Teri wade|扬升和你的进化

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Teri wade|扬升和你的进化

Our genetics that our scientists teach have only scratched the surface of how our DNA works.They do not understand how our DNA works and they need to realize nature doesn't make junk.Everything in the natural world has a purpose.

我们的科学家所教授的遗传学仅仅触及了我们的 DNA 如何工作的皮毛。他们不明白我们的 DNA 是如何工作的,他们需要认识到大自然不会制造垃圾。自然界的一切事物都有其目的。

Why would our Source Creator make something so intelligent and has incredible vast potential if it had no use?The DNA codes are arranged into molecules of organic elements which are chained together in such away which causes replications of desired features...this is the basics for growing organic tissue which is the human body.

如果没有用处,为什么我们的源创造者会制造出如此聪明并且拥有难以置信的巨大潜力的东西?这些 DNA 编码被排列成有机元素的分子,这些有机元素被链接在一起,产生所需特征的复制......这是生长有机组织的基础,也就是人体。

Our DNA is made up of 12 strands and there's one strand for each dimension and that certain strand corresponds to that density of experience.Everything in your DNA codes has everything to grow a full-featured human being.

我们的 DNA 12条链组成,每个维度都有一条链,这条链与经验的维度相对应。你 DNA 编码中的一切都能让你成长为一个功能全面的人。

In the so called junk DNA that our scientists cannot figure out are the codes of our past lives and your etheric memories of lives on other worlds.This is what we humans have been kept from through DNA manipulation.The entire history of your soul is in your DNA now you see why they are trying to keep these memories and information from us.

在所谓的垃圾 DNA 中,我们的科学家无法理解的是我们过去生活的密码和你们对其他世界生活的以太记忆。这就是我们人类通过 DNA 操纵而被阻止的东西。你们灵魂的整个历史都在你们的 DNA 中,现在你们明白了为什么他们试图对我们保留这些记忆和信息。

They are doing it through social and religious mind control,the poisoning of our air,food and water and vaccinations etc.it's all to keep us in this heavy third dimensional consciousness.Also,information in your DNA triggers your Ascension.All your telepathic and psychic abilities and total knowledge of absolutely everything there is to know is pre-programmed in your DNA.

他们通过社会和宗教的精神控制,我们的空气、食物、水和疫苗的毒害等等,这一切都是为了让我们保持在这个沉重的三维意识中。同样,你们 DNA 中的信息触发了你们的扬升。你们所有的心灵感应和心灵感应能力以及绝对所有需要知道的知识都是在你们的 DNA 中预先编程的。

Your Ascension is all up to you it will be different in everyone of us,you can delay it or you can speed it up by your free will...meaning open up your mind and get rid of all your societal and religious programming it slows your Ascension process down,they're all just blocks to keep this from happening to you.


This is how your evolution works,meaning it's already pre-programmed in your DNA.Our evolution does not stop at the human being,it spirals up the Ascension ladder until we become pure light,completion of evolution,circle of life.It's up to you how fast you tap into it!🙌🏼

这就是你们的进化过程,意味着它已经在你们的 DNA 中被预先编程了。我们的进化并不仅仅停留在人类身上,它沿着扬升的阶梯螺旋上升,直到我们变成纯净的光,完成进化,生命的循环。这取决于你如何快速地进入它!


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