萨拉博士|20200305 马斯克提议用可重复使用的火箭代替电磁推进

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2月27日,在美国空军协会的”空战研讨会”上,Space x 的创始人埃隆·马斯克提出了一个问题:”我们如何让星际舰队成真?”他还提议将可重复使用的火箭作为新成立的空间部队的”绝对基础”。

萨拉博士|20200305 马斯克提议用可重复使用的火箭代替电磁推进

On February 27,at the US Air Force Association’s“Air Warfare Symposium”,Space X founder Elon Musk posed the question,“How do we make Starfleet real?”and he proposed reusable rockets as“absolutely fundamental”for the newly created Space Force.

227日,在美国空军协会的"空战研讨会"上,Space x 的创始人埃隆·马斯克提出了一个问题:"我们如何让星际舰队成真?"他还提议将可重复使用的火箭作为新成立的空间部队的"绝对基础"

Musk's aggressive lobbying of reusable rocket propulsion technologies for future space exploration ignores increasing evidence that electromagnetic propulsion systems are not only scientifically feasible,but have been developed for classified spacecraft,many of which have been predicted to be soon transferred to Space Force.



Musk has undoubtedly shaken the conventional space industry with his pioneering work in developing reusable Falcon rockets for launching Dragon spacecraft that are used to deploy satellites and ferry supplies to the International Space Station.Many were thrilled to watch videos of the Falcon rockets safely returning either on land or on ocean-going barges,after some spectacular early failures.


The reusable Falcon rocket landings were followed later by Dragon spacecraft descending to Earth by first deploying parachutes to slow their descent through the atmosphere before performing an ocean splashdown.The manned version called Dragon 2 is designed to carry up to seven crew and will also perform a splashdown after completing its space mission.This effectively duplicates the Apollo era process for the return of manned space capsules.


Currently,Musk is developing a reusable Starship which again relies on rocket propulsion to take astronauts to the Moon and Mars.Measuring 160 feet(50 meters)in length,the Starship is significantly larger than the Dragon 2 and will sit atop a super heavy Falcon launch rocket.The Starship is designed to carry sufficient rocket fuel to make it possible to maneuver in space,land on the Moon,and return safely back to Earth.


At a February 28 test,a prototype Starship collapsed at the SpaceX facility in Boca Chia,Texas,showing similar development challenges to that previously faced with the Falcon rockets.Musk is confident that Space X will overcome these developmental problems and come up with a reusable spacecraft with similar capabilities to the abandoned Space Shuttle.

228日的一次测试中,一艘星际飞船的原型机在 Boca Chia SpaceX 设施中倒塌,这表明与之前面临的猎鹰火箭相似的发展挑战。马斯克相信,x 号空间站将克服这些发展问题,研制出一种可重复使用的航天器,其性能与废弃的航天飞机相当。

There is little doubt that the idea of reusable rockets is currently very helpful in transforming the space industry and moving things in the direction of multi-use space launch vehicles that will be much cheaper,reliable and safer.This has been predicted to kickstart a civilian space industry making it possible for space tourism to take off later this decade.


Musk's ambitious plans to use reusable rockets for manned flights to service the International Space Station,trips to the Moon,and eventually establishing colonies on Mars does indeed raise important questions for the newly created Space Force.Are reusable rockets"absolutely fundamental"to Space Force as Musk contends?


There is little question,when one reviews the available evidence and whistleblower/insider testimonies that the US Air Force,like the Navy,has for decades been developing electromagnetic propulsion systems in multiple highly classified programs.I have presented the best available evidence in successive books on the secret space programs developed by the US Navy and USAF.


Very recently,the Navy has had one of its most innovative scientists,Dr.Salvator Pais,apply for patents showing the feasibility of an electromagnetically propelled hybrid spacecraft capable of traveling underwater,in the air and space.After the patent examiner rejected the application for the “Hybrid Aerospace Underwater Craft” as not scientifically feasible since it lacked an adequate power supply,the Navy intervened by having another scientist write a letter in support of Pais.

最近,美国海军最具创新精神的科学家之一萨尔瓦托·佩斯博士(dr.Salvator Pais)申请了专利,证明了电磁推进混合航天器在水下、空中和太空中航行的可行性。由于"混合型航空航天水下飞行器"缺乏足够的电力供应,专利审查人员以科学上不可行为由拒绝了它的申请,之后海军出面干预,让另一位科学家写了一封支持佩斯的信。

Dr.James Sheehy,the Chief Technology Officer for the Naval Aviation Enterprise pointed out that Pais'patent application was scientifically feasible and was being experimented on.In his letter,Dr.Sheehy wrote about the electromagnetic propulsion systems making rocket engines obsolete:

海军航空企业首席技术官 James Sheehy 博士指出,Pais 的专利申请在科学上是可行的,目前正在进行试验。希伊博士在信中写道,电磁推进系统正在淘汰火箭发动机:

If successful the realization of this result demonstrates that this patent documents the future state of the possible and moves propulsion technology beyond gas dynamic systems to field-induced propulsion based hybrid aerospace-undersea craft…


萨拉博士|20200305 马斯克提议用可重复使用的火箭代替电磁推进

Upcoming March 21,2020 Webinar on SSP Disclosure and US Navy Patents

即将到来的2020321日关于 SSP 信息披露和美国海军专利的网络研讨会

Importantly,Sheehy went on in his letter to point out that China was working on similar electromagnetic propulsion systems.Not granting the patent would lead to China gaining the intellectual property rights on such innovative technology,which had been originally conceived in the US,and very likely acquired by China through industrial espionage.


Sheehy's warning was correct,China has indeed acquired classified US aerospace technologies and is in the midst of a rapid development process for fleets of electromagnetically propelled vehicles that are part of a secret space program that is far more powerful than its public space program using rocket propulsion systems.


China aims to overtake the US as a leading space power by 2030 through advances in Artificial Intelligence and deployment of 5G systems that are at the core of its asymmetric military strategy dubbed “Assassin’s Mace”.In my new book,Rise of the Red Dragon:Origins and Threat of China’s Secret Space Program,the full extent of China’s technological advances and how it plans to use AI and 5G to achieve space dominance are laid out in detail.

中国的目标是,通过人工智能的进步和5G 系统的部署,在2030年前取代美国,成为领先的太空大国。5G 系统是中国不对称军事战略的核心,被称为"杀手锏"。在我的新书《红龙的崛起:中国秘密空间计划的起源与威胁》中,详细阐述了中国技术进步的全部内容,以及中国计划如何利用人工智能和5G技术来实现太空主导地位。

Recently,a number of former servicemen from the USAF and Navy have come forward with their testimonies that the Tic Tac UFOs captured on infrared video by Navy pilots,had an important USAF connection.One of them,Mike Turber, says that he was told by a reliable source that the Tic Tac craft belonged to the USAF and had been built at its secretive Plant 42 facility in Palmdale,California,by leading aerospace contractors.

最近,一些来自美国空军和海军的退役军人提供了他们的证词,称海军飞行员通过红外线视频捕捉到的 Tic Tac ufo 与美国空军有着重要的联系。其中一个人,Mike Turber 说,他从一个可靠的消息来源得知 Tic Tac 飞行器属于美国空军,是由领先的航空航天承包商在其位于帕姆代尔的秘密42工厂建造的。

Given the abundant evidence that the USAF and Navy have secretly developed electromagnetic propulsion systems,why would the newly created Space Force be interested in Musk's reusable rocket propulsion systems?


Sure,reusable rockets are superior to the expensive single-use rocket launch vehicles that have been dominant since the 2011 retirement of the Space Shuttle.However,both single-use and reusable rocket systems are dramatically inferior to electromagnetically propelled spacecraft capable of traveling at speeds that defy conventional physics,as spectacularly demonstrated by the Tic Tac UFO craft.

当然,可重复使用的火箭优于昂贵的一次性火箭运载火箭,后者自2011年航天飞机退役以来一直占据主导地位。然而,一次性使用和可重复使用的火箭系统都明显不如电磁驱动的航天器,后者能够以超越常规物理的速度飞行,Tic Tac UFO 飞船就是一个很好的例子。

Musk made his comments in a fireside chat with Lieutenant General John Thomson,Commander of the USAF Space and Missiles Systems Center,Los Angeles Air Force Base,which was only a few months ago transferred over to Space Force.Was General Thomson genuinely interested in reusable rockets for Space Force or did he have another agenda in mind?


There are three possibilities that come to mind that help explain why General Thompson and Space Force may be interested in hearing Musk's views about reusable rocket propulsion systems.


First,reusable rockets are a useful stepping-stone to the far more effective and powerful electromagnetic propulsion technologies that Space Force is in the process of receiving from the US Air Force's secret space program,as I have discussed elsewhere.I find this possibility highly unlikely given the unnecessary expense of building reusable rocket technologies that Space Force leaders would deem vastly inferior to electromagnetically propelled spacecraft.


A second possibility is that Musk's advocacy of reusable rockets might be a convenient smokescreen for Space Force deploying electromagnetically propelled spacecraft,without revealing the true propulsion system being used until the right time.Put simply,there may be a need for Space Force leaders to hide from the public the true origins and development history of its reusable spacecraft.


A third possibility is that General Thompson and Space Force intends to partner with Musk since he has shown with his innovative Tesla electric car company a sustained interest in moving the car industry away from fossil fuels to electrical energy.Musk can therefore in the future play a leading role in moving the space industry away from rockets towards electromagnetic propulsion systems.


Therefore,in responding to Musk’s question,“How do we make Starfleet real?”,the answer is definitely not through reusable rockets as proposed by Musk.However,reusable rockets may be a convenient stepping stone or smokescreen for electromagnetic propulsion systems that Space Force will be deploying in the near future.Indeed,Musk may ultimately prove to be a pivotal figure in helping introduce electromagnetic propulsion systems to the general public as he learns about the classified technologies Space Force plans to release to the public.


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