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Levels of liberation.


In this month when it is 75 years ago that World War II ended in Europe with the defeat of fascist expansionism and the capitulation of the armed forces of national socialist Germany,many movies and series about the war are being aired on television.I watched a German made series called"Unsere Mütter,unsere Väter"(Our mothers,our fathers;English title:Generation War)and it shows how the war affected everyone differently in a seemingly random manner,how it changed people,how some died while others lived,but most of all how the war overtook everyone's life while each individual played his or her own role.It draws parallels with the current coronavirus circus and the war for liberation of the planet which is much more of a spiritual nature,although goddessy types and many ordinary globetrotters will call it an evolution and not a war.From the perspective of the individual it is about survival,self preservation and a redefinition of life,but from the collective perspective it is a process that is playing out in which creation,destruction and transformation are all part and parcel.The old cannot stay as it has been and must give way to the new,or initially at least to some shaky temporary status of transition.

75年前的这个月,第二次世界大战在欧洲以法西斯扩张主义的失败和国家社会主义德国军队的投降而告终,电视上正在播放许多关于这场战争的电影和系列片。我看了一部德国制作的系列片《我们的母亲,我们的父亲;英文片名:一代战争》(Unsere m tterUnsere v ter),它展示了战争如何以一种看似随机的方式对每个人产生不同的影响,它如何改变了人们,一些人如何死去而另一些人却活着,但最重要的是,战争如何在每个人各司其职的时候超越了每个人的。它与当前冠状病毒马戏团和地球解放战争相提并论,后者更多的是一种精神性质,尽管女神类型和许多普通的环球旅行者会称之为进化而不是战争。从个人的角度来看,它是关于生存、自我保护和对生命的重新定义,但是从集体的角度来看,它是一个正在进行的过程,在这个过程中,创造、毁灭和转变都是不可分割的一部分。旧的政权不能像过去那样,必须让位于新的政权,或者至少在最初阶段让位于一些摇摇欲坠的临时过渡状态

Many are anxious for an update on the status of planetary liberation,and Cobra's post dated April 14 went in depth about the various aspects of the coronavirus epidemic/plandemic,but that couldn't hide the fact he didn't mention anything about the status of ongoing operations.There is good reason for that however,the operations are critical to the overall progress of planetary liberation,highly sensitive and prone to risk.As Cobra mentioned,the hardcore of the Cabal is now only interested in causing destruction of human life,the economy and the planet.They have also been trying to obstruct food production and delivery by closing food factories in North America for concerns of Covid-19 infections,halting trucks at borders in Europe and creating locust swarms that ravaged fields in East Africa and parts of Asia,but from what I can tell these efforts seem to now be neutralized to a great extent.


The Jekyll and Hyde character of Western civilization.


Members of the white race of man that originated in Europe know they are part of a strong race that can accomplish just about anything it sets its mind to,whether it is in art,music,science,business,exploration,sports or any other arena of life.That is why the dark forces have used the Western countries to gain dominion over the world but have turned against the West in recent decades because we're now looking to overthrow their rule.They hope Asians will be more malleable and pliable.Due to the prolonged and persistent exposure to malevolent rule it seems the West has developed a split personality as Benjamin Fulford also remarked in one of his recent newsletters,like described in the Robert Louis Stevenson book

起源于欧洲的白色种族的成员知道他们是一个强大种族的一部分,这个种族可以完成任何它下定决心要完成的事情,无论是在艺术、音乐、科学、商业、探险、运动或任何其他生活领域。这就是为什么黑暗势力利用西方国家统治世界,但在最近几十年转而反对西方,因为我们现在正在寻求推翻他们的统治。他们希望亚洲人更具可塑性和柔韧性。正如 Benjamin Fulford 在他最近的新闻简报中所说,由于长期持续暴露在邪恶的规则之下,西方似乎已经发展出了一种分裂的人格,就像罗伯特·路易斯·史蒂文森的书中所描述的那样The Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde 化身博士(1941年电影)的案例.

Looking at history,many peoples the world over have held barbaric,brutal and cruel practices such as the public human sacrifice of members of conquered tribes in the Aztec empire,cannibalism on several islands in the Pacific and Caribbean and regions in Africa and South America,flaying alive of enemies in various cultures throughout the world and cutting off the right hand of thieves in islamic countries that subscribe to the sharia.But these things were done in all openness and more or less accepted cultural traditions for a long time,so they had a certain honesty to them even if they were extremely brutal.Now we would say:put them in jail or give them another more humane sentence.The West however(by that I mean mostly North America and Europe,and Australia and New Zealand to a lesser degree)has been playing goodwill mister gentleman both internally and toward other regions of the world while secretly harboring an extensive hidden subculture of perversions such as subversion of legitimate governments,engineered warfare,financial blackmail,economic sabotage,seizure of natural assets and mineral resources,pedophilia and the state sponsored drugs trade.Of course such activities were carried out by a corrupt elite,but the general population has been enabling this by condoning it and turning a blind eye all the while.So each person and each country has some serious soul searching and looking in the mirror to do,but none more than Westerners.I am sure I haven't always been incarnated as a European and I am equally sure I ended up living in Europe to advise some fundamental cultural changes so that detrimental mistakes from the past will never be repeated anymore.


Paying the bills.


As the Unknown Lightwarrior mentioned in one of his mails to the 144k army of light,the Cabal or what is left of it could have received unconditional forgiveness from the Goddess(or Source I would call it)if they would simply surrender,but they turned it down and have made their choice.Now they will have to face the consequences of their choice;and I would like to remind them there is no escape,not even suicide.If they die,their spirits will be caught and taken to the sorting facility on Ganymede,or if it is conducive for the catharsis after the Event they can be reincarnated into a copy of their physical body.No DNA sample needed,it's all in the Akashic Records.If humanity in general could have and would have been more willing to forgive and forget it might have been possible to avoid the current state of affairs with hardships for so many,we may never know.The light forces are keenly aware of the urgent need for intervention,but for the moment they have rather limited room to manoeuvre.Compare the situation as it sits with the total destruction scenario and you see that it could be much worse.For now we will have to manage with the means we have and help each other out where necessary.Like others I feel the Event will materialize this year,within 2020,just keep working toward it.

正如匿名光战士在他给144k 光之军的一封邮件中提到的那样,阴谋集团或者其残余势力本可以得到女神的无条件宽恕(或者我称之为源头),如果他们只是投降的话,但是他们拒绝了,并且做出了他们的选择。现在,他们将不得不面对自己选择的后果;我想提醒他们,没有逃避,甚至没有自杀。如果他们死了,他们的灵魂会被抓住并带到 Ganymede 的分类机构,或者如果这有助于事后的宣泄,他们可以转世成为他们的肉体的复制品。不需要 DNA 样本,它们都在阿卡西记录中。如果人类总体上能够而且会更愿意原谅和忘记,那么我们就有可能避免目前这么多人所面临的困境,我们可能永远也不会知道。光之部队敏锐地意识到干预的迫切需要,但目前他们的回旋余地相当有限。把现在的情况和完全摧毁的情况比较一下,你会发现情况可能会更糟。现在,我们将不得不用我们现有的手段来管理,并在必要时相互帮助。像其他人一样,我觉得这个事件将在今年实现,在2020年之内,只要继续朝着这个目标努力

What will the future bring?


That is up to all of us.The kind of Earth I would like to see is one that combines the intelligence and ingenuity of the white race,the connection with nature and sacred being of the Native Americans,the strength and cheerfulness of the black race,the serenity and tranquility of the Asians,the devotion and splendor of the Arabs,and the overarching love and creativity of a united but diverse humanity as a whole that will be an integral part of a galactic society.


Xekleidoma|2020/05/06: 说出不可言说的话

My wish was to be involved with redistribution of resources and lifting people and communities out of poverty,but funding has not been forthcoming from the Earth Alliance due to continued blockage by the Cabal.It's a pitty,but maybe this is something for others who have more experience in the field


I would be interested to confront the leaders of the Cabal in the truth and reconciliation process that will surely follow after the Event.Part of them will be executed for gross crimes against humanity and high treason and will have a soul reset,but another part of them will need to be either integrated into society in a functional manner or be placed in another off world setting where they can reform themselves and create a better way of living with their ilk.What I get is that many teams will be formed consisting of lightworkers,light warriors,truth seekers and other awake and aware people where each team will work on a specific field of interest,such as finance&economy,energy&heating,production&industry,transportation&logistics,nature&environment,spirituality&religion,medicine&healthcare,art&culture etc.and they will work to advise governments and institutions the best way forward in transforming the planet by drafting proposals and creating transition plans.As for myself,after this whole process is completed I see my future away from the confinement of planet Earth.


Xekleidoma|2020/05/06: 说出不可言说的话


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