柯博拉访谈|2022柯博拉访谈WLMM & IGAG & PFC 日本 (第二部分)

2022年11月2日14:56:43柯博拉访谈柯博拉访谈|2022柯博拉访谈WLMM & IGAG & PFC 日本 (第二部分)已关闭评论1.1K2阅读模式

在采访的第二部分,Cobra 回答了许多关于当前形势和扬升计划的问题

柯博拉访谈|2022柯博拉访谈WLMM & IGAG & PFC 日本 (第二部分)


We Love Mass Meditation, International Golden Age Group and Prepare for Change Japan Official had organized an interview with Cobra to go through various topics

我们爱集体冥想,国际黄金时代团队和PFC日本官员组织了一次与 Cobra 的访谈,讨论各种话题

In the second part of the interview, Cobra answered many questions about the current situation and the Ascension Plan.

在采访的第二部分,Cobra 回答了许多关于当前形势和扬升计划的问题。

Here is the recording of the interview on our YouTube channel:

以下是我们 YouTube 频道的采访录音:


Special thanks to the International Golden Age Group and PFC Japan Official for their great support on this interview.


Below is the transcript of the interview:


Hoshino: Hello everyone. My name is Hoshino. Today is October 24th, 2022. After the first part of the interview last month, we are continuing with our interview with Cobra to talk about the latest situation update, Ascension Plan, and other topics. Without further ado, I will let Terry-san to ask the questions.

星野: 大家好。我叫星野。今天是20221024日。在上个月的第一部分采访之后,我们将继续我们对 Cobra 的采访,谈论最新的情况更新、扬升计划和其他话题。言归正传,我会让 terry 先生来提问。

Part 1: Situation Update

第一部分: 最新情况

Terry: It has been a really intense month since the last interview a month ago, but since then, we feel there are some positive signs. Would you be able to give us an update on the latest situation?

terry: 自从一个月前的最后一次访谈以来,这是一个非常紧张的月份,但是从那以后,我们觉得有一些积极的迹象。你能告诉我们最新的情况吗?

Cobra: I will give an update on the blog directly when it's time to give an update.


Terry: I see. But do you have anything to say at this moment?

Terry: 我明白了,但是你现在有什么要说的吗?

Cobra: No.


Terry: Okay. Understood. The next question, how is the implant removal process going? Is it close to completion?

Terry: 好的,我明白了。下一个问题,植入物移除的进展如何? 是否接近完成?

Cobra: There is some progress, but there is still quite much to go. So it is still far from completion. Implant removal process is the most challenging part of the whole operation, and it's proceeding nicely, but there is still some time to go.


Terry: Do you have any estimation [of] how long it may take more?

Terry: 你估计需要多长时间?

Cobra: It's classified.


Terry: Understood. The next question. What does the death of the Spiderman video on the October 13th update suggest? Does it mean the removal of the Chimera?

Terry: 明白。下一个问题。1013日更新的蜘蛛侠视频的死亡意味着什么?这是否意味着奇美拉的移除?

Cobra: Yes. Certain key members of that Chimera group have been removed. Some of those spider beings have been removed finally.


Terry: Does it mean that video was something connected to Chimera?

Terry: 这是不是意味着视频和奇美拉有关?

Cobra: Yeah.


Terry: I see. Great. Thank you very much. And next question, would you agree that we as the surface population are ready for the First Contact now?

Terry: 我明白了。好极了。非常感谢。下一个问题,你是否同意我们作为地表人口已经准备好进行第一次接触?

Cobra: I would say a very small percentage of the most awakened star people on the planet are ready for the First Contact. Everybody else is not ready and will never be ready. It will just happen and they will be forced to face the reality as it unfolds. They will be presented with the facts as they unfold. It is the only way to go. We cannot wait for everybody to wake up. It's not possible. So the First Contact will happen as soon as it is physically safe for the operation to start, and then it'll happen. (I see) Because the critical mass of the Lightworkers have decided and voted for the First Contact, and it'll happen.


Terry: I see. Great. So does it means that it could really happen, for example, within this year?

Terry: 我明白了。太好了。那么这是否意味着它真的可能发生,比如说,在今年之内?

Cobra: I cannot comment on that, but I will say as soon as it is safe, as soon as the dark threats are removed, the First Contact will happen according to the entry protocols or the Contact Dish project. All that will be discussed and the best course of action will be taken regarding the situation at that particular moment, how things will unfold. But yes, First Contact is in plans and it will happen as soon as it's physically safe to do so. 


Part 2: Ascension Plan

第二部分: 升天计划

Terry: Wow, great. Thank you very much. The next question, in the book "Magic Presence" authored by Godfré Ray King, it is mentioned that a device known as "Atomic Accelerator" can boost a physical body into a superconductive state. Is this device the same as Ascension chamber?

Terry: 哇,太棒了。非常感谢。下一个问题,在戈弗雷(Godfré Ray King)所著的《魔力的存在》(Magic Presence)一书中,提到了一种被称为"原子加速器"(Atomic Accelerator)的装置,它可以将物理身体推进到超导状态。这个装置和升天室一样吗?


Cobra: Yes.


Terry: Oh, really! So that means Ascension Chamber already exists physically?

Terry: 哦,真的吗? 这么说升天室已经存在了?

Cobra: Yes, of course. Yes, of course.


Terry: I see. So that means can we use it?

Terry: 我明白了。所以我们可以用它吗?

Cobra: Those who are ready for their Ascension process will be able to use it after the Event when they are at that state of consciousness that allows their physical body and their consciousness to undergo that process.


Terry: I see. So that means that we can use that Chamber only after the Event, not before the Event.

Terry: 我明白了。这意味着我们只能在事件发生之后使用那个密室,而不是在事件发生之前。

Cobra: Yes, of course. Yes, of course.


Terry: I see. Understood. Thank you. And will some members of the surface population join the underground Agarthan network instead of moving to the Pleiades or reaching Ascension?

Terry: 我明白了。明白。谢谢。地表人口中的一些成员会加入地下的阿加森网络,而不是移动到昴宿星团或到达扬升吗?

Cobra: Okay. Very, very few members of the surface population are planned to go underground into the Agarthan network. Most of them will stay on the surface, face their own fears, face their own psychological issues until the polar shift. Also a very small percentage of people will reach Ascension on the planet or move to other star systems. The majority of humanity will just go through a, I would say, awakening and clearing process.


Terry: I see. Then, what are the differences for that? The people who may be going into a Agarthan network and going into Ascension.

Terry: 我明白了。那么,这两者有什么区别呢?人们可能进入一个阿加森网络,并进入扬升。

Cobra: Okay. people can ascend also going through the Agarthan network, but entering there needs to be a very specific mission or a very specific purpose. The Agarthan network is not open to accepting surface population due to Archon infection, which is quite severe on the surface. So very, very few people are ready to or able to go there. (I see). Or reach the requirements.

柯博拉:好的。人们也可以通过阿加森网络提升,但是进入那里需要一个非常具体的任务或者非常具体的目的。由于 Archon 的感染,阿加森网络不能接受表地表的人口,这在地表上是相当严重的。所以很少有人愿意或者能够去那里。(我明白了)。或达到要求。

Terry: I see. Okay. Understood. Thank you very much. Is soul family relationship indispensable to our Ascension process?

Terry: 我明白了。好的。明白了。非常感谢。灵魂家族关系是我们扬升过程中不可或缺的吗?

Cobra: It is not a requirement for the Ascension, but it is something that happens naturally as the vibration of frequency is rising.


Terry: I see. So that means that the soul family relationship may be just a useful for the Ascension process?

Terry: 我明白了。那么这就意味着灵魂家族关系可能只是对扬升过程有用?

Cobra: Yes.

Cobra: 是的。

Terry: Okay, Great. When we are on our way towards Ascension, how can we tell the difference between a true soulmate/twin flame relationship and a romance scam?

Terry: 好的,很好。当我们朝着扬升的方向前进时,我们怎样才能区分真正的灵魂伴侣/双生灵魂关系和浪漫的骗局呢?

Cobra: When your connection with your higher guidance is strong enough, you'll know until then you cannot know.


Terry: All right. That's true. The next question, will New Atlantis be established after the global tsunami?

Terry: 好吧,这是真的。下一个问题,新亚特兰蒂斯会在全球海啸后建立起来吗?

Cobra: It'll be established after the polar shift and I would say fragments of New Atlantis will be established before that in Islands of Light.


Terry: I see. So if, so, who will be creating and forming the New Atlantis on Earth?

Terry: 我明白了。那么,如果是这样的话,谁会在地球上创造并形成新的亚特兰蒂斯呢?

Cobra: The most awakened population and other advanced races, which will come here after the First Contact. It'll be a co-creation.


Terry: I see. After the First Contact means that even before the Event?

Terry: 我明白了。"第一次接触"意味着甚至在事件之前?

Cobra: No, after the Event.


Terry: I see. Okay. Understood.

Terry: 我明白了。好的。明白了。

Cobra: Before the Event, we'll have the same old, boring reality we are experiencing now.


Terry: Okay, understood. So it does make sense. So will there still be the second wave and the third wave of collective Ascension. If so, will they happen after the Galactic Tsunami?

Terry: 好的,明白了。所以这是有道理的。所以还会有第二波和第三波的集体扬升。如果是这样,它们会在银河海啸之后发生吗?

Cobra: This is all being planned after the polar shift. It is simply not enough time and not enough consciousness on the planet for something like that to happen before that.


Terry: I see. But after the First Contact and after the Event, there'll be a tsunami for a few years later, for example. Then, so there would be not so much time available.

Terry: 我明白了。但是在第一次接触和事件之后,比如说,几年之后会有一场海啸。然后,就没有那么多时间了。

Cobra: There is not enough time, Exactly. There is just time for one wave, which can happen then after, at the moment of the polar shift (I see) with electric pulse.


Terry: I see. So that means that probably there won't be any second and third waves.

Terry: 我明白了。这意味着可能不会有第二波和第三波。

Cobra: I said after the polar shift, yes, but not before.


Part 3: Clarification 

第三部分: 澄清

Terry: I see. Okay. Understood. Thank you. The next question. International Golden Age Group organizes online healing sessions with a group of volunteer healers who have been initiated into Level two Ascended Masters Rays and Stellar Rays. And these sessions have been held for several years, and so far, we can get more than 2000 people every month. Can you describe briefly the benefits and advantages of the healing of Ascended Master Rays and Stellar Rays and their purposes?


Cobra: Okay. Ascended Master Rays channel the energies of various Ascended Masters or Ascended Beings and Stellar Rays channel the energies of various advanced star systems and those energies are very healing. And all those healers who have been initiated are able to channel those energies in a group healing sessions that can be quite effective and quite powerful. So this is a very beneficial healing process that happens every month.


Terry: Yeah. In relation to this, you mentioned that Ascended Masters have not been able to contact the surface population due to the security reasons. Then why such an Ascended Master Rays transmission to the surface population has been allowed without a huge attack?


Cobra: Because it is not a direct connection. It is just a channeling of energies. It is not a physical materialization or presence of the Ascended Being. It is just energy transmission, which is not as powerful and not as intense and not as direct as a direct physical intervention of the Ascended Masters.


Terry: I see. That makes sense. Thank you. So many Lightworkers said that the healing of Level two Ascended Master Rays and Stellar Rays is very powerful. Are these Rays originated from the teachings of mystery schools? When and how did you get initiated into these Rays?


Cobra: These teachings originate from Archangel Metatron and he's the source of all this information and that transmission. So he's the being overseeing the whole process.


Terry: So let me say you received the initiation from him?

Terry: 那么让我说你是从他那里接受入会仪式的?

Cobra: I cannot answer this question.


Terry: Okay. Understood. The next question, is it possible for Level two healers to be initiated into Level three?

Terry: 好的。明白了。下一个问题,二级疗愈师有没有可能进入三级疗愈师?

Cobra: There is no Level three.


Terry: Oh, I see. That's maximum. Okay. Okay. What is the major difference between the White Flame (Fire) of AN and the Violet Flame in terms of their energetic traits?

Terry: 哦,我明白了。这是最高限度了。好的。好的。在能量特性方面,AN 的白色火焰和紫色火焰的主要区别是什么?

Cobra: The Violet Flame, the purpose of the Violet Flame is purification and transformation. The purpose of the White Flame is anchoring of pure Light of Oneness.


Terry: All right. Okay, Do Archons make people sign more negative soul contracts while they are asleep? If so, how can we prevent this situation?


Cobra: This happens very rarely. Most contracts have been signed long time ago, and it's time to cancel them and nullify them.


Terry: All right. Understood. Thank you. And whenever there is a serious disaster, some people always say that "Nostradamus had predicted this." Is his prediction truly credible? If so, what year is the limit for his prediction?


Cobra: Those predictions are not extremely credible. This is just one, there was one possible perspective of how things could turn out. So I would not give too much attention to this.


Terry: Okay. Alright. That's understandable. Thank you very much. That's end my questions. The [next] questions will be made by Patrick. Patrick?


Patrick: Yes. Hello, Cobra. Here's my turn. My first question is Ryo Tatsuki is a Japanese female artist who has several clear prophetic dreams. Her reprinted manga "The future I saw" warns that there will be a huge tsunami in 2025. Has she received any guidance from the Light Forces?

Patrick:是的。你好,柯博拉。轮到我了。我的第一个问题是 Ryo Tatsuki 是一位日本女艺术家,她有几个清晰的预言梦想。她的再版漫画《我看到的未来》警告说2025年将会有一场巨大的海啸。她有没有从光之力量那里得到什么指导?


Cobra: I would not say directly from the Light Forces, but she had some spiritual guides that were giving her possible outcomes as they were in that particular time.


Patrick: Okay. Okay. The next one, among members of the Galactic Confederation, about 60 to 80% of them are humanoid; the rest of them are non-humanoid and even androids. Is it possible for non-humanoid races and androids to reach Ascension and even become highly-advanced masters?

Patrick:好的。好的。下一个,在银河联邦的成员中,大约60% 80% 是人形的,其余的是非人形的,甚至是机器人。"非人类种族和机械人,有没有可能达到扬升,甚至成为高级大师?"

Cobra: Yes, of course, non-humanoid races can reach Ascension as well. And very rarely there are life forms with consciousness in android bodies. That can reach Ascension but it is really rare. It's not, it's not common.


Patrick: Okay. Next one. Two years ago, you said that some Confederation commanders were compromised by the Dracos because they feared that their twin souls may be tortured by the Dracos. Can you explain why they had this concern? Is this still an issue now?


Cobra: It is not a concern. It was something that was really happening and they were under great stress because of this, and great pressure. This issue has been mostly resolved.


Patrick: Okay. So couldn't those commander report to their supervisors that they got threatened by the Dracos or even sacrifice their loved ones for the greater good?


Cobra: They could report this to the supervisors, but that would not solve the issue. And of course they would never sacrifice their loved ones.


Patrick: Okay. The next one, the Galactic Confederation should have the required technologies to resurrect its members and heal their soul trauma. So if that's the case, would it better for those Pleiadians to commit suicide as soon as they got kidnapped and then, and get themselves revived in a safe place?


Cobra: Actually, many of them have left their bodies and when they were able to escape also on the astral plane and be safely evacuated from the area, but some of them were in the areas that even if they would escape from their physical body, they would be captured again on the etheric or plasma plane and brought back. So it was not an option for them.


Patrick: Oh, okay. So the next one, some people might ask the following question when they take a part in the Liberation Plan "If the Earth is the last place where darkness remains; overall, there should be more pros than cons even if the Earth cannot help but get annihilated along with the dark forces." Can you explain why the Galactic Confederation and even the Light Forces in the Local Group are willing to invest enormous amounts of time and effort in liberating the Earth?

Patrick:哦,好吧。所以下一个问题,有些人在参加解放计划的时候可能会问这样一个问题: "如果地球是最后一个黑暗存在的地方,总的来说,即使地球不得不和黑暗势力一起被毁灭,也应该有更多的利大于弊。"你能解释一下为什么银河联盟,甚至本地团体中的光之力量愿意投入大量的时间和精力来解放地球吗?

Cobra: It is simply if they would annihilate the planet along with the dark forces, then anomaly would not be removed. And in the next cosmic cycle, the darkness could be created again. So now the light forces wish to erase and eradicate evil forever. It has to be done, it has to be completely removed, never to happen again. So this is the final clearing operation forever.


Patrick: Oh, I see. Thank you. Okay, next one. You mentioned that Mjolnir technology is a quantum cannon technology that emits a strong scalar fields through the quantum foam. It can transform all uncertain waveforms into physical matter. So can we apply this positive technology on top of what Light Mandalas can offer to our manifestation process and help Planetary liberation?


Cobra: Actually there is no protocol yet for individual use of Mjolnir technology, but the Light Forces are developing the protocol that also the Lightworkers will be able to use in the future. So when this is ready, when that protocol is developed, I will publish it on my blog.


Patrick: Oh, very nice. Okay. The next one. Will the mystery schools be re-established before or after the First Contact?

Patrick: 哦,很好。好的。下一个问题。在第一次接触之前还是之后,神秘学校会重新建立起来?

Cobra: Around the same time.


Patrick: Oh. Oh, okay. So next, what are the requirements we have to meet in order to be initiated into a mystery school?


Cobra: A yearning to unite with your higher self, dedication to your spiritual growth, and especially self-honesty, (OK) and also a certain degree of common sense, of course, which is quite lacking on the surface of the planet right now.


Patrick: Okay. So the next one. It is said that magic is just science that humanity doesn't understand yet. So if the surface population will have access to very advanced technologies after the First Contact. Is this still necessary for people to study occult knowledge at mystery schools?


Cobra: For those who feel guided, yes, of course. Why not.


Patrick: <Laugh> Oh, okay. Cool. Okay, the next one. Qigong by Daoists' definition is also known as inner alchemy. Is Ascension the ultimate goal for both eastern alchemy and western alchemy?

Patrick: 好的。酷。好了,下一个。根据道家的定义,气功也被称为内丹。升天是东方炼金术和西方炼金术的终极目标吗?

Cobra: Yes.


Patrick: Oh, okay, next one. The individual goal of Daoists is to transform a human into immortal being known as Xian. Is becoming a Xian also the same as Ascension?


Cobra: I would say roughly is the same thing, but technically speaking Xian or immortal stage is the same stage as the Arhat initiation in the Western terms. So it is, I would say a very advanced stage towards the Ascension.

柯博拉:我想说的是大致上是同一件事,但从技术上讲," " "仙人 "阶段与西方的 "阿罗汉 "启蒙是同一个阶段。因此,我想说这是一个非常高级的升天阶段。

Patrick: Okay. But it's still not Ascension yet. Right?

Patrick: 好吧。但它仍然没有升天。对不对?

Cobra: It is a very advanced stage towards the Ascension, I would say.


Patrick: Okay. Okay. So next one. The Secret of the Golden Flower is allegedly a guidebook to immortality written by Lü Dongbin. So does the Blue Dragon know and recommend this book?


Cobra: You have to ask the Blue Dragons about that.


Patrick: Okay. next one. Daoist literature has many records about Eastern gods, Goddesses and Immortals. Are most of those beings living in Eastern Agarthan network?


Cobra: Most of those beings have ascended already and have left the planet, and some of them are definitely living in the Eastern Agarthan network.


Patrick: Okay. So next one. Will they come up to the surface after the Event to enlightened the surface population, especially people live in China and Taiwan?


Cobra: At some point, yes, they're planning to come to the surface when the conditions are right and those who are ascended might manifest in their Light bodies and also enlighten the surface population when the time is right.


Patrick: Oh, very good. So next one, we know there are Goddess ley lines and vortexes. So can you elaborate on Dragon ley lines and vortexes, especially their formation and purposes?


Cobra: Dragon ley lines and vortexes are embodying the Divine Masculine principle, and information about them is not yet to be revealed to the surface population because the situation is not ready yet.


Patrick: Okay. So is the Dragon ley line the same as a "Dragon Vein" in Feng Shui?

Patrick: 好的。那么龙脉和风水中的"龙脉"是一样的吗?

Cobra: Yeah, it is very similar.


Patrick: Oh, very good. So next one. In terms of percentage, how many active Dragon ley lines and vortexes are there around the world?


Cobra: Most of them are not activated yet. They're in dormant state precisely for the reason I said before. The time is not right, not right yet.


Patrick: Okay. So how can we assist the activation of Dragon ley lines and vortexes?

Patrick: 好的。那么我们怎样才能帮助激活龙脉和漩涡呢?

Cobra: When the time is right, assistance and guidelines will be given.


Patrick: Okay. So here's my final question. Can you please introduce some important Dragon ley lines and vortexes to our audience?


Cobra: I cannot do so because it's not time yet. The only thing I can say that most of the key Dragon ley lines, especially in mainland China, are connected to main mountain ranges in China.


Patrick: Okay. So...


Cobra: This is as much as I can say at the moment.


Patrick: Okay. Thank you very much. Now I will switch my host to Jedi.


Jedi: Okay. The next one is can we use those energy spots to connect with the Big Dipper above or the Agarthan network below the Earth's surface?


Cobra: Yes, if you know how to do that.


Jedi: And do you have any suggestion to do that?


Cobra: Not yet. I said as I said before, it's not time yet. This situation needs to be ready for that.


Jedi: Okay, got it. Next, have sentient beings existed ever since the first cosmic cycle? If not, when did the Source create the first sentient being?


Cobra: Okay. Sentient beings existed since the first cosmic cycle, but those first beings were, I would say in a way, very highly advanced, but on the other way, very unexperienced. So this is when the whole process started.


Jedi: Okay. And next, did the Source create sentient beings in the highest plane and let them gradually precipitate to the physical plan?


Cobra: Exactly.


Jedi: Okay, good. Next, are there any Galactic Confederation bases on Triton?


Cobra: Yes.


Jedi: Okay, next. Have the native reptilian factions on Earth signed any treaty with the surface human alliance and/or underground Agarthan factions?


Cobra: There were certain treaties, but they were not widely respected. And those treaties were signed with certain factions and not by other factions. They were not holding, those treaties were not having any real practical meaning.


Jedi: Okay, next. Are there any positive native reptilian factions supporting the Planetary Liberation?


Cobra: There are, but there are very few.


Jedi: Okay, next. As most parts of the world are lifting travel bans, it is now easier for Sisterhood of the Rose groups to hold weekly physical meetings. What can [these] groups do or persist in order to anchor Goddess energy?


Cobra: What is the most important is for the groups, to really start meeting physically again, which is now possible almost everywhere. And then to do the few main meditations we have published many times to anchor the Goddess energy. And then after that whatever they can do to anchor Goddess energy by their own guidance.


Jedi: I got it. And next, some people have found it difficult to get enough members for creating their own Sisterhood of the Rose groups. Do you have any advice on how people can raise Goddess awareness in their local areas?


Cobra: They can start publishing articles about Goddess energy in their local community, in areas which are most open to this. They can create a Facebook group. They can publish an article in local spiritual magazine. They can produce the video. So it is time for those who can to start raising that frequency in their local areas, and that will attract members who are ready for such a group.

柯博拉:他们可以开始在当地社区发表关于女神能量的文章,在那些对此最开放的地区。他们可以创建一个 Facebook 群组。他们可以在当地的精神杂志上发表文章。他们可以制作视频。因此,现在是时候让那些能够在当地提高这种频率的人开始了,这将吸引那些准备好加入这样一个团体的成员。

Jedi: Okay. Good ideas. Next, many people have formed online groups on Zoom for meetings and group meditations. Would you agree that it is a good way to anchor Light and Goddess energy?

Jedi:好的。好主意。接下来,许多人在 Zoom 上组建了在线小组,用于开会和集体冥想。你同意这是锚定女神能量的好方法吗?

Cobra: It is better than nothing, but physical meetings are far more powerful and far more important.


Jedi: Okay. Got it. Next, before the Evacuation, will people be given enough time and information before the Light Forces carry this out?


Cobra: Yes, of course. After the Event, people will begin to understand what the planetary situation is and what the overall plan is, and they will have some time to process that information, and most people will be able to process that information. If people have survived lockdowns, they can survive anything else.


Jedi: Okay, Good. And how will people receive the information?


Cobra: As I said, most people will be able to process it quite easily. I mean, some people will have trouble with that, but the process needs to continue. We cannot wait for anybody else to be ready because the whole process is taking far too long already. 


Part 4: Future Plans

第四部分: 未来计划

Jedi: Okay. Okay. The next part is about future plans. Is there any major meditation activation from the end of this year to the next Spring?


Cobra: I cannot answer this question.


Jedi: Okay, Got it. Currently, is there a possibility for the Delta Option to take place?

Jedi:好的,知道了,目前是否有可能实施 Delta 计划?

Cobra: It is very unlikely.


Jedi: Okay, next. When martial law is declared worldwide at the time of the Event, will traffic control, curfew, and the lockdowns take place all over the world?


Cobra: Yes.


Jedi: Okay. If the Event happens and there is traffic control in my area, what should I do if I am in my car or on public transport?


Cobra: Okay. The best course of action is, if you can, to go home. If you cannot, you can stay in the vehicle or find a nearby accommodation. You will receive guidance from the local authorities. Local authorities will be receiving guidance, how to proceed with the whole operation, practically what to do in that particular moment, in that particular location. So you will know what to do at that moment.


Jedi: Okay. If the Event happens while I am on a ship or [on] an airplane, will my ship or plane reach the destination as usual?


Cobra: Most likely not, probably there will be emergency landings [at] the nearest airport or ports. So most of the traffic, air traffic will be down at the moment of the Event. So planes will land at their earliest convenience safely at the nearest airport whenever they are.


Jedi: Okay, understand. Next, how will Light Forces secure the global food and medical supplies during martial law?


Cobra: It is very similar to what happened during lockdowns.


Jedi: Okay. Got it. You mentioned that the official First Contact will take place at the Headquarters of the United Nations one year after the Event. Will this schedule be shortened to less than a year if the Light Forces consider the current liberation process?


Cobra: Yes, most likely it'll be much less than a year, because everything is being accelerated. So when things begin to happen, they will happen very fast and very intensively.


Jedi: Wow. That's really a good news. Okay, next one. After the First Contact, many Ascended Masters will instruct the surface population with their tangible hologram bodies. We have a list of the most famous Ascended Masters, and we would like to ask you if we might be able to see them face-to-face in the future.


Jesus Christ


Mother Mary




The Buddha






King Arthur






Isis the Goddess


Ashtar Sheran

阿斯塔 · 谢兰

El Morya

Cobra: Yes. All of them, all of those from your list will most likely be able to show themselves when the time is right after the First Contact.


Jedi: Okay. I will say this name. Okay. (Ok.) Jesus Christ. Yes, yeah?


Cobra: I will not give individual comments. You can read the list, but I would say most of those beings will be able to show themselves and will have a plan to show themselves to the surface population when the time is right.


Jedi: Okay. That's a very good news for many people. Okay. And I still have a question. Do you have any plan for the global conference next year?


Cobra: I cannot answer this question. 



Jedi: Okay. Understand. All right. We don't have questions. So as we are going to end this interview, is there anything you would like to tell our audience?


Cobra: Yes. actually we all know that this process has been going on for too long and it went too far. And the reason for this is there is simply too much darkness and it takes time to process all that darkness. The key is to keep holding the Light, keep anchoring the Light, never giving up and using common sense.


Jedi: Okay. Thank you so much for the part two interview. Thank you again. We love you.


Cobra: Thank you. Thank you very much for this invitation and Victory of the Light!


Jedi: And Victory of the Light! Thank you. Bye-Bye.

Jedi:光的胜利! 谢谢,再见。

Cobra:  Thank you. Bye.



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