犯罪集团银行被 QFS 扫荡一空|彼得•B•迈耶

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For FWC-Channel by Peter B.Meyer–29th of August 2021

Peter B.MeyerFWC-Channel撰写的文章--2021829

The Deep State Cabal has its back against the wall and has become ruthless,desperate to maintain their power and control.We must pray that Trump Team and the Alliance with the help of us,the patriots,are able to complete this mission that will benefit all of mankind.


Please understand that these power hungry,blood drinking,flesh eating reptilian creatures must be destroyed.Instead of waging war on our planet,it was decided to correct the wrongs peacefully and legally,so that the Reptilians have no excuse to start WW3 or a Civil War.The Trump-Team tried,but failed.Through the intervention of the Pleiades and Acturians;the Evergreen Container Ship in the Suez Canal(https://finalwakeupcall.info/en/2021/04/04/evergreen-is-the-final-wake-up-call/)was seized,carrying a nuclear bomb,on its way to Romania to start WW3.

请理解这些渴望权力,嗜血,食肉的爬行动物必须被消灭。不是在我们的星球上发动战争,而是决定以和平和合法的方式纠正错误,这样爬行动物就没有借口发动第三次世界大战或内战。特朗普团队尝试过,但是失败了。在昴宿星和 Acturians 的干预下,苏伊士运河上的长赐集装箱船(https://finalwakeupcall.info/en/2021/04/04/Evergreen-is-the-final-wake-up-call/)在前往罗马尼亚开始第三次世界大战的途中被劫持,船上载有一枚核弹。

Some of the suppressed technologies will soon be released,which have been available for 100 years or more.These suppressed technologies are'New'to us,but very'Old'to others in the universe,where some of these technologies existed millions of years ago.


All funds for exchange and/or distribution will be deposited directly into your personal QFS account-within the Quantum Financial System.There are no banks involved.In order to participate in the exchange process,institutions acting for this purpose will only be agents of the QFS.They will also be a source of information on the QFS to explain how to use the QFS.They will have the necessary software package to allow people to access the QFS system to dispose of their funds.Further explanation will be given as soon as required.

所有用于交换和/或分销的资金将直接存入你的个人 QFS 账户——在量子金融系统中。没有银行参与其中。为了参与交换过程,为此目的行事的机构将只是 QFS 的代理人。他们亦会提供有关资历架构的资料,解释如何使用资历架构。他们将提供必要的软件包,让人们可以访问 QFS 系统来处理他们的资金。进一步的解释将在需要的时候尽快给出。

Once the QFS is enabled,the full security of every exchange transaction is guaranteed.The RV/GCR will take place after QFS has full control over all funds.It will put an end to the Deep State influence on the world economy for good!

一旦启用 QFS,就可以保证每个交换事务的完全安全性。RV/GCR 将在 QFS 完全控制所有资金之后进行。这将永远结束深州对世界经济的影响!

Eventually people will not need any form of money because of new technology and our ability to mentally create/manifest to exchange for what is needed.Expect to see the Galactics on national TV,and preceding there will be spaceship shows around the world.Humans will join the interstellar'Alliance'and will then live among and trade with other interplanetary races.Eventually,Earth people will travel to other inhabited planets populated with alien humanoid beings.


People will be shocked to learn how far the Cabal's control extends over us,how every aspect of our lives is sealed off.Even in the world of sports,where it is believed that the best man/woman or team wins,it is often decided in advance who will win.The cabal never leaves anything to chance because they bet heavily on the winner for the sake of profit.They control almost everything and everyone;far more than we can imagine.


Real change cannot happen until all cabal governments are ousted and replaced by the people controlled government.-The use of chemtrails to destroy humanity and the crops people depend on for their survival will be stopped.No one will be forced to vaccinate their precious children.Medicines that end up killing patients will be removed from the shelves.The full extent of Satanic Ritual abuse and murder will be exposed and outlawed.Respect for all men,women and children,will soon be the norm.


As part of the real change that is coming,the time when your voice did not really count and was insignificant will soon be over.This change will be part of the face of the new world where we,the citizens,will decide what should happen.-We will all have an equal voice.


Let us refocus our energy,attention and consciousness on something meaningful-on creating a world where everyone is liberated and treated with respect,especially the elderly and young children.All people and races must be able to live together in peace and harmony as one!


Do yourself and friends a favour,help to grow our international FWC Community and invite them to join The Final Wakeup Community on TELEGRAM(https://t.me/thefinalwakeupcallchannel)created to bring readers and patriots worldwide closer together.

帮你自己和朋友一个忙,帮助发展我们的国际 FWC 社区,并邀请他们加入 TELEGRAM 上的 Final wake up 社区(https://t.me/thefinalwakeupcallchannel),这个社区旨在让全世界的读者和爱国者更加紧密地联系在一起。

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