灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)

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重要的是要记住,现在公众所看到的一切都落入了联盟的”红丸行动”,对于那些仍然被深层国家主流媒体迷住的人来说,也就是 MK-Ultra。

灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)

Source:Dinar Chronicles|By Kat

"SpirituallyRAW Podcast:Gene Decode Urgent INTEL"by Kat-10.22.20

For those who didn't read the SpirituallyRAW Gene Decode Podcast Part 1 here is the essential information from that blog:

对于那些没有读过 spiritual raw Gene Decode Podcast 的人来说,第一部分是来自那个博客的重要信息:

1.Before the end of October'20.Biden,Hillary and Brennan will be brought up on charges of Treason for the murder of SEAL Team Six.


2.Democrats will have to pull Biden out of the race and POTUS will run unopposed because you can't be indicted for Treason and run for President of the United States.If you're convicted of Treason it carries the death penalty.


3.This has all been timed so the deep state won't have time to put in a replacement for Joe Biden.They don't have time to react or respond anymore.The charges have already been done.This is all part of it.


4.Hillary,Biden,Obama,Michelle i.e.Big Mike Obama and many more are all clones.They have already been arrested,Gitmo'd,their trials and confessions videoed,and many have already been executed.Gene Decode said the public will see the clones hang.

4.希拉里,拜登,奥巴马,米歇尔,大麦克奥巴马和更多的人都是克隆人。他们已经被逮捕,关塔那摩监狱,他们的审判和认罪录像,许多人已经被处决。Gene Decode 说公众会看到这些克隆人被绞死。

5.According to this Q post from 10-23-20,it looks like Kamala is in it as well:

根据10-23-20 q 贴,看起来 Kamala 也在其中:

灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)

The link takes you to this article:


灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)

"EXCLUSIVE:A list of"key domestic contacts"for a joint venture involving Jim and Hunter Biden and now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Co.included former Vice President Joe Biden's current running mate Sen.Kamala Harris,among other prominent Democrats,Fox News has learned..."By Brooke Singman/Fox News




6.So—no more Biden and…no more Kamala?!BOOM!


灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)

What is important to keep in mind is that EVERYTHING the public is seeing now falls into the Alliance's Operation RedPill for those who are still mesmerized i.e.MK-Ultra'd by the deep state Mainstream Media.

重要的是要记住,现在公众所看到的一切都落入了联盟的"红丸行动",对于那些仍然被深层国家主流媒体迷住的人来说,也就是 MK-Ultra

EVERYTHING we are seeing now has already happened.It's all been done.


The way you can tell people are under a deep state black magic spell is this:


When someone says they hate Trump ask them why?They'll look blank.They'll be totally silent.They won't have an answer.


When someone says they're voting for Biden,ask them why?They'll look blank.They'll be totally silent.They won't have an answer.


That is how you know they're still under the MK-Ultra deep state propaganda Mainstream Media machine.

这就是为什么你知道他们仍然在 MK-Ultra 深层国家宣传主流媒体机器之下。

But Santa Surfing,Charlie Ward,Gene Decode,Laura Eisenhower,JC Kay,Colleen and Charlie Freak and others emphasize that the monstrous fate of millions of our children caged and/or born in DUMBs,harvested for their blood/adrenechrome,trafficked as sex slaves and/or organ donors,etc.is the spell-breaker.It goes beyond Politics.

但是,圣诞冲浪者,查理沃德,基因解码,劳拉艾森豪威尔,JC 凯,科琳和查理弗瑞克和其他人强调,我们数以百万计的孩子被囚禁和/或出生在DUMBs,为他们的血液/肾上腺素收获,被贩卖作为性奴隶和/或器官捐赠者等的可怕命运是咒语的破解者。它超越了政治。

These are unbelievable horrific crimes against children.These are unspeakable diabolic crimes against Humanity by the revolting satanic deep state demons.


And the murder of SEAL Team Six is another deal-breaker.It goes BEYOND Politics.As Gene Decode said,"SEAL Team Six being taken out by these despicable people…men who gave their lives to serve their country."It's horrendous and those responsible will hang.

海豹突击队六队的谋杀案也是另一个破坏计划的案子。这已经超出了政治范畴。就像 Gene Decode 说的"海豹突击队六队被这些卑鄙的人干掉了...这些人为了国家献出了自己的生命"这太可怕了,那些负有责任的人将被绞死。

Abhorrent as everything is right now—what we are seeing is literally a show being put on by Q,POTUS and the Alliance to WAKE PEOPLE UP!


灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)

But AFTER the Alliance Operation RedPill show is done.AFTER the cabal crimes have been revealed and AFTER the trials and punishments have been seen by all,then what?


Then comes everything amazing,miraculous and righteous for Gaia,her Kingdoms and Humanity.


All that was destroyed is Divinely restored.The wealth that was stolen is restored.All emotional wounds and traumas are healed.All sickness and disease eliminated.Miraculous technologies incoming and Gene Decode outlines some of that for us in Part 2 of my transcription.

所有被摧毁的东西都被神圣地复原了。被偷走的财富也得以恢复。所有的情感创伤和创伤都得到了治愈。所有的疾病都消除了。神奇的技术来了,Gene Decode在我的转录的第二部分为我们概述了其中的一些。

The next weeks will be rocky but they end with POTUS re-elected by a historic landslide and then,as Santa Surfing likes to say,the'GREATNESS'POTUS is chomping at the bit to bring to everyone can really get going.


According to Gene Decode,the Timeline we're on goes something like this:Trump wins in a landslide,then big indictments,shortly after that NESARA/GESARA,then the Ides of March 2021 and the fall of Caesar/the fall of the cabal and then Multiverse celebrations and dancing in the streets without end!

根据 Gene Decode 的说法,我们现在所处的时间线是这样的:特朗普以压倒性优势获胜,然后在 NESARA/GESARA 事件发生后不久提出重大指控,然后是2021315日,凯撒的覆灭/阴谋集团的覆灭,然后是多元宇宙的庆祝活动,以及在街头无休止地跳舞!

灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)

Thank you so much,Coach Jerry,for your very gracious praise of my Gene Decode Part 1 blog.Deeply appreciated.Bless your heart for taking the time to write it.

谢谢 Jerry 教练,非常感谢你对我的Gene Decode第一部分博客的赞扬。非常感谢。感谢你花时间写这封信。

And Maxwell,my friend,you are a constant wonder.Thank you for your valuable input.


With blessings of Peace,Health,Happiness,Abundance and Truth for all—We are Goddess,Sovereign,Free,



Part 2-SpirituallyRAW podcast:Gene Decode Urgent INTEL 10-19-20

第二部分-灵性播客: Gene Decode紧急情报10-19-20


Partially transcribed by Kat

部分转录自 Kat

Paintings by Gilbert Williams


灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)

29:28 SpirituallyRAW:What is life going to be like with NESARA and GESARA?Can we give people lots of hopes and dreams?Can you give us at least the Cliff Notes?(laughter)

29:28 SpirituallyRAW:有了 NESARA GESARA,生活将会变成什么样子?我们能给人们很多希望和梦想吗?你能至少给我们一些笔记吗?(笑声)

30:01 Gene Decode:OK,so NESARA is the National Economic Securities and Readjustment Act(for the USA)…GESARA is the Global Economic Security and Readjustment Act(for the world)

30:01Gene Decode:好的,所以 NESARA 是国家经济安全和重新调整法案(对于美国)...GESARA 是全球经济安全和重新调整法案(对于世界)

And that document NESARA was brought forth by farmers that had found out,with insiders,all kinds of information,like secret technologies and secret space programs that were being held back…

那份 NESARA 的文件是由农民提出的他们通过内部人士发现了各种信息比如秘密技术和秘密太空计划这些都被隐瞒了。

30:26 So it includes bringing forth technologies that have been held back such as Anti-Gravity and Free Energy like what powers the TR-3Bs…that have been around and out running since 1947…they went to Mars and the Moon with one in 1947…

30:26所以它包括创造出一些被束缚住的技术,比如反重力和自由能,比如 tr-3b 的动力,这些动力从1947年就开始运行了,他们在1947年带着一个去了火星和月球。

TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecrafts 11-23-13

TR-3B 反重力航天器11-23-13

灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)


30:41 The power for that is massive so the TR-3B uses a device the size of a shoe box that develops 1 TRILLION watts of power from Free Energy…uses Scientific words Kat didn't understand…it's a massive amount of energy…that's equal to all the energy in the entire Universe…

30:41这样的能量是巨大的,所以 TR-3B 使用了一个鞋盒大小的装置,从自由能中产生1万亿瓦的能量,使用了 Kat 不明白的科学术语,这是一个巨大的能量,相当于整个宇宙的能量。

31:08 That's because God is on mission and everywhere…so the power of God is everywhere…it's in all of the Universe and in every location of the Universe simultaneously…it's all holographic and fractal…


31:15 And so bringing those technologies out as well as putting us back on a Rainbow currency gold,silver and platinum…that has already been secured and brought back to the US…


31:30 Additionally,when they got to the Vatican D.U.M.B.that goes from the Vatican to Jerusalem…the first 150 miles of that over 1500 mile DUMB is NOTHING BUT GOLD stacked 30 levels high with Gold Bullion…all taken from all the Crusades and all of us…


灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)

31:55 Gene Decode cont.:And because the cabal likes to gloat,after that is the Library with the missing books of the Bible and many other Sacred Documents and Sacred Items…

Gene Decode:因为阴谋集团喜欢幸灾乐祸,在那之后是图书馆,里面有圣经和其他许多神圣的文件和神圣的物品..

32:01 Such as the Shroud of Turin,the Spear of Destiny,the Arc of Covenant,3 of the 4 Covenants are down there…additionally they have documents on ledgers on exactly how much they've taken from you exactly based in gold to the penny…


32:32 SpirituallyRAW:So Gene…all of these documents,all the hidden books of the Bible,all of the Scared books have been hidden underground in the DUMB…

所以 Gene...所有这些文件,所有隐藏在圣经里的书,所有恐惧的书都藏在地下的 DUMB..

32:55 Gene Decode:I want people to think about the fact that we currently have 66 Books of the Bible…that is NOT a Sacred Number…that's exactly the opposite…they gloat…the original Sacred number is a Trinity…7-7-7…that's how many books originally…so if you remove that by 66 you get 711…

32:55Gene Decode:我想让人们想想这个事实,我们现在有66本圣经,这不是一个神圣的数字,恰恰相反,他们幸灾乐祸,最初的神圣数字是三位一体7-7-7这是最初的数字,如果你把这个数字去掉66,你就得到了711

32:32 SpirituallyRAW:So the 7-11 we see,the convenience store…all this is bred from satanic entities?…


Gene Decode:They love to gloat and put it in our face…it started out with that name 7-11 to laugh at us and gloat at us…if you look at the Target Symbol,or Wal-Mart,that's 33,Masons,MacDonald's,Chevrolet…all of the symbols we see in any company…Shell Oil…star lucifer with 1000 points of light…every symbol of every company is satanic…back of the dollar bill,face of the dollar bill…pyramid with 13 levels,13 bloodlines,the 72 stones,the 72 names of lucifer through time…13-13's on the back of the dollar bill…all satanic…

Gene Decode:他们喜欢幸灾乐祸,把它放在我们的脸上。它从7-11这个名字开始嘲笑我们,幸灾乐祸...如果你看看塔吉特标志,或者沃尔玛,那就是33,梅森,麦当劳,雪佛兰。我们在任何公司看到的所有符号...壳牌石油。带有1000个光点的星星路西法...每个公司的每个标志都是邪恶的。美钞的背面,美钞的正面...金字塔有1313个血统72块宝石72个路西法的名字穿越时空。13-13在美钞背面...都是邪恶的。

35:05 SpirituallyRAW:What's going to happen to a lot of these corporations?

35:05 SpirituallyRAW:这些公司会怎么样呢?

35:10 Gene Decode:They're going to have new CEO's…because a lot of the CEO's along with the Mainstream Media are guilty of Treason and Sedition as well…

35:10Gene Decode:他们将有新的首席执行官...因为很多首席执行官以及主流媒体都犯有叛国罪和煽动罪..

Treason:The crime of betraying one's country,especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.


Sedition:"Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch."


35:16 Gene Decode cont.:A lot of them have been stepping down through Trump's Administration…there is an Anon in Germany who does the resignations site…he still has his website where you can look at all the people who have resigned because they're guilty…

Gene Decode cont.:他们中的很多人都是通过特朗普政府下台的,在德国有一个匿名者组织的辞职网站,他还有自己的网站,你可以看到所有因为有罪而辞职的人。

35:55 SpirituallyRAW:I want to get back to really manifesting this moment where you want people to hold this space and hold this vision,this prayer…create and manifest this energy…so if we visualize the election is already done,NESARA and GESARA are already being applied in our lives…what's the best action so we collectively are thinking the same thoughts for that moment in time?

35:55 SpirituallyRAW:我想回到真正显现这个时刻,你希望人们保持这个空间,保持这个愿景,这个祈祷...创造和显现这个能量...所以如果我们想象选举已经完成,NESARA GESARA 已经应用到我们的生活中...什么是最好的行动,所以我们集体在那个时刻想同样的想法?

36:35 Gene Decode:This goes back to the Ancient Sorcerers…and the Pharaohs were taught this as well…as it is said…let it be written and done and sealed now and for all time…

36:35Gene Decode:这可以追溯到古代的巫师,法老们也被教导过这个,就像传说中的那样,让它被写下来,被完成,被封存,直到永远。

灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)

37:00 Gene Decode cont.:

Write it down verbatim


with as much complete detail as you can…


the more detail you give it


the easier it is for God to manifest it


through our souls…


37:11 If you were going to say let's go get a car…that's like every place in the entire city…but if you say let's get a 4-wheel drive,high clearance with low gears,with this make,this model,that makes it really simple,we want to give it to God straight and simple so He can manifest it for our Timeline…this is what we want…


37:40 So write it down,every detail…then every day go back to that exact same thing


that you've written down…


read it in your mind,


read it out loud,


visual it,feel it and


see it as if it has happened…


as if you are looking back in time at it…


37:54 So you say,WOW,Trump got in,he ran unopposed,he got all but one electoral vote…the photo-op showed that's exactly what happened…I'm seeing this restructuring…the House is turned over to Republican…now the Big Indictments come out and we're seeing all these people being indicted…seeing the people responsible for SEAL Team Six have already hung…or been executed…all of this has been done…it's been done by the power of God…


38:31 SpirituallyRAW:OK,so Gene,writing#1…got my homework…is there an invocation,a blessing,a prayer…something people can say daily,like a Mantra?


38:53 Gene Decode:I'll Email it but it's similar to the invocation:"By the power of the one True God of all Love,Light,Compassion,Creation,of all that's Holy,and his only son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,I see whatever it is you want to see done!On Earth as it is in Heaven,and sealed now and for all Time…"

38:53Gene Decode:我会发邮件给你,但是这和祈祷很相似:"凭着一位真神的力量,一切爱、光、怜悯、创造,一切圣洁,以及他唯一的儿子耶稣基督和圣灵,我看到了你想看到的一切!在地上,如同在天堂,现在和永远被封印......"

39:15 SpirituallyRAW:I want to get back to the{T}reason charges and we won't be seeing a Democratic Party…will there no longer be a Republican party?


40:00 Gene Decode:I still see a multiple party system,a Republican party system and a Constitutional Party…for example when you go to court…discussion of Constitutional legality…When Trump gets back in he'll be appointing 2 more Supreme Court Judges,including the big one replacing Chief Justice John Roberts…if you've committed Treason you can't sit on the court(hello)…

40:00Gene Decode:我仍然看到一个多党制,一个共和党制和一个宪政党...例如,当你去法院...讨论宪法的合法性...当特朗普回来时,他将任命另外两个最高法院法官,包括大法官取代首席大法官约翰·罗伯茨...如果你犯了叛国罪,你不能坐在法院(你好)..

Trump will have appointed a total of 5 Supremes…we will go back to the Constitution…that should be taught in Elementary School…you should at least know the Preamble of the Constitution,the Declaration and the Bill of Rights…


44:40 There will be a restructuring of Education as well…because of NESARA our Sciences will drastically change…

44:40教育也将进行重组...因为 NESARA 我们的科学将发生巨大的变化..

45:30 The top of the world and the North Pole is Antarctica…Scientific discussion…everything we've been taught is backwards and upside down…


灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)

George Orwell,1984


48:30 SpirituallyRAW:What's going on in Antarctica?


48:40 Gene Decode:What's going on there it will come out…which is a massive like base 211…and the stuff with the Greys and the Alphas down there…the AD's…the Alpha dracos…and all of the dark fleet and all of this stuff…will come out…

48:40Gene Decode:那里发生了什么事情,它会出来...那是一个巨大的像211基地...那里有灰色和阿尔法的东西...AD ...阿尔法龙...所有的黑暗舰队和所有这些东西...会出来..

48:57 Once they've finished the other DUMBs…and they've already started to surround it…they've already done all the way down to the islands that are just off the Antarctic Peninsula…they've already taken DUMBs out there…so they're surrounding it…you surround it so your enemy has nowhere to run so that if you take out their base they no longer have little tunnels to run away…and come at ya again…


49:33 SpirituallyRAW:The people that are working on these projects…I'm just going to use the Antarctica one for an example…They're seeing stuff that are just beyond the mind's comprehension…how are they dealing with it?Is there some type of program that they're going to have to go through to de-program themselves?Or just rehabilitate their minds just to be able to absorb everything they're seeing?


Kat Note:Regarding Clearing out the Deep Underground Military Bases,we have learned the following:

Kat Note:关于清理地下军事基地我们了解到以下情况:

The Global Militaries and specialized personnel,under the direction of U.S.Militaries and the Army Corps of Engineers,go into labyrinthine DUMBs,and some can be as deep as 6-miles down.But as we learned in Australia,there are many that are even deeper than that because there was an entire tunnel system underneath an entire tunnel system that circumvented Australia.


At that depth,one can lose a sense of direction and become disoriented even if they've had years of training,which the U.S.Militaries have had.


They have to evade lasers that can evaporate them.They have to burn out the"Kuru"which is a disease that could kill them that comes from cannibalism,because the deep state demons not only scrifice children to satan,and drink the blood of children in the form of adrenochrome,they eat them as well.


Please keep in mind these are NOT Human Beings...these are diabolic entities without a soul.If they ever were Human they are no longer.No Human Being could EVER do these despicable things.


If the Militaries have managed to make it alive into the tunnels,then they discover children in cages in various states of horrofic torture and dying that no one should ever see much less experience.


The brave Militaries rescue as many children and trafficked men and women as they can and it's a painstaking job.The goal is to bring the children safely to the surface and into Med Beds for instant healing.But many of the children are too weak to make the journey.


Not only do they find horrors beyond description,but they video everything,remove all the stashed gold,cash,valuables,documents,etc.and then also have to contend with demons of an other-worldly sort.


If the brave Military men and women have managed to survive all of that,then they blow up the DUMBs so they can never be used again.


It has been reported by Charlie Freak that the Med Beds are not only for the children but also for the Military and specialized personnel involved in this dangerous work,because Med Beds not only heal physical ailments,but also mental traumas and the children and the Military need trauma healing.


Here is a description of what Med Beds can do.They exist.And sooner than later,they will be available for all:


"…There are three(3)types of Med Beds:(1)Holographic Med Beds;(2)Regenerative Med Beds which regenerates tissue and body parts,that's powered by a different source;(3)Re-atomization Med Beds that in about two-and-half to three minutes will regenerate the whole human body,head to toe.What does this advanced technology mean for an 80-year old woman?She could be 30-years old again in less than three(3)minutes.Fifty years pealed off her life.Now,she can have children again.She could have a whole new family if she wants.It looks like to this writer that the Med Bed technology is a perpetual fountain of youth.


The Med Bed looks at the body and corrects imperfections.The technology has been around for quite some time.It's not something out of the clear blue sky.It's just been kept hidden from the human race for a very long time.

Med Bed 可以观察身体并修正缺陷。这项技术已经存在很长时间了。这不是什么突如其来的事情。它只是被人类隐藏了很长一段时间。

The technology of the Med Beds is not from planet Earth.It is not human-created technology.It is a technology that has been given to humanity by off-world ET's.A Med Bed is based on tachyon particle energy and plasma(plasmatic)energy.The soil,the atmosphere,the water,everything is plasma energy,everything in the universe is plasma energy,it's just a different form through vibrational frequency…"

医疗床的技术不是来自地球。它不是人类创造的技术。它是外星人给予人类的技术。一个 Med Bed 是基于超光速粒子能量和等离子体(等离子体)能量。土壤,大气,水,一切都是等离子体能量,宇宙中的一切都是等离子体能量,它只是通过振动频率的不同形式..."

灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)



49:54 Gene Decode:They all will need rehabilitation and to be de-programmed…when I first realized all this,when I was in the Military…I'm sure the SEAL Team briefing wasn't all that was set up and they didn't know what was going to be done for them…this is what the cabal does…when everything you know turns inside out and upside down…there are things that are TRUE we need to hold on…the best answer is"all of the above"…

Gene Decode:他们都需要康复,需要脱离程序...当我第一次意识到这一切的时候,当我还在军队的时候...我确信海豹突击队的简报不是全部,他们不知道要为他们做什么...这就是阴谋集团做的...当你知道的一切都颠倒了...有些事情是真的,我们需要坚持...最好的答案是"以上所有"..

When Charlie Freak began revealing truths about the cabal he said:"Everything is a lie."


51:40 SpirituallyRAW:Is NESARA/GESARA literally giving the wealth and the power and the resources back to the people?

51:40SpirituallyRAW:NESARA/GESARA 真的把财富、权力和资源还给人民吗?

51:46 Gene Decode:When you want to change the flow of the river,in this case the River is the River of Time…and this is how the cabal's done it…is you throw little rocks and create ripples…and more and more ripples in a certain side of the stream can change the direction of the stream…

Gene Decode:当你想要改变河流的流向,在这里,河流就是时间之河,这就是阴谋集团的做法,你扔小石头,制造涟漪,越来越多的涟漪在河流的某一侧可以改变河流的方向。

52:08 There is actually an adept who could see into the future…in the case of India…knew that India in the Indus valley…they needed a River and they didn't have one…so he changed the flow of the Ganges by throwing a tiny pebble way up at the headwaters in a certain way and a certain place that changed the flow…and this has archeologically been proven…it completely changed where it used to go….goes into a totally different country now…


52:39 So we are now doing exactly what the cabal is doing…we're changing the flow of Time…so each and every one is like a pebble and if you have enough pebbles thrown into the thing at the right place at the right direction and the right angle it will change the River of Time and it'll be in our control…we'll have the hand of God on Earth and the return of Christ…that's how it works…


53:23 SpirituallyRAW:Talking about the Free Energy…are you literally saying we're not going to have a light bill every again?


53:44 Gene Decode:Yes,that's the March 2021 Timeline…if you talk about Free Energy and the Healing Modalities and we no longer use Fossil Fuels and the Zeno effect for communications…the satellites aren't needed…all the power lines,stations,grids…don't need it…everybody's lives are going to change…you come out with Regeneron,like Trump's talking about,and the Med Beds…there goes the power of the Pharmaceuticals…when you can regenerate entire limbs,there goes the prosthetic industry…

Gene Decode:是的,这是20213月的时间表...如果你谈论自由能源和治疗方式,我们不再使用化石燃料和芝诺效应进行通信...卫星不再需要...所有的电线,电站,电网...不再需要它...每个人的生活都将改变...你出现了再生能源,就像特朗普说的,医疗床...这就是制药业的力量...当你能再生整个肢体,这就是假肢工业..

55:00 You don't need highways because we now have anti-gravity so we're going to have Hover Cars…you now have greenbelts…you can take up all of that heat sink in cities…that causes the change of weather we're seeing…take all the asphalt up and put in sand or greens cuz cars are just hovering along…it's going to be amazing…


55:55 SpirituallyRAW:Then the thing everybody wants to know about,the debt,cars,mortgages,credit cards,are we really just dreaming that will poof!Just go away?


56:02 Gene Decode:Did I mention they have meticulous records of every person,not just you,but your parents,your grandparents,your great grandparents…etc.etc.all the way back…for thousands of years…of how much they've looted from you and your family that you are owed…and not only that,it's exactly to the penny…and that also goes to the cities,the states,the provinces,the countries…ALL of that is reappropriated…

Gene Decode:我有没有提到他们对每个人都有详细的记录,不仅仅是你,还有你的父母,你的祖父母,你的曾祖父母......等等......一直追溯到......几千年前......他们从你和你的家人那里掠夺了多少你应得的东西......不仅如此,这些东西都是一分不差的......这些东西还流向了城市,州,省,国家......所有这些都被挪用了.....

56:27 It is a world that there are very few people that I know who can visualize it completely…it's going to be so different…


灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)

56:44 Now we see cars and Power Lines and Tesla said at the time,"You mean you're going to be wiring the Earth?!?!"…we're just going to tear it all down and recycle it…we don't need it…


57:45 If we all put little rocks in the same direction as much as possible…the ripples will add together and create a synthesis in the same direction all in the service of God…and it's not going to be a walk in the park,of course…you're looking at a massive amount of work,if everything changes…you're going to have to be re-educated about physics,electricity…


Everybody and all of this…there's a lot of work coming for everybody…but if you know you're making a difference…no more taxes…not working at a job you don't like…if you're working on something you love…people will have the joy of going to work…you're going to want to jump in there…


We've got to change it from being"me me me"and it's about"us."


59:59 People ask me all the time,what does God look like?Look at your children.Look in the eyes of a small child…and you'll see God…


1:00:56 Then we get motors running efficiently,because they've been deliberately inefficient…I taught a child how to do calculus in a hour…on a train in India…


1:02 SpirituallyRAW:Embrace this…manifestation can happen…get your visions together…this could start tomorrow…going down to the end of the month…


1:02:45 Gene Decode:Now we're doing our opposite…the cabal has been giving us moments…and everybody my age can remember exactly where they were when we heard about JFK…people can remember where they were when they saw 9-11…and they can remember where they were when the Space Shuttle blew up…

1:02:45Gene Decode:现在我们正在做相反的事情,阴谋集团给了我们一些时间,每个和我同龄的人都能准确地记得我们听到肯尼迪时他们在哪里,人们能记得他们看到911时他们在哪里,他们能记得航天飞机爆炸时他们在哪里。

1:03:01 So this is a moment you can remember when you heard about the changing of the tide and dark to light…and the power of God came back to the people and we took the power back and we now make the Timeline and we now make now Time flows and we are in service to each other…and in service to God and Christ…and we are NOT in service to the cabal anymore…NO MORE…NEVER AGAIN…


1:03:25 We care about our children and our children will no longer be harvested for their addictions…our children will be honored and get full lives and children and grandchildren…and be treated with respect and dignity…in the province of god…and they will be treated with kindness…they will never be treated like this EVER AGAIN…


1:05:50 SpirituallyRAW:Amen…Amen…


1:04 Gene Decode:As it is said let it be done and sealed on Earth as in Heaven by the power of the one True God of all Love,Light,Compassion and Creation,of all that's Holy,and his only son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit…Amen…

1:04Gene Decode:正如人们所说的那样,让它在地球上被封印,就像在天堂里一样通过唯一真正的上帝的力量,所有的爱,光,怜悯和创造,所有的神圣,和他唯一的儿子耶稣基督和圣灵...阿门..

End Kat Partial Transcription Part 2


灵性播客|Gene Decode第二部分,新世界来临(由 Kat 解码)


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