本杰明|20210705 中*上周迎来100岁生日,美国则迎来245岁生日

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本杰明|20210705  中*上周迎来100岁生日,美国则迎来245岁生日

Last week on its 100th anniversary the Chinese communist party bragged about its success.At the same time,U.S.patriots gathered on July 4th for their 245th Independence Day celebration.While the U.S.may seem down and out now,rest assured as soon as they remove the Khazarian Mafia parasitic infection,as the Chinese did in the late 1970s,the United States will be back.


So,this week we will talk about the secret Chinese independence war against the Khazarian Mafia in order to find hints on how to liberate the United States.We will also present a data dump from the Russian FSB on the Khazarian Mafia mind control vaccines being foisted on the hostage peoples of the G7 countries.



China copied Japan because it had developed a hybrid central planning/capitalist system that resulted in decades of double-digit economic growth.By 1985 Japan had the highest per capita income on earth and the lowest gap between the rich and the poor in any OECD country.Despite this economic growth,the rivers and parks in downtown Tokyo were filled with fish and wildlife.


George Bush Sr.and his fellow Khazarian Mafia Nazi faction members forced Japan to dismantle this system.However,China kept using it and that is why they have now overtaken the West.

老乔治布什(George Bush sr.)和他的可萨黑手党(Khazarian Mafia)成员,迫使日本拆除了这个系统。然而,中国一直在使用它,这就是为什么他们现在已经超过了西方。

Let us quote a bit here from Chinese President Xi Jinping's victory speech last week where he describes the system the Chinese claim credit for but was actually developed by pre-war Germany and Post-war Japan:


"The Chinese people showed the world that they were capable of not only dismantling the old world but also building a new one…


This enabled China to transform itself from a highly centralized planned economy to a socialist market economy brimming with vitality,and from a country that was largely isolated to one that is open to the outside world across the board…to conduct sound,democratic,and law-based governance…


We will develop whole-process people's democracy,safeguard social fairness and justice,and resolve the imbalances and inadequacies in development and the most pressing difficulties and problems that are of great concern to the people…


China upholds the basic…principle of seeking truth from facts…we are also eager to learn what lessons we can from the achievements of other cultures,and welcome helpful suggestions and constructive criticism.The Chinese nation does not carry aggressive or hegemonic traits in its genes…


We will work to build a new type of international relations and a human community with a shared future,to promote the shared human values of peace,development,fairness,justice,democracy,and freedom within a wider context of the once-in-a-century changes taking place in the world."http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/special/2021-07/01/c_1310038244.htm


There is a consensus now among the military and intelligence agencies of the West that the only way to avoid becoming Chinese vassals is to carry out reforms that will lead to an even better system.Do not forget it is the West that invented such things as cars,airplanes,computers,the internet,etc.Once we are freed from the Khazarian Mafia,we will leave the Chinese behind in the dust.


However,before this is possible,we need to win the war against these incredibly evil,powerful,and clever gangsters.White Hat members of the Russian FSB,Mossad,the CIA,and MI6 have provided us with plenty of evidence about what these gangsters are up to and who their leaders are.


Let us start with this document sent by MI6 describing the next planned moves in their fake pandemic real vaccine campaign.This secret document by Neil Ferguson https://www.imperial.ac.uk/people/neil.ferguson of London's Imperial College of Medicine was sent to"Nick Clegg(Facebook),Jack Dorsey(Twitter),Susan Wojcicki(YouTube)and Sundar Pichai(Google/Alphabet)"among others and calls for permanent medical martial law,complete censorship of all pandemic truth,deployment of the army on the streets,the constant release of new variants of"Covid-19"and discusses how to force everyone to be vaccinated,etc.Please circulate it far and wide.



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MI6 explained why they leaked this document:


"When they[the Khazarian Mafia]realized they had lost control of the Military-industrial complex they turned to Porton Down biowarfare.This entire chaos is a cover-up and what we call a squid and its ink.We got stung with the Diana thing we don't want to have anything more to do with murders.All sorts of whistleblowers have come to us recently."


The Russian FSB says the KM plan is"to segregate the people into two groups,the obedient ones,and the'rebellious'types…


The obedient types will accept vaccines that will make them totally controlled by AI and machine programs.They will feel calm,smart,and happy.Their owners will gift them money,houses,travel,etc."


If this sounds farfetched take a look at this article from Rockefeller University(where my brother got his Ph.D.)published in April 2017:


"Jeffery Friedman and his colleagues have demonstrated a radio-operated remote control for the appetite and glucose metabolism of mice—a sophisticated technique to wirelessly alter neurons in the animals'brains.At the flick of a switch,they are able to make mice hungry—or suppress their appetite—while the mice go about their lives normally.


Biologists can turn neurons on or off in a live animal at will—quickly,repeatedly,and without implants—by engineering the cells to make them receptive to radio waves or a magnetic field.


It relies on a green fluorescent protein borrowed from jellyfish,a peculiar antibody derived from camels,squishy bags of iron particles,and the cellular equivalent of a door made from a membrane-piercing protein—all delivered and installed by a genetically engineered virus.The remote control for this contraption is a modified welding tool(though a store-bought magnet also works)."https://seek.rockefeller.edu/flipping-a-switch-inside-the-head/


Spanish whistleblowers testified as follows:All vaccines are made with the same nanotechnology.In Spain,it has even been called"secret nanoparticles.


These nanoparticles become magnetic when they reach the same temperature as the human body.If they remain in a sub-zero environment,they remain non-magnetic.


[Why do they freeze vaccines?]



GRAPHENE molecules can interact with neurons in the brain in a remote mode with different radio frequencies(5G could be one of them),they can map the brain and send and receive INSTRUCTIONS remotely.

石墨烯分子可以通过不同的无线电频率(5G 可能是其中之一)与大脑中的神经元进行远程互动,它们可以绘制大脑地图,远程发送和接收指令。



Here is more evidence from a study in Luxembourg:


In the non-vaccinated group,the number of people attracted to the magnet was 0(zero)out of the 30 people surveyed.Therefore,the experiment ended there for this group.In the inoculated group,on the other hand,29 of the 30 people surveyed showed an attraction to the magnet.That is,the magnet adhered to their skin without difficulty.


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The KM is desperately trying to inject everyone with these mind control vaccines before they lose their power.Thats why French Rothschild slave president Emmanuelle Macron is trying to make vaccines mandatory.


French Government Considers Making COVID Vaccine Mandatory for Everyone Aged 24-59

法国政府考虑强制24-59岁人群接种 COVID 疫苗

Here is a short video of Macron and his European counterparts publicly demonstrating their loyalty to the KM.There is similar pressure in many countries to force us all to take these vaccines.


Make no mistake,this vaccination campaign is a war crime of the highest order and death is the only punishment that will stop these criminals.Of course,the campaign will fail now that the worlds military has finally woken up.We are seeing health ministers and others resigning in the UK,Israel,New Zealand,etc.


There has also been a report released by independent auditors documenting fraud,harassment,non-compliance with professional standards and sexual misconduct under the WHO Director.General Tedros Ghebreyesus documented.



Heres what a Pentagon Special Forces source had to say about all this:Rest assured that the entire leadership of this vaccine crime is being hunted down and killed.


For his part,a CIA source says it is possible to confirm from public records large numbers of aircraft flying from Washington DC to Thule Air Base in Greenland.These are specially equipped cargo planes full of convicts from Gitmo and the military tribunals held at the White House,he says.

就他而言,中央情报局的一位消息人士说,可以从公开记录中确认大量飞机从华盛顿特区飞往格陵兰岛的 Thule Air Base。他说,这些都是装备特殊的货运飞机,里面装满了来自 Gitmo 的罪犯,以及在白宫举行的军事法庭。

The source also confirms that John McAfee cut a deal very similar to Jeff Epstein.He made a statement against the bad people in the IRS,CIA and DOJ.He told all.The White Hats,along with the Hispanic government,did the fake suicide so they could put him in the witness protection program like Epstein.They even put a fake suicide note in his pocket to make it look like a real suicide."Of course,the KM does not plan to go quietly into the night.


We are getting information from multiple sources confirming that they are planning power outages,internet shutdowns,food shortages,etc.in the coming months.As the articles in the links below show,this has already begun.







We also note that the fake UFO invasion project headed by Lawrence Rockefeller is still going on.

我们还注意到,由劳伦斯·洛克菲勒领导的假冒 UFO 入侵项目仍在继续。

It appears that their propaganda campaign is working,as a recent poll of 2,000 adults in the UK found that 6 in 10 now believe that it is only a matter of time before Earth becomes the target of an extraterrestrial invasion.



Finally,this week we note the death of former U.S.Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.Since his ignominious career(the missing Pentagon$trillions,etc.)has been written about in detail elsewhere,we will only discuss our personal dealings with him.


Basically,Rumsfeld admitted to us that he supplied North Korea with obsolete Soviet missile technology and nuclear weapons.The goal was to have an excuse to sell expensive Patriot missiles to Japan and South Korea.We suspect that the recent restructuring of the North Korean government is closely linked to his death.


This is because Chinese intelligence and Japanese military intelligence have both told us that they view North Korea as a secret U.S.colony run by Rumsfeld and Eric Schmidt of Google.



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