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Delta变种|自然免疫力比疫苗强700%Editor's Commentary:Let's start with the biggest question that is not getting adequately answered by anyone in government,mainstream media,academia,or Big Pharma.Why is natural immunity to Covid-19 being disregarded completely?It's not just getting ignored.The powers-that-be are actively and aggressively quashing every question,"debunking"every study,and torturing every number they can get their hands on in order to make them say what they want.


The agenda to drive universal vaccinations of the populace has forced them into a corner when it comes to the question of natural immunity.They can't say it's not a reasonable question,nor can they say it's already been answered properly.They just say this organization or that doctor or some study shows that even those with natural immunity must still get vaccinated.


When pressed,they invoke the logical fallacy known as begging the question;they use the affirmative answer to the question of whether people who have recovered from Covid-19 should get vaccinated as the evidence that they should.


The numbers don't back up this claim,though studies have been limited due to pressure from the powers-that-be.Logic doesn't support the claims,either,as only an infinitesimal percentage of people who have recovered from Covid-19 have become infected again.Science definitely does not back the claim since literally every known virus prior to Covid-19 has been better-prevented by natural immunity than vaccines.


This last point is important because it brings up the original necessity for vaccines of the past.The only times vaccines were deemed necessary were when a viral infection had a poor recovery rate.Polio,for example,was simply too potentially dangerous for people to rely on natural immunity.Sure,those who recovered were protected,but a large percentage of people who contracted polio had reasonable fears of death or debilitation.Covid-19 has a 99.97%recovery rate for otherwise healthy people under 50.


Sometimes,vaccines are able to get close to the efficacy of natural immunity.Covid-19 is not one of those cases.As Dr.Joseph Mercola details below,natural immunity is so extraordinarily superior to vaccine immunity that one should question whether vaccinating those who have recovered from Covid-19 actually does more harm than good.

有时候,疫苗能够接近自然免疫的效力。2019冠状病毒疾病不是其中之一。正如 Joseph Mercola 博士在下面详细描述的那样,自然免疫性比疫苗免疫性优越得多,人们应该质疑给那些从2019冠状病毒疾病中康复的人接种疫苗是否弊大于利。

I'm not just talking about the astronomical number of adverse reactions reported to VAERS,now approaching 500,000.I'm referring to studies that have shown vaccinated people who already have natural immunity may actually increase their chances of getting it again by essentially confusing the body into creating weaker resistance to the coronavirus.

我说的不仅仅是 VAERS 报告的天文数字的不良反应,现在已经接近50万了。我指的是已经有研究表明,接种过疫苗的人已经具有天然免疫力,实际上可能增加他们再次感染冠状病毒的机会,从本质上来说,这是由于人体对冠状病毒产生的抵抗。

The powers-that-be may torture the numbers to become statistics that fit their agenda,but the raw data doesn't lie.That's why it's shocking so few have reported on the clearly higher efficacy of natural immunity,particularly against the Delta Variant,over vaccines.


We actually covered this before,though not nearly as authoritatively as Dr.Mercola does below.But here's the thing,and it's extremely important to understand.Those of us who are fighting for the truth need to be repetitive.We need to hammer home the message,and if that means taking each individual topic and hammering it home a dozen times a week,so be it.

我们实际上已经讨论过这个问题,尽管不像下面 Mercola 博士所做的那样权威。但事情是这样的,理解这一点非常重要。我们这些为真理而战的人需要重复。我们需要向家庭灌输这样的信息,如果这意味着每个单独的话题每周都要敲打十几次,那就这样吧。

Those who are pushing vaccines have no problem telling us every hour of every day how silly we are for asking questions.When we get answers such as those offered below,we must keep pushing it out to all who will listen.


The people need to hear the truth over and over again because I can assure you they're hearing the drumbeat of lies incessantly.With the Delta Variant,the long list of lies continues to expand.We need facts to be broadcast loud and clear.To that end,here's Dr.Mercola…

人们需要一遍又一遍地听到真相,因为我可以向你保证,他们不断地听到谎言的鼓点。随着 Delta 变体的出现,长长的谎言清单将继续扩大。我们需要把事实大声而清楚地广播出去。为了达到这个目的,现在有请 Mercola 医生..

Story at-a-Glance~


    Data presented to the Israeli Health Ministry July 17,2021,revealed that,of the more than 7,700 COVID-19 cases reported since May 2021,only 72 occurred in people who had previously had COVID-19—a rate of less than 1%2021717日提交给以色列卫生部的数据显示,在20215月以来报告的7700多例2019冠状病毒疾病感染病例中,只有72例发生在以前患有2019冠状病毒疾病的人身上----比率不到1%

    In contrast,more than 3,000 cases—or approximately 40%—occurred in people who had received a COVID-19 vaccine 相比之下,超过3000----大约40%----发生在接种了2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗的人身上

    In other words,those who were vaccinated were nearly 700%more likely to develop COVID-19 than those who had natural immunity from a prior infection—and this is largely in response to the Delta variant,which has led to increasing infections in Israel 换句话说,那些接种过疫苗的人比那些对之前的感染有天然免疫力的人有近700%的可能患上2019冠状病毒疾病,这主要是因为 Delta 变异,它导致了以色列感染的增加

    It's extremely rare to get reinfected by COVID-19 after you've already had the disease and recovered;one study found the median reinfection rate was just 0.27%一项研究发现,在你已经患病并痊愈之后,再次感染2019冠状病毒疾病的几率中位数仅为0.27%,这种情况极其罕见

    With effective treatments available,the documented high survival rate of COVID-19 and knowledge that if you've had COVID-19,you're already likely immune to further infection,the rationale for getting vaccinated is faltering 有了有效的治疗方法,有文献记载的2019冠状病毒疾病的高存活率,并且知道如果你患有2019冠状病毒疾病,你可能已经对进一步的感染免疫了,接种疫苗的理由就站不住脚了

A recurring theme being broadcast by public health officials and the media is that vaccine-induced immunity is superior to that of natural immunity,but preliminary data from Israel—a country with more than 60%of its population vaccinated against COVID-19(1)—is showing otherwise.


Data presented to the Israeli Health Ministry July 13,2021,(2)revealed that,of the more than 7,700 COVID-19 cases reported since May 2021,only 72 occurred in people who had previously had COVID-19—a rate of less than 1%.In contrast,more than 3,000 cases—or approximately 40%—occurred in people who had received a COVID-19 vaccine.As reported by Israeli National News:


"With a total of 835,792 Israelis known to have recovered from the virus,the 72 instances of reinfection amount to 0.0086%of people who were already infected with COVID.


By contrast,Israelis who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection,with over 3,000 of the 5,193,499,or 0.0578%,of Israelis who were vaccinated getting infected in the latest wave."


In other words,those who were vaccinated were nearly 700%more likely to develop COVID-19 than those who had natural immunity from a prior infection—and this is largely in response to the Delta variant,which has led to increasing infections in Israel.(3)

换句话说,那些接种过疫苗的人比那些对之前的感染有天然免疫力的人有近700%的可能患上2019冠状病毒疾病,这主要是因为 Delta 变异,它导致了以色列感染的增加。(3)

Rate of COVID Reinfection:0.27%


It's extremely rare to get reinfected by COVID-19 after you've already had the disease and recovered.How rare?Researchers from Ireland conducted a systematic review including 615,777 people who had recovered from COVID-19,with a maximum duration of follow-up of more than 10 months.(4)


"Reinfection was an uncommon event,"they noted,"…with no study reporting an increase in the risk of reinfection over time."The absolute reinfection rate ranged from 0%to 1.1%,while the median reinfection rate was just 0.27%.(5,6,7)


Another study revealed similarly reassuring results.It followed 43,044 SARS-CoV-2 antibody-positive people for up to 35 weeks,and only 0.7%were reinfected.When genome sequencing was applied to estimate population-level risk of reinfection,the risk was estimated at 0.1%.(8)

另一项研究也显示了类似的令人安心的结果。随访43044 SARS-CoV-2抗体阳性者35周,仅有0.7%的人再次感染。当应用基因组测序来估计人群水平的再感染风险时,风险估计为0.1%(8)

Again,there was no indication of waning immunity over seven months of follow-up,with the researchers concluding,"Reinfection is rare.Natural infection appears to elicit strong protection against reinfection with an efficacy>90%for at least seven months."(9)


Another study from Israel also had researchers questioning"the need to vaccinate previously-infected individuals,"after their analysis showed similar risks of reinfection among those with vaccine-induced or natural immunity.Specifically,vaccination had an overall estimated efficacy of preventing reinfection of 92.8%,compared to 94.8%for natural immunity acquired via prior infection.(10)


Why Natural Immunity Is Superior


Speaking with journalist Daniel Horowitz,pathologist Dr.Ryan Cole explained that natural immunity produces broad immunity that can't be matched by vaccination:(11)


"A natural infection induces hundreds upon hundreds of antibodies against all proteins of the virus,including the envelope,the membrane,the nucleocapsid,and the spike.Dozens upon dozens of these antibodies neutralize the virus when encountered again.


Additionally,because of the immune system exposure to these numerous proteins(epitomes),our T cells mount a robust memory,as well.Our T cells are the'marines'of the immune system and the first line of defense against pathogens.T cell memory to those infected with SARSCOV1 is at 17 years and running still."

此外,由于免疫系统暴露于这些大量的蛋白质(缩影),我们的 t 细胞建立一个强大的记忆,以及。我们的 t 细胞是免疫系统的"海军陆战队员",是抵御病原体的第一道防线。感染 SARSCOV1的人的 t 细胞记忆在17年后仍在运行。"

In 2020 it was reported that people who had recovered from SARS-CoV—a virus that is genetically closely related to SARS-CoV-2 and belongs to the same viral species—maintained significant levels of neutralizing antibodies at least 17 years after initial infection.(12)This also suggests that long-term natural immunity against SARS-CoV-2 should be expected.(13)

2020年有报道称,从 sars 冠状病毒(一种与 SARS-CoV-2基因密切相关并属于同一病毒种类的病毒)中康复的人群,在首次感染后至少17年仍保持着明显的中和抗体水平。(12)这也表明,对 SARS-CoV-2的长期自然免疫应该是可以预期的。(13)

With vaccination,however,Israeli(14)data suggest that those who were vaccinated early on,in January 2021,are becoming susceptible to the virus,suggesting its efficacy may wane after about six months.


This sentiment was echoed by Pfizer's head of medical research and development,Mikael Dolsten,who said"after six months,there may be risk of infection with the expected decline of antibodies."Pfizer is seeking emergency use authorization for a third booster dose of its COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S.(15)

这种观点得到了辉瑞公司医药研发部门负责人 Mikael Dolsten 的回应,他说:"六个月后,随着抗体预期下降,可能会出现感染的风险。"辉瑞正在美国寻求紧急使用第三剂2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗加强剂的授权

According to Cole,part of the reason for waning vaccine-induced immunity is because"we mount an antibody response to only the spike and its constituent proteins"and"as the virus preferentially mutates at the spike,these proteins are shaped differently and antibodies can no longer'lock and key'bind to these new shapes."(16)


Natural COVID Immunity May Last a Lifetime


It was initially suggested that natural COVID-19 immunity may be short-lived.This was based on early data on SARS-CoV-2,which found that antibody titers declined rapidly in the first months after recovery from COVID-19.According to a team of researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine,however,if you've had COVID-19—even a mild case—you're likely to be immune for life,as is the case with recovery from many infectious agents.(17)

最初有人认为,自然的2019冠状病毒疾病免疫可能是短暂的。这是基于 SARS-CoV-2的早期数据,这些数据发现抗体效价在从2019冠状病毒疾病恢复后的头几个月迅速下降。然而,根据华盛顿大学医学院的一组研究人员的研究,如果你患有2019冠状病毒疾病,即使是轻微的病例,你也可能终生免疫,就像许多传染性病原体的康复一样。(17)

According to senior author of the study Ali Ellebedy,Ph.D.,an associate professor of pathology and immunology at Washington University School of Medicine in St.Louis,"It's normal for antibody levels to go down after acute infection,but they don't go down to zero;they plateau."(18)

这项研究的资深作者、圣路易斯华盛顿大学医学院(Washington University School of Medicine in st.Louis)病理学和免疫学副教授阿里·埃勒贝迪(Ali Ellebedy)博士表示,"抗体水平在急性感染后下降是正常的,但它们不会下降到零;它们处于平稳状态。"(18)

The researchers found a biphasic pattern of antibody concentrations against SARS-CoV-2,in which high antibody concentrations were found in the acute immune response that occurred at the time of initial infection.The antibodies declined in the first months after infection,as should be expected,then leveled off to about 10%to 20%of the maximum concentration detected.

研究人员发现了抗 SARS-CoV-2抗体浓度的双相模式,在最初感染时发生的急性免疫反应中发现了高抗体浓度。正如预期的那样,在感染后的最初几个月,抗体下降,然后趋于稳定,降至检测到的最大浓度的10%20%

When a new infection occurs,cells called plasmablasts provide antibodies,but when the virus is cleared,longer lasting memory B cells move in to monitor blood for signs of reinfection.(19)Bone marrow plasma cells(BMPCs)also exist in bones,acting as"persistent and essential sources of protective antibodies."(20)Ellebedy even said the protection provided by naturally acquired immunity is likely to continue"indefinitely":(21)

当一种新的感染发生时,被称为浆细胞的细胞会提供抗体,但是当病毒被清除后,持续时间更长的记忆 b 细胞会进入血液监测再次感染的迹象。(19)骨髓浆细胞也存在于骨骼中,起到"保护性抗体的持久和必要来源"的作用(20)Ellebedy 甚至说,自然获得的免疫所提供的保护可能会"无限期地"持续下去

"These[BMPC]cells are not dividing.They are quiescent,just sitting in the bone marrow and secreting antibodies.They have been doing that ever since the infection resolved,and they will continue doing that indefinitely."


In another explanation of why antibody levels drop after initial infection—but it's not an indication of waning immunity—Cole told Horowitz:(22)


"Yes,our antibody levels drop over time,however,scientifically,the memory B cells that make antibodies have been proven to be present in our lymph nodes and bone marrow.They are primed and ready to produce a broad array of antibodies upon viral pre-exposure.

"是的,我们的抗体水平会随着时间的推移而下降,然而,科学地说,我们的淋巴结和骨髓中已经存在制造抗体的记忆 b 细胞。他们已经准备就绪,可以在病毒暴露前产生一系列广泛的抗体。

It would be physiologically,energetically impossible to maintain high antibody levels to all the pathogens we are constantly exposed to,and we would look like the'swollen Stay-Puft marshmallow man'of lymph nodes,constantly,if the immune system were required to do that."

从生理学和能量上讲,我们不可能对我们经常接触的所有病原体保持高抗体水平,如果免疫系统需要这样做,我们就会看起来像淋巴结的'肿胀的 Stay-Puft 棉花糖人'"

Why Are Natural Immunity,Early Treatment Protocols Censored?


Dr.Peter McCullough is an internist,cardiologist,epidemiologist and full professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine in Dallas.He also has a master's degree in public health and is known for being one of the top five most-published medical researchers in the U.S.and is the editor of two medical journals.

Peter McCullough 博士是达拉斯德克萨斯 a&m 医学院的内科医生、心脏病学家、流行病学家和医学教授。他还拥有公共卫生硕士学位,是美国发表论文最多的五位医学研究人员之一,还是两份医学期刊的编辑。

In our recent interview,he discussed the importance of early treatment for COVID-19,and the potential motivations behind the suppression of safe and effective treatments.He also told Horowitz,"[T]here has never been a confirmed second[COVID-19]infection beyond 90 days with similar or worse cardinal symptoms and confirmed PCR/Antigen/Sequencing test."(23)

在我们最近的采访中,他讨论了早期治疗2019冠状病毒疾病的重要性,以及隐藏在抑制安全有效治疗背后的潜在动机。他还告诉 Horowitz"这里从来没有发生过第二次2019冠状病毒疾病感染,超过90天后出现类似或更严重的基本症状,并且进行了确认的 PCR/抗原/测序检测。"(23)

In August 2020,McCullough's landmark paper"Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Infection"was published online in the American Journal of Medicine.(24)The follow-up paper,titled"Multifaceted Highly Targeted Sequential Multidrug Treatment of Early Ambulatory High-Risk SARS-CoV-2 Infection(COVID-19),"was published in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine in December 2020.(25)

20208月,McCullough 的里程碑论文《SARS-CoV-2感染早期门诊治疗的病理生理学基础和理论依据》发表在《美国医学杂志》的网站上。(24)这篇题为《多方面高靶向序贯多药治疗早期非卧床高危 SARS-CoV-2感染(2019冠状病毒疾病)》的后续论文发表在202012月的《心血管医学评论》上。(25)

While early treatment options were available when the pandemic began,patients were simply told to stay home and do nothing,until the infection had progressed to the point where they were having trouble breathing.Once at the hospital,COVID patients were routinely placed on mechanical ventilation—a practice that was quickly discovered to be lethal.


But McCullough has been an outspoken advocate for early treatment for COVID,as have other pioneering doctors like those behind the MATH+protocol.He believes the end goal in suppressing early treatment was to secure the rollout of a mass vaccination campaign.

但是,麦卡洛一直直言不讳地提倡对 COVID 进行早期治疗,其他像 MATH+方案背后的先锋医生也是如此。他认为,取消早期治疗的最终目的是确保大规模疫苗接种运动的展开。

Indeed,effective treatments like ivermectin—a broad-spectrum antiparasitic that also has anti-inflammatory activity—have shown remarkable success in preventing and treating COVID-19,(26)but they continue to be ignored in favor of more expensive,and less effective,treatments and mass experimental vaccination.(27)


At this point,however,with effective treatments available,the documented high survival rate of COVID-19(28)and knowledge that if you've had COVID-19,you're already likely immune to further infection,the rationale for getting vaccinated is faltering.Even the Delta variant has a very low 0.2%case fatality rate in the U.K.,which drops to 0.03%in those under 50.(29)


Natural Infection Will'Burn Out All Variants'


If you choose to get a COVID-19 vaccine,you're participating in an unprecedented experiment with an unapproved gene therapy,of which the benefits may not outweigh the risks,especially if you've already had COVID-19 and are already likely immune.


As noted by Horowitz,"Natural infection is the only phenomena that will ultimately burn out all variants,and the entire focus should be on getting seniors and other vulnerable people early treatment the minute they feel symptoms and even a prophylactic regimen of ivermectin…when appropriate."(30)


Meanwhile,McCullough pointed out that by getting vaccinated,you're setting yourself up for a very narrow immunity—much unlike the broad naturally acquired immunity—that could be easily overwhelmed by a more virulent virus.As he said in our interview that I previously mentioned:


"What I know based on the literature right now is there could be a risk given the narrow spectrum of immunologic coverage…There could be such a narrow immunity that more virulent strain could overwhelm it…


The most recent variant is the Delta variant.That's the weakest of all the variants and the most easily treatable.But if someone,let's say a nefarious entity created a more virulent virus,it could easily be designed to scoot past a very narrow immunity that hundreds of millions,if not billions of people,will be keyed to with narrow immunity."

最近的变种是 Delta 变种。这是所有变异体中最弱的,也是最容易治疗的。但是如果有人,比如说一个邪恶的实体创造了一种更加致命的病毒,它可以很容易地被设计成掠过一种非常狭窄的免疫性,即使不是数十亿人,也是数以亿计的人只有狭窄的免疫性。"

**By Dr.Joseph Mercola


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