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以色列太空计划之父哈伊姆·伊希德教授在描述 Donald Trump 总统与外星种族联盟—-银河联邦空间站的交流时,引起了国际媒体的狂热。说 Trump 想要揭露外星生命的真相,但是银河联邦回答说人类还没有准备好。

萨拉博士|2021/06/29 遥视世界的银河联邦

In December 2020,the father of Israel's space program,Professor Haim Eshed,created an international media frenzy when he described President Donald Trump communicating with an alliance of extraterrestrial races called the Galactic Federation.Eshed said Trump wanted to disclose the truth about alien life,but the Galactic Federation replied that humanity wasn't yet ready.Eshed's impeccable scientific credentials and intimate knowledge of classified space programs meant that his comments about a Galactic Federation monitoring human affairs had to be taken seriously and could not be easily dismissed.

202012月,以色列太空计划之父哈伊姆·伊希德教授在描述 Donald Trump 总统与外星种族联盟----银河联邦空间站的交流时,引起了国际媒体的狂热。说 Trump 想要揭露外星生命的真相,但是银河联邦回答说人类还没有准备好。伊希德无可挑剔的科学资历和对机密太空计划的深入了解,意味着他关于银河联邦空间站监控人类事务的评论必须严肃对待,不能轻易置之不理。

This raised a host of questions about whether such an extraterrestrial organization truly existed and was poised to openly intervene in human affairs,as Eshed claimed.Even more importantly,how did Eshed's'Galactic Federation'relate to previous claims by different researchers,insiders,contactees,etc.,dating back several decades,concerning the activities of different interplanetary organizations intervening in human affairs or playing a role in the genetic engineering of humanity.

这引发了一系列问题:这样一个外星组织是否真的存在,是否准备公开干涉人类事务,正如伊希德所说的那样。更重要的是,Eshed 的‘银河联邦’与几十年前不同研究人员、内部人士、联系人等关于不同星际组织干涉人类事务或在人类基因工程中扮演角色的活动的声明有什么关系。

In this two part series of articles,I plan to discuss five interplanetary organizations that have been described by different insiders and contactees that are relevant to any discussion of a Galactic Federation.Three of them can be easily confused as their membership,functions,and activities can overlap but nevertheless have significant differences.Two other interplanetary organizations are often cited as antagonists to the Galactic Federation and are therefore easier to identify.


To begin this series,I will open with the efforts of Dr.Courtney Brown,Director of the Farsight Institute,to answer some of these key questions raised by Professor Eshed's comments over the existence and activities of a Galactic Federation.

在这个系列的开始,我将以 Farsight 研究所所长 Courtney Brown 博士的努力作为开场白,回答 Eshed 教授关于银河联邦的存在和活动的评论中提出的一些关键问题。

Dr.Brown organized a team of five remote viewers to gather intelligence on the Galactic Federation in multiple sessions conducted and publicly released in February 2021.He explained his rationale for the remote viewing session as follows:


In quite a number of projects here at Farsight,the words"Galactic Federation of Worlds"have been used to reference a group of planetary civilizations that seem to be supportive of humanity and opposed to the influence of other groups and species that appear hostile to humanity.Well,now it is time to find out more about what those words mean.

Farsight 的许多项目中,"世界银河联邦"一词被用来指代一组行星文明,这些文明似乎支持人类,反对其他看起来敌视人类的群体和物种的影响。好了,现在是时候找出这些词语的更多含义了。

Exactly what is the Galactic Federation of Worlds?Or perhaps,who are they?Are they one species,or a group of species and civilizations,sort of like a United Nations of the galaxy?Do they have meetings?Do they work together on projects,such as a project that may involve Earth and us humans?Are they a diverse group with diverse interests,or are they all of one mind?


And importantly,if they really do desire to help humanity in its hour of need within the context of a galaxy that contains a significant number of threatening or hostile forces,can the Galactic Federation of Worlds really do something helpful?What are its resources?Moreover,does it really need Earth humans to step up to the plate in order to help us out,or is it strong enough to help us out regardless of what we humans do?


The results of the remote viewing sessions yielded many valuable insights into the existence of a'Galactic Federation of Worlds',and other questions raised by Dr.Brown.This was particularly the case with understanding the Federation's command structure,its internal policy debates over the extent to which it should intervene in human affairs,how its intervention was part of a"temporal war"over the Earth's future,and what private individuals can do to support the Federation's efforts to assist our planet's evolution in a positive direction.


As with previous remote viewing sessions conducted by the Farsight Institute,the sessions were held under blind conditions,and the participants were only told to focus on two targets presented to them in sequential order.No details of each target were given in order not to frontload the remote viewers'own personal views and biases into their observations.


The two targets for the remote reviewing sessions were:


Target 1:The headquarter of the Galactic Federation of Worlds/The most relevant meeting of the GFW dealing with the subject of Earth and humanity.


Target 2:The command ship for the GFW responsible for Earth now and its commander.

具体目标2:现在负责地球及其指挥官的 GFW 指挥船。

Each of the remote viewers reports on the two targets was remarkably consistent in their overall observations even though details varied from case to case.As far as both targets were concerned,there were several notable observations,among which were:


  • The Galactic Federation of Worlds(GFW)is a large and diverse body holding many viewpoints about how to deal with humanity.

世界银河联邦 (GFW)是一个庞大而多样的机构,持有许多关于如何对待人类的观点

  • There were members of the GFW who were opposed to further intervening in human affairs.

有些 GFW 成员反对进一步干预人类事务

  • The enemy of the GFW,powerful rival extraterrestrial coalitions,had a tight grip over humanity and would not be easy to displace.

GFW 的敌人,强大的地外敌对联盟,牢牢地控制着人类,不容易被取代

  • There were significant armed conflicts between the GFW and its rivals over the Earth,and this had placed great stress of the Federation's military commander.

GFW 与其在地球上的对手之间发生了严重的武装冲突,这给联邦军事指挥官造成了巨大的压力

  •  If the GFW stopped its operations,there would be significant planet-wide destruction and Earth would descend into a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

如果 GFW 停止运作,将会造成巨大的全球性破坏,地球将陷入后世界末日的噩梦

  • The GFW leadership is aware that rival extraterrestrial alliances were more powerful in overall military terms,but the latter would abandon Earth operations if the GFW was committed.

GFW 的领导层意识到,敌对的外星联盟在整体军事上更强大,但如果 GFW 承诺,后者将放弃地球行动

The opposing interplanetary forces that the remote viewers are referring to are the Draconian Reptilian(aka Ciakharr)Empire and the Orion Alliance(aka Collective),which have been discussed in previous remote viewing sessions focusing on Nazis and Reptilians in Antarctica,and US Presidential meetings with extraterrestrials.

远程观测者所指的对立的星际力量是德拉科爬行动物(又名 Ciakharr)帝国和猎户座联盟(又名集体),这两个组织在以前的远程观测会议中曾讨论过,重点是南极洲的纳粹和爬行动物,以及美国总统与外星人的会晤。

In his evaluation of the data given by the multiple remote viewers,Dr.Brown offered up the following conclusions and insights over these competing extraterrestrial alliances vying over control of humanity:


Regarding the Galactic Federation of Worlds,let's pull things together.I will get straight to the point.We humans on earth need to realize and soon that we are in a very precarious situation.The Galactic Federation of Worlds clearly is trying to help us,but the resources are limited.They are up against forces that seem huge even to them.They do seem to have the ability to help us,but it really looks like they will need our help in order to do it.


There were two reasons.First,the membership of the Galactic Federation of Worlds seems to be divided.Most of the membership clearly desires to help,but there are huge doubts within the organization regarding their actual ability to do this,especially on the level of military capabilities.Earth is a relatively backwater planet on a peripheral part of the Galaxy,so that is a factor in our favor.If opposing galactic forces were to make a major effort to stop the Galactic Federation of Worlds from assisting humanity,well,it seems clear that those opposing forces could push the Galactic Federation of Worlds aside;but,on the other hand,are we worth such a major effort?


It appears that part of the thinking process of the Galactic Federation of Worlds is the calculation that the opposing forces would not be interested in a major confrontation regarding earth at this time.If it is going to cost the opposing forces a lot,then they are likely to pass on the big confrontation idea.


The opposing galactic forces—the Draconian Empire and the Orion Alliance—have a powerful hold over humanity through their respective minions and controlled assets,which allow these alien alliances to manipulate humanity's destiny.William Bramley succinctly describes this in his book,Gods of Eden(1993),which traces out centuries of contrived extraterrestrial conflicts through controlled political elites designed to manipulate humanity's evolution.


Dr.Brown next draws attention to the long-term involvement of the Galactic Federation of Worlds in human affairs and what this entails:

接下来,Brown 博士提请大家注意世界银河联邦组织长期参与人类事务的情况,以及这种参与意味着什么:

Clearly,many in the Galactic Federation of Worlds consider humanity to be a successful end result of a project that they started long ago from an evolutionary point of view.Probably one that resulted from a lot of genetic and cultural manipulation,and adaptation over a great many years.We are their children,they care for us,and they want to protect us,but what would any parent do if the child does not want to be helped at some point?All parents need to let go to allow their children to determine their own forward path,but if children openly recognize the challenges that they face and if these same children then turned to their parents for needed assistance which parents would not want to help their own children?


So,this is the key.The greatest inhibiting factor that the Galactic Federation of Worlds faces right now is internal disagreement.If they were strongly united and wanted to help humanity in its hour of need against a very threatening and hostile set of aggressors,then they could do something with meaningful success.


The idea that one or more extraterrestrial civilizations are responsible for seeding or creating humanity dates back to Erich von Daniken's groundbreaking 1968 book,Chariots of the Gods.He was followed by others,including Zecharia Sitchin,author of The 12th Planet(1976),who devoted considerable attention to extraterrestrials genetically creating our human ancestors,according to ancient records from Sumer and elsewhere.

一个或多个外星文明负责播种或创造人类的想法可以追溯到埃里希··丹尼肯1968年开创性的著作《上帝的战车》。其他人紧随其后,包括《第12颗行星》(The 12th Planet1976)一书的作者撒迦利亚·西琴。根据苏美尔和其他地方的古代记录,他相当关注外星人在基因上创造了我们的人类祖先。

According to Dr.Brown's analysis drawn from his remote viewing team,the Galactic Federation of Worlds has been involved in human history for a very long time and was part of the genetic seeding of humanity.But is there more than one group of friendly extraterrestrials trying to assist humanity,some of which have been involved in long term genetic engineering experiments?

根据 Brown 博士从他的远程观测小组中得出的分析,世界银河联邦已经在人类历史上存在了很长一段时间,并且是人类基因播种的一部分。但是,是否有不止一群友好的外星人试图帮助人类,其中一些人参与了长期的基因工程实验?

To be continued in Part 2


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