X22报告|第3023集: 银行内爆,美联储准备他们的新系统,万福玛利亚推动

2023年3月18日14:27:03最新动态X22报告|第3023集: 银行内爆,美联储准备他们的新系统,万福玛利亚推动已关闭评论4171字数 1293阅读4分18秒阅读模式


X22报告|第3023集: 银行内爆,美联储准备他们的新系统,万福玛利亚推动

Ep. 3023a – Banks Imploding, The [CB] Prepares Their New System, Countermeasures In Place, Think House

银行内爆,[ CB ]准备他们的新系统,到位的对策,思考房子

Ep. 3023b – [DS] Assets Deployed, Hail Mary Push, There System Is Exposed & Imploding, March Madness




The people are fighting back against the dictators, the dictators are pushing the GND and Great Reset but the people are rising up. The banking system collapse was put into place to create an event to push the agenda into the [CBDC], without the event they will not be able to force congress into taking the next steps. The House was the target.

人民正在反抗独裁者,独裁者正在推动国民党和大重启,但人民正在起义。银行体系崩溃是为了创造一个机会,把议程推进(CBDC) ,没有这个机会,他们将无法迫使国会采取下一步措施。众议院才是目标。


The [DS] is in panic mode, they have nothing left to throw at Trump and they are using what ever crumbs they have left. Their system is exposed it is imploding and they cannot stop it. Trump and the patriots have set them up and they are forcing them down a path to expose all their crimes. 



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