X22报道|第2891集: 人们拒绝绿色新政/大重置,深州红十月通讯

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DS 现在正在使用通讯设备,他们正在为10月份的活动做准备,这将对他们产生适得其反的影响,他们正试图重新获得权力。

X22报道|第2891集: 人们拒绝绿色新政/大重置,深州红十月通讯

Ep. 2891a – The People Are Rejecting The [Green New Deal]/[Great Reset], Crisis Is Building

人民拒绝[绿色新政]/[大重置] ,危机正在积聚

Ep. 2891b – [DS] Red October Comms, Regain Power By Any Means Necessary, [Scare] Necessary Event

[ DS ]红色十月通讯,以任何必要的手段重新获得权力,[惊吓]必要的事/件



Job opening dropped sharply, the V recovery has hit the top and now it is reversing. The people are now rejected the Green New Deal. China is financial trouble, CEOs are warning of a recession. Russia decides to accept Bitcoin for international trade.

就业机会急剧下降,V 型复苏已经触顶,现在正在逆转。人民现在拒绝绿色新政。中国陷入金融危机,首席执行官们发出经济衰退的警告。俄罗斯决定接受比特币进行国际贸易。


The [DS] are now using comms, they are preparing an event for October, this will backfire on them, they are trying to regain power. The [Scare] necessary event is now in progress. Trump sends message that NK is now joining the event. Trump and the patriots are in control of the military, this is part of the plan. We are here for a reason to destroy the [DS] system.

DS 现在正在使用通讯设备,他们正在为10月份的活动做准备,这将对他们产生适得其反的影响,他们正试图重新获得权力。必要的[惊吓]活动正在进行中。特朗普发出信息,朝鲜现在正在加入这一活动。特朗普和爱国者控制了军队这是计划的一部分。我们来这里是为了摧毁[ DS ]系统。


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