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Great intel from QSR. It seems that [B]iden's fake presidency is fading fast. Thanks again to Stephen for his tireless work in collating the QSR posts for us.

来自 QSR 的重要情报。看来拜登的假总统地位正在迅速下降。再次感谢 Stephen 为我们整理 QSR 帖子所做的不懈工作。

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Multiple resignation from the Biden admin and white house staff Has happened and continues happening...>RATS JUMPING SHIP<

拜登政府和白宫工作人员的多次辞职事件已经发生,而且还在继续发生... > 老鼠跳槽 <

_Jen Psaki

_Vedant Patel

_Mike Gwin

_Micheal Kikukawa

_Dana Remus

_Amanda Finney

>21 Black Staff members have left the White House, with many more planning on resigning their post,,,... The Exodus has been name> The Black Exodus from the White House

21名黑人工作人员已经离开了白宫,还有更多的人计划辞职... ... 大批黑人离开白宫被称为大批黑人离开白宫

POLITICO reports a current staff member inside the White House who has concerns of the Black Exodus and called it BLAXIT

POLITICO 报道称,白宫内部的一名现任工作人员对黑人大逃亡感到担忧,并称之为 BLAXIT

Two thirds of BIDENS press have left in the past two weeks.



 Behind the scenes... BIDEN ADMIN. AND WHITE HOUSE STAFF are in PANIC

幕后... 拜登行政官员和白宫工作人员都陷入了恐慌

Ever since the Bilderberg group hosted their event in DC .... Things have been going down HILL



Where's James Comey?

詹姆斯 · 科米在哪?

What's happening (going to happen) with the VATICAN?





Enjoy the show.



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Texas Could Vote to Secede From U.S. in 2023 as GOP Pushes for Referendum https://www.newsweek.com/texas-secede-us-2023-gop-pushes-referendum-1717254



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Eyes on Georgia<


I EXPECT huge news to come soon from Georgia


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[DS] plans to Use [DEMOCRATIC] REPUBLIC OF CONGO to bring war and civil unbalance in Uganda>>>>> eyes on the GOLD

[ DS ]计划利用[民主]刚果共和国在乌干达带来战争和内乱 > > > > > 眼睛盯着黄金

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DRC/Uganda/Rwanda - Muhoozi’s tweets threaten regional balance https://www.theafricareport.com/214810/drc-uganda-rwanda-muhoozis-tweets-threaten-regional-balance/

刚果民主共和国/乌干达/卢旺达-穆胡齐的推文威胁地区平衡 https://www.theafricareport.com/214810/DRC-Uganda-Rwanda-muhoozis-tweets-threaten-regional-balance/

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The 2021 South African unrest, also known as the Zuma unrest or Zuma riots, was a wave of civil unrest occurred in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces from 9 to 18 July 2021, sparked by the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma for contempt of court.

2021年的南非骚乱,又称祖马骚乱或祖马骚乱,是2021年7月9日至18日在南非夸祖鲁-纳塔尔省和 Gauteng 省发生的一波内乱,起因是前总统雅各布 · 祖马因藐视法庭而被监禁。


 CABLES:; [ DS] ready to re-start  the RIOTS in the next week's coming.....

CABLES:; [DS]准备在下周的来临之际重新启动RIOTS.....。

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African Lion Military Exercises to Kick Off in Morocco on Monday https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2022/06/349790/african-lion-military-exercises-to-kick-off-in-morocco-on-monday


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Led by the U.S. Army Southern European Task Force, Africa, African Lion 22 will execute in four countries: Morocco, Ghana, Senegal and Tunisia.

在美国陆军南欧特遣部队的带领下,非洲狮22号将在四个国家执行任务: 摩洛哥、加纳、塞内加尔和突尼斯。

Militaries from Brazil, Chad, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom will join U.S. and host nation troops. U.S. participants come from all service components, including the Reserves and National Guard.


African Lion 22 features a joint task force command post exercise, a combined arms live fire exercise, a maritime exercise, an air exercise including bomber aircraft, a joint forcible entry with paratroopers into a field training exercise, a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear response exercise, and a humanitarian civic assistance program event


________>we all know what exercises means.////


They are getting ready for EVENTS


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Military exercises are sometimes used as cover for build up to an actual invasion such as in the cases of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia and the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, or it can provoke opponents at peace to perceive it as such in the case of Able Archer 83.

军事演习有时被用作实际入侵的掩护,例如在苏联及华沙条约成员国入侵捷克斯洛伐克和2022年俄罗斯入侵乌克兰的情况下,或者在 Able Archer 83的情况下,军事演习可能会激怒和平中的反对者将其视为入侵。

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One of the biggest-ever Nato exercises in the Baltics had taken place and now over with Millions in munitions and artillery moved to Baltic countries


> "Hedgehog", the drills involve 10 countries, including Finland and Sweden, which are expected to formally apply to join NATO


The exercises in Estonia, which will last until June, were arranged before Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


Vladimir Putin has said Russia has no issue with Finland or Sweden, but a military expansion near its border would demand a reaction.////

弗拉基米尔 · 普京表示,俄罗斯与芬兰或瑞典之间没有任何问题,但如果俄罗斯在其边境附近进行军事扩张,则需要做出回应。////


Major movements of Serbian military and artillery continue through the region with China supplying Missiles the past months.....


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(NEW Exercise's between RUSSIA and China coming again


... This was only the beginning )


Russia and China Held Military Exercise in East Asia as Biden Visited https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/24/us/politics/russia-china-bombers-biden.html

俄罗斯和中国在东亚举行军事演习,拜登访问 https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/24/us/politics/Russia-China-bombers-Biden. html

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BREAKING REPORT: Speculation mounts that the Pope is about to RESIGN as Francis postpones Africa trip and announces unusual meeting of cardinals...

突发新闻: 越来越多的人猜测教皇即将辞职因为弗朗西斯推迟了非洲之行并且宣布了红衣主教的特殊会议..。

Post 13 from @BioClandestine

Putin Declares the End of NWO

普京宣布 NWO 的终结

I just read the full transcripts from Putin’s speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) Friday, 06/17/22. Just WOW. It is extremely eye opening to read his message. Surprisingly, I have to agree with him on everything he said. He kinda sounds like Trump to be honest.


I highly suggest you read the entire thing, but let’s break down some passages that stuck out to me:


-“the era of the unipolar world order is over, I want to start with this, there is no escape, it is over despite all attempts to preserve it, preserve it for any medium.”


Kinda sounds like he’s saying “nothing can stop what is coming”. Putin has been adamant that he’s taking out the neo-nazis and NWO. He claims it’s all theater at this point. Window dressing until their inevitable defeat.

听起来他好像在说”没有什么能阻止即将发生的事”。普京一直坚持要除掉新纳粹分子和 NWO。他声称现在一切都是在演戏。直到他们不可避免的失败。

“The United States, having declared victory in the Cold War, declared themselves the messengers of the Lord on Earth, who have no obligations, but only interests, and these interests are declared sacred.”


“They (United States) are captives of their own delusions about countries outside the so-called “golden billion”: they consider everything else to be the periphery, their backyard, they still treat them like colonies, and the people who live there consider them second-class people . , because they are considered exceptional. If they are exceptional, everyone else is second class.”

“他们(美国)被自己对所谓“黄金十亿”以外的国家的错觉所俘虏: 他们认为其他一切都是边缘国家,他们的后院,他们仍然把这些国家当作殖民地对待,而居住在那里的人们认为他们是二等人。因为他们被认为是特殊的。如果他们是杰出的,那么其他人都是二流的。”

“Therefore, an irrepressible desire to punish, financially crush those who stand out from the general ranks, they do not want to blindly obey. Furthermore, they rudely and shamelessly impose their own ethics, views on culture and ideas on history and sometimes question the sovereignty and integrity of states, creating a threat to their existence. Suffice it to recall the fate of Yugoslavia and Syria, Libya and Iraq.”


Here, we see Putin saying some harsh, but accurate things about the United States and how they have conducted themselves on a global stage since the end of the Cold War. Putin is right. Actors within the US government pushed illegal and dangerous biological activity directly onto Russia’s border, left countries in an absolute state of destruction, waged bloody and pointless wars, only seeking to fulfill the self interests of a global order. Sounds like Trump talking about the Deep State to me.


Putin then goes on to speak more directly about Russia and their economic plan moving forward to fill the void left by the dissolving “unipolar world order”.


Sounds to me like he and Trump have the same global interests. Sounds to me like Putin isn’t the genocidal maniac the Western media complex painted him out to be. Sounds to me like the US have been the “evil empire” for the past 30 years, and the rest of the world are rightfully sick of our shit.


You can claim Putin is pushing Russian propaganda, but ask yourself… where’s the lie? Did he say anything that wasn’t true? If anything he was pulling his punches. I would have said a lot worse.

你可以声称普京在推动俄罗斯的宣传,但问问你自己... ... 谎言在哪里?他说了什么不真实的话吗?如果他说了什么,他就是在放松警惕。我会说更糟的话。

But from what I can gather, Putin appears to be, as of now, an ally to the People of Earth. As is Trump. Trump and Putin seem to be in agreement as it pertains to globalism. Putin and Xi are also allied, and in agreement with Russian MIL’s findings on US biolabs in Ukraine. Xi and Trump also have a rather peculiar and friendly relationship.


We are not that far off from a coalition of the 3 world superpowers to stand up to the global Deep State. And that’s what it would take to garner enough global support to prosecute the Deep State players and truly awaken the world to the crimes against humanity.


It’s a long shot, but it might be the only shot we got.







Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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