X22报告|第2732集: 国家远离中央银行,威胁消除后会发生什么

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封锁和威胁正在被拆除和消除,最终[ DS ]将没有弹药,没有保护,宣传机器将不起作用,他们将被置于开放之中,一无所有。

X22报告|第2732集: 国家远离中央银行,威胁消除后会发生什么

Ep. 2732a – New World Order, Great Reset, Conspiracy No More, Countries Moving Away From The [CB]

Ep. 2732a-新的世界秩序,大重置,不再有阴谋,国家远离[ CB ]

Ep. 2732b – What Happens When A Blockade (Threat) Is Dismantled & Removed, Fire At Will Commander

Ep. 2732b-当封锁(威胁)被解除和移除时会发生什么,随意射击指挥官



The [CB] is now forced to admit that the Great Reset and the New World Order are know longer conspiracy theories. This is about the [CB] system. The countries and people are now moving away from the [CB] system. 

[ CB ]现在被迫承认,“大重置”(Great Reset)和“新世界秩序”(New World Order)是众所周知的更长期的阴谋论。这是关于[ CB ]系统的。这些国家和人民现在正在远离[ CB ]系统。


The blockade and threats are being dismantled and removed, in the end the [DS] will have no ammunition, no protection and the propaganda machine will not work, they will be left in the open with nothing. At this point the patriots will open fire with information and the information attack run will begin. Trump and the patriots have maneuvered the [DS] to exactly where they want them. They have lied and covered up everything and now the facts and truth are coming out, the world will see it all.

封锁和威胁正在被拆除和消除,最终[ DS ]将没有弹药,没有保护,宣传机器将不起作用,他们将被置于开放之中,一无所有。此时,爱国者将以情报开火,情报攻击行动将开始。特朗普和爱国者们已经精心策划让[ DS ]达到了他们想要的地方。他们撒了谎,掩盖了一切,现在事实和真相正在浮出水面,全世界都会看到。


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