X22报道|第2767集: 早就计划好的协议,让伊朗保持沉默

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X22报道|第2767集: 早就计划好的协议,让伊朗保持沉默

Ep. 2767a – The [CB] Just Did It, Watch What Happens Next, Planned Along Time Ago

Ep. 2767a-[ CB ]刚刚做到了,看看接下来会发生什么,早就计划好了

Ep. 2767b – Much Will Be Revealed, Renegade Panicking, The Deal Kept Iran Quiet, Control Lost

Ep. 2767b – 许多事情将被揭露,叛徒恐慌,协议使伊朗保持沉默,失去控制

X22 报告发表于2022年5月4日


Bidenflation is now hitting hard, the trade deficit soars over 100 billion for the first time ever. The colleges need to be reigned in, the student loan program bloated them. Wheat conditions are poor, the [CB] is trying to push the people into the GR, this is failing. People transition into BC and HODL.



The [DS] is fighting for their lives, they are running out of ammunition, the push to get people on their side is failing. They will now push everything they have because they know if they lose the midterms it’s game over, control will be lost. Iran is next, the deal was kept Iran quiet, Trump took control, will they reveal certain information, tick tock. Renegade is panicking. Scavino sends message, much will be revealed, but not at a cost we can’t recover from.



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