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马修 · 沃德的信息|不断升级的活动With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Many are sensing “The air feels super-charged with change!” and that is indeed an apt description of activity worldwide to eliminate darkness. Last year’s noteworthy progress now is being escalated on Earth and beyond.


The light forces vs dark forces battle also is being waged off-planet. For many decades dark ones in some of your military organizations and corporations have been working secretly with members of other civilizations in space projects with negative intentions.


Just as darkness on Earth is coming to light so it can be vanquished, so it will be with the dismantling of those projects that are using technology most think exists only in science fiction novels and movies. In the not-too-distant future, the technology will be used benevolently on the planet.


Everything to rid Earth of darkness is progressing according to the divine plan conceived by the highly evolved souls in charge of the Milky Way galaxy in conjunction with the highest universal council. It is at that height of divine order you were chosen to participate because you are the strongest of the billions of souls who volunteered.


You don’t remember that you knew then you are pure love-light energy—the only “weapon” the darkness has no defense against—and well-experienced in the mission you undertook. Dear ones, trust what we often have told you: Simply by BEing, you are helping our Earth family transform their world—your light is that powerful!

你不记得当时你知道自己是纯粹的爱光能量ーー黑暗势力无法抵御的唯一“武器”ーー而且在你所承担的使命中经验丰富。亲爱的朋友们,相信我们经常告诉你们的: 仅仅通过存在,你们正在帮助我们的地球家庭改变他们的世界ーー你们的光就是那么强大!

All truths becoming publicly known is part of Earth’s vast cleansing and, with all activity amping up, it might seem that soon those truths will be coming forth. That is most unlikely. If all revelations came simultaneously, the collective psyche of Earth’s civilization would go into shock.


That would block the people’s ability to respond rationally and undo most of lightworkers’ progress in awakening them. Therefore, so we are told, the plan is to first reveal what you could call “easier-to-accept-truths,” and other areas where pervasive deception, corruption, and depravity existed—and some still are being uncovered and eradicated—will be disclosed when the civilization can assimilate another wave of stunning information.


We have been asked what NESARA/GESARA is, also when it will be implemented, and we don’t know the answer to “when.” To briefly explain, the United States legislation, National Economic Security and Reformation Act, has two primary provisions and both are complex.

我们被问到 NESARA/GESARA 是什么,什么时候实施,我们不知道“什么时候”的答案简单地说,美国的立法,国家经济安全和改革法案,有两个主要的规定,都是复杂的。

The first, establishing the sovereign republic the founders intended, requires abolishing the current government. Only a comparative handful of the populace know that a few centuries ago that country’s governance was surreptitiously set up as a privately-owned corporation and all citizens are its employees. Discussions are underway about how best to handle this situation with minimum confusion and “partisan politics” backlash.


This isn’t a political matter. This is ridding that nation of the Illuminati influence that quickly crossed the Atlantic Ocean after the colonies won independence from British rule. Once that secret society entrenched itself in every institution, system and organization that impacts life in that country, it spread north and south of the states’ borders.


The second primary provision forms a new global economy—that is why G was added to NESARA—and ends current forms of banking, lending, stock markets and currency trading the Illuminati established so they could amass fortunes. Headway is being made to obtain those funds, which were acquired illegally and immorally, so they can be used to end impoverishment worldwide.

第二个主要条款形成了一个新的全球经济ーー这就是为什么 G 被加入 NESARA 的原因ーー并终结了光明会为了聚敛财富而建立的当前形式的银行、贷款、股票市场和外汇交易。正在取得进展,以获得这些资金,这些资金是非法和不道德地获得的,因此它们可以用于结束全世界的贫困。

This provision also will end the Federal Reserve System—it has nothing at all to do with “federal”—and its collection arm, the Internal Revenue Service. The “Feds” are a consortium of bankers whose influence spans the globe like an octopus with a thousand arms. In the new system, all national currencies will be based on precious metals, thereby leveling the global economic playing field.

这项规定还将终结美联储体系(Federal Reserve System)及其征税部门美国国税局(Internal Revenue Service) ,该体系与“联邦”毫无关系。“联邦调查局”是一个由银行家组成的财团,他们的影响力遍及全球,就像一只有一千条手臂的章鱼。在新体系中,所有国家的货币都将以贵金属为基础,从而使全球经济竞争环境趋于平等。

Although we can’t give you a timeframe for the implementation of those provisions, with everything in acceleration mode and vibratory levels continuing to rise, all benevolent changes are coming closer. Your confidence and patience will be rewarded!


“I heard Gaia wants her entire population to go with her back to high fifth density. Do you know how long it will be before everyone ‘wakes up’?”


First, let us clarify “back to high fifth density.” Beloved soul Gaia always has been in that density where she originated and, with God, co-created her planetary body that now is called Earth. Only her body descended to low third density when darkness pervaded a series of civilizations. Throughout the eons that her love and caring were with her life forms living in 3D conditions, Gaia’s evolvement status remained high fifth density.

首先,让我们澄清“回到高五密度。”亲爱的灵魂盖亚一直在她起源的密度中,并与上帝共同创造了她的行星身体,现在被称为地球。只有她的身体下降到低密度时,黑暗弥漫了一系列的文明。在她的爱和关怀与她的生命形式生活在3D 条件下的亿万年里,盖亚的进化状态保持着高密度的第五密度。

It is similar with you, dear brothers and sisters. You are in third density bodies because you went to Earth to help the civilization awaken so they can evolve. But you are not those bodies. You are souls with the same high-density evolvement status as when you volunteered for this lifetime.


Now then, eighty-some years ago an infusion of massive light from powerful spiritually evolved civilizations let Earth jar loose from her dense moorings and start ascending. It was indeed Gaia’s desire then that her entire population also ascend into successively higher planes of light.


However, as time passed, she realized that she had to choose whether to continue her ascension pace or slow down considerably and wait for all her humankind to waken spiritually and consciously—personal ascension.


Gaia did not want to delay the benefits of higher vibratory planes to souls who were advancing along the ascension pathway, so she kept her pace steady. Her awareness of the mindset of her peoples let her accept that not all were ready to live in fourth and fifth density civilizations. Some would not believe that religious dogma were devised to control the masses; some would not believe that most science taught is incorrect; and others were soundly sleeping in the familiarity of bigotry, unjustness, financial disparity and other low vibratory societal conditions.

盖亚不想延迟更高振动位面对沿着提升道路前进的灵魂的益处,所以她保持着自己的步伐稳定。她意识到她的人民的心态,让她接受并非所有人都准备好生活在第四和第五密度文明中。有些人不相信宗教教条是为了控制大众而设计的; 有些人不相信大多数科学教育是不正确的; 还有一些人在熟悉的偏执、不公正、经济不平等和其他低振动的社会状况中熟睡。

Rather than embrace truths and change, at soul level they will choose to leave this lifetime. Who transitions to spirit life for that reason and who transitions in accordance with the life span chosen in soul contracts is pertinent only to those souls. What is important is that Gaia is joyfully on target in her ascension course.


“What kind of world will it be if today’s children aren’t capable of being tomorrow’s leaders in governments, corporations, legal and justice systems, education, communication, transportation and technology?”


That email, which expressed the same concerns as many others have, too, also cited worrisome circumstances: psychological effects of isolation and interruption of classroom education due to pandemic mandates; potential health issues from vaccines and widespread pollution; unstable national economies; bleak employment opportunities for children who can’t afford college as industries become more robotic; war-mongering and increased military spending.

这封电子邮件表达了和其他许多人一样的担忧,同时也提到了令人担忧的情况: 由于大流行的命令而造成的孤立和课堂教育中断的心理影响; 疫苗和大面积污染带来的潜在健康问题; 不稳定的国家经济; 随着工业变得更加机械化,无法负担大学学费的儿童就业机会黯淡; 战争贩子和增加的军费开支。

While those are logical considerations in this moment, let us tell you about numerous affective factors in addition to children’s remarkable capacity for resiliency and adaptability to circumstances. The confident outlook and encouragement of parents, teachers, counselors and others whom children respect gives them confidence and inspires them to do well in undertakings. Lightworkers, the high vibrations of your optimism and feelings of security will benefit people of all ages and the domino effect can work wonders.


As for potential health issues, intensifying light is changing cells from carbon-based to the crystalline structure that strengthens the immune system and provides resistance to toxicity that causes illness. Crystalline cells have another essential function: They enable bodies to thrive in the higher vibratory planes Earth is approaching.

至于潜在的健康问题,强化光线正在改变细胞,从碳基结构转变为水晶结构,增强免疫系统,并提供对导致疾病的毒性的抵抗力。水晶细胞还有另一个基本功能: 它们使身体在地球正在接近的更高振动层中茁壮成长。

Let us digress a moment to reply to a related question: “Please ask Matthew how we change cells from carbon to crystalline.” Light is what changes cellular structure from carbon to crystalline, and persons who live in godly ways automatically absorb light. As God said, “It is as simple as be kind.”

让我们离题一会儿来回答一个相关的问题: “请问马修我们如何把细胞从碳变成水晶。”光是改变细胞结构从碳到水晶的东西,以神圣的方式生活的人会自动吸收光。正如上帝所说: “这就像仁慈一样简单。”

The new global economic system will stabilize all national economies, and as for education, the economic, institutional and cultural standards that have disadvantaged so many children will be undergoing numerous changes. All levels will be structured so that children are accommodated according to their interests, talents, skills and abilities, and cost will not be an issue from pre-school throughout post graduate.


Changes will come more slowly where schooling for girls is made difficult, but continuously rising vibrations will end that unjustness, and ultimately unlimited educational opportunities will be available to every child in your world. [April 4, 2022 message includes comprehensive details of changes.]


War mongering will end and money for military spending will be diverted to rebuilding national infrastructures, research and development projects, and other beneficial programs. Troops, no longer needed for national defense, will be otherwise employed, and employment itself will change dramatically to the benefit of the entire population.


All those developments are indeed significant, but the most important affective factor is DNA. Let us give you a bit of background here. In the Beginning, humans were designed with 12 strands of DNA. Bodies had no disease or disability and the aging process ended at what you consider the prime of life, thirty or so years. Brain power was fully used and so were all innate capacities—people communicated telepathically with the natural kingdom, manifested whatever they desired, traveled at the speed of thought, and soul level knowledge reached consciousness. Because people were healthy in body, mind and spirit, they could live for thousands of years if they wished before moving on to higher levels of self-discovery.

所有这些发展确实意义重大,但最重要的影响因素是 DNA。让我们给你一点背景知识。最初,人类被设计成有12条 DNA 链。身体没有疾病或残疾,衰老过程在你认为的壮年时期结束,大约30岁左右。脑力得到了充分利用,所有的天赋能力也得到了充分利用ーー人们通过心灵感应与自然王国交流,表现出他们想要的任何东西,以思想的速度旅行,灵魂层面的知识达到了意识层面。因为人们在身体、思想和精神上都是健康的,如果他们愿意,他们可以活上几千年,然后再进入更高层次的自我发现。

Like everything else in existence, DNA is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed. So, when dark forces entered the picture, their puppets devised another way to control inexperienced civilizations. They put into a state of dormancy ten of the humans’ twelve strands of DNA—two were left active because that is the minimum for bodies to be functional. Thus, throughout the many long eras of darkness on the planet, most souls who incarnated there had bodies with only two active DNA strands.

就像所有存在的东西一样,DNA 是能量,能量是不能被破坏的。所以,当黑暗势力出现的时候,他们的傀儡设计了另一种方法来控制没有经验的文明。他们使人类12条 DNA 链中的10条进入休眠状态ーー其中两条仍处于活跃状态,因为这是身体功能的最低限度。因此,在地球上许多漫长的黑暗时代中,大多数在那里投生的灵魂只有两条活跃的 DNA 链。

The correlation between DNA and crystalline cellular structure is this: The light in a body’s countless cells “nudges” dormant DNA strands to reactivate. Starting some time ago, many souls on Earth came in with a level of spiritual and conscious awareness possible only when more than two strands are active. These individuals have advanced intelligence levels, ancient wisdom, spiritual and moral integrity, and the innate desire to achieve international peace, equality, prosperity and life in harmony with Nature.

DNA 和水晶细胞结构之间的关系是这样的: 身体无数细胞中的光“轻推”休眠的 DNA 链以重新激活。从一段时间以前开始,地球上的许多灵魂进入到一个灵性和意识觉知的水平,只有当超过两股的活跃时才有可能。这些人具有先进的智力水平、古老的智慧、精神和道德的完整性,以及实现国际和平、平等、繁荣和与自然和谐相处的内在愿望。

They are tomorrow’s leaders. Have no concerns about them! As souls with increasing numbers of strands continue incarnating on Earth, unity will come to the collective consciousness and the Golden Age can bloom in all its glorious fullness.


Beloved brothers and sisters, light beings throughout this universe honor you and support you with the power of unconditional love.





Suzanne Ward

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