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通过 GCR 恢复的共和国|更新于2021年9月3日

202193日美国东部时间12:01Judy ByingtonMSWLCSW,治疗师,记者,作者,"22张面孔:珍妮·希尔和她的22个多重人格的非凡生活。"

GREEN LIGHT:The Quantum Computer Has Been Activated.


"Trust The Plan"…Q


After witnessing her family pray through a couple of days of near-death experiences involving her baby brother,my five year-old granddaughter insisted on preparing her own talk for the Junior Sunday School that week.She quickly quieted the noisy room by wisely saying,"My brother went into the hospital and died,and then Jesus came down and laid His hand on his head and made him alive again.Jesus doesn't want us to die.He wants us to live,to be happy and to love each other."Judy Byington


God Bless America&Patriotic Music–The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square–Bing video


Judy Note:On Thurs.afternoon 2 Sept.Fleming's Military Intel Contact reported,"If all went well overnight Thurs.-Fri.there would be a possible Tier 4B start as early as Fri.–Sat.3,4 Sept.

星期四下午92日。弗莱明的军事情报联系人报告说:"如果一夜之间一切顺利的话,星期五。最早在星期五就有可能推出4B 级。-星期六。93,4日。

On Thurs.2 Sept.the currency rates began to be loaded for a lockdown of final rates and procedures.


On Tues.31 Aug.at 9am EST the World Court gave the US 36 hours to finish the RV release.

831日星期二,美国东部时间上午9点,世界法院给了美国36小时完成 RV 释放。

At 9 pm EDT Wed.1 Sept the formal launch was accomplished with payouts to Historic(account and)bond holders with German and Yellow Dragon bonds.


As of Wed.1 Sept.the release of Dubi 1,2 and 3 also occurred in preparation for releasing liquidity to lower levels.


As of Wed.1 Sept.approval was given for release of Tier 4B notification.

从星期三开始,91日第4B 层通知的发布获得批准。

As of Thurs.2 Sept.liquidity began for all levels.


On Thurs.2 Sept.Issac confirmed that German Bond payments started and that was why his Paymaster was in Zurich.


As of Thurs.2 Sept.Funds were on the move.


F&Ps(+adjudicated settlements+PPs)were also underway,though you wouldn't hear about them because of the draconian NDAs that recipients were signing.

F&p s(+已裁定的和解+PPs)也在进行中,不过你不会听说它们,因为受益人签署了严厉的全国保险协议。

For the first time ever Tier 3-4A groups were getting paid out on SKRs.(For example Tier 3-4A group redemption payouts have begun as it had for three payment lines).

有史以来第一次,3-4A 级团队获得了 SKRs 的支付。(例如,第3-4A 层的团体赎回已经开始,因为它有三个支付线)

The new RV Dinar currency Notes called LDs were on the streets of Iraq.

新的 RV 第纳尔货币被称为 LDs 在伊拉克街头流通。

The Department of Defense was pressing hard to get the RV release fully started NOW because the US Military was out of Afghanistan,allowing release of NESARA/GESARA protocols that included releasing the RV globally.

国防部正在努力推动 RV 释放完全开始,因为美国军队已经离开阿富汗,允许释放 NESARA/GESARA 协议,其中包括释放 RV 全球。

In less than 10 days on Sun.12 Sept.the legal framework allowing DoD to get it done expired.Sun.12 Sept.was the last day of the Executive Orderas reported by Cirstenw's military sources:https://t.me/cirstenw/533.

在不到10天的星期日。912日,允许国防部完成任务的法律框架到期。太阳。912日是行政命令的最后一天,据 Cirstenw 的军方消息来源:https://t.me/Cirstenw/533

None of the RV release efforts in the past worked until the US military was out of Afghanistan–fulfilling a requirement for implementation of GESARA,so the DoD was pressing the RV through.

在美军撤出阿富汗之前,没有一个释放 RV 的努力是有效的——这是为了满足实施 GESARA 的要求,所以国防部通过了 RV

A.Restored Republic:


The following is from@richardcitizenjournalist:Washington DC is dead,bankrupted,done.It still doesn't said DC when you search it on google maps anymore.All 3 satanic ruling cities of the world are dead—DC,City of London and Vatican.Everything is playing out as is.Dept of housing is empty.All the Buildings,buses,streets,metro,etc are empty Mon-Fri.The city fills up with tourists Fri-Sun.I took these photos Monday morning.The doors are locked at the other federal Buildings and they are protected by guards.No one is inside them that I can find.So many small businesses are closed here,forever.

以下来自@richards citizenjournalist:华盛顿特区已经死了,破产了,完蛋了。当你在谷歌地图上搜索它的时候,它仍然没有提到 DC。世界上所有3个撒旦统治的城市都死了ーーDC、伦敦城和梵蒂冈。一切都照原样进行。房屋部门是空的。所有的建筑物、公共汽车、街道、地铁等都是空的,星期一到星期五。这个城市挤满了游客。星期一早上我拍了这些照片。其他联邦大楼的门都上了锁,并有警卫保护。我找不到任何人在里面。许多小企业在这里永远关闭了。

On Thurs.2 Sept.2021 calls for impeachment of"President"Joe Biden were flooding the airways after he pulled all US Military out of Afghanistan and deliberately left millions of dollars in sophisticated military equipment and guns,highly trained service dogs,plus thousands of US allies and American citizens including 24 Sacramento school children,stranded to be held as hostages,or killed.


The move also instigated a suicide bomber at the Kabul airport who killed dozens including children and 13 US Troops.


The Taliban was now moving the American military equipment to Iran.A Russian media correspondent in Kabul claimed a Taliban commander told them US troops let their service dogs free as they evacuated and the Taliban planned to put them back to service for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.


Roger Pardo-Maurer,former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs:"The Ministry of Defense knew in advance about the suicide bomber at the Kabul airport,but refused permission to launch a Predator Drone missile to prevent a terrorist attack."

美国西半球事务部前副助理国防部长 Roger Pardo-Maurer :"国防部事先知道喀布尔机场的自杀式炸弹袭击者,但拒绝发射捕食者无人机导弹以防止恐怖袭击。"

Also today Thurs.2 Sept.another State of Emergency was declared–this time as New York and the North East were literally shut down with flood waters from Hurricane Ida.No one was allowed in New York City and no one could leave.


Rumor was that with the recent instigation of Mass Arrests by the US Military from over 500,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office,there were"a crap load of Democrats and other politicians"running around Washington DC shredding documents.


Technically the US had been functioning under Martial Law since last January,with the Pentagon looking to Trump as their leader.A few days before Biden's Inauguration and due to verified foreign interference in the 2020 Presidential Election,Trump instigated the Insurgency Act,declared Martial Law and deferred his power to the US Military.See this article published back on 23 Jan.2021:https://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2021/01/martial-law-overrules-as-many-in-us-congress-to-be-arrested-3224093.html


WARNING:Food,Gas and Goods Shortages in the near future:You were urged to stock up on at least two to three weeks of food and necessities.


Major market crash WARNING from EU securities regulator–Crypto investments partly to blame.The European Securities and Markets Authority(EMSA)has warned of a massive market collapse if the current trend of risky investments in Crypto Currencies continues,fueled by high debt,rising mobile trading apps and social media influence.(Politico).

欧盟证券监管机构发出的重大市场崩盘警告——Crypto 投资要负部分责任。欧洲证券和市场管理局(EMSA)警告说,如果当前高负债、移动交易应用程序和社交媒体影响推动的加密货币(Crypto currency)风险投资趋势继续下去,市场将出现大规模崩盘。(政治报)

B.Calendar of Possible Upcoming Events:


The Event Whiplash347:To get NESARA,GESARA,MED BEDS,EBS etc we must go through THE EVENT that Triggers EVENTS.Think Black Swan,Grey Rhino and catastrophic Financial Events.The keywords to the National/Global Economic Security And Recovery Act is to recover and rebuild from these Events.We must Walk Through The Dark To Get To The Light.https://youtu.be/B5T7Gr5oJbM#WhiteSquall#WWG1WGA

事件 Whiplash347:要得到 NESARAGESARAMED BEDSEBS 等,我们必须经历触发事件的事件。想想黑天鹅、灰犀牛和灾难性金融事件。《国家/全球经济安全与复苏法案》的关键词是从这些事件中恢复和重建。我们必须穿过黑暗走向光明。1/wga https://youtu.be/b5t7gr5ojbm

Wed.1 Sept.2021 Unemployment Benefits ended for 7+million American workers,which was bound to lead to unpaid mortgages,rent and more failure in small businesses.


Thurs.2 Sept.to Tues.7 Sept.China's Navy to conduct large-scale military exercises in the East China Sea.US Military on High Alert.


Fri./Sat.3,4 Sept:"I'm praying Hard for September 3/4 after SEC response.Define[BLACK SWAN EVENT]&Q64.At some stage here the Unexpected Catastrophic Financial Event occurs as does.Incoming attacks that speeds it all up.Be On[GUARD]The Comms are heard LOUD&CLEAR."…Whiplash347


Sat.4 Sept.to Tues.7 Sept.:Three Days of Presidential Messages?


Tues.7 Sept.to Fri.10 Sept:10 Days of Darkness,airing of documentaries 24/7 as Quantum Starlink System took over?


Mon.6 Sept.to Fri.10 Sept.:Feast of Trumpets Jubilee,beginning of Military Tribunals,major reveals with perhaps the Fake MSM taken down.

星期一96日至星期五910:军事法庭开始的喇叭庆典,主要揭示也许假 MSM 被拿下。

Fri.10 Sept.to Mon.13 Sept:Anniversary of signing of Constitution


Sat.11 Sept.(9/11)THE END.THE DAY OF RECKONING IS UPON US.JOHN 3:16 Q Drop 316 Connect the Markers Anon:Martial Law Starting the 11th?Q:Justice….9/11 Anniversary with possible announcement of NESARA/GESARA and gold-backed currencies of the Global Currency Reset.

星期六。911(9/11)结束。清算的日子就在我们身上。约翰3:16 q 316连接标记无名氏:戒严令从11日开始?问:正义......9/11周年纪念日,可能会宣布 NESARA/GESARA 和黄金支持的全球货币重置。

Gene Decode:"The mighty Alliance uses a Quantum Computer everyday to determine the best strategy and timing.All Deep State controlled countries and major Deep State players will be arrested,worldwide by December 2021."


Real News for Real Patriots from the Judy Byington Report—Part 1|Ellis Washington Report

真正的爱国者新闻来自 Judy Byington 报道ー第一部分|Ellis Washington 报道

Real News for Real Patriots from the Judy Byington Report—Part 2|Ellis Washington Report

真正的爱国者新闻来自 Judy Byington 报道ー第二部分|Ellis Washington 报道

C.Gene Decode on Afghanistan:


"The Afghanistan Taliban was backed by the Alliance.They are NOT evil and have not killed anyone.They have placed the ISIS-K terrorist that was informed by Biden Administration to have a kill list,and set off two bombs that killed 131 people in Kubal.The truth is that the Taliban burned all the Opium fields and it the first country in the world that has NO DEEP STATE in control of their Country!!

"阿富汗塔利班得到了联盟的支持。他们并不邪恶,也没有杀害任何人。他们已经将拜登政府通知的伊斯兰国恐怖分子列入了死亡名单,并在 Kubal 引爆了两枚炸弹,造成131人死亡。事实是塔利班烧毁了所有的鸦片种植地,而且它是世界上第一个没有深层国家控制他们国家的国家!

"From the DoD:Because of the GESARA implementation on Wed 25 Aug related to the global RV release,the Rockefeller Deep State/CIA struck back with the Afghan twin suicide bombers at the Kabul Airport on Thurs.26 Aug that killed 13 US military personnel,wounded 18,and killed 95 innocent Afghanis who were working with the USA.Unfortunately,the fake Biden admin people shared Intel with the Taliban that produced a virtual"kill list"for Deep State ISIS-K forces as reported to Gregg Jarrett by military sources.https://thegreggjarrett.com/centcom-commander-reveals-u-s-shared-intelligence-with-taliban-official-says-it-created-kill-list/

"来自国防部:由于825日星期三实施的全球房车释放计划,洛克菲勒深州/中央情报局于826日在喀布尔机场与阿富汗双胞胎自杀式炸弹袭击者发生反击,造成13名美国军事人员死亡,18人受伤,95名与美国合作的无辜阿富汗人丧生。不幸的是,假拜登行政人员与塔利班分享了情报,根据军方消息人士向格雷格·贾勒特报告的情报,塔利班制作了一份虚拟的"暗杀名单""深州" ISIS-K 部队。

"Trump destroyed ISIS and locked up the remaining terrorists at the Bagram Airport.Biden's Military abandoned Bagram,allowing the Taliban to release the ISIS terrorists.ISIS then became ISIS-K and attacked Kabul Airport,killing Americans and Afghans.The Afghanistan collapse has signaled world nations to abandon the Petro Dollar and cut off a main supplier of illegal drugs,guns and child sex trafficking across the globe.

"特朗普摧毁了伊斯兰国,并将剩余的恐怖分子关押在巴格拉姆机场。拜登的军队放弃了巴格拉姆,允许塔利班释放 ISIS 恐怖分子。后来 ISIS 变成了 is-k,袭击了喀布尔机场,杀害了美国人和阿富汗人。阿富汗的崩溃标志着世界各国放弃石油美元,切断全球非法毒品、枪支和儿童性交易的主要供应商。

"Afghanistan is the first liberated country with NO Deep State players in the government.They declared all masks and mandates done,as soon as the good Taliban took over.They burnt all the Opium fields.The real reason the Deep State America was in Afghanistan was the opium,controlled by the CIA rats.The Intel they gave they have fled to Switzerland in a DUMB's,near the CERN headquarters and a country in South America.I was told that the"Rods of God"might be used to destroy these DUMB's or has been.American left 85 billion of the equipment,the Alliance plan to give the Good Taliban to fight and jail ISIS-K.The CIA is being shut-down,thank GOD!!

"阿富汗是第一个解放国家,政府中没有深层国家的成员。他们宣布所有的面具和任务都完成了,一旦好的塔利班接管。他们烧掉了所有的鸦片田。深层美国在阿富汗的真正原因是由中央情报局的老鼠控制的鸦片。他们提供的情报已经逃到瑞士的 DUMB's,靠近欧洲核子研究中心总部和南美洲的一个国家。有人告诉我,"上帝的棍棒"可能被用来摧毁这些DUMB's的或已经被摧毁。美军留下了850亿的装备,联盟计划给善良的塔利班打击和监禁 is-k。感谢上帝,中情局被关闭了!

"The Three Gorges Dam has been totally disabled and does NOT produce electricity,even the 27 nuclear reactors that are underneath.The evil human experiments are cleaned out and the Adrenochrome processing.The 3GD may NOT be taken down,in light that the only thing left is the massive computer for the Bit Coin is there,and in Alliance hands,52%of the Bit Coin mining.


"Weather Wars,Storms:The Deep State has lost the ability of the HAARP but still can seed clouds and form severe weather.Ida was formed from the Africa continent,and was timed to be in New Orleans the same as many major storms in years past.They cannot influence as much,the Sierra Dust from the deserts does NOT allow the storms to be as large."

"气象战争,风暴:深州已经失去了 HAARP 的能力,但仍然可以播种云和形成恶劣的天气。艾达是从非洲大陆形成的,定在新奥尔良的时间和过去几年的许多大风暴一样。它们不能产生太大的影响,沙漠中的塞拉利昂沙尘暴不能使风暴变得那么大。"

D.Biden and Afghanistan:


130 Retired Generals,Admirals Issue Demand to Milley,Austin as Afghanistan Crisis Continues.https://newsyoucantrust.me/3kPU2RD

阿富汗危机仍在继续,130名退役将军向奥斯汀的米利发出 https://newsyoucantrust.me/3kpu2rd

IMPEACH HIM!Joe Biden asked the President of Afghanistan to LIE!In the transcript,Biden told Ghani to say that the fight against the Taliban was going well"whether it is true or not."The Afghan President responded,"Mr.President,we are facing a full-scale invasion…"


Even Biden's own staff were disgusted he left Americans behind:Anonymous White House officials say they are'horrified'citizens are still on the ground and we'failed a no-fail mission.'Some within Joe Biden's administration'horrified'with the Afghanistan withdrawal and do not view the mission as a success.


24 Sacramento School Children are STILL STRANDED IN AFGHANISTAN after ALL US Forces leave the country.The Taliban Prevented them from reaching the airport


The Taliban was moving American military equipment to Iran.


Biden calls Afghanistan withdrawal(leaving"only 10%of Americans"and$85 billion of US weapons behind as well as 13 soldiers killed)an"extraordinary success"while blaming Trump and others at the same time.After Biden finished reading his speech from the Teleprompter he disappeared without answering any questions from the press.


Russian media correspondent in Kabul claims Taliban commander told them US troops let their service dogs free as they evacuated and Taliban plans to put them back to service for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.


Roger Pardo-Maurer,former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs:"The Ministry of Defense knew in advance about the suicide bomber at the Kabul airport,but refused permission to launch a Predator Drone missile to prevent a terrorist attack."

美国西半球事务部前副助理国防部长 Roger Pardo-Maurer :"国防部事先知道喀布尔机场的自杀式炸弹袭击者,但拒绝发射捕食者无人机导弹以防止恐怖袭击。"

American military vehicles abandoned by Joe Biden and captured by the Taliban have been found inside Iran.


The Biden administration is sending Afghans who were lucky enough to escape from their country to the so-called wavering states,where they will be housed and fed.


Congressman Lauren Bobert calls Defense Secretary Austin"really sick"for his comments at a recent press briefing."We are fucking abandoning American citizens!"an angry army colonel wrote in internal leaked texts on Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Biden's approval rating drops to 47%,and 61%of American voters say they somewhat or strongly disapprove of Biden's plan to withdraw troops(Morning Consult/Politico poll)

拜登的支持率降至47%61%的美国选民表示,他们或多或少强烈反对拜登的撤军计划(Morning Consult/Politico 民调)

Biden:"The restriction on abortions in Texas"blatantly violates"US constitutional rights".


US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan confirms that the US will continue to support the Taliban.


The US Embassy in Dushanbe announced the implementation of a project to build new facilities along the Tajik-Afghan-Uzbek border.The new facility will allow the border service to deploy forces in border areas faster in response to threats.


24 students from Sacramento still remain in Afghanistan after US troops left the country–the Taliban did not allow them to get to the airport.


The Biden State Department left 600 of its own journalists in Afghanistan.


Pope Francis reproaches the United States and the West for the war in Afghanistan,quotes Putin and says that it is irresponsible to impose their values on others.


Mitch McConnell rejects calls for the impeachment of Biden-after daa raza actively advocated for the impeachment of Trump.

daa raza 积极主张弹劾特朗普之后,Mitch McConnell 拒绝弹劾拜登的呼吁。

52%of American voters believe that Joe Biden should resign for the historically disastrous surrender in Afghanistan and arming the enemy."I'm not going to go into the details of a private conversation,"Psaki said,answering a question about how Biden pressured the Afghan president to lie,according to a leaked transcript.


Biden again refuses to answer questions on Afghanistan,employees push reporters out of the Oval Office.


In recent days,some Democratic lawmakers have called from the White House,urging them to publicly defend the position of the Biden administration."We have consistently identified the risk of a rapid collapse of the Afghan government.We are also increasingly pessimistic about the government's chances of survival as the fighting season continues,"a senior intelligence official told CNN.

最近几天,一些民主党议员从白宫打来电话,敦促他们公开捍卫拜登政府的立场。"我们一直认为,阿富汗政府有迅速垮台的风险。随着战斗季节的继续,我们对政府的生存机会也越来越悲观。"一位高级情报官员告诉 CNN

The Taliban has given the green light for a cricket match between Australia and Afghanistan.


The Taliban:"Women will not be able to hold positions in the government."


Almost four years ago,Trump quite accurately warned against the consequences of a hasty withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.


The Taliban have surrounded the last province of Panjshir that they do not control.A member of the Taliban leadership,Amir Khan Mottaki,said that negotiations with the leaders of Panjshir province did not bring results,although the Taliban"made a lot of efforts".

塔利班已经包围了他们没有控制的最后一个 Panjshir 省份。塔利班领导人 Amir Khan Mottaki 说,与潘杰希尔省组织领导人的谈判没有取得结果,尽管塔利班"做了很多努力"

Democrats took a knee for George Floyd.When will they take a knee for the 13 service members that lost their lives because of an incompetent Democrat?Pelosi won't even allow their names to be read on the House floor.


President Donald J.Trump:"There is nothing disabled about the equipment that the United States gave to the Taliban.Just more made up lies!"

唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j.Trump)总统:"美国给塔利班的装备没有任何问题。只不过是更多的谎言!"

E.Tesla Free Energy:


Nikoka Tesla and Free Energy Cymatics full documentary(part 1 of 4).Bringing matter to life with sound.http://mirkokulig.com/english/"If you wish to understand the secrets of the universe,think in terms of energy,FREQUENCY&vibration."Those are NOT 3 separate entities.They're a unified ONE.Nikola Tesla~"Light,can be nothing other than sound waves in the Aether…Everything is the Light.">Magnetism>Polarized Light>Frequencies.UNFATHOMABLE amounts of frequencies exist in the universe to CONSTRUCT everything we see,hear&touch.It's incredible how they co-exist without interfering with one another negatively.Like trillions of different computer codes,but computer codes are just 1's&0's at their base.You'd think they'd eventually overlap&interfere with each other in a negative manner,yet they don't.Frequencies>Divine"LAW&ORDER."You think the Trump/Tesla connection endgame is just free energy?It's deeper than that.I don't give a SHIT about getting free energy.I want what's UNDERNEATH all that.WHAT Nikola Tesla knew.The TRUTH about nature&our origin.The main reason I push so hard to get people to SEE knowledge the occult cabal has stolen&hidden from us,is because vaccinations isn't the base core reason to pull your children out of indoctrination camps traditionally known as school.The more parents SEE what's being hidden from us,the easier it is to get them to push back against the cabal establishment.NO ONE wants to see their children lied to&manipulated.HOW can your children change the world for the better,if they're PURPOSEFULLY being held back from the get-go?Destructive interferences on our planet NEEDS to end.https://youtu.be/Pmsfuj1Rk9c

尼古卡特斯拉和自由能 Cymatics 完整的纪录片(1部分4)。用声音赋予物质生命。如果你希望了解宇宙的秘密,那么就从能量、频率和振动的角度来思考 http://mirkokulig.com/english/这些不是3个独立的实体。它们是统一的一体。尼古拉·特斯拉~"光,只能是以太中的声波......一切都是光。">磁性>偏振光>频率。宇宙中存在着数量惊人的频率,构成了我们所见、所听、所触的一切。令人难以置信的是,它们是如何共存的,而不会互相消极地干扰。就像数以万亿计的不同的计算机代码,但计算机代码在它们的基础上只是10。你可能会认为他们最终会以消极的方式重叠和干扰彼此,但是他们没有。频率>神圣的"法律与秩序"你认为特朗普/特斯拉关系的最后阶段只是免费能源?比这更深层次。我才不管什么免费能源。我想知道这一切背后的真相。尼古拉·特斯拉知道什么。关于自然的真理和我们的起源。我之所以如此努力地让人们了解神秘阴谋集团从我们这里偷走和隐藏的知识,主要是因为接种疫苗并不是把你的孩子从传统上被称为学校的教化营中拉出来的基本核心原因。父母越是看到我们隐藏的东西,就越容易让他们反击阴谋集团。没有人愿意看到自己的孩子被欺骗和操纵。如果你的孩子从一开始就有意识地被束缚住,他们怎样才能让世界变得更好呢?对我们星球的破坏性干扰必须停止。Https://youtu.be/pmsfuj1rk9c

Nuclear power plants in Illinois forced to shut down by 2025.Coal plants shutting now too.https://www.sj-r.com/story/news/politics/government/2021/09/01/illinois-governor-jb-pritzker-clean-energy-bill-state-power-plants/5672216001/


F.2020 Election Fraud:


Several clerks working inside the Supreme Court have confirmed that the Justices will be hearing the case to reinstate President Trump to his rightful place in the White House.IT IS HAPPENING!Judge Jeanine has more information and will publish the Breaking News on her Channel this week:https://t.me/Jeanine_Pirro_Official


The election cheating dam is leaking heavily(AZ).It's about to break wide-open(GA,PA,WI,MN,MI)"43,000 GEORGIA BALLOTS VIOLATED ELECTION LAW"~RSBN Also means,the winners of 2020 GA senatorial elections have been called incorrectly.FOC US ON THE AUDITS.

选举作弊大坝漏水严重(AZ)"43,000张格鲁吉亚选票违反了选举法"~RSBN 也就是说,2020年格鲁吉亚参议院选举的获胜者被错误地称为。美国审计委员会。

CBK:It has been 9 months since the stolen election,and Fox News is still covering it up.The whole world knows what really happened on November 3rd.


Lawyer Representing 17 Jan.6 Defendants Has Mysteriously Gone Missing:https://resistthemainstream.org/lawyer-representing-17-jan-6-defendants-has-mysteriously-gone-missing/?utm_source=telegram


Attorney Says Missing Ballots in These Three States Exceed Biden's Victory Margins https://resistthemainstream.org/attorney-says-missing-ballots-in-these-three-states-exceed-bidens-victory-margins/?utm_source=world

律师称这三个州的选票丢失超过拜登的胜利 https://resistthemainstream.org/Attorney-Says-Missing-Ballots-in-These-Three-States-Exceed-bidens-Victory-Margins/?utm_source=world

G.The Real News for Thurs.2 Sept.Whiplash347:


Hurricane Larry Category 4 Could Hit Eastern Coast:https://www.accuweather.com/en/hurricane/larry-to-become-seasons-next-major-hurricane/1010676


New York,New Jersey:JUST IN All subway services in New York City suspended due to severe flooding.FLASH FLOOD EMERGENCY warnings issued for parts of New Jersey and New York.Footage on social media captured a huge tornado in NJ,as heavy storms have carried over from Hurricane Ida.Echoes of Hurricane Ida.In the state of New York,a state of emergency was declared due to the threat of flooding.Governor Kathy Hokul urged residents not to get behind the wheel and not to leave the house.Due to flooding,the work of most of the city's subway was temporarily suspended.More than 200,000 electricity consumers in the northeastern United States were de-energized."We have witnessed a historic weather phenomenon with unprecedented rains and severe flooding,"said Mayor Bill de Blasio.Floodwaters gushing into homes in Brooklyn,New York.Thousands of cars are stranded.Countless rescues performed with more underway.https://www.reuters.com/world/us/new-york-city-mayor-declares-state-emergency-after-record-breaking-rain-2021-09-02/ 26 Dead as Footage Shows Significant Flooding in New York City and New Jersey

纽约,新泽西:由于严重的洪水,纽约市所有的地铁服务暂停。新泽西州和纽约州部分地区发布了洪水紧急警报。社交媒体上的镜头捕捉到了新泽西的一场巨大的龙卷风,当时伊达飓风带来了强烈的风暴。艾达飓风的回声。在纽约州,由于洪水的威胁,宣布进入紧急状态。州长凯西·霍库尔敦促居民不要开车,不要离开房子。由于洪水,该市大部分地铁工程暂停。200,000美国东北部的电力消费者被切断电源。市长白思豪(Bill de Blasio):"我们目睹了一场史无前例的降雨和严重的洪水,这是一个历史性的天气现象。"。洪水涌入纽约布鲁克林的家中。成千上万的汽车搁浅了。数不清的救援行动正在进行中。纽约市和新泽西州发生特大洪水,https://www.reuters.com/world/us/New-York-City-mayor-declares-state-emergency-after-record-breaking-rain-2021-09-02/26人遇难

New Jersey:Stunning video shows Runways and taxiways flooded at Teterboro Airport.Video shows Teterboro airport in NJ runways and taxiways completely flood after the record floods that cause catastrophic floods after remaining from tropical ida.


Washington DC:Dept of housing is empty.All the Buildings,buses,streets,metro,etc are empty Mon-Fri.The city fills up with tourists fri-sun.I took these photos Monday morning.The doors are locked at the other federal Buildings and they are protected by guards.No one is inside them that I can find.So many small biz are closed here forever…Richard Citizen Journalist


Phoenix,Arizona:Teachers who refuse to teach critical racial theory will be paid less than those who do.


France:Bikers Shut Down The Highways In France in a protest against tyranny.


Island of Martinique,France Territory:The vaccination center was burned down in Fort-de-France.Fort-de-France is the main city of the island of Martinique,an overseas territory of France.Recently,the French government ordered a curfew to be imposed on the entire island.This measure provoked the anger of the local population,who took to the streets to demonstrate their discontent.The situation was very tense,and the gendarmerie(the military unit responsible for police missions)used tear gas and grenades to disperse the crowd.In response,angry protesters set fire to the vaccination center,which is now not working.They also set up barricades.


China has thousands of Hydro Power projects it doesn't want.Demolish badly-planned dams,not badly constructed!Shut-down 40.000 dams!China will set up a STOCK EXCHANGE in Beijing–President Xi announces(Global Times).


Australian Truckies have successfully blocked all Routes into Sydney.Now Hold Fast.


Canada:Patriots once again speak out against Trudeau.His response:He doesn't care how many people protest and he will push forward with their plan.Huge crowd gathered in Vancouver,Canada to protest vaccine mandate.


Buryatia:An emergency mode has been declared in Buryatia due to floods.

Buryatia:由于洪水,Buryatia 已经宣布进入紧急状态。

Spain:Massive flooding after heavy rains washed away cars and furniture in Toledo,Spain.


Russia:Second Chernobyl.The fire has reached the main center of nuclear tests,the closed city of Sarov.

俄罗斯:第二个切尔诺贝利。大火已经蔓延到核试验的主要中心,封闭的 Sarov

Poland:Poland's president signs an order to impose a state of emergency for regions bordering Belarus after a sharp increase in illegal migration.


From The World Awakening:


Enraged parents came to a meeting of the California school board,where they demand to fire a radical teacher after the disclosure of Project Veritas.Let me remind you that the teacher has an Antifa flag hanging in the classroom,and he himself believes that left-wing people should be made from childhood.


Twitter is implementing a feature that automatically blocks accounts for"offensive behavior or offensive expressions".

Twitter 正在实施一项功能,自动屏蔽"冒犯性行为或冒犯性表达"的账户。

A student was killed after a shooting at a North Carolina high school,a suspect is at large.


H.Statement by Michael Jackson,the one and only King of Pop:I fully support my good friend Whiplash.He always tries to teach people the right way.Many people are angry with him.Those have sold their honor for money.And they even sold their souls to the devil.We are all aware of the reality of digital currency.They are afraid of digital currency.Because if you have digital currency,they cannot control you.The Illuminati are three hundred people,and they own eighty-two percent of the world's wealth.If my friend Whiplash supports digital currency and I believe in him,and he is moving in the right direction.He moves in a direction to destroy your controllers until you determine your own destiny.Haters will hate.Don't worry and Do the best.The Jacksons are producing a new album for the first time since 1989 with unpublished MJ songs.Title says Michael Jackson is meant to resurrect.The article is from Aug 29,MJ's Bday https://www.berliner-kurier.de/show/tito-jackson-neue-song-von-michael-auf-album-der-the-jacksons-li.179638

流行音乐之王迈克尔·杰克逊的声明:我完全支持我的好朋友 Whiplash。他总是试图用正确的方法教人。许多人对他很生气。那些人为了钱出卖了他们的荣誉。他们甚至把自己的灵魂出卖给了魔鬼。我们都知道数字货币的现实。他们害怕数字货币。因为如果你有数字货币,他们就无法控制你。光照派有300人,他们拥有世界82%的财富。如果我的朋友 Whiplash 支持数字货币,我也相信他,他正在朝着正确的方向前进。他朝着一个方向前进,摧毁你们的控制者,直到你们决定自己的命运。仇恨者会仇恨。不要担心,做到最好。杰克逊一家自1989年以来第一次制作了一张新专辑,里面有未发行的 MJ 歌曲。标题说迈克尔·杰克逊打算复活。这篇文章发表于829日,MJ 的生日 https://www.berliner-kurier.de/show/tito-jackson-neue-song-von-michael-auf-album-der-The-jacksons-li.179638

I.International Child Sex Trafficking:


15,000 children have crossed the border.5,000 are missing.Where are the children?


The below were published in 2018,the facts of which were just now coming to Light.


Pope Francis,eleven others found guilty of abduction,trafficking,ritual torture and murder of children:http://beforeitsnews.com/v3/celebrities/2018/2475455.html


Hanks,Streep,Spielberg,Lucus,Nicolson,Spacey Accused of Child Sex Trafficking Parties While Trump Cleans the Swamp:



Clinton Child Sex Trafficking Network Uncovered:http://beforeitsnews.com/celebrities/2018/07/clinton-child-sex-trafficking-network-uncovered-2475435.html


J.COVID Vax Hoax:Listen:Rock Legend Eric Clapton Releases'This Has Gotta Stop'COVID Protest Song(resistthemainstream.org)

:摇滚传奇人物 Eric Clapton 发布了一首 COVID 抗议歌曲,resistthemainstream.org:This Has Got ta Stop

Human rights activists of Kazakhstan have discovered that a certain standard has been posted on the website of the National Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health,which(when approved)will give the legal right to take children from any parent and conduct medical experiments with them,including vaccinating them without parental consent.If this document is approved,the same fascist method is possible in Kazakhstan,which was used recently in Australia:helpless children were driven into the stadium like sheep to the slaughter.Parents could not break through the police cordon.The children were vaccinated,after which three children died from taking the vaccine at the stadium,several were hospitalized in serious condition.The initiator of the document:UNICEF.He has long since invaded all the ministries,but not with good intentions.https://www.frontnieuws.com/australische-legerveteraan-3-van-de-24-000-gevaccineerde-kinderen-in-het-stadion-zijn-nu-dood/


Dr.Robert Malone:"My Gravest Concerns on Universal Vaccination"–Injections and Injunctions.Dr.Robert Malone,Originator of MRNA Technology and Consultant Both to Industry and Government in Product Development and Biodefense,Underlines Some of His Gravest Concerns About the Current Policy of Universal Vaccination.One Of These Is the Emerging Evidence of Antibody Dependent Enhancement(Ade),An Adverse Event Typical of Previous Coronavirus Vaccines,In Which the Disease Is Made Worse by Vaccination.Another Is The"Horizontal Integration"Of Big Pharma,Big Tech,Governments and The Corporate Media That Undermines Such Evidence and Hushes Such Concerns.Further Reading Based on Dr.Malone's Comment,"In This Period of Time,Particularly in The Israeli Data,Also In The UK Data,And Perhaps There's Signs Of It In For Instance In A Massachusetts Study,That…Vaccinated People Are Being Infected In A High Frequency"


Two Senior FDA Officials Resign Over DISAGREEMENT WITH BIDEN WHITEHOUSE on Covid Booster Shots.


In the Fall,an increase in mortality is expected among those who have delivered vaccines.And the conclusions will not indicate that these people are vaccinated.States are now deciding how to blame the unvaccinated for this,and not the vaccines themselves.For this purpose,booster vaccinations(revaccination)have been developed.As with the first two doses,those who died after the first or second,but before they should have had an immune response(two weeks),are recorded as patients with"death from Covid-19".So now people who have received only two doses will be officially considered unvaccinated if they have not received a booster vaccination.


There are 800,000 registered sex offender's in the United States and they don't carry a card because it"violates their privacy."


High school students in Highlands Ranch,Colorado walked out of class to protest against masks.


Whiplash347,Robert:So there are groups on facebook for Canada that have amassed over 200k local businesses not enforcing any vax pass or mandates that the Ontario government has just announced.BC also.Ontario group is called:Ontario Businesses Against Health Pass.Has grown to 100k in a days.On top of that.Toronto Police department will not enforce the bs mandates of vax passes.Confirmed through officers friends(municipal and provincial.Ie opp).They protest tomorrow in Toronto Canada.

347,罗伯特:所以在 facebook 上有一些为加拿大服务的小组,他们聚集了超过20万的本地企业,没有强制执行安大略省政府刚刚宣布的任何疫苗通行证或强制令。BC 也是。安大略省集团被称为:安大略省企业反健康通行证。在一天内增长到10万。除此之外。多伦多警察局不会强制执行疫苗通行证的 b 级授权。通过官员朋友确认(省市)Ie opp).他们明天在加拿大多伦多举行抗议活动。

Another Lot of COVID-19 Vaccines Suspended After Black Material Found in Vial:https://newsyoucantrust.me/3mVLsDS


Who's Really Being Hospitalized?https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_morningbrief/whos-really-being-hospitalized_3963392.html

谁在真正的医院 https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_morningbrief/whos-Really-Being-hospitalized_3963392.html

The CDC is asking unvaccinated Americans to avoid traveling this coming weekend."First of all,if you are not vaccinated,we recommend that you refrain from traveling,"agency director Rochelle Walenski said at a briefing of the COVID-19 response team.

美国疾病控制与预防中心要求未接种疫苗的美国人避免在这个周末外出旅行。首先,如果你没有接种疫苗,我们建议你避免旅行,该机构的负责人 Rochelle Walenski 2019冠状病毒疾病应对小组的简报会上说。

Italy yesterday extended the validity of the vaccine passport to trains,planes,buses and ferries.The protesters plan to block railway traffic.


A federal judge prohibits Western Michigan University from introducing a mandatory Covid vaccine for athletes.

一位联邦法官禁止西密歇根大学对运动员采用强制性的 Covid 疫苗。

Two high-ranking FDA officials resigned due to disagreements with Biden in the White House about injections"against"Covid.

两名 FDA 高级官员由于在白宫与拜登就针对"ovid"注射的问题存在分歧而辞职。

In Florida,they will start issuing fines in the amount of$5,000 to businesses,schools and public institutions that require people to present a document confirming vaccination.


WHO:"The Delta strain has been detected in 170 countries around the world."


GETTING CLOSER TO[EXPOSING]WHO CREATED CANCER AND ALL THE PANDEMICS Dr Judy Mikovits joins Mike Adams and she's dismayed,that despite all of her best efforts to warn people for the past year and the best efforts of people like Dr Luc Montagnier,Dr Dolores Cahill,Dr Sherri Tenpenny and many others who predicted this mass murder,and yet it happened,anyway.


"100 million Americans have been injected with a synthetic virus with…the most dangerous spike protein,consisting of HIV,XMRV and SARS."

"1亿美国人被注射了一种合成病毒......最危险的尖峰蛋白,包括艾滋病毒、XMRV SARS"


1984年以来,每次大流行的背后都是 FAUCI

She reminds us that the lab origins of the current pandemic are hardly novel;that every"pandemic"has had lab origins since 1984,when Anthony Fauci started working at the NIAID,starting with AIDS.


"HIV/AIDS;you'll remember the story of how we were lied to by Tony Fauci,Bob Gallo,the people at the top of NIH,CDC,FDA,even then.So the scenario,the game plan is exactly the same…

"艾滋病毒/艾滋病;你会记得我们是如何被 Tony FauciBob GalloNIHCDCFDA 的高层人士欺骗的故事。所以这个场景,这个游戏计划是完全一样的..

"We knew the spike protein,alone,the envelope protein,alone is the disease,so they can all backtrack,because they just injected everyone in the world with a synthetic deadly virus.They injected the poison.The word'virus'means'poison'and they injected it into everybody in the world,so they can back off now,because they've accomplished their end game.You will have customers for life and you will succeed at mass-murder.


"You're going to kill everyone with HIV,you're going to kill the 6%of America that had XMRV,when we were supposedly debunked.Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus is the mouse's syncytin gene.So we knew the mouse virus was in everybody from the vaccines.We knew the flu vaccine put people at risk of dying of COVID…what I think what everybody has to wake up to is NEVER,EVER,EVER get another shot and we will never,ever,ever see another pandemic.

"你会杀死所有携带艾滋病毒的人,你会杀死6%携带 XMRV 的美国人,而我们本应该被揭穿。嗜异莫洛尼鼠白血病病毒是小鼠的合胞体蛋白基因。所以我们从疫苗中知道,每个人体内都有老鼠病毒。我们知道流感疫苗使人们面临死于疟疾的危险......我认为每个人都应该清醒过来,永远,永远,永远不要再打一针,我们永远,永远,永远不会看到另一场大流行。



"We've been creating these in our labs my entire career.This was my job."She says their motivation is"To kill people and cover up these crimes.Remember,they're cremating people,so you can't realize it was the vaccine strain,so you can't realize that we were right in 2011,in 1984…


"When our paper,that was ultimately published in Science,in October of 2009…and the entire upper echelons of the government realized that these things were coming out of our laboratories and they re-wrote history then.They called it…an'unintended spread of a Biosafety Level 2 contaminant.'


"It's not'Biosafety Level 2',when it's contagious cancer,contagious prostate cancer,contagious ovarian cancer,lung cancer!And who are the people now,who they're inoculating?We never inoculated an AIDS patient!They have an acquired immune dysfunction or deficiency!They can't make an appropriate antibody or immune response of any kind,that's why they're sick.So why,now would you inject them,if the intention is now to kill them and call it'COVID'–it's not COVID!You created the cancer.You created the disease and now you're murdering the victims to cover up your crimes…

"如果是传染性前列腺癌、传染性卵巢癌、肺癌,那就不是'生物安全等级2'了!现在他们给谁打预防针?我们从不给艾滋病人接种疫苗!他们有获得性免疫功能障碍或缺陷!他们不能产生适当的抗体或任何形式的免疫反应,这就是他们生病的原因。那么为什么,现在你会注射它们,如果目的是现在杀死它们并称之为"Covid"——这不是 Covid!你制造了癌症。你制造了这种疾病现在你谋杀受害者来掩盖你的罪行..

"We've been lied to for 40 years…[HIV]was spread by a Hepatitis vaccination program with a contaminated vaccine.Who dies in the first wave of HIV?All the people that had HIV and XMRV;mouse viruses from a contaminated blood supply.This is what our book showed…

"我们已经被欺骗了40......[艾滋病毒]是通过接种受污染疫苗的肝炎疫苗计划传播的。谁会在第一波 HIV 病毒中死去?所有感染艾滋病毒和 XMRV 的人;来自被污染的血液供应的小鼠病毒。这就是我们的书所展示的..

"You mean you can't mix animal tissue,aborted fetal tissue;that you're actually injecting into the most vulnerable people another animal's virome?And other viruses?Mycoplasma,mold,Borrelia,think of the explosion of so-called'tick-borne diseases',chronic Lyme disease.No,they're not tick-borne,when you have no possibility for exposure.They're injected!Animal cell lines all have ticks!Mycoplasma,mold,Borrelia,animals get bit in farms.Our animals are vaccinated heavily with these toxic things,activating their viromes to be expressed and when you inject it,you don't need a transmissable virus.


K."Twenty Two Faces:inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities,"by Judy Byington,Foreword by Dr.Colin A.Ross,M.D.RAW:Dr.Colin Ross–Robert David Steele

22 Faces:inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two multiple personalityby Judy ByingtonForeword by dr.Colin a.Rossm.d.RAW:dr.Colin Ross-罗伯特·大卫·斯蒂尔

Jenny Hill's witness to a Satanic Child Sacrifice Rite:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F626Lsrdwg4


WARNING:Jenny gave a graphic description about how she at the tender age of five,was raped,tortured,forced to view a Child Sacrifice and save for Divine intervention,was almost killed herself–not unlike the sordid experiences of thousands of other child victims of Satanic Worshippers.Perpetrators worshipping Satan appeared to be organized from the US Inc's CIA,Queen Elizabeth's,Illuminati Banking families'and Vatican's Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult on down to the Clintons,Hollywood,Pizzagate and local teenage covens.They were funded by this same Cabal that ran our global monetary system–the very organization that was in the process of being brought down by activation of the Global Currency Reset.It's no wonder that President Trump has stated,"These people are sick."

警告:珍妮生动地描述了她如何在5岁的时候,被强奸,折磨,被迫观看儿童祭祀仪式,并且为了拯救 Divine Intervention(电影),差点自杀——这和其他成千上万撒旦崇拜者的儿童受害者的肮脏经历没什么两样。崇拜撒旦的犯罪者似乎来自美国公司的中央情报局,伊丽莎白女王的,光照派银行家庭和梵蒂冈的第九圈儿童祭祀邪教组织,下至克林顿,好莱坞,Pizzagate 和当地的青少年聚会。他们是由管理我们全球货币体系的同一个阴谋集团资助的——正是这个组织正处于被全球货币复位激活而垮台的过程中。难怪特朗普总统会说,"这些人都病了。"

L.Satanic Holidays:Sat.7 Sept.2021 was the next major Satanic Holiday called Marriage to the Satanic Beast Satan.It was celebrated by local,global elite and international Satanic Covens with blood,sexual human sacrifice and dismemberment of an female age infant to 21–followed by eating their flesh and drinking their Adrenochromed blood–all according to the Occult Calendar of Demonic Holidays put together by therapists from childhood accounts of their Satanic Ritually Abused clients.


Be aware of Satanic activities in your neighborhood and help save mind controlled children and teens being forced to participate in the rape,torture and murder of themselves and other children.


Months in advance Satan worshippers planned for their holidays by kidnapping children and teens,while commonly perpetrators impregnated preteens and teens to produce their own victims.The babies,children and teens were starved,tortured and used in sex orgies in preparation for human sacrifice rites.


Please report suspected Satanic activities to your local law enforcement.Since Satanists were known to infiltrate police departments,cover your tracks by also contacting U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE):https://www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form and the Federal Human Trafficking Website:https://www.state.gov/humantrafficking/

请向当地执法部门报告可疑的撒旦活动。因为众所周知撒旦教徒会渗透到警察局,所以你可以通过联系美国移民与海关执法局来掩盖你的行踪:美国移民与海关执法 https://www.ICE.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form 和联邦人口贩卖网站:https://www.state.gov/humantrafficking/

Called To Rescue


A non-profit which rescues children who have been abused or trafficked


855-646-5484 http://www.calledtorescue.org/

You Can Anonymously Report Trafficked and Abused Children


If you wished to join the effort in saving children from international sex trafficking,contact Tim Ballard at Operation Underground Railroad and/or the non-profit organization,Saving Innocence.https://ourrescue.org/ https://savinginnocence.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT4tmI8YxCU&feature=emb_rel_end

如果你想加入拯救国际性交易中的儿童的行列,请联系地下铁路行动组织和/或非营利组织保护协会的 Tim Ballard,拯救无辜。Https://ourrescue.org/https://savinginnocence.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft4tmi8yxcu&feature=emb_rel_end m.

M.The Global Currency Reset and NESARA/GESARA was all about the Children

全球货币重置和 NESARA/GESARA 都是关于孩子们的这不是钱的问题。

It's not about the money.It's about the children–the thousands of malnourished and traumatized children who in honor of Satan,were being raped and murdered so their Elite Perpetrators could supposedly gain power and rule the world.The first official act President Trump made the morning before he was sworn into office was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters and declare a war on an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring run by these global elites.Let us fast and pray for these millions of little ones who were right now being rescued from Cabal underground tunnels across the globe,and tortured and killed by Satanic Covens right next door.Let us also pray for those Military Troops worldwide who were risking their own lives to save them.The ancient doctrine of Fasting and Prayer was explained here at the 10:30:32 mark:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mb9gU6DmKs

它是关于儿童的——成千上万的营养不良和精神受到创伤的儿童,为了纪念撒旦,他们被强奸和谋杀,这样他们的精英肇事者就可以获得权力和统治世界。特朗普总统在宣誓就职前的第一个上午采取的官方行动是访问中央情报局总部,向这些全球精英经营的国际儿童性交易集团宣战。让我们斋戒祈祷,为这几百万的小孩子祈祷,他们现在正从全球各地的阴谋地下通道中被营救出来,并且正在被隔壁的邪恶巫师所折磨和杀害。让我们也为世界各地冒着生命危险拯救他们的军队祷告。古老的禁食和祈祷教义在10:30:32这里得到了解释:我现在没有,也从来没有收到过写我的更新和文章的 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mb9gu6dmks

Judy Note:I do not now,nor have I ever,received monies for writing my Updates and articles.The compensation has been in having outlets to help Save the Children by exposing truths about the very secretive Satanic Ritual Abuse,Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice that was rampant in our international society.


The above was a summary of information from the Internet.It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.


I will send the Safe Link Website out when I find out what it is,plus it will be posted on several Dinar Websites.It is my understanding that by linking into the Safe Link Website it will generate a Non Disclosure Agreement to sign in order to obtain redemption/exchange appointments.


After signing that Non Disclosure I will be unable to email,post or talk to anyone about the exchange process for 90 days,so I will be going silent and taking those 90 days to get my humanitarian project organized and going.


This is not a goodbye.I expect to be working with many of you in the near future.I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know you.You will remain in my heart forever.


A huge Thank You to those dedicated and brave Intel providers who wished to remain unknown;to humble Wildfire Lady who is adept at exposing the truth;to Martha who has unceasingly worked around the clock to discern what is real in the fake news;to Brad who does great research;to Bonni B who exposes the underlying causes of what is really happening and to Ken who uncovers almost unlimited Intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

一个巨大的感谢你给那些献身和勇敢的英特尔提供者谁希望保持不为人知;谦虚的野火女士谁善于揭露真相;玛莎谁已经不断工作24小时辨别什么是真实的假新闻;布拉德谁做了伟大的研究;邦尼 b 谁暴露了什么是真正发生的根本原因和肯谁揭示几乎无限的英特尔恋童癖帮助我们拯救儿童。

Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be.I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together,we will make life better for all.

让我们感谢 q,重置终于来了。我祝愿你们在人道主义努力中一切顺利,并期待着在另一方看到你们,我们将共同努力,使所有人的生活更加美好。

Patience is a Virtue.Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being.Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.And,we will!!!...Judy




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