本杰明|2022/05/05 在扼杀KM资金的行动中,联邦银行被围困,德意志银行被突袭

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本杰明|2022/05/05  在扼杀KM资金的行动中,联邦银行被围困,德意志银行被突袭

The global alliance against the Satanic Khazarian mafia scored major victories last week on multiple fronts. Most importantly, the Federal Reserve Board building in Washington DC has been fenced off


while Deutsche Bank was raided by German police. This has cut off the KM’s ability to launder fiat funny money into the real economy via the stock and bond markets, MI6 sources say. That is why Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Tesla and Amazon share prices are down respectively 11, 22, 16, 29 and 30% from their peaks.

而德意志银行则遭到德国警方的突击搜查。军情六处的消息人士说,这切断了KM机构通过股票和债券市场向实体经济洗钱的能力。这就是为什么苹果、 Alphabet (谷歌)、微软、特斯拉和亚马逊的股价分别从最高点下跌了11% 、22% 、16% 、29% 和30% 。

本杰明|2022/05/05  在扼杀KM资金的行动中,联邦银行被围困,德意志银行被突袭

If the Khazarian mafia loses the ability to create money out of nothing in order to finance their plan to enslave humanity, then it really is game over for them. Without money, they cannot pay for their goons, “celebrities” and actors pretending to be politicians.


However, we must not be complacent and need to remember exactly what we are fighting for. These people have repeatedly stated their goal is to kill most humans and domesticate the rest. To get a perspective on this, compare the T rex to its descendant, a domesticated chicken. The mighty alpha predator is now a tiny caged animal living a fraction of its natural lifespan in horrific conditions. If they did the same to humans -as they plan- then male children will be tortured to death at around age six months to harvest adrenochrome before they get turned into “nuggets.” Females will be kept as sex slave breeders until about age 25 when they will be turned into sausage.


Also, disturbing though it is, readers need to understand exactly how adrenochrome is harvested. This has been proven in videos where Hillary Clinton tortures two young girls relentlessly, rips off their faces and finally, while they are still alive, stuffs pincers into their noses to pull out their pineal glands. Clinton has been filmed eating a pineal gland taken in this manner. Nine out of the 12 New York police officers who saw this video have been suicided. The other 3 are in hiding but multiple copies of this video have been disseminated. A sanitized but still graphic and disturbing version can be seen here;

此外,虽然它是令人不安的,读者需要了解到底如何收获肾上腺素红。视频中,希拉里 · 克林顿无情地折磨两个年轻女孩,撕扯她们的脸,最后,在她们还活着的时候,把钳子塞进她们的鼻子里,把她们的松果腺拔出来。克林顿曾被拍到以这种方式吃松果体。看到这段视频的12名纽约警察中有9名已经自杀。其他3人正在躲藏,但这段录像的多份拷贝已经散发出去。这里可以看到一个经过净化但仍然生动和令人不安的版本;

You can see why the KM are fighting for their lives. Our CIA sources say the Azov battalion Satanists holed out at the steel plant in Mariupol are fighting to the death because they know they will be killed as soon as the adrenochrome harvesting facilities there are exposed.

你可以看到为什么KM为他们的生命而战。我们中情局的消息来源说,躲藏在 Mariupol 钢铁厂的亚速营萨塔尼亚分子正在战斗至死,因为他们知道一旦那里的肾上腺素红采集设施暴露,他们就会被杀死。

We have also been told that similar facilities to torture children are to be found worldwide, including in the underground tunnels beneath Disneyland Florida. Disneyland also regularly sent tour boats full of children to Epstein Island in the Caribbean, many of whom never returned. The sources say the movie “Monsters inc.” which describes “fuel” being harvested by terrorizing children, is about adrenochrome. For more, please watch the first 18 minutes of the video linked below.

我们还被告知,世界各地都有类似的虐待儿童的设施,包括在佛罗里达迪斯尼乐园地下的地下隧道里。迪斯尼乐园还定期派遣满载儿童的游船前往加勒比海的 Epstein Island,其中许多人再也没有回来。消息来源说,电影“怪兽公司”描述“燃料”被收获恐吓儿童,是肾上腺素红。欲了解更多,请观看视频的前18分钟链接如下。


We contacted the media relations department at Disney to ask for comment but did not get a reply by the time this report went live. However, in what may be just a coincidence, Disney “communications chief” Geoff Morrell just resigned after only three months on the job.



Ok so now let us look again at the state of the battle to liberate humanity from the KM. Here, the end of the fake Biden regime comes one step forward as US fake Vice President Kamala Harris “gets covid,” i.e. is arrested. According to her press secretary “Today, Vice President Harris tested positive for COVID-19 on rapid and PCR tests…She has exhibited no symptoms, will isolate” She is fully vaccinated and boosted twice -she received a total of 4 vaccine injections.

好了,现在让我们再来看看把人类从KM中解放出来的斗争的状态。在这里,假拜登政权的终结向前迈进了一步,美国假副总统卡马拉哈里斯“得到冠状病毒疾病”,即被逮捕。据她的新闻秘书说: “今天,副总统 Harris 在快速和 PCR 测试中检测出2019冠状病毒疾病阳性... ... 她没有表现出任何症状,将会被隔离。”她已经完全接种了疫苗,并且接受了两次注射——她总共接受了4次疫苗注射。

本杰明|2022/05/05  在扼杀KM资金的行动中,联邦银行被围困,德意志银行被突袭

“It is unlikely the Senate will be able to pass anything this week without Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., who both also tested positive on Tuesday, and without Harris as the tie-breaking vote,” notes the Daily Mail.

《每日邮报》指出: “没有 D-Ore. 参议员 Ron Wyden 和 D-Conn. 参议员 Chris Murphy 的支持,参议院本周不太可能通过任何法案。


They may well try to produce a CG version of Harris to make it appear that all is normal. This is what Mossad sources say they did as avatars of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and a few other politicians just supposedly secretly visited Ukraine. a country under attack by one of the most powerful militaries in the world.

他们很可能试图生产一个 CG 版本的哈里斯,使它看起来一切正常。这是摩萨德的消息来源说,他们所做的作为亚当希夫,南希佩洛西和其他一些政治家的化身刚刚秘密访问乌克兰。一个受到世界上最强大的军队攻击的国家。

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Maybe they are trying to explain their absence in the US by saying “they are in Ukraine.”


Speaking about Ukraine, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolay Patrushev warned Europeans that “Representatives of the criminal community that fled from Ukraine will attempt to occupy niches benefiting them” including drug and human trafficking. Watch out for your kids folks.

谈到乌克兰,俄罗斯安全委员会秘书 Nikolay Patrushev 警告欧洲人,逃离乌克兰的犯罪团伙的代表将试图占领有利于他们的小人口贩卖,包括毒品和毒品。小心你的孩子。


Russia is also inviting US officials, including Victoria “fuck the EU” Nuland to a parliamentary commission investigating the activity of US biological laboratories in Ukraine. This means the KM-occupied US has been caught in the act of trying to kill off most of humanity.



The Chinese Foreign Ministry, reflecting the views of most of the world, publicly labels the US as a rogue state acting in violation of international law.


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Many European countries agree and are distancing themselves from the KM-occupied US. That is why, in the latest sign that Russia is winning in its campaign to remove Satanists from the Ukraine, Poland, Italy, France, Germany and Bulgaria etc. were all forced to back down on their threat to cut off Russian gas money and have begun paying in Roubles.




We are also seeing a big split in the ranks of the ruling oligarchy in the US. Elon Musk, of Tesla, has apparently gotten off the fence and is now openly supporting the white hats. This is significant because Musk is the son of a prominent Nazi

我们还看到,美国的执政寡头统治阶层也出现了严重分化。特斯拉公司的埃隆 · 马斯克显然已经打破常规,现在公开支持“白帽子”。这一点意义重大,因为马斯克是一位著名纳粹分子的儿子

本杰明|2022/05/05  在扼杀KM资金的行动中,联邦银行被围困,德意志银行被突袭

rocket-scientist Verner von Braun, according to Japanese intelligence and confirmed by US space force sources.

据日本情报机构称,火箭科学家弗纳 · 冯 · 布劳恩,并得到美国空间力量消息来源的证实。

Von Braun, who is widely credited as being the brains of the US space program, made some interesting confessions as he was dying of cancer. He said the US would attempt to control the world by building space-based weapons. They would justify the massive expenditure by conjuring up fake enemies. First, the Russians, then terrorists, then third world crazies, then asteroids and finally, “the funniest one of all, aliens; extraterrestrials, that would be the final card and all of it is a lie,” he said.

凡 · 布劳恩,被广泛认为是美国太空计划的大脑,在他死于癌症时做了一些有趣的坦白。他说,美国将试图通过制造天基武器来控制世界。他们会通过虚构虚假的敌人来证明巨大的开支是合理的。首先是俄罗斯人,然后是恐怖分子,接着是第三世界的疯子,然后是小行星,最后是“最有趣的一个,外星人; 外星人,这将是最后一张牌,所有这一切都是谎言,”他说。

CIA sources tell us Elon Musk’s public life story is a giant lie and that he was set up from the beginning to be a frontman for commercializing Nazi high tech.

中央情报局的消息来源告诉我们,埃隆 · 马斯克的公共生活故事是一个巨大的谎言,他从一开始就被设计成纳粹高科技商业化的主角。

Sources linked to Musk provided us with evidence that electric car technology has been suppressed for a long time. Here we see electric cars being charged in 1917.


本杰明|2022/05/05  在扼杀KM资金的行动中,联邦银行被围困,德意志银行被突袭

Next, we see a video of electric taxis with quickly interchangeable batteries in operation in Spain in 1943.


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“Interesting how history and knowledge has always been buried by the ‘name stealers;’ aka the KM cabal,” a Mossad source comments. How did we lose this technology only to re-invent it 100 years later? Maybe David Rockefeller was making a confession of sorts to me when he told me “Oil was already well established when electricity came along.”

“有趣的是,历史和知识总是被‘盗名者’,也就是 KM 阴谋集团所掩埋,”一位摩萨德消息人士评论道。我们怎么会失去了这项技术,却在100年后重新发明了它?也许当大卫·洛克菲勒告诉我“当电力出现的时候,石油已经很好地建立起来了”的时候,他正在向我作某种忏悔

In any case, many sources warned that Musk was not to be trusted and would be kept on a “very short leash.” MI6 notes “if he has mended his ways vis a vis electronic election fraud (fraud is an indictable criminal offense) and unblocked Twitter then maybe” but, they warned, “he is not off the list yet.”

无论如何,许多消息人士警告说,马斯克不值得信任,他将受到“非常严格的约束”军情六处指出,“如果他已经改过自新,对付电子选举欺诈(欺诈是一种可以起诉的刑事犯罪) ,并解除了 Twitter 的封锁,那么也许”,但他们警告说,“他还没有从名单上除名。”

We will get back to the project blue beam fake alien invasion Musk and the secret space force are into at the end of this article.


However, for now, if Musk and DARPA and the space Nazis are going to help humanity defeat the KM, then they can start by fighting the ongoing attempt to starve us all to death.

然而,就目前而言,如果马斯克、美国国防部高级研究计划局和太空纳粹分子要帮助人类打败 KM,那么他们就可以从打击正在进行的将我们全部饿死的企图开始。

In one sign of this Indonesia announced plans to ban palm oil exports on Friday, “This is part of the KM cabal global plan of starving humanity. President Jokowi was ordered to do this by the KM. There is plenty of palm oil domestically,” a CIA source in Asia says.

印尼周五宣布禁止棕榈油出口的一个迹象是,“这是 KM 阴谋集团饥饿人类全球计划的一部分。佐科维总统被KM委员会命令这么做。美国国内有大量的棕榈油,”中央情报局(CIA)在亚洲的一位消息人士表示。


In the US last week Rembrant foods killed 5.3m chickens in an “avian flu cull” and then fired almost every worker. “They cooked those birds alive,” said one of the Rembrandt workers involved in the culling.

上周在美国,Rembrant 食品公司在一次“禽流感扑杀”中杀死了530万只鸡,随后解雇了几乎所有工人。“他们把那些鸟活活煮熟,”一名参与扑杀的伦勃朗工作人员说。

The culling has been repeated at chicken and turkey farms across Iowa and 28 other states from Maine to Utah. More than 22m birds have been killed.


News items like this are being repeated all over the world.


Now the UN is waring “More People Could Potentially Die From the Economic Impact of COVID-19 Than From the Virus Itself.”

现在,联合国警告说: “更多的人可能死于2019冠状病毒疾病的经济影响,而不是病毒本身。”

Over 130-Million Face Starvation: U.N. Warns "More People Could Potentially Die From the Economic Impact of COVID-19 Than From the Virus Itself" · Caldron Pool

The world is "on the brink" of a hunger pandemic which could see more people die from the economic impact of COVID-19 than from the virus itself the U.N. Security Council was warned on Tuesday. Advertisement "We are not only facing a global health pandemic but also a global humanitarian catastrophe," David Beasley, director of [...]

If you don’t think these people are capable of such atrocities, remember, in 1873 the American government killed 1.5 MILLION buffalo in one year alone to starve the Native American population. The aim was to make them dependent on the government to survive. What makes you think they think any more of you?


本杰明|2022/05/05  在扼杀KM资金的行动中,联邦银行被围困,德意志银行被突袭

KM bosses have previously said they plan to force people to take vaccines that alter their genes (to domesticate them) if they want to get a ration of insect protein. Maybe that is why our sources say David Rockefeller Jr. is in the Philippines working on insect food projects.


Here in Japan, insect vending machines are sprouting up all over the country. Here is an example:


本杰明|2022/05/05  在扼杀KM资金的行动中,联邦银行被围困,德意志银行被突袭

For $11 (1400 yen) you can get 15 grams of insects.


本杰明|2022/05/05  在扼杀KM资金的行动中,联邦银行被围困,德意志银行被突袭

本杰明|2022/05/05  在扼杀KM资金的行动中,联邦银行被围困,德意志银行被突袭

Speaking about people who are promoting insect food, it appears that Klaus Schwab Rothschild’s daughter, Nicole Schwab is the new face for the World Economic Forums’ “Great Reset.” In the video below she says some nice things about businesses taking care of the environment etc. But she also warns “There are tradeoffs but this is our chance. And this is about risk and it’s about resilience because the shocks coming are going to be even worse if we don’t do it now.” So, hurry up folks and line up for your bug ration before it is too late.

说到那些推销昆虫食品的人,似乎克劳斯 · 施瓦布 · 罗斯柴尔德的女儿妮可 · 施瓦布是世界经济论坛“大重置”的新面孔在下面的视频中,她说了一些关于企业环保等方面的好话。但她也警告称: “这是一种权衡,但这是我们的机会。这关乎风险,关乎弹性,因为如果我们现在不采取行动,即将到来的冲击将更加严重。”所以,赶快行动起来,在为时已晚之前排队领取你的虫子配给。

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We would also like to know exactly who it is who gave this small Satanic family group control over 90% of the worlds’ transnational corporations. Also, how is it they were able to train and install the following “leaders:”

我们也想知道究竟是谁让这个撒旦家族控制了世界上90% 的跨国公司。另外,他们是如何培养和安置下列“领导者”的:

Jacinda Arden (New Zealand)

Jacinda Arden (新西兰)

Angela Merkel, (Germany)

德国总理安格拉•默克尔(Angela Merkel)

Bill Gates (Vaccine pusher),

比尔 · 盖茨(疫苗推销员) ,

Emmanuel Macron (France)

埃马纽埃尔 · 马克龙(法国)

Justin Trudeau, (Canada)

贾斯汀 · 特鲁多(Justin Trudeau) ,(加拿大)

Sebastian Kurz, (Austria)

塞巴斯蒂安 · 库尔兹(奥地利)

Ursula von der Leyen (EU).


These are some of the war criminals who pushed mass vaccination with deadly results


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本杰明|2022/05/05  在扼杀KM资金的行动中,联邦银行被围困,德意志银行被突袭

Now that the deadly effects of their crimes are becoming obvious in the span of just a few weeks, western governments have colluded to create a global Ministry of Truth. In addition to the US DHS “Disinformation Governance Board”; Canada, the UK and EU have coordinated disclosure of their own censorship plans:


• Canada – Bill C11

•加拿大-第 c11号法案

• UK – Online Safety Bill


• EU – Digital Services Act


“They are desperately trying to cling on to information control and wrong-think suppression…They are being forced to publicly disclose their true dictatorial intentions and their urgency is snapping people awake at the speed of light,” a Mossad source notes.

“他们拼命地试图抓住信息控制和错误的思想压制不放... ... 他们被迫公开他们真正的独裁意图,他们的紧迫性是以光速把人们弄醒,”一名摩萨德消息人士指出。

To see what kind of people we are dealing with check out the video of the new US “disinformation czar” Nina Jankowicz back in 2015 singing “Who do I fuck to be rich, famous and powerful.”

要了解我们在和什么样的人打交道,可以看看2015年美国新的“假情报沙皇”尼娜 · 扬科维奇的视频,她唱的是“我和谁上床才能变得富有、出名和有权力”

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Finally this week we conclude with the latest operation Bluebeam or alien invasion information sent to us by the US Space command starting with this photo of the fake Pope Francis promoting aliens.


本杰明|2022/05/05  在扼杀KM资金的行动中,联邦银行被围困,德意志银行被突袭

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Whatever else you can say, as the Chinese curse goes, we are sure living in interesting times.




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