萨拉博士|2020/10/1 太空部队是否推迟了近20年,以促成一个太空珍珠港?

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萨拉博士|2020/10/1 太空部队是否推迟了近20年,以促成一个太空珍珠港?

The recently established United States Space Force is widely considered to be the brainchild of President Donald Trump,which has subsequently aroused suspicion,if not outright opposition,by those believing it to be a grandiose vanity project with no genuine national security significance.However,the first proposal for a Space Force dates back to a bipartisan"Space Commission"established during the Clinton administration that delivered a detailed report on January 11,2001,recommending a new military space service to be called"Space Corps".The chief goal of the Space Corps would be to prevent a future"Space Pearl Harbor".

最近成立的美国太空部队(United States Space Force)被广泛认为是唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统的创意,随后引起了那些认为这是一个没有真正国家安全意义的浮夸的虚荣项目的人的怀疑,甚至是公开的反对。然而,第一个建立太空部队的提议可以追溯到2001111日在比尔·克林顿总统任期空间站建立的两党"太空委员会",该委员会提交了一份详细的报告,建议一个新的军事太空服务被称为"太空兵团"。太空兵的主要目标是防止未来发生"太空珍珠港事件"

What is even more intriguing in tracking the historical origin of Space Force is that the Space Commission was headed by Donald Rumsfeld,a former Secretary of Defense(1975-1977),who has a mysterious history in UFO investigations,the study and reverse engineering of captured extraterrestrial technologies,and in recruiting individuals for secret space programs.Rumsfeld's leadership of the Space Commission,and his second appointment as Secretary of Defense(2001-2006)under President George Bush,led to Commission members believing that legislation for creating a Space Force was imminent.

在追踪空间力量的历史起源方面,更有趣的是,空间委员会由前国防部长 Donald Rumsfeld 领导(1975-1977),他在 UFO 调查、外星人捕获技术的研究和逆向工程、以及为秘密空间项目招募人员方面有着神秘的历史。拉姆斯菲尔德对航天委员会的领导,以及他在乔治·布什总统领导下第二次被任命为国防部长(2001-2006),导致委员会成员相信立法创建空间部队迫在眉睫。

What happened eight months later completely derailed any hope for prospective legislation creating a Space Corps,the September 11 attack,which evidence suggests was a false flag attack orchestrated by the Deep State.Only a day earlier,Rumsfeld had admitted on live T.V.that the Pentagon couldn't properly account for a missing 2.3 trillion dollars.This had led to much speculation whether one of the motivations for the September 11 attack was to prevent serious investigations into the missing trillions.



Given Rumsfeld's leadership role in proposing the creation of a Space Corps,his subsequent second appointment as Secretary of Defense,and his exposure of the missing trillions,a question that can be asked is whether another key purpose of the Deep State in launching the September 11 attack,was to stop the creation of a Space Corps?If so,then it appears that a Space Pearl Harbor is a scenario that the Deep State has been facilitating since at least 2001,and they were laying the groundwork for U.S.officials acknowledging such a threat while effectively doing nothing to prevent it.


It's worth beginning with what the Commission report had to say about the creation of a military space service.The Report's title is "Commission to Assess United States National Security Space Management and Organization",and it was delivered nine days before the end of the Clinton administration on January 20,2001.


The Report opens by affirming that its members were appointed in a bipartisan basis by the ranking members from both parties sitting on the Armed Services committees of the House of Representatives and Senate.It concentrated on space security and emphasized the importance of preventing a"Space Pearl Harbor"from a major adversary:


"An attack on elements of U.S.space systems during a crisis or conflict should not be considered an improbable act.If the U.S.is to avoid a"Space Pearl Harbor"it needs to take seriously the possibility of an attack on U.S.space systems.The nation's leaders must assure that the vulnerability of the United States is reduced and that the consequences of a surprise attack on U.S.space assets are limited in their effects."Space Commission Report,pp.viii-ix


In order to fully prepare for future contingencies in space,and any surprise attacks,the Commission report called for the establishment of a"Space Corps"as a new military service within the Department of the Air Force that would later evolve into a separate department:


"A Space Corps within the Department of the Air Force may be an appropriate model in its own right or a useful way station in the evolution toward a Space Department.One model is the Army Air Force's relationship to the Army during World War II.Existing Air Force space forces,facilities,units and personnel,and military space missions could be transferred to a Corps.A Space Corps could have authority for acquisition and operation of space systems,perhaps to include both DoD and Intelligence Community systems,while leveraging existing Air Force logistics and support functions."(Space Commission Report,p.81)


What's surprising here is the remarkable similarity in what the Commission recommended,with President Trump's proposal for a Space Force that was presented 18 years later.


In Space Policy Directive-4,issued on February 19,2019,Trump declared:


"the Department of Defense shall take actions under existing authority to marshal its space resources to deter and counter threats in space,and to develop a legislative proposal to establish a United States Space Force as a sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces within the Department of the Air Force.This is an important step toward a future military department for space."


This two-step evolutionary process is an important clue that Space Force was not merely a spontaneous creation of Trump's that appeared to be the case the first time it was raised by him in a"not really serious"manner at a speech at USMC Miramar Air Station in March 2018:

这个分为两步的进化过程是一个重要的线索,表明太空部队不仅仅是特朗普自发创造出来的,20183月,他在 USMC Miramar Air Station 的一次演讲中首次以"并不严肃"的方式提出了这个问题:

My new national strategy for space recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain just like the land,air and sea.We may even have a Space Force.…You know,I was saying it the other day cause we're doing a tremendous amount of work in space.I said'maybe we need a new force,we'll call it the space force.'And I was not really serious,and then I said'what a great idea,maybe we'll have to do that.'


The similarities between Trump's Space Policy Directive-4 and the Space Commission Report 18 years earlier suggest that Trump was briefed by those familiar with the Report and the idea of a military space service still had serious backing within the Pentagon.

特朗普的《太空政策指令4(Space Policy Directive-4)18年前的《太空委员会报告》(Space Commission Report)之间的相似之处表明,特朗普听取了那些熟悉《报告》的人的汇报,而且在五角大楼内部,军事太空服务的想法仍然得到了认真的支持。

It's important to emphasize the critical role played by Rumsfeld,who was appointed Chairman of the Commission,making its recommendations for a Space Corps.Rumsfeld's importance is outlined by the reporter John Tirpak,who wrote about the Space Commission report for Air Force Magazine on March 1,2001:

重要的是要强调拉姆斯菲尔德发挥的关键作用,他被任命为委员会主席,为空间军团提出建议。记者 John Tirpak 概述了拉姆斯菲尔德的重要性,他在200131日为《空军杂志》撰写了关于航天委员会报告的文章:

Over the past decade,military space has generated a stream of reports from blue-ribbon panels.However,the recommendations of this one could carry considerable weight because its chairman,Donald H.Rumsfeld,has become Secretary of Defense….Rumsfeld resigned as chairman of the panel when President Bush tapped him to head the Pentagon,a scant two weeks before the commission published its final Report.However,the Report is said to reflect much of Rumsfeld's thinking on space organization issues and could well serve as a blueprint for reorganization of military space.


Rumsfeld's role led to General Ronald Fogelman,a newly retired USAF Chief of Staff(1994-1997)and prominent member of the 2001 Space Commission publicly stating the creation of a Space Corps was imminent:


The commission's chairman-Donald Rumsfeld-is now the Secretary of Defense,and so military space issues are fresh in his mind,said Fogleman.He added that some sort of restructuring likely will happen soon.


"If I were a betting man,I would bet you that in the[Defense Department]legislative proposal that comes to the Hill this year,this will be in there,"Fogleman said.


On September 10,2001,Rumsfeld appeared on live television,saying that the Pentagon could not account for 2.3 trillion dollars in the fiscal year 1999.


This was money that could not be tracked by the Pentagon Inspector General,who had described similar anomalies with the Pentagon budget in 1998 and 2000.In my 2003 Black Budget Report,I explained how the missing trillions were part of a massive CIA run unofficial black budget created to fund a second Manhattan Project–a vast number of Unacknowledged Special Access Programs involving research and development of retrieved extraterrestrial technologies.


萨拉博士|2020/10/1 太空部队是否推迟了近20年,以促成一个太空珍珠港?

Extracted from The Black Budget Report


Rumsfeld said in his interview that he would wage a bureaucratic war to bring about changes to properly track money flowing through the Pentagon.


Rumsfeld's remarkable admission was overshadowed the next day by the September 11 attack.His admission raises a number of possible explanations for this sequence of events and the effective shelving of a Space Corps for years to come.


One explanation is that Rumsfeld was among a group of"White Hats"wanting to expose or redirect some of the black budget money flowing through the Pentagon to fund new projects such as his proposed Space Corps that would prevent a future Space Pearl Harbor.

一种解释是,拉姆斯菲尔德是一群"白帽子"(White Hats)成员之一,他们想要揭露或重新分配一些流入五角大楼的黑色预算资金,用于资助一些新项目,比如他提议的太空军(Space Corps),以防止未来发生太空珍珠港事件。

A second explanation is that Rumsfeld was a"Black Hat"fully briefed about the upcoming false flag attack and wanted to release the news about the missing trillions at a time when it would be completely overshadowed by the upcoming false flag attack and the global war on terror that would subsequently dominate the Bush administration.

第二种解释是,拉姆斯菲尔德是一个"黑帽"(Black Hat),对即将到来的假旗袭击做了充分的介绍,并希望在即将到来的假旗袭击和随后主导布什政府的全球反恐战争完全掩盖失踪数万亿美元的消息时,发布这一消息。

Finally,Rumsfeld was a"Gray Hat"who had to simultaneously play the conflicting roles of running the Pentagon's global war on terror,which effectively prevented a Space Corps being created,while behind the scenes doing what was possible to nurture the idea of a future Space Corps.

最后,拉姆斯菲尔德是一个"灰帽子"(Gray Hat),他不得不同时扮演一个相互矛盾的角色,一方面负责五角大楼的全球反恐战争,这有效地阻止了一个空间部队的建立,另一方面在幕后尽可能地培养未来空间部队的想法。

The latter explanation is strengthened by the circumstances surrounding Rumsfeld's sacking on December 18,2016,due to him backing successive troop withdrawals from Iraq,and opposition to the surge recommended by senior military advisors that was implemented by his successor,Robert Gates,in January 2007.


Whatever the precise relationship between Rumsfeld,the missing trillions,funding a Space Corps,and the September 11 attacks are,one thing is clear.The subsequent war on terror led to Pentagon prioritizing funding for military interventions throughout the Middle East and North Africa.Potential funding for the creation of a Space Corps was shelved,and it was resurrected nearly two decades later by President Trump.


萨拉博士|2020/10/1 太空部队是否推迟了近20年,以促成一个太空珍珠港?

In the meantime,China has secretly built a large Space Navy which will soon be capable of conducting the Space Pearl Harbor envisaged in the 2001 Space Commission report.China's secret Space Navy was revealed by Lt General Steven Kwast(USAF ret.) in a September 2019 lecture:


China is our competition.Russia is our competition.They see the power of the economy of space…and they are rushing to that future….China has already built the organization,and has the strategy,the doctrine and the technology,and the builders for their guardian force in space.They are building a navy in space with the equivalent of battleships and destroyers that will be able to maneuver and kill and communicate with dominance.


Will Space Force be funded and expanded in time to prevent such an attack from occurring?Will it be able to successfully integrate a small but highly advanced number of antigravity spacecraft that were part of a USAF secret space program developed and deployed in the 1970s?


Currently,the U.S.Congress has not passed defense appropriations bills necessary for funding new projects envisaged by Space Force for 2021.The delay has led to a rebuke of the Congressional delay by the Chief of Space Operations,General Jay Raymond,who is concerned that new Space Force projects will be delayed well into 2021.


Is this Congressional delay yet another stratagem by the Deep State to slow down the roll out of Space Force in order to facilitate a debilitating Space Pearl Harbor strike by China and/or another major adversary in the near future?


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