2022年11月6日: 重要的迷你更新和拉力赛日的新Q|星际飞船地球

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 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 November 6, 2022
星际飞船地球: 大图2022年11月6日

2022年11月6日: 重要的迷你更新和拉力赛日的新Q|星际飞船地球

new Q drop for us…

一个新的 Q帖给我们..。

2022年11月6日: 重要的迷你更新和拉力赛日的新Q|星际飞船地球

Important updates from the crew… Charlie Ward speaks to a team recruited by the US positive military, represented by the Commander-in-Chief of the CIVILIAN military. Fantastic information comes out in this round table recorded in the past few days about what has happened and what they expect to happen and why. Also some great advice. They tell us the Allies took out the moon which was the source of the soul traps, forcing us to reincarnate here in this toxic matrix/prison planet.

来自机组人员的重要最新消息... 查理. 沃德对一个由美国正面军队招募的团队进行了采访,该团队由平民军队的总司令代表。这次圆桌会议记录了过去几天发生的事情、他们预计会发生的事情以及为什么会发生这样的事情。还有一些很棒的建议。他们告诉我们,盟军摧毁了月球,那是灵魂陷阱的来源,迫使我们在这个有毒的母体/监狱星球转世。

A LOT of heavy lifting has already been done for us. Now it’s time for us to play our roles in the movie. Watch at Before It’s News; link below. 1 hr 07 min.

我们已经完成了许多重任。现在是我们在电影中扮演角色的时候了。观看之前的新闻; 链接如下。1小时07分。



2022年11月6日: 重要的迷你更新和拉力赛日的新Q|星际飞船地球

From Q the Storm Rider on Telegram:

来自风暴骑士 Q 的电报:

Q post #4959 ( time stamp)

Qpost # 4959(时间戳)

11:18:56 = MIRRORED >11-9-11<

11:18:56 = MIRRORED > 11-9-11 <

11 is Emergency code
In Hospitals is ” national assessments”
>Also, fire departments, emergency medical technicians (EMT), and other emergency responders may use the codes: 11 to signal Emergency

11是紧急代码在医院是“国家评估”> 此外,消防部门,紧急医疗技术人员(EMT) ,以及其他应急响应人员可以使用代码: 11来发出紧急信号

Chapter 11 in Laws Of WAR is Emergency operations that leads to MILITARY OCCUPATION


( TRUMP recently gave Military. COM(s) by standing with 11 flags and 3 flags flanked on both sides.)

(特朗普最近给予了 Military. COM (s)站在11面旗帜和3面旗帜两侧。)

THIS comes only hours earlier the> U.S. Army National Guard activates cybersecurity teams in 14 states ahead of midterm elections就在几个小时前,美国陆军国民警卫队在中期选举前启动了14个州的网络安全小组
Few weeks back i Stated USSF几个星期前,我报告了 USSF
Military intelligence has OPERATIONS tracking the current elections and has ops in place monitoring the coming Stolen/corrupted/interference 2022 elections.///)军事情报部门有跟踪当前选举的行动,也有监控即将到来的2022年选举的行动

Remarks on Telegram from a private group:


It’s the End! Chapter 11: The illegal occupying power can not hold elections because it would be illegitimate!

结束了! 第11章: 非法占领国不能举行选举,因为这是非法的! Https://t.me/tironianae/125722

2022年11月6日: 重要的迷你更新和拉力赛日的新Q|星际飞船地球

Some stuff I picked up… on Telegram.


Looks like Michigan and Indiana .. some in Ohio… has a major power outage… And Trump gets another TFR

密歇根州和印第安纳州,有些在俄亥俄州,大面积停电,特朗普得到另一个 TFR

What’s a TFR? I looked it up. ‘temporary flight restriction’.

- TFR 是什么?-我查过了,临时飞行限制。

It’s time Americans learn what the current administration on both sides of the aisle are doing when they pass these bills with lovely-sounding names. They always have land mines in them, folks. Depths charges. They are incredibly deceptive, telling us they’re working to make things better for us when they are only interested in their own gain and lie through their smiles.


Hidden poison pills inside the deceptively named ‘Inflation Reduction Act’




We know Wayfair.com trafficks children on their website after we saw the $12,000 pillow listed, and now Walmart is added to the trafficking organizations. Please don’t shop at Wayfair and Walmart and other cabal big box stores. When we do that, we are giving them money to use against us. 1 min. 43 sec.

我们知道 Wayfair 在他们的网站上贩卖儿童,因为我们看到了12000美元的枕头清单,现在沃尔玛也加入了贩卖组织。请不要在 Wayfair、沃尔玛和其它阴谋集团的大卖场购物。当我们这么做的时候,我们就是在给他们钱用来对付我们。1分钟。43秒。

How Mega-Corporations like Walmart Traffick Children to Elites像沃尔玛这样的大公司是如何将儿童贩卖给精英的

You can watch the Trump MAGA rally in Vandalia, Ohio at the link below on RSBN on November 7.



Https://rumble.com/v1q22sx -观看-直播-总统-特朗普-持有-拯救美国-在代顿集会-哦. html

If you are on Telegram, there is a great video of part of a presentation from the brave and departed geologist whistleblower Phil Schneider with great video from the cabal’s underground tunnels and DUMBs. Less than 7 min. Watch here on Telegram.


I’ll be out and incommunicado all afternoon. The crew drops a lot of info in the comments so do have a boo beneath each post. Thank you so much for the help in keeping us current and informed.


Enjoy your weekend and making last minute preparations for whatever you believe will unfold where you are in the next few days, weeks, and months.


Humans—your vote DOES matter. Everything is observed, documented, and acted on at the perfect moment.  ~ BP


2022年11月6日: 重要的迷你更新和拉力赛日的新Q|星际飞船地球


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