2022年2月17日: 人类听到了行动的号召|星际飞船地球

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 February 17, 2022 2022年2月17日

2022年2月17日: 人类听到了行动的号召|星际飞船地球

As another election year ramps up, we might find ourselves asking if we have the wherewithal to do this again. The past five years have been exhausting for truth-tellers and conspiracy analysts, in my opinion.


Were it not for the counsel and tutelage of Q Military Intelligence, the story would have looked quite different and on this 17th day of February, we salute the team for a job well done. They rallied the troops and made Earth and Humanity worth fighting for. And they told us, “Watch CA” so I’ve been expecting something significant and here it is.

如果没有 q 军事情报局的忠告和指导,这个故事看起来会很不一样。在2月17日,我们向这个团队的出色工作表示敬意。他们召集军队,使地球和人类值得为之战斗。他们告诉我们,“观察 CA”,所以我一直在期待一些重要的东西,这就是它。

2022年2月17日: 人类听到了行动的号召|星际飞船地球

Canadian Truckers fed a monstrous red pill to the world and the Canucks are a lot more awake than previously as a result. Now the call has gone out from the “Taking Back Our Freedom” group to all Canadians; phone your MP’s and senators immediately and tell them not to vote in favour of Trudeau’s proposed War Measures Act which could go through a vote any time now.


Where is the emergency? There is no emergency. The emergencies are all manufactured, illusory, and blown up by the state media propaganda. If passed, however, that scenario would enable the tyrannical “government” to steal what little freedoms Canadians have remaining without oversight or justification. See the brief video overview at the link below.


Emergency call to action for Canada加拿大紧急行动呼吁

Resignations within the current global regime are daily now.


We had reports that Canadian financial institutions were off-line. Is it what they’re saying, or NESARA/GESARA and the Quantum financial system? Link to Telegram.

我们收到报告说加拿大的金融机构已经下线。是他们说的,还是 NESARA/GESARA 和量子金融系统?链接到 Telegram。

The ripples from the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy continue to reverberate across the planet as governments drop the nonsensical restrictions and mandates for their people.


Here in Arizona, we have Kari Lake on the front line.


2022年2月17日: 人类听到了行动的号召|星际飞船地球

What do you know—another “elite” charity under investigation. “Royals”, no less. Simon Parkes brings us this news on his blog.

你知道什么? 另一个“精英”慈善机构正在接受调查。“皇室”,不少。西蒙 · 帕克斯在他的博客上给我们带来了这个消息。

London Bridge truly is falling down, what with Prince Andrews’ child sex trafficking, the family reported testing positive for “Covid” and now Scotland Yard investigating one of their shady charities. Next they’ll be announcing the death of the Queen and Operation: London Bridge will have been a success and the world will know the globalists’ charities are mostly about money laundering. But when will the blind accept the European royals are pedophiles and pedovores?

由于安德鲁王子的儿童性交易,伦敦大桥真的倒塌了。据报道,伦敦大桥的家人“考维德”检测呈阳性,现在伦敦警察厅正在调查他们的一个秘密慈善机构。接下来,他们将宣布女王的去世和行动: 伦敦桥将是一个成功,世界将知道全球主义者的慈善事业主要是关于洗钱。但是盲人什么时候才能接受欧洲皇室是恋童癖者的事实呢?

With Prince Charles own charity under a police investigation regarding cash for Honours, one wonders if he has blown his chance to be King of England?


Prince Charles’ ‘Cash for Honours’ Charity


2022年2月17日: 人类听到了行动的号召|星际飞船地球

Why am I not talking about the sabre-rattling in the Ukraine, you might ask? Because it’s a distraction. Pure theatre. There will be no war. The cabal always wants war, of course, and now they want us to look over there, not over here where the deep state operatives like Hillary Clinton and her regime are being exposed for their crimes.

你可能会问,为什么我不是在谈论乌克兰的武力恫吓?因为这会分散注意力。纯粹的戏剧。不会有战争。当然,阴谋集团总是想要战争,现在他们希望我们看看那边,而不是希拉里 · 克林顿和她的政权等深藏不露的政府间谍们的罪行。

What we need to realize is that the psychopaths can still pull a plane out of the sky as they’ve done many times.


This Telegram gets into the more interesting aspects of the recent Spygate sting involving the NSA.


So Kash Patel just revealed that the only way Clinton could have spied on Trump at the White House was through the NSA.

因此,卡什 · 帕特尔刚刚透露,克林顿在白宫监视特朗普的唯一途径是通过美国国家安全局。

Who was the 17th director of the NSA?


Why did Admiral Mike Rogers hold an off the books meeting at Trump Tower in November 2016?

为什么海军上将迈克 · 罗杰斯2016年11月在特朗普大厦举行了一次秘密会议?

Why did Trump immediately move his operations out of Trump Tower after the meeting?


Why did Mike Rogers meet with John Durham in 2019?

为什么迈克 · 罗杰斯在2019年会见约翰 · 达勒姆?

Now ask yourself the most important question:
If Trump already new about the spying through Rogers, why was it still going on in February of 2017?

现在问自己一个最重要的问题: 如果特朗普对通过罗杰斯进行间谍活动已经有了新的了解,那么为什么在2017年2月还在继续?

Because this was always a sting.


How do you capture a very dangerous animal?




Hopefully you are a member of the We, the People channel so you can see the rest of the above. Link to Telegram.

希望你是我们,人民频道的一员,这样你就可以看到上面的其他内容。链接到 Telegram。

What percentage of anything in the media has a grain of truth in it?


2022年2月17日: 人类听到了行动的号召|星际飞船地球

The coverup continues in Scotland.


Covid data will not be published over concerns it’s misrepresented by anti-vaxxers

由于担心反疫苗的歪曲报道,因此不会公布 Covid 的数据

The media has to go. Big Pharma has to go.


Corrupt politicians and government have to go. Compromised law enforcement have to go. Lunatic teachers have to go. Butchers and greedy doctors have to go. Psychotic psychiatrists have to go. Big Ag making tainted food has to go. Mind controlled veterinarians have to go. Big box retail, anyone and any enterprise not interested in furthering the well-being of Mankind needs to go.


Humanity, open your eyes and ears and realize what has been happening under your nose for decades. Stop giving your power away. Seize it—and seize the day. There’s no time like the present.


2022年2月17日: 人类听到了行动的号召|星际飞船地球

The recent news of the “geostorm” that took out 40 SpaceX satellites was interesting to a number of us. It didn’t go unquestioned by me, and Dr. Joseph Farrell has thought it worth mentioning, as well, on his Giza Death Star blog where he weighs in with his thoughts because we take nothing at face value.

最近关于”地球风暴”摧毁了40颗 SpaceX 卫星的新闻引起了我们一些人的兴趣。约瑟夫 · 法雷尔博士也认为值得一提,他在他的吉萨死星博客上发表了自己的看法,因为我们对任何事物都没有表面价值。


磁暴把卫星从天上撞下来... 这就是..。

I have a busy day so am closing now. I’d like to say I’ll catch up later but at this point I believe that is almost impossible but we’ll hit some high points again later.  ~ BP

我今天很忙,所以现在要关门了。我想说,我会赶上以后,但在这一点上,我相信这几乎是不可能的,但我们会再次达到一些高点后。~ BP

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