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The great solar flare is coming



Message from the Supreme Council of Pléiadiens


Final Wakeup Call articles are thoroughly researched, and written in understandable language, but not promoted. The truth presented is only recognised, understood and disseminated by the truly awake.

最后的 "唤醒 "文章是经过彻底研究的,用可理解的语言写成,但不是宣传。所呈现的真相只有真正清醒的人才能认识、理解和传播。


全球黑手党已经瓦解了|最后的警钟Finally, the time has come to present some revelations that many have been waiting for. The wait has been a difficult, but absolutely necessary decision, as the emerging revelations will shock many in the population. Especially those who are still deeply asleep. If they wake up from their illusion, they will not even understand the true reality. 


For those who are awake and aware, important changes are afoot. Here is a look into the near future, to confirm that we are on the right track in our lives. Be assured that everything is going as originally planned by our higher extraterrestrial helpers, the Galactic Federation. This time all the parameters are in place to ensure success. That is about to begin.


It brings us the light for higher levels of action to remove all negative forces and completely purify planet Earth. To then, enter the new positively polarised world. This is a formidable undertaking, but in the end the triumph will be ours.


Most of the people have no idea what happened on planet Earth and have not understood or do not want to understand, or what the elimination of the Deep State means for the whole Universe.


They will not and cannot follow the ascension, because they have stayed in lower vibrations and at least not developed their 4th Dimensional consciousness in order to be ready for their ascension to 5D. There are also those who do not want to believe in this shift on planet Earth and still live within their comfort zone. It is their choice and no one can question it because it is their soul that has decided it needs more time to develop spirituality for ascension to higher vibrations.

他们不会也不能跟随提升,因为他们一直停留在较低的振动中,至少没有发展他们的第四维度意识,以便为他们提升到5D 做好准备。还有一些人不愿意相信地球上的这种转变,仍然生活在他们的舒适区。这是他们的选择,没有人可以质疑它,因为是他们的灵魂决定了它需要更多的时间来发展灵性以提升到更高的振动。

Phil Schneider, a geologist and engineer with the US government with more than 17 years of experience working on black projects, is undoubtedly one of the most important whistle-blowers in modern history.

菲尔 · 施耐德,美国政府的地质学家和工程师,拥有超过17年的黑色项目工作经验,无疑是现代历史上最重要的告密者之一。

Phil toured the US in the 1990s, educating the public about aliens living below the surface of our earth. He even had a close encounter with a 2.15 metre tall alien Grey and barely survived.


全球黑手党已经瓦解了|最后的警钟He has put a number of videos on the Internet that mention theDulce Massacre  in 1979 in which we lost 60 people and the Greys lost 35. It was then that the powers-that-be decided to start an active programme to eliminate these alien races and eventually tell people about their existence. 


With the help of friendly extraterrestrials such as the Pléiadiens, Arcturians, Andromedines, this battle was recently won. A war against some 20 million interdimensional beings, some of whom disguised themselves as humans to mingle with the people. Phil Schneider was eventually was killed in 1996 and has left videos for us to watch and learn.

在友好的外星人如昴宿星人、大角星人、 Andromedines 的帮助下,这场战斗最近取得了胜利。一场针对大约2000万跨次元存有的战争,其中一些人伪装成人类与人类混在一起。菲尔施耐德最终在1996年被杀害,并留下视频给我们观看和学习。

The Deep State Cabal has broken down on all levels, the cleansing is in full swing.Great changes are on their way, to guide people into the higher consciousness of the 5th dimension as the light 全球黑手党已经瓦解了|最后的警钟progresses. The past time has not been wasted. Earlier actions were needed to put everything in the right place. In order, to bring our planet to a higher resonance frequency, and to encourage people to continue.


The battle of the Global Mafia against the Light is definitely lost. They will have to answer all questions eventually. No one will escape until justice is done. They literally have their backs against the wall. This time the victory is ours.


There is a monumental task ahead of us to prevent hidden cabal mafias from wreaking havoc when they have to accept defeat.


Looking back, much has been done in recent years. Life on Earth has been seriously threatened until 2012.


We can get extraterrestrial help, but we have to make the changes ourselves, because it is our planet. There is no more fear psychosis. Planet Earth will become a peaceful problem-free world, where everyone can be relaxed. Be assured that our new era has already begun. Better things are coming; our new lifestyle will be very different.


Our returning guest writer Michael Love speaks on this subject based on his recent transmission with the Pleiadian Light Forces

我们的回访客座作家迈克尔 · 洛夫根据他最近与昴宿星光力量的传播谈论这个话题

The great solar flare is coming


Pleiadian Light Forces transmission, 8-25-2022


Transmitted by Michael Love 迈克尔 ·爱传送


A special message to the Starseeds of the new Earth for immediate planetary transmission.



Preface 前言

The Pleiadians are masters of light, consciousness and ascension, they are indeed the benevolent guardians of the evolution of humanity on Earth. They speak clearly to humanity about higher truths in a down-to-earth and easily understandable way. The information they bring is pure light and is coded in such a way that dormant DNA strands are activated and the level of consciousness is raised.

昴宿星人是光、意识和提升的主人,他们确实是地球上人类进化的仁慈守护者。他们以一种脚踏实地、易于理解的方式清楚地向人类讲述更高的真理。它们带来的信息是纯粹的光,并且以这样一种方式编码,休眠的 DNA 链被激活,意识水平被提高。


全球黑手党已经瓦解了|最后的警钟The Pléiadiens came to open the eyes of humanity about many things, and that is the light that shines on this world. If you look seriously into the points below for yourself, you will begin to see that this is indeed a very real scenario. 昴宿星人在许多事情上开启了人类的眼界,那就是照耀在这个世界上的光。如果你认真看看下面的几点,你就会发现这确实是一个非常真实的场景


As you read and think about it, you will respectfully experience the shock of what happened on earth in the past, if you take it all in, you will see that you have another destiny. Know now, that benevolent forces are present that protect planet earth and its beings from all evil.



The rise and timeline of the great solar flash is known, leading to the glorious new golden age and the five-dimensional new Earth. Only a handful of light beings on Earth have put all the pieces together on this subject, and encourage you to trust your instincts, do your own methodically research and conclude what you want.


There is no talk here of conspiracies or fear, and this message is presented only with the greatest love for all of humanity. It is indeed a message of great hope and excitement. Here is the amazing content of this most important new Light Force message.


Beginning Transmission… 开始传送


A big one, 伟大的一们,

The Earth Alliance recently received a major new data transmission from the Light Forces that details a very real and imminent major solar flare that is about to occur on planet Earth. What is this great solar flare?


The great solar flare is a very high-powered solar flare, directed towards the earth, known as a super flare that can register a 50 X to 100 X or higher class on the X-ray scale. Such an intense super flare from the sun on Earth will be perceived as a blinding flash of magnetic white light. The light emitted by this large cosmic flash is exotic gamma-level light coming from an extra-stellar star in the galactic core.

巨大的太阳耀斑是一个非常高能量的太阳耀斑,直射地球,被称为超级耀斑,可以登记一个50倍至100倍或更高级别的 X 射线规模。如此强烈的超级耀斑从地球上的太阳将被视为一个致盲闪光的磁性白光。这个巨大的宇宙闪光所发出的光是来自银河系核心的恒星外恒星的伽马射线。

Although this light is high-energy gamma rays, when it is ejected from the galactic core, but, it is greatly reduced in power after bouncing through the corona of the sun and continuing in the direction of the earth.


This highly vibrating gamma light contains extremely complex and structured universal data packets. When it comes into contact with DNA, it completely rewrites and upgrades the genetic code so that it functions at a higher, more advanced level.

这种高度振动的伽马光包含极其复杂和结构化的通用数据包。当它与 DNA 接触时,它会完全改写和升级遗传密码,使其在更高、更先进的水平上发挥作用。

This genetic upgrade will bring about a great expansion of consciousness on planet Earth.


This global biological evolutionary event is known as “the event“. This fifth-dimensional event marks the beginning of a new era of light for modern humanity, where peace, freedom and prosperity will reign on Earth.


Here are the key points about this great solar flash contained in the latest Light Force transmission.


Like all spiritual things, there is a cause behind everything and it is supported by a sound scientific explanation.


*** Pleiadian Light Forces – major solar flare transmission – key points ***


* Right now rapid warming is taking place on planet earth. Have you noticed that it is very warm? Have you noticed that it is much hotter than usual? Have you heard that if something doesn’t look good, it probably isn’t? It is true, and this is your intuition and your highest spiritual sense. It is to warn you when it is important to notice something.

现在地球正在迅速变暖 * 。你有没有注意到天气很暖和?你有没有注意到天气比平时热多了?你有没有听说过,如果有些东西看起来不好,它可能就不好?这是真的,这是你的直觉和你最高的精神感觉。它是在重要的时候提醒你注意某些事情。

What did your spiritual sense say about it being strange and way too hot?


Yes, it has been hotter than normal on the surface during the last two Earth months, about 12% hotter, and recent medical reports show that the sun’s rays cause moderate to painful burns on the skin in just a matter of minutes.

是的,在过去的两个月里,地球表面的温度比正常情况要高出12% ,而且最近的医学报告显示,太阳光线在几分钟内就会在皮肤上造成中度到痛苦的灼伤。

Elders say this rapid warming cycle is the primary cycle leading to the great solar flare. This recent warming of the planet began in 2012 and has only increased since then.


The Pléiadiens say that this global warming is not caused by mankind’s CO2 emissions. So what is causing the Earth to be so hot?

Pléiadiens 说,这种全球变暖不是由人类的二氧化碳排放造成的。那么是什么导致了地球如此之热呢?

* The Earth’s protective ozone layer is rapidly diminishing. Earth scientists have known about the huge hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica for some time, and we can tell you that this gaping hole has not been magically repaired recently. Moreover, a new large ozone hole was recently discovered over the tropics, which is seven times larger than the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica, and the land area affected by this giant hole is where half of the world’s population lives.

* 保护地球的臭氧层正在迅速减少。地球科学家已经知道南极洲上空臭氧层的巨大空洞已经有一段时间了,我们可以告诉你,这个巨大的空洞最近并没有得到奇迹般的修复。此外,最近在热带地区发现了一个新的大型臭氧洞,比南极洲上空的臭氧层大7倍,而受这个大型臭氧洞影响的陆地面积是世界上一半人口居住的地方。

全球黑手党已经瓦解了|最后的警钟Less ozone protection means more high-energy cosmic rays coming into contact with the Earth’s surface and therefore also with your body. 更少的臭氧保护意味着更多的高能宇宙射线接触到地球表面,因此也接触到你的身体

Why is the Earth’s ozone layer disappearing so fast?


*The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening rapidly. The magnetic field around the earth is getting weaker, and this has consequences for the whole planet. This weakened magnetic field is the main cause of the decreasing ozone layer. In addition, the magnetic poles have already shifted hundreds of kilometres in relation to each other and are completely skewed.


The weakened magnetic field of the Earth is the cause of the current global warming, but this too must have a reason, so what is it?


* Earth’s sun has a powerful twin star, some 50 billion kilometres inside the Oort Cloud.

* 地球的太阳有一颗强大的双星,位于奥尔特云内500亿公里处。

This powerful star has considerable gravity and is responsible for the gravitational tilt of every object in this solar system, as well as the procession of the equinoxes. This second sun is called the hidden sun or the black sun. It emits no light, but is 1000 times more powerful than the Earth’s sun. This sun has a companion planet in its orbit known as planet X or Nibiru.

这颗强大的恒星具有相当大的引力,它对太阳系中每一个物体的引力倾斜以及春分点的出现负有责任。这第二个太阳被称为隐太阳或黑太阳。它不发光,但比地球的太阳强1000倍。这颗太阳的轨道上有一颗伴星,被称为行星 X 或 Nibiru。

The orbit of this ‘planet and sun’ system approaches the earth’s sun every 13,000 years, half of the equinox procession, right on schedule, and when the orbit of this cosmic system arrives at perihelion with the earth’s sun, it causes the sun’s corona to build up a huge electromagnetic charge that will explode or flash to release particle pressure.


Elders say, that when this approaches the Sun, it causes exactly what is now observed on planet Earth, a weakened magnetic field, loss of ozone, and rapid planetary heating.


They also say that when the black sun gets close enough, the sun’s corona releases an intense plasma flash in the direction of the earth, causing instant pole reversal, instant freezing, or superheating, which triggers massive tectonic activity and creates oceanic floods miles high. A cataclysmic extinction beyond imagination is the end result.


* Complete magnetic pole reversal disaster cycle takes place on Earth every 13,000 years.

* 地球上每13,000年发生一次完全的磁极反转灾难周期。

Exactly half of the equinoxes’ rotation of 26,000 years. As clockwork, humanity is almost completely wiped off the surface of the planet. Modern earth science verifies and confirms that the last 5 times this has happened in the prehistory of the earth. The last cycle was the great flood of 13,000 years ago.


It is certainly no coincidence that this was also the moment when Atlantis sank under water in one day and night. In earlier days, even though mankind was highly advanced, it did not have the capacity to prevent its downfall and extermination. The Pléiadiens say that this disaster cycle was always triggered by a super-solar flare and not by a comet or asteroid.

亚特兰蒂斯号在一天一夜的时间里沉入海底,这当然不是巧合。在早期,即使人类高度发达,也没有能力阻止它的衰落和灭绝。Pléiadiens 说,这种灾难周期总是由超级太阳耀斑引发,而不是由彗星或小行星。

* The most recent information from the Light Forces shows that planet Earth is in the beginning of one of these 13,000-year cataclysmic cycles, in fact as of today Earth is exactly 9 years, 8 months and 5 days into the last 13,000-year cycle. The current cycle was predicted by the Mayan culture and began in 2012. Therefore, according to the data, we are ten Earth years into this final cataclysmic cycle, and the Earth should already be experiencing a major cataclysm at this time.

* 来自光之力的最新信息显示,地球正处于这13,000年大灾难周期的开始阶段,事实上,截至今天,地球正好处于最后13,000年周期的9年8个月零5天。当前的周期是由玛雅文化预言的,开始于2012年。因此,根据数据,我们已经进入这个最后的大灾难周期十个地球年了,而地球此时应该已经在经历一场大灾难了。

全球黑手党已经瓦解了|最后的警钟By the way, the length of the most intense planetary cataclysmic period after the pole shift and the beginning of the cataclysm appears to be about 1000-1200 years.


*If we are ten years into this 13,000-year cataclysmic cycle, and if the cataclysm should be happening to Earth now, as it has 5 times in the past, why isn’t it happening?


The Pléiadiens say, “It is known that, in Earth year 2022, Earth is currently in the time of the sixth sun that began in 2012 when the great solar flare occurred. However, this time, something very different will happen on earth. Humanity will not be destroyed, but will be immediately transmuted into the 5th dimension.”


How is this possible? For the first time in human history, humanity, with the help of Light Forces, has gained enough knowledge and technology to prevent a planetary pole shift caused by a major solar event cataclysm.


During several Earth years, Light Forces, the leaders of the light of planet Earth, have helped to develop an artificial magnetic field that can counteract a pole shift. The technology to do this is a special secret project that exists outside the public eye in Antarctica. It concerns Tesla Scalar wave technology. This technology already exists and has been used for more than ten years. This super artificial magnetic field now counterbalances the Earth’s unbalanced magnetic north pole.


The future timeline of the earth is fully known, and benevolent Light Forces have full control over these systems. It is a positive 5D gamma timeline with which humanity is ascending to the new 5D-Earth. There can never again be a planetary cataclysm of any kind.

地球未来的时间线是完全已知的,仁慈的光之力量完全控制了这些系统。这是一个积极的5D 伽马时间线,人类正在提升到新的5D 地球。再也不会有任何形式的行星灾难了。

When will we finally see the big event? When is the big solar flare going to happen? It could be today. It could be tomorrow.


What we do know is that everything in the cosmos points to the moment when ‘the event’ of our lives will happen.


The time for it to happen is now. All the characteristics of its coming, of which the ancients spoke, are now being observed on earth.


One could also say that this solar flare is the coming of the Christian light. The great solar flare is indeed imminent, and at just the right moment it will occur, you will be absorbed into the reality of the fifth dimension.


Be assured that when this great solar flare occurs, the negative cataclysmic effects will be immediately mitigated by the Pleiadian magnetic field technology.


全球黑手党已经瓦解了|最后的警钟For the first time in human history, when the great light comes, the beings of the earth have the technology and understanding of how to make it to the next desired level. 在人类历史上第一次,当伟大的光明到来时,地球上的生物有了技术和理解如何使它达到下一个期望的水平

When someone listens to their inner voice, it says: the time has come. Look around you. Feel how things are subtly changing? See the sign on the wall that predicts what is to come? What is the reason for being here? I have waited so long and endured so much; when will I reach the finish line?

当一个人倾听自己内心的声音时,它会说: 时候到了。看看你周围。感受到事物的微妙变化了吗?看到墙上预言未来的标志了吗?你来这里的原因是什么?我等了这么久,忍了这么久,什么时候才能到达终点?

The wise men of the world are unanimous. They can read what is written on the wall. You are one of these wise men, and before you even wake up tomorrow, all things may have changed in a great and positive way, and then you will say: I see now why I had to wait. To see this and experience this was worth everything that I went through.

世界上的智者是一致的。他们能读懂墙上写的东西。你是这些智者中的一个,甚至在你明天醒来之前,所有的事情可能已经以一种伟大而积极的方式改变了,然后你会说: 我现在知道为什么我必须等待了。看到这一切,经历这一切,值得我所经历的一切。

Dear ones, 亲爱的朋友们,

Every day we look for the great light that comes from heaven, because we know this light, and we are one with it.


Thank you for coming to Earth at this time to create a better world for all.


Please feel free to share this article and tell us how you are doing on your evolutionary journey.


Good luck to you, 祝你好运,

Michael and the Pléiadiens michael 和 Pléiadiens

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