2022年11月1日: 不是我们想的那样; 运用洞察力|星际飞船地球

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 November 1, 2022
星际飞船地球: 大图片2022年11月1日

2022年11月1日: 不是我们想的那样; 运用洞察力|星际飞船地球


It’s gearing up to be a bleak winter for the deep state. Their darkest days will soon be upon them.


There are countless signs everywhere that The Plan is being executed. Here’s another case of the typical scapegoat, “technical glitch” when we know very well the new Quantum Financial System is being rolled out and this is probably related to the updating of the financial systems at the Toronto Stock Exchange.


TSX reopens after ‘connection issue’ briefly halted all stock trading Tuesday


2022年11月1日: 不是我们想的那样; 运用洞察力|星际飞船地球

It just gets better and better with Elon Musk. The new Chief Twit fired a whole whack of Twats AND— Link to Telegram.

和埃隆 · 马斯克在一起真是越来越棒了。新上任的特威特首领开了一整枪“与电报链接”。

BREAKING: Twitter has frozen some employee access to internal tools used for content moderation and other policy enforcement, curbing the staff’s ability to clamp down on “misinformation” ahead of the midterms.

爆炸性新闻: Twitter 冻结了一些员工使用内容审查和其他政策执行的内部工具的权限,限制了员工在中期选举前打击“错误信息”的能力。

2022年11月1日: 不是我们想的那样; 运用洞察力|星际飞船地球

See what they’ve been up to? Buh-bye demonrats. The Patriots are in control.

看到他们在做什么了吗? 再见了,爱国者控制了一切。


The dimms are so afraid of what is going to be revealed about their crimes and treason, sedition, murder, theft, you name it. They no longer have control over all the media. Look at Tucker Carlson. There is nothing he won’t talk about any more. Enjoy the show.

那些傻瓜们非常害怕他们的罪行会被揭露叛国,煽动叛乱,谋杀,盗窃,你能想到的都会被揭露。他们不再控制所有的媒体。看看 Tucker Carlson。他什么都愿意说。好好欣赏吧。

It was predicted that Trump’s Twitter account would be reinstated on October 31, and it may well have been. He will choose the perfect moment for his first Tweet, I suspect. I do expect him to Tweet again—even if it’s only the ONE.

据预测,特朗普的 Twitter 账户将于10月31日恢复,而且很可能已经恢复。我怀疑,他会选择一个完美的时机发布他的第一条推文。我确实希望他能再次发微博ーー即使只发一条。

2022年11月1日: 不是我们想的那样; 运用洞察力|星际飞船地球

Do you have your secret decoder ring polished up and at the ready? We’re going to need a Masters in Discernment in the coming days because the “news” is just bizarre. There will be quite a few patriots with an M.D. designation after their names when this is all over.


Hacked Phone Of British Leader Links Male Prostitute Attack On Paul Pelosi To Russian Mafia 


The governments in many countries are in a shambles and the natives are restless, on the streets, and showing their dissatisfaction in overt ways.


Iran is a big thing right now, and it sounds like the White Hats are setting the stage for the war. Link to Telegram.


– BREAKING: Saudi Arabia has shared intelligence with the United States warning of an imminent attack from Iran

重大新闻: 沙特阿拉伯与美国分享情报警告伊朗即将发动攻击

Saudi officials claim that the Islamic Republic is preparing for an attack on the Kingdom, as well as Iraqi Kurdistan.


The US has said it is ready to respond in case of any attack.


2022年11月1日: 不是我们想的那样; 运用洞察力|星际飞船地球

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


In Brazil BIG things are simmering away on the back burner and about to boil over. Bolsonaro has NOT conceded to Lula.


The update from Brazil after their election was stolen: Link to Telegram.

巴西大选后的最新消息被盗: 链接到 Telegram。

BREAKING: The airport in Sao Paulo has reportedly been blocked by Bolsonaro supporters

重大新闻: 据报道,博索纳罗的支持者封锁了圣保罗机场

And if you haven’t heard, the military is rumoured to be planning an audit of the election there.


Rumors are circulating that the military will do an audit of Brazil’s elections.有传言说军方将对巴西的选举进行审计。
Remember what Bolsonaro said a week ago that he is confident because the military surrounds him and the armed forces were performing an active and relevant role?还记得博索纳罗一个星期前说过的话吗? 他说他有信心,因为军队包围了他,武装部队发挥了积极和相关的作用?
Bolsonaro clearly knew what was going to happen and he prepared accordingly.博索纳罗清楚地知道将会发生什么,他也做了相应的准备。
He’s using a Trump-like playbook.他在使用特朗普式的战术。
Boom. 砰。



2022年11月1日: 不是我们想的那样; 运用洞察力|星际飞船地球

The intel you may have missed, though… Link to Telegram.

不过你可能错过的情报... 链接到电报。

like I said.. TRUMP gave MIL COMMUNICATION COMMANDS PUBLICLY on live TV….. By standing by The 11. Flags and 3 flags positioned on both sides of him/// these are COMMANDS and WARNINGS 2022年11月1日: 不是我们想的那样; 运用洞察力|星际飞船地球….. Is beginning the overt operations in several countries..as CHINA fought off it’s COUP and secured it’s own 11.3 style military protocols and Saudi Arabia does the same and IRAN starts cleaning house silent massive arrests //// These COMMs by TRUMP is for world operations

就像我说的。.特朗普在电视直播中公开发布了军事通信指令... ..。站在11分局旁边。旗帜和3个旗帜位于他的两侧///这些是命令和警告... ..。正在几个国家展开公开行动。.随着中国击退了政变,确保了自己11.3式的军事协议,沙特阿拉伯也做了同样的事情,伊朗开始清理门户,无声的大规模逮捕////这些特朗普的通讯是为世界行动准备的

Remember that concert in the US with multiple injuries and satanic goings-on? Here’s more similar activity from the alleged “stampede” recently in Seoul. The psychopaths are going to do their worst in the coming days as they writhe in their death throes. Link to Telegram for video.

还记得在美国的那场演唱会吗? 那场演唱会有多人受伤,还发生了恶魔般的事情?以下是最近在首尔发生的所谓“踩踏事件”中更多类似的活动。在接下来的日子里,这些精神病患者将会做出最坏的事情,因为他们在死亡的痛苦中挣扎。链接到视频电报。

Warning Graphic Video2022年11月1日: 不是我们想的那样; 运用洞察力|星际飞船地球


All their hearts stopped at the same time. Let that sink in.


A surge of people that produces a stampede will produce Blunt force trauma and asphyxiation. Historically we have found not one case of mass cardiac arrest all at the same time from a stampede of people except the Travis Scott concert. Of which the heart attacks came hours after the stampede and live feed video of the concert showed isolated incidences.

如果人潮汹涌,引发踩踏事件,将导致钝挫伤和窒息。历史上除了特拉维斯 · 斯科特的演唱会之外我们没有发现任何一例大规模心脏骤停的病例都是由于人群蜂拥而至造成的。其中心脏病发作是在踩踏事件发生数小时后发生的,音乐会现场直播视频显示了个别事件。

This was not a stampede that caused this. The stampede was the cover.


This is something else. Something scary. Something serious. I don’t know if this is 5G weaponization, directed energy or frequency weapon… I don’t know if these people were vaccinated and this is nanotech at work. Whatever it is, it is real. Stay vigilant out there.

这是另一回事。恐怖的东西。很严重的事。我不知道这是5G 武器,定向能量武器还是频率武器... 我不知道这些人是否接种过疫苗,这是纳米技术在起作用。不管是什么,都是真的。保持警惕。


South Korea police admit ‘heavy responsibility’ for Halloween stampede deaths


Just in case you have trouble believing that the new technologies promised are light years ahead of where we are currently, it’s possible these updates are because of what will be released for us soon. It’s real. Article below. Link to Telegram.


New Chip Transmits Entire Internet’s Traffic In Less Than A Second


Hard drives everywhere cried out in pain as scientists announced a breakthrough in network speed. The gigaboffins over at the Technical University of Denmark (which is, technically, a university in Denmark) have used a new kind of ‘photonic chip’ to transmit data at a whopping 1.84 petabits per second, a record for a single chip, and nearly double the bandwidth of the entire internet. All this through just a tiny fiber optic cable.


Unlike other fiber optic transmission methods, this new chip splits the datastream into multiple colors, 37 to be exact, which themselves are then split again into 223 different frequencies of light. By carefully selecting the frequencies, the scientists were able to broadcast multiple chunks of data in parallel, achieving ludicrous speeds. The speed is so great that not even Hunter Biden’s laptop itself can handle the amount of data this chip can transmit. (RT)

与其他光纤传输方法不同,这种新芯片将数据流分成多种颜色,确切地说是37种,然后再将其分成223种不同频率的光。通过精心选择频率,科学家们能够并行传播多个数据块,达到荒谬的速度。这种芯片的传输速度如此之快,以至于连亨特•拜登(Hunter Biden)的笔记本电脑本身都无法处理这种芯片所能传输的数据量。(RT)


Below is a prediction on the US midterm election which is only 6 days away. Maybe. We’ll see if it is delayed or not, because… the fraud is impossible to hide and, let’s say it together… “Fraud vitiates everything.” Election null and void. Would the real winner please step forward?

以下是对距离美国中期选举只有6天的预测。也许吧。我们会看看是否延迟,因为... 欺诈是不可能隐藏的,让我们一起说... “欺诈使一切失效”选举无效。真正的赢家请上前一步?

Trump Vindicated: Florida Election Crimes Office Files Massive Complaint Over Alleged Ballot Harvesting
The Florida Office of Election Crimes and Security has recommended the State Police open a full criminal investigation into a complaint by a Democrat whistleblower of an extensive and lengthy ballot harvesting enterprise among Black communities.

特朗普证明了自己的正确性: 佛罗里达州选举犯罪办公室对所谓的收集选票行为提起大规模投诉佛罗里达州选举犯罪和安全办公室建议州警方对一名民主党告密者的投诉展开全面的刑事调查,该告密者指控黑人社区中存在一个广泛而漫长的收集选票行为。



There is so much more I could share but it’s 5:00 and Eli needs his walk. Ciao.  ~ BP


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