X22报告|第2854集: 区块链对中央银行系统的威胁,美国历史上最大的丑闻

2022年8月20日11:59:20最新动态X22报告|第2854集: 区块链对中央银行系统的威胁,美国历史上最大的丑闻已关闭评论119字数 1400阅读4分40秒阅读模式

[DS] 现在也陷入了恐慌之中。他们是来抓特朗普的,现在人们把联邦调查局看成党卫军。

X22报告|第2854集: 区块链对中央银行系统的威胁,美国历史上最大的丑闻

Ep. 2854a – Blockchain Is A Threat To The [CB] System, Their Agenda Will Fail

区块链是对[ CB ]系统的威胁,他们的议程将会失败

Ep. 2854b – Spooks Are Spooked, Paper Trails Exist, Biggest Scandal In US History, Buckle Up




Europe is in trouble, their policies to push their people into the great reset and the green new deal is backfiring, winter is coming. People with EV are not happy. The decentralized blockchain is a threat to the [CB], they will try anything to keep people away from it.



The [DS] is now trapped in their own panic. They moved in to get Trump and now the people see the FBI as the SS. This will not help in the end, Trump has set the narrative to declassify it all and once this happens the people will see why the FBI went ahead with the raid. The other agenda is to get the base angry so they riot, this will not work, the people know the truth. The biggest scandal in US history is about to break, the spooks are spooked, this all leads the [DS] players, buckle up.

[DS] 现在也陷入了恐慌之中。他们是来抓特朗普的,现在人们把联邦调查局看成党卫军。这最终不会有帮助的,特朗普已经设定了解密的叙事,一旦这发生了,人们就会明白为什么联邦调查局要进行突袭。另一个目的是让基地愤怒,让他们暴动,这不会起作用的,人们知道真相。美国历史上最大的丑闻即将爆发,间谍们被吓坏了,这一切都让[DS]玩家们,做好准备。


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