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我在最后一个视频中说到,Loosh 4,光之工作者为了完成他们的生活工作,坚持走自己的路线并保持对他们生活道路的控制是很重要的,当然要使用内化的制衡系统,这种制衡系统来自于与指导者和更高的自我的接触。

织女星的伊沃|凌驾于其他系统之上的力量Since we're on the subject of the dark ones,creating Loosh and energy vampires,we'll do a review of what the power over others system is.For starters,the power over others system is the opposite of the power over self,or self mastery system,in which the authentic,self empowered person retains control over all decisions pertaining to self in their life and allows others to do the same without undue interference.Any interference in others'lives is often carried out because of fear,by the way and the biggest fear is loss of control.


I was saying in the last video,Loosh 4,that it's important that the lightworker stay the course and maintain control of their path in life for the sake of completing their life's work,using of course the internalized system of checks and balances that comes from having contact with one's guides and higher self.Until you do have conscious contact,you are at risk of allowing your path in life to be dominated by others'agendas,rules and plans for you,subject to falling victim to ego games and/or indulging in the same yourself.This is because people are raised to have an externalized locus of control instead of an internalized one which means that you learn to allow others to control you rather than learning to master yourself.

我在最后一个视频中说到,Loosh 4,光之工作者为了完成他们的生活工作,坚持走自己的路线并保持对他们生活道路的控制是很重要的,当然要使用内化的制衡系统,这种制衡系统来自于与指导者和更高的自我的接触。除非你有意识的接触,否则你就有可能让你的人生道路被他人的议程、规则和计划所支配,成为自我游戏的受害者,或者沉迷于自我游戏。这是因为人们从小被教导要有一个外化的控制点,而不是一个内化的,这意味着你要学会让别人控制你,而不是学会掌握自己。

The Power Over Others system is a false system where one person appears to have power by either stealing it or denying others their power.Compliance in this system indicates an automatic disregard for universal law.This is the Draconian system currently in place on earth.When GESARA law comes in,earthlings will find themselves in a system that automatically demands more transparency of intent and will move away from this low dimensional system.

控制他人的权力系统是一个错误的系统,在这个系统中,一个人通过窃取他人的权力或者剥夺他人的权力来获得权力。这种制度的顺从表明了对普遍规律的自动漠视。这就是目前地球上存在的严酷制度。当 GESARA 法则出现时,地球人将发现自己处于一个系统中,这个系统自动要求更多的意图透明度,并将远离这个低维度系统。

Here are some examples of the power over others system:


Two candidates are vying for the role of president.One candidate manipulates the vote by adding physical and non-physical votes to their tally.The one candidate unduly dominates the vote by rigging it in his favour.This is power over others and an example of triangulation,where the supposed winner is the perpetrator,the loser the victim and the rescuers are those who voted for the supposed loser.Yes,you're put in the position of rescuer now.Sorry to tell you.The double-party electoral system is an example of triangulation,always.By the way,when Mr T shows back up on the scene,and Mr B is taken away in handcuffs,you'll be the rescued victim then and Mr T will be the rescuer.

两位候选人正在竞争总统的职位。一个候选人通过在他们的计票中加入物理和非物理选票来操纵选票。有一位候选人操纵选票使其对自己有利,从而不适当地支配了选票。这是一种凌驾于他人之上的力量,是一个三角测量的例子,假定的赢家是犯罪者,失败者是受害者,救援者是那些投票给假定的失败者的人。是的,你现在被安排到了救援者的位置。很抱歉告诉你。双党选举制度就是三角关系的一个例子。顺便说一句,当 t 先生再次出现在现场,b 先生戴着手铐被带走时,你将成为获救的受害者,t 先生将成为拯救者。

Another example is one where a person is subjected to the will of a third party via a messenger,who declares that the person tow the line otherwise be rejected by the third party.This transaction is actually between the person and the third party,with the third party exerting dominance out of a supposed superior position.The way to deal with this is to deflate the third party's dominant position by stating that you're willing to risk the loss gained via the transaction.This is not a counter-manipulation if you actually intend it and aren't bluffing.It's best to walk away.This is a situation I'm in right now.In this example,the third party is the perpetrator,the potential victim is me,and the rescuer is the messenger.I refuse to triangulate.There are no winning positions on this triangle.


Again,like I said in a video last week,I'm so sick and tired of dealing with unconscious people,people who purport to practise spiritual ways of life yet resort to unconscious manipulation of others'free will.


In this situation,the third party is the one who should decide to deal with me or not,but to stop telling me to change in order to gain their approval.Nobody has any right to tell others to change.So,I have bowed out instead.It's perfectly okay for the parties to agree to a compromise.For example ASKING me to change rather than THREATENING to withdraw if I don't would be preferable.But it's too late now.You showed your hand and I don't like your cards.


But the power monger doesn't ask,they bully.


What I'm protecting is the work I do because it's under constant attack from the Matrix.Anyone can be a Matrix minion,and I've been dealing with it for years.


Having been forced so many times by my controlling father to comply or else suffer consequences,I sniffed this one out quickly.You do not give in to any form of tirany,except in the case where your physical life is threatened.Then you take the first opportunity to leave.If someone is flaunting their supposed advantage over you,without first asking you to comply without suffering consequences,then you need to deflate their balloon and deny them their advantage.These are bullies.


If you don't do x,you will not get the benefit of my participation anymore.Sounds like,"Do this,or else!"It's not respectful of another's free will.In this particular case,the bully threw in a comment to the extent that I would suffer a complete failure of my service if I continued on the path that I am.As if he knows.People will say all kinds of things in order to get you to comply with them,even predict your demise,but they're trying to instill fear in you.Don't listen to it.It's another manipulation,one that's used by the media frequently.People who like to forecast your doom aren't your friends,folks.

如果你不做 x,你就不会再从我的参与中获益。听起来像是,"这样做,否则!"这不尊重他人的自由意志。在这个特殊的案例中,那个恶霸给了我一个评论,说如果我继续走我现在的路,我将会遭受服务的彻底失败。好像他知道似的。人们会说各种各样的话来让你服从他们,甚至预测你的死亡,但是他们试图向你灌输恐惧。别听他的。这是另一种操纵手法,一种被媒体频繁使用的手法。那些喜欢预言你的末日的人不是你的朋友,伙计们。

"You'll never get anywhere without my help!"


"I made you and I can break you too!"


"You need me,otherwise you're nothing!"


"If you don't stop it and do as I say,you'll suffer!"


People say this kind of stuff all the time.Often it is implied in what they're saying,not stated directly.This is all power over others.Highly manipulative and very controlling.


I forgive them.It's their demons that hate me.


You have a respectful,mutually beneficial agreement when no threats are used in the agreement and no manipulations of suffering a dire fate are predicted.This puts nobody on the triangle.There are no victims,rescuers or perpetrators.


Of course,the bully will always deny they're a bully.They only intimidate whenever they can.And that means whenever you don't call them out and go along with their agenda.When you call them out,they back down.


Also,watch how they always position themselves above you.You need them,not the other way around.Little emphasis is put on your valuable contribution,only what they can do for you.This is another indication of a power monger,not someone who is relating to you as an equal who values your contribution.This is how the power over others system works.You're told you're the underdog and you need to tow the line or lose the deal.


Thank you,Ivo.

谢谢你 Ivo

Ivo:You are most welcome,my love.


Me:Then there was the one of the book publisher who offered me a six percent salary for the translation,publishing and distribution of my Ashtar book.Six percent,paid out once a year.He said to check with my guides,they would tell me to take the deal.Ashtar called him a crook.I said no.The deal wasn't even negotiable.It was take it or leave it,so I left it.


Don't fall for this stuff,folks.You might have less money but you'll have your self respect and that's the only thing you'll take with you when you go.It's better to respect yourself than let yourself be schlepped along in others'control over you.It wouldn't take so much to gain my participation in these types of transactions:the first would be to ask without giving ultimatums and dire predictions,secondly not disguising the true agenda–revealing it so we can negotiate a transaction,the third would be to allow for negotiation and the fourth would be to position me as an equal and to recognize my contribution.Not a lot to ask,really,just common sense.


These transactions are disrespectful of the person they're trying to get to cooperate with them.People still use too many of these strong arm tactics to make themselves powerful or rich in some way,but they refuse to take into consideration that there are people who just won't settle for being intimidated or just plain ripped off.The reason you're where you are is because of people like me,and you need to learn to respect them otherwise you won't get their cooperation.


I've seen many a minimum wage burger flipper drag their knuckles on the job,too.Too hard to get them to fulfill their job duties when they don't feel the pay really motivates and values them.People are fighting back against oppressive business transactions.It's about time.Watch though,with these minimum wage jobs.There is always the threat,because they are unskilled labour,that they can be replaced unless they do the job.This is where the job market is going:unskilled labour means dime a dozen workers.Be careful about what path you choose in life.


The problem with asking people means you have to let yourself be powerless even momentarily and a lot of people can't do that.The problem with negotiating a business deal means you have to stop being greedy and overvaluing yourself.The problem with paying proper wages to someone for their work means you have to start valuing people over money.This is the power over others structure.Many find it hard to leave it.I didn't because it worked against me from the start anyway.I was never part of it.


The power monger always has to hold all the cards.They give as little over to you as they possibly can.This is also indicative of the power over others system.They may try to manipulate in order to increase their hold over you.Don't fall for it.


This is what you can learn just from one or two small transactions,folks.You can learn a lot about how this world works and how not to fall victim to it.Hold out for your highest good and good will come to you.


Ivo,I see you smiling.


Ivo:I am,my love.You are the change you want to see on your planet.When doors begin to close for people who use these tactics in their negotiations with others,they may begin to get the message.


Me:I'm not worried about them.But yes,this world needs to change.


Ivo:Stand up for yourself.Stand up for your rights.Get off the triangle,as we keep telling you.There are no valued positions on the victim triangle.


You have said it all,my love.I have nothing to add.


Me:But you were there in the background telling me things.That's why I got the A-ha moments of understanding.


Ivo:That is my job,my love.I do it most graciously.


Me:That you do.Thank you for being you,Ivo.


Ivo:Likewise.To make your fight against the Matrix easier is what I live for.I know it is difficult there.


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