.


We call for informed,peaceful non-compliance and resistance against medical tyranny.Do not commit violence against those who are carrying out the medical violence.We must assert our human rights in a peaceful,powerful way to halt the mass murder and even medical terrorism being unleashed against humanity.


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