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总统宣布对大科技公司提起集体诉讼,包括 Facebook、Twitter、谷歌/YouTube 及其“操纵者”(木偶)马克·扎克伯格、桑达尔·皮查伊和杰克·多尔西。

Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

July 7,2021 202177


Before I’d even sat down at my desk and fired up the beast this morning,Il Donaldo Trumpo put out indicators(on Twitter and Getter)that the President would be“doing something”this morning.You can follow him on Gettr now if you’d like to set up an account.For now,there’s no way for me to share a post outside that platform so I haven’t signed up.Looks like I’ll have to,though,because I’ll miss things like this:https://gettr.com/post/p2mmkn

今天早上,在我还没有坐到办公桌前点燃这头野兽之前,伊尔·多纳尔多·特朗普(Il Donaldo Trumpo)就在推特和 Getter 上发布了总统今天早上会“做点什么”的信息。如果你想建立一个帐户,你现在可以在 Gettr 上关注他。现在,我没有办法在这个平台之外分享一个帖子,所以我还没有注册。看起来我不得不这么做,因为我会想念这样的东西:https://gettr.com/post/p2mmkn

Dan Scavino is on Gettr now so we’ll see if President Trump adds his account.

丹·斯加维诺现在在 Gettr 网站上,所以我们要看看特朗普总统是否会添加他的账号。

[Does anyone know if Gettr is a version of“Get her”,as in“lock her up”?Just wondering.]

[有没有人知道 Gettr 是不是“得到她”的一个版本,比如“把她关起来”?我只是想知道。]

I was able to find this in which the President announced his class action lawsuit against Big Tech;including Facebook,Twitter and Google/YouTube and their“handlers”[puppets],Mark Zuckerberg,Sundar Pichai,and Jack Dorsey.Newsmax also did their video which is still on YouTube,below.RSBN covered it but had not yet uploaded to Rumble when I checked.

我找到了这个,总统宣布对大科技公司提起集体诉讼,包括 Facebook、Twitter、谷歌/YouTube 及其“操纵者”(木偶)马克·扎克伯格、桑达尔·皮查伊和杰克·多尔西。也制作了他们的视频,现在还在 YouTube 上,如下。RSBN 覆盖它,但尚未上传到Rumble,我检查。

Trump expected to announce plans to sue major social media companies 


This just happened this morning,too.What do you know—explosions and fire.


Huge explosion rocks Dubai as container catches fire aboard ship anchored at local port–govt(VIDEOS)


Seasoned conspiracy analysts won’t be surprised to learn of this latest assassination.Haiti is going to be in the news a lot,and this man obviously knew enough about what the Clintons did in Haiti.We understand that all the People of Haiti knew and couldn’t stand the Clintons.


Spanish-speaking assailants might suggest MS13 gang members;the ones who went after Seth Rich.

说西班牙语的袭击者可能认为 MS13帮派成员,也就是那些袭击赛斯·里奇的人。


Jovenel Moïse,President of Haiti

海地总统 Jovenel Moïse

The president of Haiti was assassinated at home 


Q made it very clear in multiple drops.

Q 在多个点滴中表达得很清楚。


Aug 15,2018 1:10:19 AM EDT 2018年8月15日美国东部时间上午1:10:19

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Aug 15,2018 1:01:13 AM EDT 15,20181:01:13 AM EDT

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HAITI 海地 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvTqqYCb-e8
[Read very carefully](仔细阅读)
https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/current-affairs/sunday-nights-matt-doran-goes-undercover-with-operation-underground-railroad-to-bring-down-HAITI 海地-child-sex-ring/news-story/dcecf5950ca5b6d501c48ed927127bc3-儿童性爱戒指/新闻故事/dcecf5950ca5b6d501c48ed927127bc3

“Child trafficking victims who’ve spent their formative years servicing the carnal desires of men,often foreigners,who are three,four,five or six times their age.Their madam tells me that many of their customers are western humanitarian workers who’ve come here to help rebuild“拐卖儿童的受害者在性格形成期满足了男人的性欲,通常是外国人,他们的年龄是他们的3、4、5或6倍。他们的老板娘告诉我,他们的许多客户都是来这里帮助重建的西方人道主义工作者HAITI 海地 after the recent run of natural disasters.”在最近一连串的自然灾害之后
The more you know…你知道的越多..


Aug 10,2018 12:15:09 PM EDT 2018年8月10日12:15:09 PM EDT

Q!A6yxsPKia.!A6yxsPKia ID:32060e 编号:32060e No.2538955 第2538955名
Aug 10,2018 12:07:09 PM EDT 2018年8月10日12:07:09 PM EDT
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HAITI HRC has taken a number of villages from HRC已经把一些村庄从 海地夺取

And now you understand Trump’s remarks about Hillary Clinton’s“it takes a village”at the Al Smith Charity Dinner,in case you were wondering.That video has been making the rounds again of late.So much of what Trump says and does is completely misunderstood and unappreciated.One day we’ll fix that.He was the only one courageous enough to speak the truth—and that’s why he is New World Order enemy number one.He declared war on Human traffickers and child murderers.

如果你想知道的话,现在你明白了特朗普在阿尔·史密斯慈善晚宴上对希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)“需要一个村庄”的评论了吧。那个视频最近又流传开来。特朗普的许多言行都被完全误解和不被赏识。总有一天我们会解决的。他是唯一一个有勇气说出真相的人ーー这就是为什么他是新世界秩序的头号敌人。他向人贩子和儿童杀人犯宣战。

For now it seems that Trump’s audacity to speak of the crimes is“ugly”,and far worse than Hillary actually committing them.How is that okay?


When Donald Trump’s speech turns ugly at the Alfred E.Smith dinner


We understand they weren’t“natural”disasters in Haiti.The psychopaths have the technology and have created many earthquakes.They create death and destruction intentionally to fill the supply and demand of children and funds.The earthquakes kill a lot of people,they claim there are untold orphaned children,they funnel“humanitarian aid”to the nation,steal it for themselves,and traffick the children over to Epstein and probably other islands like James Biden’s nearby Water Island and anywhere else on the planet where sickos will pay for the children and hold their satanic sacrificial rituals with them.

我们知道在海地这些不是“自然”灾害。这些精神变态者拥有这项技术,并且制造了许多地震。他们故意制造死亡和破坏,以满足儿童和资金的供求。地震夺去了很多人的生命,他们声称有数不清的孤儿,他们向这个国家输送“人道主义援助”,为自己偷取这些援助,然后把这些孩子拐到爱泼斯坦,或许还有其他岛屿,比如詹姆斯·拜登(James Biden)设计的附近的沃特岛(Water Island),以及这个星球上其他任何一个有病的人会为这些孩子买单,并与他们一起举行邪恶的祭祀仪式的地方。

How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich Off Poor Haitians 


We’re also aware of how the cash gets moved so efficiently.If you’re still donating to the Red Cross and other major“charities”,you should stop that.



We understand Hillary Clinton’s brother,Tony Rodham,was awarded a construction contract for Haiti which may have involved gold mining,and he suffered a sudden death episode a few years ago so he’s not talking,either.

我们了解到,希拉里·克林顿的哥哥托尼·罗德姆(Tony Rodham)获得了一份可能涉及金矿开采的海地建筑合同,几年前他突然死亡,所以他也不愿意说话。


It was apparent that Epstein Island,which was seized by the White Hats after the second arrest of Jeffrey Epstein,was used for satanic rituals and despite spending millions to fill in the tunnels beneath the famous blue and white striped temple on the mount,it was too late.Phones were permitted in these tunnels during sacrifices and rituals and the authorities have the evidence they need to spill the whole story.At the perfect time.

很明显,在第二次逮捕杰弗里·爱泼斯坦之后被白帽子占领的 Epstein Island 被用于撒旦仪式,尽管花费了数百万美元来填补山上著名的蓝白条纹寺庙下面的隧道,但一切都太晚了。在这些隧道里举行祭祀和仪式时允许使用电话,当局掌握了他们需要的证据来泄露整个故事。在最佳时机。


This is the reason for the war unfolding on our planet and why these murdering psychopaths who have been running the world have to be exterminated.Perhaps the jab is just the ticket.We won’t know the reality of all this until later,but in the mean time…I wouldn’t get any injections.Too risky—unless you’re sure you don’t have any reptilian DNA.

这就是我们星球上正在上演的战争的原因,也是为什么这些一直在统治世界的谋杀性精神病患者必须被消灭的原因。也许刺拳就是一张入场券。我们不会知道所有这一切的现实,直到后来,但在同一时间...我不会得到任何注射。太冒险了ーー除非你确定自己没有任何爬行动物的 DNA。

If you watched the latest video from And We Know you saw a startling offshoot of the jab at the end.A man put a black light on his arm to reveal a bright,white glow at the injection site,and in his hand you could see the outline of the vein beneath the skin with a similar but paler glow.


Others have told us that at least some of the vaxxxines contain a poisonous material called graphene oxide,which seem to be conductive nanoparticles—and might account for some folks getting a glow on after inoculation.


This interview with Stew Peters and Dr.Jane Ruby gets into this alarming news about the reactions from various recipients and what the future intent with respect to 5G might be.You can watch/listen or read the transcript.

这次对 Stew Peters 和 Jane Ruby 博士的采访得到了这个令人震惊的消息,这个消息来自不同的接受者的反应,以及未来5G的意图可能是什么。你可以看/听或读文字记录。



A note about 5G for those concerned about it…we heard from SerialBrain2 in a decode that Trump ensured the US Military removed all wireless technology in America that could be used to harm us.In the past couple of weeks I also saw a video clip from a techy showing us the inside of an iPhone.He pointed out the spot inside it where the 5G technology would have been and it was missing.He stated that while the communications companies are telling us they’re providing the ultra-fast 5G connectivity,they actually aren’t because the iPhones are not compatible.It’s all hearsay,but worth hearing.

关于5G 的注意事项...我们在一次解码中从 SerialBrain2得知,特朗普确保美国军方移除了所有可能用来伤害我们的无线技术。在过去的几个星期里,我还看到了一个技术视频片段,向我们展示了 iPhone 的内部结构。他指出了里面的一个地方,5G技术本来应该在那里,但是它却不见了。他表示,虽然通信公司告诉我们,他们正在提供超快的5G 连接,他们实际上不是,因为 iphone 不兼容。这都是道听途说,但是值得一听。

The popular“Resident Alien”show we’ve discussed is really stirring the pot.In the episode we watched last night,entitled something about“green glow”,they got right into the alien appearance,discussed“reptilians”in a negative light,and used the word“pedophilia”.Wow.It’s a a unique treatment of some sensitive but truthful subject material using wacky humour to offset the potential threatening overtones.No accident,I’m sure.



You can’t say I didn’t warn you.We are not exaggerating when we say these demonic creatures have to go.This is an example of the vermin flooding into America(and potentially Canada,as well)with a leaky southern border.It must be secured and these lunatics neutralized.


Illegal Alien Out of Jail on Bail Accused of Beheading Man,Playing‘Soccer with His Head’


We now hear that Joe Biden’s administration is discussing going door-to-door to strongly encourage reticent Americans to hold out their arms.

我们现在听说,乔•拜登(Joe Biden)政府正在讨论挨家挨户地强烈鼓励沉默寡言的美国人伸出手臂。

Marjorie Taylor Greene Compares Biden’s Door-To-Door Vaccine Push To Nazi Storm Troopers 


The strangest things happen on this planet and there’s a lot happening in Georgia.Coincidence?This is an update on the story we featured yesterday.The suspect is still at large.


Worker shot dead on golf course because he stumbled upon crime in progress,police say 


Did that incident have anything to do with the election,you ask?That’s what I’m wondering.


This letter from Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano spells out the situation in that state and his strategy.Eventually,after exhausting every avenue to verifying results,the true winner of the 2020 Presidential election will be announced.


Op-Ed:Why I am initiating a forensic investigation of the 2020 General Election and 2021 Primary 


We haven’t heard the end of John McAfee,and in this RT compilation we hear some of his opinions and criticisms of governments that might suggest why they considered him“powerful”or“dangerous”and worth siccing the IRS on and imprisoning in Barcelona.He’s a smart guy and was outspoken about inconvenient truths.Was he in league with the Earth Alliance?It seems that way.

我们还没有听到约翰·迈克菲的结局,在这本 RT 汇编中,我们听到了他对政府的一些意见和批评,这些意见和批评可能暗示了为什么他们认为他“强大”或“危险”,值得让美国国税局监视和监禁巴塞罗那。他是一个聪明的家伙,并且对难以忽视的真相直言不讳。他是地球联盟的人吗?看起来是这样。

Gov’t corruption and smartphone slavery–John McAfee’s best quotes to RT

政府的腐败和智能手机的奴役——约翰·迈克菲对 RT 的最佳引用

Another targeted individual was the“Viking horns guy”or“Q shaman”who left a note for the democrats on a desk(according to Simon Parkes)at the Capitol on January 6,2021.I watched a video interview he did under the name of Jake Angeli with Canadian vlogger Patriot Parabellum and found him to be a smart and passionate guy,a patriot,a Q follower,and someone who cared enough to show up in costume in Washington on that fateful day to support the rebirth of America.

另一个目标是“维京角男”或“q 萨满”,他在2021年1月6日在国会大厦的办公桌上给民主党人留了一张便条(据西蒙·帕克斯所说)。我看了他以 Jake Angeli 的名义与加拿大博客爱国者 Parabellum 进行的一次视频采访,发现他是一个聪明而热情的人,一个爱国者,一个 q 的追随者,一个足够关心的人,在那个灾难性的一天穿着服装出现在华盛顿,支持美国的重生。


Jacob Chansley aka Jake Angeli


Judge Denies Release of“Q Shaman”–He’s Been in Jail For Several Months with No Trial Date and Suffers Mental Health Issues for Walking in US Capitol 

法官否认释放“q 萨满”——他因在美国国会大厦散步而被关押数月,没有审判日期,并遭受精神健康问题

Further to the previous crop circle discussion,there are always many theories about what crop circles represent,and@Kabamur suggested this one:

除了之前关于麦田怪圈的讨论之外,关于麦田怪圈代表什么,总是有很多理论,@kabamur 提出了这个理论:



For those who have not yet seen this viral video,he’s firing up a lot of people and they’re suggesting he’s the William Wallace(portrayed by Mel Gibson in the popular movie)of our time.He’s had enough,is calling for action,and naming Monday,July 19.He has enough passion for ten men—and a thick Scottish accent.17 min.


Is This The William Wallace of Our Day?


Ghost Ezra shared great photos today.Dome light refraction,I’d say.Link to Telegram.

鬼魂以斯拉今天分享了很棒的照片。我得说,是圆顶光折射。链接到 Telegram。


I’ve been wanting to share this video below for some time but keep forgetting or have too much other material to cover.This one illustrates the obvious illumination and“antiquitech”used to bring light to our past before the controllers decided they could profit immensely by making us pay through the nose for electricity.Well informed researchers have confirmed it was not“gas”lighting.I would love to have seen the original Paris;City of Light,as it was intended to be.


It saddens me to see the grandeur of Humanity’s previous existence unceremoniously stripped,expunged,and buried for the sake of greed and control.The beauty and elegance of those times will hopefully return so we can enjoy it again.Free energy is available and we shall have it.20 min.


Slideshow of illumination before mud flood


Won’t it be satisfying to finally know the truth about everything—past and present—-so we no longer have to resort to our imaginations,conjecture,dot-connecting,and riddle-solving?


That’s another hump day under our belt.Thank you as always to the crew for the important material and perspective they share via the comments.~BP




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