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大天使拉斐尔|治愈世界The Earth is grieving and her heart breaks, not for herself because she is resilient and strong. No, her heart is breaking for all of those who cannot ascend with her as her spirit rises out of the Third Dimension forever.


Ascension has been long and arduous and not without its problems. The process has taken many years longer than was expected because much of humanity has not answered the call. There are many reasons for this, but humanity now find itself at the brink of no return – for this reason, Mother Earth rejoices and weeps simultaneously.


As the third dimensional reality slides more and more into anarchy, oppression and fear, the fifth dimensional reality has already been separated from it. Those who have long been awoken have been working tirelessly to maintain their high vibrations and to assist those in the next wave of ascended consciousness. Awakening souls have been called to resolve their past issues and to heal from trauma, as It is not possible to maintain a fifth dimensional consciousness when one is weighed down by grief, anger, resentment and hatred. This process of healing in order to ascend once took many months, if not years, but now it is happening at a much faster rate because there is no time to waste.


Awareness of the plight of the humanity is one thing, but it takes connection to one’s spiritual essence to know that the responsibility for the density of consciousness on the planet belongs to every individual. The planet cannot move out of the grips of darkness if people do not realise that, by changing their own reality that the world around them also changes.


There is not one human in the world who does not have control over the direction that their lives are taking. It is only their thoughts and the allowance of fear to overcome their psyche and block their spiritual connections that is keeping many humans locked into the lower dimensions of consciousness. Those who cannot find the light within them will always be drawn to darker thoughts which then have negative outcomes.


I come to you today to offer assistance to unlock the grief in your hearts and to heal from the past so that you too can find the light within. Once you have done so, opportunities and possibilities that the universe can provide will suddenly avail themselves to you.


Allow my gentle energy to permeate your being, Dear Hearts! Allow me to wrap you in my wings and to gently draw out the pain, anger, grief and fear that has been locked in your bodies and energy fields, preventing you from aligning to your divinity. Bring your awareness to you crown and allow it to connect to the light of Source, the Supreme Creator whose light is one with yours. Heal your heart and begin to heal your life! Do not delay any longer, nor allow yourself to remain in fear at the hurt that it may unlock. Acceptance of your past and the path you have trodden in paramount to you beginning to write a new story for yourself and to emerging from the fog of the third dimension.


Allow yourself to heal and then watch yourself soar! Believe that you can be the change that the world needs to see and immerse yourself in the love that has been in your heart all along. When you heal, the world heals, one heart at a time.


I AM Archangel Raphael.


**Channel: Victoria Cochrane

* * 频道: 维多利亚 · 科克伦



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