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萨拉博士|2021/06/29 多个“银河联邦”正在干预人类事务

In part one of this series,I discussed remote viewing sessions conducted by the Farsight Institute on the‘Galactic Federation of Worlds’,which has allegedly been intervening on Earth from remote antiquity and even played a role in the genetic engineering of humanity.When examining the work of multiple insiders and‘contactees’,however,it becomes clear that there is more than one association of human-like interplanetary civilizations using names similar to or adaptions of‘Galactic Federation’.

在这个系列的第一部分,我讨论了 Farsight 研究所在世界银河联邦上进行的远程观察会议,据说这个研究所从远古时代就对地球进行了干预,甚至在人类的基因工程中扮演了一个角色。然而,当研究多位内部人士和联系人的工作时,我们可以清楚地看到,类似人类的行星际文明存在不止一个联系,它们的名字与银河联邦的名字相似,或者是对它们的改编。

For example,in his 1958 Book,The Council of Seven Lights,George Van Tassel talked about the“Adamic Confederation”of space brothers landing on Earth at the dawn of history and mating with the“race of Eve”(primitive humans).In his 1974 book,The Invitation, Peruvian contactee Sixto Paz Wells also spoke about a large interplanetary association called the‘Confederation’that was helping humanity’s evolution.


In 1981,the famous Law of One channeling introduced two main extraterrestrial factions that have historically intervened in human evolution.These were named the‘Confederation of Planets’and‘Orion Crusaders’by the extraterrestrial group calling itself the Ra Social Memory Complex that belonged to the former.

1981年,著名的一窜法则介绍了历史上干预人类进化的两个主要外星派系。这两颗行星被外星人团体命名为行星联盟和猎户座十字军,他们自称属于前者的 Ra 社会记忆复合体。

The Confederation and Orion Crusaders were respectively positive and negative in ethical orientation and attitudes towards human evolution,in ways that are very similar to what the Farsight remote viewers had to say,respectively,about the‘Galactic Federation of Worlds’and the Orion Alliance.

联邦十字军和猎户座十字军在人类进化的道德定位和态度上分别是积极的和消极的,方式非常类似于 Farsight 遥视者分别对世界之银河联邦和猎户座联盟的说法。

Among the first to publicly discuss three or more rival extraterrestrial interplanetary alliances involved in humanity’s creation and/or vying over human affairs ever since was the contactee,Alex Collier,who publicly emerged around 1991 with lectures about his experiences with a human-looking alliance of extraterrestrials called the Andromeda Council.He said it comprised 139 different star systems,and it had become interested in Earth due to the Andromedans detection of a galactic tyranny 350 years in the future that could be traced to the Earth,Moon,and Mars in the present era.

首先公开讨论三个或三个以上竞争对手的外星星际联盟参与人类创造和/或争夺人类事务的是接触者亚历克斯·科利尔(Alex Collier),他在1991年左右公开露面,讲述了自己与一个外表像人类的外星人联盟——仙女座议会(Andromeda Council)——的经历。他说它由139个不同的恒星系统组成,由于350年后仙女座人探测到一个未来的银河系暴政,可以追溯到当今时代的地球、月球和火星,它对地球产生了兴趣。

In his lectures,some of which were compiled in the book Defending Sacred Ground,he described the different extraterrestrial groups that had established a presence on Earth.These included the Draconian(Ciakharr)Empire,a group from the Orion constellation(Grays and Humans),a“Galactic Commonwealth”made up of developing human civilizations,and the Andromeda Council.These are similar negative extraterrestrial groups to those Dr.Brown’s remote viewing team had identified:Draco Reptilians,Grays,and beings from Orion.


Some members of the Galactic Federation,according to Collier,played a role in the genetic engineering of humanity and have ever since been interested in human affairs.Other Federation(aka Commonwealth)members,however,have played no role in human history and have little interest in Earth.Due to time travel technology,however,the Federation can insert their operatives or intervene far into humanity’s past to influence contemporary events to prevent future galactic tyranny.

根据 Collier 的说法,银河联邦的一些成员在人类基因工程中扮演了一个角色,并且从那以后一直对人类事务感兴趣。然而,其他联邦(即英联邦)成员在人类历史上没有扮演任何角色,对地球也没有多少兴趣。然而,由于时间旅行技术的发展,星际联盟可以派遣他们的特工或者干预人类的过去,影响当代事件,防止未来的银河暴政。

When seen in the context of the Draco and Orion groups also intervening in human affairs,it becomes clear that current events on Earth are part of a temporal war between the three main extraterrestrial alliances over our destiny.


萨拉博士|2021/06/29 多个“银河联邦”正在干预人类事务

Overall,Collier spoke about 22 extraterrestrial civilizations that had genetically intervened in human affairs,and were responsible for the different racial and ethnic groups on Earth,which is not the norm in our galaxy.These 22 groups appeared to be drawn from mostly human-looking races from the three competing extraterrestrial alliances—not just members of the Galactic Federation.


Other notable individuals with relevant information about different interplanetary associations include the whistleblower,Dr.Michael Kruvant Wolf.In the late 1990s,Wolf gave interviews to several notable UFO researchers such as Paola Harris and Dr.Richard Boylan after the publication of his book,The Catchers of Heaven(1996).

其他知道不同行星际协会相关信息的著名人物还包括告密者,Michael Kruvant Wolf 博士。在20世纪90年代后期,沃尔夫在他的著作《天堂的捕手》(1996)出版后,接受了几位著名 UFO 研究者的采访,如保拉·哈里斯和理查德·博伊兰博士。

Here is a summary of the three main extraterrestrial alliances that Wolf had revealed in his interviews and book:


The MAJESTIC-12 organization was aware of all three MAJOR confederation groups,


o   the joint humanoid-reptiloidCORPORATE/ALLIANCE 


o      the mostly humanoid FEDERATION OF WORLDS 


o      the mostly reptiloid UNIFIED RACES OF ORION 


The“mostly humanoid Federation of Worlds”corresponds with the“Galactic Federation of Worlds”that Dr.Brown and his remote viewing team were focusing on.The other two groups comprised a significant Reptilian element in their composition.These roughly equate to the Draconian(Reptilian)Empire and Orion Alliance that the Farsight Institute remote viewers were referring to.


In 2015,Corey Goode began to speak of a“Super Federation”comprising between 40-60 extraterrestrial civilizations in charge of up to 22 genetic experiments on Earth.In a Q and A,Goode distinguished between the Super Federation and Galactic Federation:


Q2 How is the Galactic Federation different to the Super Federation?


The Super Federation is made up of 4th-5th Density beings that comprise the“Genetic Farmer”races as well as civilizations that were products of the“grand experiment”that advanced to the point of becoming a part of the group doing the experiments.We are supposed to be graduating to this same point very soon.The Galactic Federation,as stated above,is more responsible for maintaining this Universe/Reality for the One Infinite Creator and exist within what we would consider Other Density or even an Angelic realm.One of the messages I got from the SBA[Sphere Being Alliance]was,“We are the messengers and facilitators of the One Infinite Creator”.

超级联盟由第4-5密度生物组成,这些生物包括种植基因的农民种族以及文明,这些文明是大实验的产物,这些大实验进展到成为进行实验的小组的一部分。我们应该很快就会毕业到这个阶段。银河联邦,如上所述,更负责维护这个宇宙/实相为一个无限的造物主,并存在于我们所认为的其他密度,甚至一个天使的领域。我从 SBA(球体存在联盟)得到的信息之一是,我们是一个无限造物主的信使和促进者

When it came to the relationship between the Sphere Being Alliance and the Galactic Federation,this is what Goode explained in a Q&A:


Q1 What is the Galactic Federation?Who are its members?


I have referenced it as the Galactic Federation,through Tear Eir[Goode’s primary ET contact],while the Anshar[an inner Earth civilization]are calling it the“Galactic Confederation”.The members are highly spiritually and technologically advanced(6th+Density)civilizations that cooperate to facilitate both cosmic law and the various cosmic cycles.The members of the Sphere Being Alliance(Guardians)are members of this Federation.

我通过 Tear Eir[古德的主要外星人联系人]把它称为银河联邦星系,而 Anshar[地心文明]则称它为银河联盟。这些成员是精神上和技术上高度发达(6+密度)的文明,他们合作促进宇宙法则和各种宇宙周期。球体存在联盟的成员(守护者)是这个联盟的成员。

Clearly,there was an important difference between the‘Galactic Federation’(aka Confederation)and the‘Super Federation’managing Earth’s 22 genetic experiments.In order to avoid confusion and maintain consistency with earlier sources such as George Van Tassel,the Law of One Material,and Sixto Paz Wells,I will use the term“Galactic Confederation”to denote this higher density advisory body.


While the Galactic Confederation operated as a higher density overseer to maintain“cosmic law”,the Super Federation were direct stakeholders in Earth affairs,having distinct agendas and were rivals that would experience conflicts among themselves and/or with the Draconian and Orion groups.


Consequently,the Galactic Confederation could act as an arbiter of disputes between Super Federation members that were genetically engineering humanity or step in if a violation of cosmic law was happening.This is consistent with Collier’s claim that the Andromeda Council(a 6th+density association)advised the“Galactic Commonwealth”(aka Confederation)of a future galactic tyranny.


In 2018,Goode described a major breakthrough insofar as the Super Federation decided to take a step back and allow humanity to determine its own destiny due to intervention by the 6-9th density Sphere Being Alliance/Galactic(Con)federation.


萨拉博士|2021/06/29 多个“银河联邦”正在干预人类事务

In response to Professor Haim’s 2020 groundbreaking revelations on the Galactic Federation,Goode reiterated that there are multiple federation groups interested in human affairs,and again emphasizing that the‘Super Federation’comprising many Nordic extraterrestrial groups is a local deliberative body that is distinct from the higher density‘Galactic Confederation’to which the Sphere Being Alliance belonged.

在回应 Haim 教授2020年关于银河联邦的开创性启示时,古德重申,有多个联邦团体对人类事务感兴趣,并再次强调,由许多北欧团体组成的超级联邦是一个地方审议机构,有别于球体存在联盟所属的高密度的银河联邦。

Goode elaborated further on these different groups in a December 2020 interview:


You hear“Galactic Federation”a lot.Well,that could apply to many different groups,like,you know,the Sphere Being Alliance.They’re a part of this,like,a galactic watcher kind of group that are overwatching higher-density realms and also looking after the lower-density realms to make sure everything’s being done according to Cosmic Law.These are like 6th,7th density beings—very evolved beings.


And then you go down to 4th and 5th density beings and those include anything from the Reptilians to these tall Nordic races,different types of beings that we lump into what we call the“Grays”.


There’s a whole assortment of these other types of beings...Insectoids are extremely into genetics.That’s...All of their technology is genetic manipulation.And even the ships they fly in.


And they’re a part of these little federations together.They work with Reptilians sometimes and they have agreements of convenience as well,because some of them have genetic spiritual timeline agendas that conflict with other people in this Super Federation.


Israeli Ex-Mil Space Chief: US & ALIEN Galactic Federation Deal (Human Experiments) & Mars Base

Dr. Michael Salla (www.Exopolitics.org) & Corey Goode discuss the recent viral news flurry covering Haim Eshed, former head of Israel's Defense Ministry's sp...

This leads to the question of whether the“Galactic Federation of Worlds”that Brown’s Farsight group remote viewed was part of this higher density oversight group that Goode’s Sphere Being Alliance belonged to—the‘Galactic Confederation’—or one of the other federations that are in conflict with rival associations such as the Draconian Empire or Orion Collective.

这就引出了这样一个问题:布朗的 Farsight 小组远程观察的世界之银河联邦是属于这个高密度监督小组的一部分,而古德的 Sphere Being Alliance 属于银河同盟,还是属于另外一个与诸如德拉科帝国或猎户座集体等敌对组织发生冲突的联盟。

It appears clear from the remote viewing sessions that the Galactic Federation of Worlds is a direct party in ongoing conflicts with the Draco and Orion groups,rather than an oversight group applying cosmic law as an impartial arbiter.The Galactic Federation of Worlds conducts military operations,has space fleets battling against the Reptilians/Orions,has undercover operators infiltrating into human society,etc.


The Galactic Federation of Worlds operations described by the Farsight Institute are very similar to what has also been recently revealed by the French contactee and former professional archeologist Elena Danaan.She has publicly released her communications with four individual representatives of the Galactic Federation of Worlds that date from 2018,which is the time she says she was activated and decided to commit herself full-time to her new career.

法赛特研究所描述的世界银河联邦行动与最近由法国联系人和前专业考古学家 Elena Danaan 发现的情况非常相似。从2018年开始,她公开发布了自己与世界银河联邦的4位个人代表的联系,她说那是她被激活并决定全身心投入到她的新事业中的时间。

Significantly,she described a recent decision by the Galactic Federation of Worlds to increase their military operations and interventions on Earth,and nearby celestial bodies such as the Moon and Mars,and support indigenous resistance efforts against Draco and Orion control.


Galactic Federation Intervention on Mars, Moon & Earth

In this third interview on Exopolitics Today with Dr. Michael Salla, Elena Danaan discusses Galactic Federation operations against repressive extraterrestria...

This is consistent with Collier’s earlier observations about the Andromeda Council contacting the Galactic Confederation to preempt the Earth becoming the epicenter for a future galactic tyranny.Furthermore,this is also consistent with what Brown’s remote viewing team had observed back in February 2021 and suggests that the Galactic Federation of Worlds has taken a very recent decision to intervene in human affairs more vigorously.

这与科利尔早期观察到的仙女座议会联系银河联盟是为了阻止地球成为未来银河暴政的中心。此外,这也与 Brown 的远程观测小组在20212月所观察到的情况一致,并表明世界银河联邦最近决定更积极地干预人类事务。

It’s worth emphasizing that the Galactic Federation of Worlds appears to be a more activist organization to the higher density“Galactic Confederation”that Goode said the Sphere Being Alliance belonged to and whose recent activities he has described in detail since 2014.While there are some similarities between the Sphere Being Alliance/Galactic Confederation operations described by Goode with what Farsight and Danaan have claimed about the Galactic Federation of Worlds,there are also significant differences.

值得强调的是,对于更高密度的银河联盟来说,世界之银河联邦似乎是一个更为活跃的组织。尽管古德所描述的星球存在联盟/银河联盟的运作与 Farsight Danaan 所声称的世界之银河联邦有一些相似之处,但也有显著的不同。

This suggests that the Galactic Federation of Worlds is working with or under the guidance of the Galactic Confederation in upholding cosmic law when it comes to the future of humanity.This very likely occurs through highly evolved extraterrestrial members such as the Andromedans and Arcturians,who are members of both groups.It’s worth recalling that Edgar Cayce,the famous American psychic,viewed the Arcturians as among the most highly evolved civilizations in our galaxy,as I describe in my 2013 book,Galactic Diplomacy.


萨拉博士|2021/06/29 多个“银河联邦”正在干预人类事务

In conclusion,it is clear that humanity is being visited by multiple extraterrestrial civilizations,many of which belong to at least three rival extraterrestrial alliances that are competing over human affairs.These rival organizations appear to be a Galactic Federation of Worlds,a Draconian Empire,and an Orion Alliance.


In addition,there appears to be a grouping of extraterrestrials that have been running 22 genetic experiments on Earth,previously called the Super Federation,which is being reconstituted as humanity takes control over its own genetic evolution.Finally,there is a higher density group also called the“Galactic Confederation”to which the Sphere Being Alliance and Andromeda Council belong,and which appears to be an arbiter of cosmic law.


These five distinct associations of extraterrestrial races appear to be the key players in Earth’s current events.The worldwide extraterrestrial coverup has made it very difficult for the general public to ascertain what is happening.Nevertheless,thanks to the collective efforts of the Farsight Institute,individuals such as Corey Goode and Elena Danaan,Alex Collier,and other historical sources,we can get a more accurate picture of what is currently happening.


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