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Democrats Are Waking Up Realizing Their Party

Has Abandoned Them



X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


X22视频2261解读|真理、正义和美国道路是通往自由的道路;法律和秩序是载体The narrative with the Deep State(DS)and the elites is nearly gone!They've tried almost everything…riots,a disease,shutdowns,releasing criminals into the streets.


They've already in-so-much admitted a Democratic presidential loss.If they go through with their November 4th cyber attack,they can delay counting.Cyber attacks?Would the Dems really stoop that low?


The Patriots and the President have caught wind of their plan and are completely aware of this.President Trump is always steps ahead of the DS and will have a counter measure in place.

爱国者和总统已经听到了他们计划的风声,并且完全意识到这一点。特朗普总统总是领先于 DS,并且会有一个适当的对策。

Americans are waking up and are realizing the corrupt politicians don't have a favorable political agenda for Americans.They want to raise taxes beyond belief,remove ICE,borders and police detail.They want to remove law and order and ultimately,our freedoms.They have abandoned their party for allegiance to China.Listen for it.Once you hear it,you cannot un-hear it.


While President Trump continues working hard,long hours,the Patriots are researching truth,discovering hidden corruption in both camps.The people are waking up!


The mainstream media(MSM)has been looking at their polls and much to their dismay,realize the polls are showing America doesn't want their country to burn.Figure that!The media was caught on camera saying it's their job to tell the people what to think.


With obvious underestimation of the American people,it appears they are surprised to learn that people actually think on their own.Imagine his surprise,when Don Lemon interviewed Jacob Blake's mother.


Just like George Floyd,Jacob Blake,had a criminal record.The Wisconsin Department of Justice confirmed he was armed with a knife when the Kenosha police officer shot him.Jacob Blake's own mother came out saying,there should be no riots,that this is something Jacob Blake would not want…she doesn't want.


Don Lemon interviewed Jacob's mother asking if she had something to say to our elected officials.She said,"President Trump,first I want to say,our family member,and I don't know if it was heard or not,said something that was not kind,she is hurting,and I do apologize for that."X22视频2261解读|真理、正义和美国道路是通往自由的道路;法律和秩序是载体


She continued,"Our outburst does not reflect our behavior.I am not mad at you at all,I have the utmost respect for you as the leader of our country,like I said before,I'm not saying this to him directly we should always get the details from the right source before we start throwing bricks."


Don Lemon was taken aback by what this mother said.In the depth of her sorrow,even she thought clearly enough to realize America's greatest need:to unite America.


The President has been applying pressure to Tik Tok,the social media video site which has been under scrutiny in regards to China using it to spy on those who have downloaded it.Kevin Mayor was brought on the team as CEO,but only after a couple of months,decided to resign.

总统一直在向社交媒体视频网站Tik Tok施加压力,该网站一直受到审查,因为中国利用其监视下载视频的用户。凯文·马约尔被任命为该团队的首席执行官,但仅仅过了几个月,就决定辞职。

Is Tik Tok in danger of losing its popularity?We'll have to see how it all plays out.

Tik Tok 是否面临失去人气的危险?我们将拭目以待。

The Deep State(DS)/Mainstream Media(MSM)are up to more tricks but most of America is beginning to recognize them.They have announced staffers who worked for George W.Bush,John McCain,and Mitt Romney are all endorsing Biden.Who actually cares who their staffers endorse?

深层国家(DS)/主流媒体(MSM)有更多的诡计,但大多数美国人开始认识到他们。他们宣布,曾为乔治•w•布什(George w.Bush)、约翰麦凯恩(John McCain)和米特罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)工作的员工都支持拜登。谁会在乎他们的员工支持谁呢?

By these staffers coming forward…Thank you!You have outed yourselves and have aligned yourselves with the Swamp!Now we know.And when other Republicans cross over to support the Democratic Party,we now know who the Rinos are.Patriots are very very patient.Patriots are very very patient.We wait,we educate ourselves,we think for ourselves so we are not deceived by their slight of hand.


Ric Grennel stated whistleblowers were silenced when they tried to expose Spygate.


He says,"…and what I saw made me sick to my stomach.The Obama/Biden Administration secretly launched a surveillance campaign on the Trump Campaign,and silenced the many brave intelligence officials who spoke up against it.They presented bogus information as facts,they lied to judges,then they classified anything that undermined their case."


People actually tried to speak up but when they did,they were silenced!Durham has all the criminal documentation.Durham knows it…Grenell saw it.If they know it and saw it,Trump knows all!

人们实际上试图说出来,但是当他们说出来的时候,他们就沉默了!达勒姆有所有的犯罪记录。Durham 知道...Grenell 看到了。如果他们知道并看到了,那么特朗普就什么都知道了!

FBI analyst Brian Auten,McCabe,Comey,Clapper,Obama have all been caught in the largest spying operation in American history!The investigators;Durham,Barr,Huber and others,have all the documented information.When will it all be released…when the very last bit of information is in its place.


Trust the plan.


Trump wants Biden to take a drug test prior to the Presidential Debate.If Biden accepts the suggestion,what will show up in his system?Perhaps HCQ?Perhaps some kind of dementia medication?

特朗普希望拜登在总统辩论前接受药检。如果拜登接受了这个建议,他的系统会显示出什么?也许是 HCQ?也许是某种治疗痴呆的药物?

The Deep State cannot allow a drug test so he most likely will get a pass.In fact,they don't want him to debate Trump either,which might mean a switch out,very soon.


Nancy Pelosi made a statement where she does not think Biden should debate Trump.When was the last time a Presidential debate was cancelled?If COVID is a concern,why not do a virtual debate?


We have no idea what policies Biden supports that will make for a better America.Why does Nancy make it her mission to speak on behalf of Joe?Is there a problem?


The Deep State politicians are in such a panic.They know they've committed crimes but what they don't know is,what does Durham know?


Who will be indicted,next?There have been no leaks.They are not used to being in the dark but are used to calling all of the shots.Now,they can't and they are panicked!Indictments are coming and will be revealed in the perfect moment.Trust the plan!


Operation Not Forgotten is an operation which rescues children from trafficking.It was announced 26 children and 13 more were recently rescued.These missing children were considered to be some of the most at-risk and challenging recovery cases in the area based on the high risk factors such as,victimization of sex trafficking child exploitation,sexual abuse,physical abuse,and medical or mental health conditions.


Nine criminals were arrested.Additional charges were filed for crimes related to sex trafficking,parental kidnapping,registered sex offender violations,drugs and weapons possession and custodial interference.


In 2019,the U.S.Marshal helped recover 295 missing children,recovering 75%of cases received.This is just the beginning.We'll see more rescues.


Protesters gathered outside of Buckingham Palace to bring awareness to the Save the Children/Save Our Children movement bringing awareness exploitation.People are starting to wake up to the horror of child trafficking and the proof is being shown around the world.Since Trump has been reporting human trafficking on the internet,more proof will be shown.


When it is understood who did what to these women and innocent children,the public will be outraged.This exposure isn't about Democrats nor Republicans.It's about humanity.You don't hurt the children!


We all know the riots are taking place,we know people are getting hurt,and now they are getting killed.


In Kenosha,Wisconsin,17 year old,Kyle Rittenhouse,was tired of seeing his city blow up in smoke while the Governor sat by and watched it happen.He armed up and went to the heart of the riots to see if business owners needed aid in protecting what what rightfully theirs to protect.Apparently,the MOB didn't like his presence and began chasing and attacking him.


As they chased him,he tripped and fell,just as the mob smashed a skateboard over his his head.Out of self defense,he shot 3 individuals.


X22视频2261解读|真理、正义和美国道路是通往自由的道路;法律和秩序是载体Attorney Lin Wood is looking to represent him.All 3 of these who were shot had criminal records.One was a registered sex offender,one was convicted for burglary,and the other had domestic abuse,strangulation with a dangerous weapon on his record.All 3 were after Kyle and violently assaulted him,so in self-defense,he shot them.

林伍德律师正在寻找他的代理人。这三个被枪杀的人都有犯罪记录。一个是登记在案的性犯罪者,一个因入室盗窃被定罪,另一个有家庭暴力,用危险武器勒死的记录。这三个人都是在 Kyle 之后暴力袭击了他所以出于自卫他开枪打了他们。

These riotous protesters are criminals.Didn't many governors release criminals onto the streets during the COVID pandemic?Were the ones who were shot,some of those released?


Lin Wood tweeted out the following,"Thanks to all freedom-loving Americans who responded to requests for contact information on Kyle Rittenhouse.We've connected with Kyle's family and help is on the way!Kyle will have excellent legal representations.We owe him a legal defense.The Fight Back Foundation Legal Team is heading out to meet with Kyle and his family.Several great local and national loyals have joined the team led by John Pierce.Michelle Maulkin is also hard at work.True Patriots,thanks for your outpouring support…"

林伍德在推特上写道:"感谢所有热爱自由的美国人回复了关于凯尔·里滕豪斯的联系信息请求。我们已经和凯尔的家人取得了联系,救援马上就到!Kyle 会有很好的法律代表。我们欠他一个法律辩护。反击基金会法律小组正准备去见凯尔和他的家人。由约翰·皮尔斯领导的球队已经有几个地方和国家级的忠实球迷加入了球队。米歇尔·莫尔金也在努力工作。真正的爱国者们,感谢你们的支持......"

The DOJ has deployed more than 200 agents and marshals to assist state and local law enforcement against the rioting in Kenosha,WI with federal resources as necessary.The Governor of WI has finally reached out to President Trump for assistance.Why did it take all this time,and 3 people getting shot for the Governor to respond to the rioting?


Who is controlling the mobs?Who is paying for it?Where did these thugs come from?In WI,BLM support has gone from 25%to zero in just two months!

谁在控制暴徒?谁在为此买单?这些暴徒是从哪里来的?在 WI 中,BLM 支持在短短两个月内从25%降到了零!

People saw the burning and the killings.They saw how the governors and mayors looked the other way,saying this is a myth,there are no riots.'We don't see cars being attacked on the highway with children in them,'but the people did!Now the people are questioning everything the media is reporting!


Once you see it,you can't unsee it.Statues coming down,businesses being looted and burned,people are seeing it and they are awake.


The mainstream media says[CueAnon]is a violent group.Look at their website;Qmap.Pub.(The space in this link is intentional but not needed in the search engine).

主流媒体说[CueAnon]是一个暴力团体。看看他们的网站; Qmap.Pub(此链接中的空间是有意为之,但在搜索引擎中并不需要)

Read the posts.Do you see any violence?Do you see any call for death?Actually,just the opposite.There is a call for unity,for Patriotism,flying your American flag,loving God,country and one another.


When the Corrupt politicians have talked against[Cue],they've gotten it all wrong.[Cue]is a movement,not a terrorist group.It's not a cult,because there is no leader who tells us what to think nor what to drink.


What is[Cue]?They are an intelligence operation tossing bread crumbs for people to research and to make their own decisions on what they're seeing,hearing and reading.That's it!


X22视频2261解读|真理、正义和美国道路是通往自由的道路;法律和秩序是载体There are no parades,no identity flag other than Old Glory,and there is no looting,burning,mayhem nor instigated violence in any way,shape or form.[Cue]is not a group.It is simply individuals who wish to research and think on their own.


Keep researching for…as Superman put it,"Truth,justice and the American Way!"


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点)



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