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So on popular demand I am writing this short post about me and my ascension so far.


However as many criticized already when people demanded info on myself,there will be no scientist coming along here and verify that what I post on this blog is the truth.There will be no official human institution which even remotely would declare these insights(or even the cabal and chimera existence itself)as valid.And people following the blogs of Cobra and/or other lightworkers and Starseeds should know by now that most bigger official institutions are working rather for the cabal than for anyone else.Therefore no one really knowing what's going on on Earth is expecting a verification spoken out by official institutions if someone writes about this kind of disclosure.

然而,当人们要求我提供信息的时候,已经有很多人批评我了,不会有科学家来这里验证我在这个博客上发布的内容是否属实。没有任何官方机构会宣称这些见解(甚至阴谋集团奇美拉的存在本身)是有效的。关注 Cobra /或其他光之工作者和星际种子博客的人们现在应该知道,大多数更大的官方机构更多地是为阴谋集团工作,而不是为其他人工作。因此,没有人真正知道地球上正在发生什么,如果有人写了这样的披露,那么没有人会期待官方机构公开核实。

Also,what is written here is of course not satisfying scientific requirements and it is certainly not necessary for a blog or even possible with this kind of info yet.Actually I rather think people who demand this kind of'certifications'are not really sane and or even'overtaken'already.


Basically all info provided here is take it or leave it-if it does not resonate with your inner truth just leave the blog-but trying to mute or censor what I write here also in forms of defamation is already very suspicious to say the least.


Also I do not remember that people expected Cobra or owners of other blogs,i.e.FM144 to verify their identity.Strange enough that some people expect it from me.

我也不记得人们希望 Cobra 或者其他博客的所有者,比如 FM144来验证他们的身份。很奇怪,有些人希望从我这里得到它。

However back to the topic:


Basically I was very spiritual as long as I can think.I meditated from early youth onwards and read all kinds of spiritual scriptures including many official religions.I studied the very old scriptures and found many similarities among most across religions.


However that was just the theory and waking up was the real thing.I see the point of waking up as the beginning of my true ascension and this was happening approximately seven years ago.I was successfully integrated in the system via my first 9 to 5-job after completing a diploma degree at university.I was already reading blogs like the Portal by Cobra(http://2012portal.blogspot.com)but that was the time when I realized that it is the truth what was written there.For the first time I received heavy attacks consciously and I could not integrate them into my worldview.The things I got attacked with could not really be true,meaning these things do not happen to normal persons not questioning the worldview presented on Earth.I from then on was a cabal-targeted individual and I realized that there was no turning back but just forward in ascension.

然而,这只是理论,醒来才是真正的事情。我把觉醒看作是我真正提升的开始,而这发生在大约七年前。大学毕业后,我通过第一份朝九晚五的工作成功地融入了这个系统。我已经在阅读 Cobra(http://2012portal.blogspot.com) Portal 之类的博客了,但那时我才意识到那里写的都是事实。这是我第一次有意识地受到猛烈的攻击,我无法将它们融入我的世界观。我被攻击的事情不可能是真的,这意味着这些事情不会发生在没有质疑地球上呈现的世界观的普通人身上。从那时起,我就成了一个阴谋集团的目标,我意识到在扬升中没有回头路,只有前进。

That was approximately the time when I dropped out of the system,living for a few years from saved income.I also cut most social connections leaving only two channels to humans open-rather for their protection than for mine though.


From then on through the last seven years I got to know about what was written in those scriptures and on those blogs for real.I was experiencing the craziest abilities my body seemingly had all the time as well as the most vivid notions I ever had.I was educated and trained by many factions of the Lightforces,especially those mentioned on Cobra's blog(of course not physical contact though as it was not possible and still is not yet apart from the cabal killing them as fast as they can).I also had something like self-induced regression therapy and went through memories of many people including my own.That's when I saw that I am actually one of the Starseeds I've read about at that time-memories were not earthly.This actually reminds me of what Cobra wrote of himself waking up,it was similar in my case,I suddenly just knew who I am.

从那时起,在过去的七年里,我开始真正了解那些经文和博客上写的东西。我经历了我的身体似乎一直拥有的最疯狂的能力,以及我曾经有过的最生动的想法。我接受过许多光明势力派系的教育和训练,特别是那些在 Cobra 的博客上提到的(当然不是身体接触,因为这是不可能的,而且还没有脱离阴谋集团尽快杀死他们)。我也接受过类似自我诱导回归疗法的治疗,经历过许多人的记忆,包括我自己的记忆。就在那时,我发现自己实际上是我当时读到的那些"星际种子"中的一个——记忆是不属于现实的。这实际上让我想起柯博拉写的他醒来时的样子,就像我的情况一样,我突然知道我是谁了。

To cut a long story short,I got to know many positive and(necessarily also)negative spiritual forces in the last seven years.I was accepted by some of the biggest traditional Lightforces on the Earth and also by many of those new visitors who came to help.Just since recently I am also in contact with the resistance movement from the inner Earth.By now I got clearance for many actions established in many factions and I am in steady contact with those who are involved in the liberation of Earth and partaking in many of the processes I write about.


I see this blog rather as a commentary,sharing deeper insights and details to the topics of those established blogs like the Portal by Cobra.

我认为这个博客更像是一个评论,分享更深层次的见解和细节,那些已经建立的博客的主题,比如 Cobra Portal

So this is about what I can give out on info about myself,everything else will be considered classified at this time and I expect people to respect that.



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