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Human Islands


Our ability is the only limit


If your question is, what is wrong on Earth right now? Is the answer, everything, from food, agriculture, language, education, health, technology, science, sports, money, business, and much more.


真正的非隐藏大师|最后的警钟The coming great upheaval brings great change in the destiny of man. It brings visible and unmistakable feelings of bliss. People are going to feel better, while those who are not awake will not know why.


To the question when will this happen? Is the answer; when the masses rise up because of the peoples murdered by poisonous injections against the invented Covid Pandemic. Full stop!


Planet Earth is moving from its ancient negative third to the positive fifth Dimension, that is going to reshape us and the planet. The Deep State has been defeated worldwide. It is waiting for the Awakening of the Masses, before the total cleansing of our planet can begin.


Just because there is no physical evidence of our work yet, doesn’t mean that nothing has been achieved. Much of our work has been successful behind the scenes. That is, by spreading the Light on a planet that has been kept in darkness for hundreds of thousands of years, improvements are slowly becoming visible. Once the Light has spread across the globe, there is no way back to darkness.


Many have spoken to others to convince them; stood up for our rights; protested in Marches for Freedom, etc. All this work is praised because it has awakened a large section of humanity. The time has now come to take the path to the Fifth Dimension; every awakened soul is able to make the ascent on its own, without waiting for help from others. That is why the awake are now hated by the sleepers, who will only later realise they meant well.

许多人与其他人交谈以说服他们; 捍卫我们的权利; 在自由游行中抗议等等。所有这些工作都受到赞扬,因为它唤醒了人类的一大部分。现在已经到了走向第五维度的时候了; 每一个觉醒的灵魂都能够自己提升,而不需要等待别人的帮助。这就是为什么醒着的人现在被沉睡者所憎恨,他们后来才意识到他们是出于好意。

Humanity has been through a lot in the past, and many of you now feel disillusioned, tired, weak, exhausted, and wonder what we are fighting for? You wonder when the darkness that has hung over us for so long will end and why we are still walking the face of the earth at all?


Many feel depressed because family and friends are still asleep, and why they failed to wake up friends and family. Never doubt that your life and efforts have been in vain. Those who are awake are the strong ones who hold the light so that others can follow. That is why the awake were reviled by the sleepers, who will only realise later that they meant well for them.


The battle against the global mafia has already been won, but convincing zombies about what has happened is not possible, they will have to experience it first hand, before the liberation of planet Earth is a public fact.


With this, the upcoming major changes have been outlined and explained why it is taking so long for all of this to become final. The awakening of the masses is awaited, for there is no other way to convince them than to experience it for themselves.


People must learn to think independently; to act in innovative ways, because most, if not all, of the existing parameters will be obsolete. The meaning and value of money will be totally different from what has been customary. Everyone will have enough money to live on. There will be no need to take advantage of others or to steal to buy anything. Your ability will be the only limit. Everyone is free, allowed to pursue any hobby, and to work when they wish.


GESARA is designed to remove poverty and all resulting ills from the Earth during the transition phase. The changes will not be made for the sake of poverty, but are part of the Plan to bring comfort and protection. This will take the human experience to a new level, to bring joy and happiness.

GESARA 的目的是在过渡阶段消除地球上的贫困和所有由此产生的疾病。这些改变不是为了贫困,而是为了给人们带来舒适和保护。这将把人类的经验带到一个新的水平,带来快乐和幸福。

The veil that imprisons our souls on our planet will be lifted through the process of reincarnation to free humanity, and to develop as the Creator intended for us.


真正的非隐藏大师|最后的警钟The true non Hidden Masters are the Lightworkers, contrary to what is said in popular culture.  There are no longer the criminals in the dark. The Lightworkers have no need to direct, set, rule or control mankind. This goes against the universal occult laws.


However, the dark elite try to rise above these laws; by acting as the guardians of the material world, that is, it is the Archons – who parasitise the intrapsychic mind – who are the most dangerous, as are most of their Islamic counterparts, who are used by the occult elite and the intelligence services to deceive and manipulate mankind.

然而,黑暗精英试图超越这些法律; 作为物质世界的守护者,也就是说,是执政官——他们寄生在通灵意识中——是最危险的,正如他们的大多数伊斯兰同行一样,他们被神秘精英和情报机构用来欺骗和操纵人类。

Disconnecting 10 of our 12 DNA strands crippled our potential. Aliens helped to genetically manipulate mankind, while the Anunnaki later crippled human genetics by detaching 10 of our 12 strands of DNA, which enslaved mankind for the elite. These disconnected chains are classified by our scientists as junk DNA.

断开我们12条 DNA 链中的10条,削弱了我们的潜能。外星人帮助操纵了人类的基因,而阿努纳奇人后来通过分离我们12条 DNA 链中的10条来破坏人类的基因,这些 DNA 链将人类变成了精英阶层的奴隶。这些断开的链被我们的科学家归类为垃圾 DNA。

In fact, we lost almost all, if not most, of our abilities while the two remaining strands of DNA are only tuned to reproduce more slaves and stay alive on their own. When, all our 12-DNA strands are restored, we will have amazing capabilities. This will make it possible to use 100% of our brains again, whereas now only twelve percent of humanity is operational.

事实上,我们几乎失去了我们所有的能力,如果不是大部分的话,而剩下的两条 DNA 链只是被调整来繁殖更多的奴隶和靠自己生存。当我们所有的12-DNA 链被恢复时,我们将拥有惊人的能力。这将使我们有可能再次使用100% 的大脑,而现在只有12% 的人类是可操作的。

Our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters would like to have our DNA arsenal, because of our versatility and creative ability. They envy us our creativity, which makes us immortal. As the Bible says, we are created in the image of our Creator.

我们的外星兄弟姐妹想拥有我们的 DNA 武器库,因为我们的多才多艺和创造能力。他们羡慕我们的创造力,这使我们不朽。正如圣经所说,我们是按照造物主的形象创造的。

When Jesus performed miracles, He said, “and you can do these things too”. And this is how humanity was able to function before the Anunnaki enslaved us by disconnecting 10 of our 12 strands of DNA.

当耶稣行神迹的时候,他说,“你也可以做这些事。”。这就是在 Anunnaki 人奴役我们之前,人类是如何通过切断我们12条 DNA 链中的10条来发挥作用的。

Our returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi reports below on the latest developments in this area.

我们返回的外星记者 Vital Frosi 在下面报道这个地区的最新发展。





To complete the separation of the wheat from the chaff, groups were initially formed, attracted by their compatible frequency. This phase of planetary transition and the ascension of souls to a world of regeneration will lead to a new configuration of collective consciousness. This is the time of humanity on Earth.


真正的非隐藏大师|最后的警钟You have been prepared for your mission in this present existence during many incarnations here on Earth, even if you do not remember. Some of you have even learned your skills on other planets or stars and have now incarnated here to fulfil the purpose of your souls.


In this planetary transition, do not doubt your mission. Just make sure that you arrive at the right time and the right place. All knowledge is already within you. Trust the Plan and pay attention to the signs. The call will not come; it was made many centuries ago. And you have accepted this mission and have been carefully prepared for it over the past millennia.


It does not matter whether or not you know how things happened. There comes a time when certain information draws your attention to something, so the puzzle is put together. There is no need to rush or be curious. The important thing is that you know you are ready. If you were not, you would not be reading this text.


Don’t ask me what your mission is, because I wouldn’t know the answer. But I can tell you that you will soon find out, in case you don’t know. If you have been preparing for thousands of years, you need not worry about the details now. The toolbox is in your hands and will be opened when the time is right. You can use the tool because it contains your innate knowledge.


You will now begin to understand why you are in the middle of a family or group where the majority is not interested in these matters of planetary transition and soul ascension. It would be a shame to put all lightworkers in one place and leave the rest of humanity to their own devices.


The divine Plan is perfect and has therefore placed each piece where it will be most useful. It is like Robinson Crusoe, the shipwrecked man, who ended up alone on a desert island. But unlike the one who was alone on the island, you are the island itself. An island that is rapidly forming.


Soon, many final events of the Planetary Transition will take place and those around you who were never interested in the subject will remember hearing you speak about the events of the moment. And they will have no choice but to turn to you for help.


So, you will form your own human island. The help that comes from above will be no surprise. The incredible ability to put together and coordinate everything that is needed in the coming moments will come as no surprise. For this, all the knowledge accumulated over millennia will be revealed from within. You will remember everything when it is needed. It will also be the moment to demonstrate the perfection of the divine Plan.


It will not only be an island, but also the anchor. You will be the safe harbour for those who feel shipwrecked by events. You will be the strength, courage and faith that others lack in times of despair. Not that these will be catastrophic moments, but as I said before, they will be incomprehensible moments for those who do not believe in the Great Plan.


In fact, most of them do not even know who they really are or what they are doing on this Planet. They should know! At least you have enough to know that you will be the guide of the desperate souls. Many will wake up in these glorious days for humanity. And you will be present, to guide the new awakening. You will be the master who will lead them safely until they can trust in themselves.


After all the islands are properly structured; a new process will begin. Some islands will join with others to form an archipelago. There will be a short and intense period where events will unfold rapidly to create new systems together. What used to take centuries now takes a few days.


真正的非隐藏大师|最后的警钟The new Earth will emerge. The new 5th Dimension will be stronger. A new humanity will be ready to inhabit the World of Rebirth. And you will be where you are meant to be. Then you will understand how great your mission is. You will finally understand that you are a Master, for mastery has always been within you. You will then see the perfection of the Divine Plan for Planet Earth and its people.


Do not get caught up in the drama they want to force upon you! Remember that the dark forces know what is going to happen, and that is why they are so insistent on destroying your reputation for truth and those who speak truth. They do not want you to be that island. They would rather see all of humanity perish, because otherwise it will be the end of them.


Be aware of your possibilities. Nothing you experience is a coincidence. Everything always has a cause. You are already prepared, but you may be put to the test. You need to know if all your tools are in good condition. There will be no surprises when the time comes. Everything will be in accordance with the Great Plan, for if everything is a divine creation, God the Father/Mother is Creator of the Worlds and commander of this Planetary Spaceship. Do not let fear get in the way of your mission. You are not Robinson Crusoe, but the island itself!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!

我是 Vital Frosi 我的使命是启迪!



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