X22报告|第2947集: 系好安全带即将颠簸,信息战已进入下一阶段 

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[ DS ]正在被曝光。EM 揭露了贩卖儿童,在 Twitter 上恋童癖,运营 Twitter 的人保护了这一切,这是一种犯罪。

X22报告|第2947集: 系好安全带即将颠簸,信息战已进入下一阶段 

Ep. 2947a – Everything Is Not What Is Seems, Buckle Up It’s About To Get Bumpy


Ep. 2947b – Child Traffickers Exposed, The Information War Has Moved To The Next Phase, Extreme Panic




[redacted] has major problems and [redacted] wants the American people to pay, the cost is around 1 billion, the people will pass. The average American family has lost 7100 under Biden inflation. [JB] says inflation will go down next year. Trump signals that something worse than the recession is coming.



The [DS] is being exposed. EM exposed child trafficking, pedophilia on Twitter, the people running Twitter protected it all which is a crime. The information war is moving to the next phase. The majority is no longer silent and the majority will begin to make demands using multiple bull horns. The [DS] is in extreme panic and they struggling to take back the narrative which they can not do. The election fraud and the overthrow of the government will be exposed

[ DS ]正在被曝光。EM 揭露了贩卖儿童,在 Twitter 上恋童癖,运营 Twitter 的人保护了这一切,这是一种犯罪。信息战正在进入下一阶段。多数派不再保持沉默,多数派将开始使用多重公牛角提出要求。[DS]处于极度恐慌之中,他们竭力收回他们无法收回的说法。选举舞弊和推翻政府的行为将被曝光


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