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I always say when a global event directly affects me,here in my sleepy rural New Zealand town,I know it's serious.


The virus has now impacted on me directly.


I work at the local backpackers,cleaning and making beds.Today my lovely bosses told me they are closing the doors indefinitely for casual clients.Fortunately we have a few long-term residents who work in the area.We keep our jobs-the backpackers is using the government subsidy to pay our wages.So even with reduced shifts,we still get paid.


I said to my boss,'How is the government getting the money to pay for it?'She replied,'They will borrow it,like all the other countries involved.'I said,'Where is all that money coming from?'She stopped what she was doing,looked at me and said,'I don't know...'


WE KNOW.We currency holders know exactly where that money is coming from.The RV/GCR is the magic antidote that will bring abundance to humanity after the dust has settled.That's why President Trump is saying that the economy will bounce back'from the bottom up.'


I recommend reading MarkZ's daily updates with discernment.However today there were some little nuggets of truth and wisdom...


Member:'The virus is a smokescreen for the GCR/GESARA...They are rolling out GESARA slowly so you will not know that it's all been scripted and planned.'


MarkZ:'Once you go gold-backed,you can't just print your way out of a crisis.You also can't print your way into a war.So we'll see less manufactured crises.'


President Xi Jinping of China is another world leader to refer to the storm:'The sun will come out after the storm.'Remember it is the BRICS nations that are working along side President Trump to bring in the new financial system-Brazil,Russia,India,China and South Africa.


Laura from the Oracle Report said the RV could manifest at any moment due to the influence of Uranus-planet of sudden unexpected events.She also said that there is a strong window of opportunity during April.


Here in New Zealand,the COVID19 virus emergency alert just went to level 2 out of four levels.Level 2 involves social distancing and recommending not to travel domestically unless necessary.The GOOD news is,our government has injected over$1 billion into our economy to help our disadvantaged people get through this crisis.It sounds like a soft introduction of GESARA to me.


All is well!


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light





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