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What is a crypto-currency?


Cryptos are a digital game


Gold is Money all else Is Credit


Price Stability and Transfer Capacity is Prime Requirement


False Monetary System Has Gridlocked Rational Thinking


The present false fiat monetary system has obstructed reasonable thinking.Humanity is struggling to maintain itself,to further the industrial and commercial activity of the world that was established when gold was money.Think about;what we have today is deliberately total chaos.Look at real estate and share prices,these are completely loose from reality.This


愚人智慧投资的密码游戏|最后的警钟chaos prevails because humanity is no longer in contact with the reality of the physical world:rational human thinking and activity is disconnected from those realities,due to false money numbers,that are between us and the physical world,upon which people must act accordingly to reason,which is an impossibility.


Over the last 30 odd years,through central bank stimulus policies,at least$50 trillion in fake money has been added to the global monetary base.This fake money has financed far more real estate and factories than was needed.It has driven the real estate and stock market prices up tenfold to make the DS-Elite rich.

在过去的30多年里,通过中央银行的刺激政策,至少有50万亿美元的假币被添加到全球货币基础中。这些假币为房地产和工厂提供的资金远远超过需要。它推动房地产和股票市场价格上涨了十倍,使 ds 精英们变得富有。

The current economy is a central bankers'economy and not a people's economy.This economy cannot be repaired,a new peoples'economy will be put in its place,free from Central Banker interventions and manipulations.In short,an economy for the people controlled by the people on the basis of supply and demand,in other words;a fair-trade economy,as explained extensively in previous articles on this site.


The only special characteristic of numbers is that they move about the Internet within a carefully controlled system,that prevents unauthorised access to it.Only the owner of e.g.a Crypto-digit,can dispose of it by sending it to someone else.


When,gold returns in world's money system,many may be confused with this change:could it be,perhaps,by opting for a wholesale,suicidal destruction of the human race,rather than an adaptation to new habits,new employments and reordering of priorities,which the rational understanding of the world will require once the mental block of"numbers-money"is removed?


What is a crypto-currency?


Look at the stellar rise of the number of cryptos,2.000 or more are around with every day new cryptos arriving on the scene.All this is the result of the illegal central planned central bank controlled money system,that has confiscated people's free market aspirations.


愚人智慧投资的密码游戏|最后的警钟Bitcoins and all the rest of the crypto-currency pack are currencies without legal right to ownership of anything tangible.They are digits on computers,and nothing more.What is"a digit on a computer"?The definition would seem to run along the lines of"an electric charge in a computer memory".If the ownership of a crypto-currency digits on a computer,or more exactly,on a"blockchain system"of computers,constituted a legal right to a thing with real physical value,say 1 kilo of copper,or 1 ounce of silver,or 1 ounce of gold,or any other physically existing commodity in a legally constituted depository,then there wouldn't be a problem with such a"crypto-currency".However,so far as is known,none of the crypto-currencies carry with them any legal right to the ownership of anything of tangible value.


In this regard,they are like today's fiat-money,which has no relation at all to any underlying physical existing good.The crypto-currencies are regarded as valuable assets because when they were born,someone had the bright idea of saying that they were money.


That simple affirmation impacted masses of people anxious to make a buck quickly and easily,and these poor innocents are not able to think things through carefully.If something–whatever it is–appears to have a rapidly increasing monetary value,there will be thousands–or millions–of individuals anxious to get into the scheme.This has happened,time and again,throughout history.And doubtless,this will happen again ending in inevitable disappointment and losses for all these naive investors.


What distinguishes the Cryptos from all the world's currencies today,is that the currencies of the world–the dollar,the euro,the Yen,the Yuan,the British pound,etc.–all are issued by Central Banks that regulate as carefully as they can,in other words;the price of their currencies in terms of each other.


The great mass of the world's currencies,is like the Bitcoin and its crypto-fellows,simply digits on computer memories.No Central Bank wants its monetary digits to rise substantially in value against the other Central Bank's monetary digits,because that would affect their country's exports;and conversely,no Central Bank wants to see its currency digits depreciate against other Central Bank's currency digits,as that would lead to rises in national prices and Capital Flight,as investors would sell those falling currency digits in order to purchase others,which would be rising in relation to the falling currency digits.Central Banks are the"shepherds"of the currency digits they issue.


Cryptos are a digital game


Some people like to play with danger;they get a thrill out of snatching Life out of the Jaws of Death.There are endless ways of getting the thrill of cheating Death of its victim.


One of them is to play with the danger of Bitcoin–supposedly a"digital currency".Those who are wise know the danger of playing with Bitcoin,but that doesn't put them off,on the contrary,the danger incites their participation in the game,they love the thrill!


Bitcoin is not money,it is not a currency,it is only a digital game–a game that consists of accumulating electronic digits,which are supposed to represent Dollars,or some other empty–supposedly"monetary"–digits.


If you like to play with Danger,because of the thrill it gives you,you can get your kicks by playing with Bitcoins or its crypto-fellows.Cryptos are thrilling toys for the wise;only fools regard them as serious investments.Fools argue that"only 21 million"Bitcoins can be"mined"–using physical mining of gold as an example to hold in mind,in order to support the fiction that it is"the work involved"that gives value to things,a theory completely discredited many years ago.


Gold is Money all else Is Credit


J.P.Morgan once said:"Gold is money;all else is credit."Gold is physically tangible;Cryptos are electronic digits,close to nothing at all,those are more"idea"than anything else.


愚人智慧投资的密码游戏|最后的警钟The foolish followers of Bitcoin and other cryptos think that the present electronic age is going to last forever;they are,of course,mistaken.A great many parts of the World do not enjoy the use of electricity.Bitcoin and its followers have no meaning at all in those regions.


If and when the lights go out in your area,or elsewhere in the World,electronic digits will be quite useless there.Those who thought they had millions upon millions of"digital money"–Dollars,Euros,Pounds or whatever,will find themselves in unexpected trouble.The foolish holders of Bitcoin and its comrades will be"up a creek without a paddle",while the owners of gold and silver coins will not go hungry.


The"sophomores"–the"wise fools"–think that the present,totally artificial moneys of today's World are permanent;they think that the inventions of intangible fiat-moneys that are in use in the World today,will be permanent fixtures of the future.


They are mistaken,and they have plenty of company,because the old saying holds:"The number of fools is Legion".


Gold passes from the hands of fools,to the hands of the wise.When fools have mastery in the World,gold goes into hiding,and Bitcoin and other cryptos have their day.But when the fools and their make-believe money are swept away by Reality,gold comes back into its own right.It has always been so,and always will be so.


Price Stability and Transfer Capacity is Prime Requirement


In the case of Bitcoin,its spectacular rise in value has emerged because it is an object of a world-wide speculation;because of the Zero Interest Rate policy of the Central Banksters,the public is anxious to obtain huge profits quickly,they are pushing its price skyward.There is at present a strong majority of buyers and a small minority of sellers.Its spectacular price is disconnected from the universe of goods which serve humanity.


The lack of stability in the value of Bitcoin and for the same token other cryptos is part of the essence:that they will never achieve stability between buyers and sellers,like any other merchandise,because similar a tossed coin cannot fall on its edge.There will always be either a majority who wishes to buy,as is the case at present,or there will be a majority who wish to sell.


After the apparently unstoppable rise in value of the Bitcoin,there will inevitably come a moment when this rise will turn into a sudden and swift fall;this will happen when the sellers become the majority and want to realise their enormous profits;they will suddenly find there are no takers and the value of Bitcoin will collapse.


The stability of prices in the world of goods–the prices of copper,iron,oil,aluminium,wheat,etc.,derives from the use the world gives to goods.Bitcoin and imitations are not goods,they are simply digits that move outside the purview of Central Bankster'control of transfer of property and quantities of money–which is their only real service.Further,Bitcoin runs on an independent transfer system called Blockchain,which,has its transfer-limitations of max.four transfers per minute,while up to 1000 transactions per minute are required,and available on other systems like QFS.

商品世界价格的稳定——铜、铁、石油、铝、小麦等的价格,来自于世界对商品的使用。比特币和仿制品不是商品,它们只是超出了中央银行控制财产和货币数量的数字,而这是它们唯一的真正服务。此外,比特币运行在一个称为区块链的独立传输系统上,该系统有其最大传输限制。每分钟4次传输,而每分钟多达1000个事务是必需的,并可在其他系统如 QFS

愚人智慧投资的密码游戏|最后的警钟This new Quantum Financial System–QFS is run on a quantum computer based on an orbiting satellite,and protected by Secret Space Programs,to ensure that it cannot be hacked.The quantum technology was provided by the benevolent Galactics.The purpose of the new financial system is to put an end to Cabal corruption,usury,and manipulation within the banking world.The key is the prevention corrupted banksters cannot enter the system to gain profit.

这个新的量子金融系统——QFS 是在一个基于轨道卫星的量子计算机上运行的,并受到秘密空间计划的保护,以确保它不会被黑客攻击。量子技术是由慈善的银河学会提供的。新金融体系的目的是结束阴谋集团的腐败,高利贷和操纵银行世界。关键是预防腐败的银行家不能进入系统获取利润。

In our new positive world that is dawning;only awake people into the 5th Dimension of consciousness will be allowed.There will be no rulers;all of us together will manage our own living and business.Period!


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